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  1. Lads 'n Lasses! Come one, come all and hear the Lay of Arrival! A song of singing and a story of telling, that I will tell if ye be able and willing!


    A wanderer 'done wandered--wondered right in,
    to Iwaku he stabled, to catch his wind.
    He grasped the fine lute that hung from his shoulder,
    and beckoned all within to mosey on over!

    With a belt of voice, and strumming of hands,
    he told the grand story of how he came to these lands.
    "I've fought with dragons, and wandered dungeons alone,
    and found my way here! Just to sing you my song.

    For I love adventure, and fantasy too,
    and throw a little Sci-Fi into that there stew.
    Who likes to write and rhyme, I am that man,
    and spend time with the ladies whenever I can. ;)

    For I am the Bard, a hello and good-day!
    Yep, that's me, nothing else much to say."
  2. *Claps* that was amazing.:)
  3. *Bows*

    Why thank you! :D
  4. how was that name not taken that's such an awesome name *.*

    We need more music-minded lyrical lacework amidst the Iwaku culture. You're welcomes with open arms :)

  5. Good stuff! Welcome to Iwaku, Bard. -runs off to listen to The Bard's Song, by Blind Guardian, for some odd reason-
  6. *fangirlsquuueeal!* I think I am in love!
  7. I can tell already that I'm going to like this place! :D

    And thank you for the compliments! I also am surprised Bard wasn't already taken.

    @ Diana:

    Don't worry, I'm sure you aren't the only one to fall victim to my charm and wry wit. ;)
  8. Welcomen there singer, bard and both teller, to this land of Iwaku, it may be unever.
    The stories you bring, now give them to me, and watch as I tinker, string them therein.
    My own works are custom, not bothered by homes, and when you them sing of, then tell them as some.
    Whether your travels have brought you to horrors, here they are welcomed as part of the morrows.
    Listen thus glisten, these chants be now hollowed.
    Nowhere to end us we bring all within thos, they are but players but valid to hin goes.

    Your story will grow here, grand and such wondrous.
    Just careful of us come, cause we care for no'thos.
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