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  1. Hello one and all, I have more plots for you to peruse at your pleasure

    Some rules of mine are...

    1. I don't require huge volumes of content when you post, just so long as it isn't so little that I can't work with it, you give me enough to work with, and I'll give you enough to work with, you give me a big post, I'll give you a big post and vice versa.

    It's okay for small posts, if dialogue is occurring, as we don't want to god mod.

    2. If you can't come up with ideas of your own, I'm simply not interested, I don't like brainstorming EVERYTHING

    3. I loathe people who disappear without warning, if you are that kind of person, not only will I warn my friends about you, but I will probably not be willing to so much as look at you again.

    4. I'm a friendly person, don't be afraid to chat me up on OOC

    5. I have to balance my real life, and this, and most importantly wrestle with that fickle bitch called inspiration, so sometimes it may be a while before I get you a post, if I'm stuck, I will alert you, otherwise don't panic

    If that's a problem, well I'm sorry I don't know what to do for ya, though if you feel neglected don't hesitate to poke me

    6.*tries to pull brain thoughts back together*

    Oh right, I'm a dude, and I only play dudes

    Now, since this is libertine...

    Rules for mature content

    1. Blood and gore is approved of, Blood for the Blood God!

    2. I don't do kinks, of any kind, so nothing weird

    3. I don't do same sex pairings, nothing against that, it just doesn't interest me

    4. No rape, torture, children, incest, I can't believe I have to stipulate that, but apparently I do


    On to the plots

    A Watchful Shadow(Closed) (open)

    The Queen of Bladed Roses, a woman who rose from poverty, nothingness, to become the ruler of an entire land, a mercenary leader who forged a nation, and remarkably, she upheld her promises to uphold the freedoms of all men, people flocked to her banner.

    And she created a kingdom that began a golden age, but unfortunately, she has her enemies, both outside her nation and...inside it. There are those who resent a commoner, and a woman no less being in a position of power, there are those who resent the rights she has given those who are not noble, and the rights she has taken away from the nobly born.

    For the common folk, she is a hero, for some of the nobly born, she is their most hated enemy.

    And thus, is why the Queen has found a man, a man who is exceedingly protect her daughter, the Princess, for there are those who would use her to get to the Queen.

    Wild Lands of the Amazons(Closed) (open)

    A mage, long since tired of the lack of freedoms in his world, and bored with things in general, begins experimenting with magical portals, gateways between locations, and worlds. Such things have been used for centuries, but never before has anyone tried to really go somewhere so far out of their own world as to be in a totally different environment.

    This young mage has begun experimenting to create portals that not only transfer you from one location to another...but to other dimensions.

    With a success, he comes to a place with savage warrior women who are the superior sex, whose superhuman prowess is incredible to behold, the only thing they what he has, magic, and all the powers entailed within them.

    And thus, he is uniquely suited to help with the problems they themselves cannot solve.

    Space Pirates! (open)

    The Auroran Empire spans a large portion of the galaxy, it's power is absolute, its laws unfailingly just, and it's reach is without limit.

    At least, that is what they want you to believe, while it is indeed powerful, and most of it's citizens are happy, cared for and content, not all is well in the empire, pirates plague it's trade lanes, harassing it's merchants, and hitting it's naval power with lightning fast hit and run attacks.

    Normally, pirates wouldn't be such a concern, but they are when they are seemingly a unified force, these pirates do not fight with one another, but work together, there are rumors that these pirates are secretly a front for a rebellion.

    Thus it is a meeting with destiny, when a vessel carrying the Royal Princess is abducted in a brilliant and swift pirate raid...

    Don't Fear The Reaper (open)
    The Sword Lands are a troubled region on the continent of Terrestria, several hundred thousand kilometers of troubled territory rife with almost constant warfare, bandits, adventurer's, prospective merchants, soldiers, and nobles all seek a piece of glory here, numerous nations all seeking to claim the entirety of the land rich with resources for themselves.

    But this war has it's casualties, innocents are sometimes caught up in the violence.

    Such is the fate of a young girl, whose home and town is destroyed, she survives to grow up, perhaps damaged, no one can say, but she has a meeting with destiny. For one day she meets a man clad in black, with a mystique and aura of fearsome power...a necromancer...where will this tale go?
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  2. I would love to try A Watchful Shadow(If it isn't already taken ^_^)
  3. That was startlingly fast
  4. Sorry T,T
  5. Why are you sorry

    It's the avatar, isn't it?
  6. No, I just tend to say sorry a lot(A habit I have been trying to break as of late). I love the avatar(especially because I read everyone of your messages in his voice, which is pretty dang fun!)
  7. Updated with new plots
  8. I'd love to play Don't fear the reaper with you if that's cool! Sounds super interesting to me!
  9. Space Pirates looks fun =)
  10. Fraid it's been snatched up, I will update with more stories when I can...
  11. Reaper is open again
  12. If the Reaper hasn't been so hastily taken away during the past few hours, I'll take you up on that one.
  13. Taken, but if you want to try and brainstorm something else...
  14. A watchful shadow, is open once more
  15. Is space pirates closed?
  16. I believe I can fill The Watchful Shadow position for you. Let me know! If you've already started this one, I can just take over the absent charrie and move on, or creane anew and start from the beginning - whatever works for you.
  17. Are you still accepting roleplays? I saw pirates, and was immediately hooked.
  18. Oops wrong thread 0_o
  19. Wrong... thread?
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