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  1. Ohllo! 0.0 So..
    Ive been writing this story and I kinda wanna see how it play out as an Rp. Im sorry if its very confusing, just ask me about it an Ill explain.

    First thing, Its about this man Argent Banes- Who doesnt show up very quickly in the story, so whoever wants to be him will have to wait to join or I will be him as well- is a Scientist, who is trying to create sins into individual people. Thus in turn, accidently creates a virtue. Which will be his son (Sebastion, unless youd like to change the name). This story is ALSO about a young woman, Vittoria(Whom I will be), soon after turning 18 and about to graduate, whos world begans to fall apart when she is injected with a serum that makes her bounce back between a Sin and Virtue, along with her foster mother being murdered.
    Three young men (who are sins)come to take her away to be with them and the rest, along with Mr. Banes, to control her power and be watched and when she first refuses, more of her loved ones began dying so she finally decides to go. Having hatred for Mr. Banes and the Sins, She tries to destroy his work. Eventually one of the sins fall for Vittoria. And one of her beloved ones is turned into a sin.

    Here are the sins and their powers. If you are not sure what some exactly are then look it up or ask and I will quickly look it up for you. (Cant at the moment because IM typing all of this *Wipes sweat off forehead*)

    Gluttony- Acid Generation; Matter Ingestion

    Envy- Sound mimicry

    Sloth-Teleportation(Only short distances); Echolocation; Vortex Breath

    Lust- Pulse of pleasure; Dream Invasion; Sonic Scream

    Pride- Power sensing; Innate Capability; Omnilinguism

    Wrath- Biological manipulation; Impenetrable darkness

    Greed- Mineral manipulation; Power stealing; Devils hands - Victim effect- Soul stealing, which leaves victim in doll-like state which in turn dies after three days.

    I would like them to have 2-3 powers/ abilities and 1 affect that they leave on their victim when theyve "fed" from them. They "feed" to keep their power in control and to keep from killing themselves. (I am going to list a few abilities. you may have those or change two. but I would like you to have one that I name off. ALSO. Their powers must correspond with each sin and virtues. There will only be two virtues for now. and 8 sins.

    Forgiveness/ Justice- Mind reading; Celestial arrows; Victim effect- Impurity feed, which feeds off of any small "impurity"(For example; Blindness or deafness, maybe mute)

    Charity/ Kindness-
    Healing water (Which can heal deep cuts or scrapes, though can be tried for deeper damage but is extremely risky and dangerous)
    Holy voice ( Which takes away any mental or emotional pain)
    Telekinesis (Obvious)
    Mineral Manipulation

    (You may change their names if rather, but eye color and hair must be the color of the chosen sins. OH Before and after pics of the each character OR just one pic with details of the change!)

    Sera- Greed; Eye color- Yellow; Hair color- Any

    Ian- Lust; Eye color- Deep blue; Hair- Lightish brown or maybe a kind light of blue color

    Vittoria(Me)- Wrath\ Forgiveness/Justice; W)Eye- Mahogany red, F/J) Eye- Magnolia white; Hair- Blonde, F/J)- Cloud pink

    Alex- Sloth; Eyes- Cloud blue; Hair- Dark Blue or Black

    Emilee- Envy; Eyes- Mossy green; Hair- Maybe different shades of red

    Hayden & Celestial (Twins)- Gluttony; Eyes- Burnt orange; Hair- Any

    Cale- Pride; Eyes- PLum purple; Hair- any

    Argent(Probably will be me.)

    Madisen( Also me)

    The relationship strings. okaaay.

    Vittoria(ME) Likes both Sebation and Ian.

    Ian likes her as well but also flirts with plenty of girls in front of her.
    Also, Ian is killed by Alex( Whom eventually falls for Vitt.) But he comes back as a Sins.

    Sebastion is in love with her,so tries to do anything to keep her smiling, even though she doesnt really realize it.
    All three of them have known each other since age 5.

    All the others are free to mingle. Har har.
    Please feel free to post opinions and any other ideas or maybe Im forgetting something. okay?

    Romance-Super fineee. You know the rules :*

    No OPing -pleaseee. Nobody enjoys OPers.

    Take turns! I dont want the post getting all messed up. SO we are going to post in order. I will choose it. ONce a day or after everyone has posted once. PLease and thank you!!

    Also, to be informeddd. The mother dies early, by Alexs hands. Forgot to mention (SORRY!!) and you all must have great background stories for you character about how they got to be a Sin or Virtue!

    I will post my Cs right after this! I will also post when full.

    Sera- TyratheTyrant
    Vittoria- ToastedCutie ;*
    Sebastion- Jae
    Ian- Nat

    REMEMBER!! You may change their names if you dont like the currents.
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  2. Ian mine!
    But can you post a CS you want us to follow, with the sort of things you want us to add?
  3. Yayyyy~ Ian reserved.
    And ghhaaa. My apologiess. I super forgot to add one yesterday. Ill add my Cs right now.
  4. *CS*

    Name: Vittoria St. Claire (Aletta Derci)
    Age: 18 yrs
    Hair color: Platinum Blonde w/ Auburn tips; Light pink hair w/ white tips
    Eye color: Pale blue; Mahogany red/ Mangolia white
    Skin color: Sandy white
    Ethnicity: Italian~English
    Personality: Caring, gets jealous easily over Ian, Outspoken sometimes, Thankful, Forgiving
    Hobbies: Volleyball, Running, Iceskating, LIstening to music
    Habits: Hospitalized panic attacks twice a month
    Likes: History & Syfy channel, Ian, Sebastion
    Dislikes: Players, Chocolate, Hateful words

    Virtue- Forgiveness/ Justice

    Impurity feed- Victim effect
    Energy Shield(Must be extremely focused)
    Celestrial arrows
    Short teleportation

    At four years old she was found in an abandoned, decaying home not too far from the one she lives in now. She was awake but broken and abused. Her new mother Madisen has taken care of her since. Although she has hospitalized panic attacks every month, they believe it to be from supressing the memories, but its actually because she cant forget the memories. No one is aware.

    (Also forgot to say that no one knows Sebastion is a Virtue except his father and the Sins and he doesnt know it was the sins that killed her mother but knew it was her father who had injected that serum into her)
  5. I can take Greed if you don't mind.
  6. Of course go ahead! Yaayyy~ Please do and try to get more to take up spots.
  7. Actually, is Sebastian being played by someone? If not, could I reserve him instead? Or could I reserve both??
  8. You can reserve either. I would say one for now and if no one reserve Sera(whom you can change to a guy if youd like) then you can take both, does that sound good with you?
  9. Yes but as of now I would like to reserve Sebastian.
  10. Alrigty! (: Sebastion it is. Also if you didnt know or just skimmed you are allowed to change the name if you do not fancy them.
  11. Yes I know!
    Will get a CS in soon!

    Is there a certain way Sebastian needs to look like or can I decide on what he looks Iike?
  12. Well he does have to have white hair and pink eyes. You can pick whoever you what but put in there he has white hair and pink eyes and I will know what you mean. Its all in the description.
  13. Not finished. Not even close. So imma leave this here.

    Age- Eighten

    Hair colour- Brunette; Snow white
    Eye colour- Green; Light pink
    Skin colour- Ghostly pale
    Ethnicity- German/English

    Personality- Kind, Caring, and loving. Extremely protective over Vittoria. Selfless, smart, and clever. Very intelligent. It is hard to get him angry. He is extremely patient.

    Likes- Light, Vittoria, reading, rainy days, helping others,
    Dislikes- Dark, evil, spiders, Summer,

    Virtue- Charity/Kindness

    Ability- Healing Water; Holy Voice; Telekinises; Light manipulation; Sixth Sense (Can sense certain emotions)


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  14. Oo. I like it so far. And also he is Charity/ Kindness.
  15. Just making sure. Because you put impurity feed. That my characters victim effect. Haha.
  16. Put ability where that is. Did you read the powers I had up there? You dont have to have those exact ones but those are examples.
  17. Alright. Hope you don't mind the other two I added. It doesn't really make him OP.
  18. Those are perfectly fine. I really like it(:
  19. I should prolly change this to the mature forum since its going to have romance right¿ i just dont know how to do it.
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