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  1. .... writer's block, that is.

    Basically this is a sandbox, mainly for RPG ideas and musings but possibly other things as well. Please don't post here but if you have comments/critiques/lamentations/whatever please feel free to PM me. <3​

  2. Dead Beats

    (A Halloween Themed Band/High-School RPG)​


    It's a label pegged onto kids like us a lot. We wear our hair to long, play our music too loud and party a bit too hard for most people. Its a bit counter cultural, kind of in your face, edgy and well... a little bit spooky at its core. From the beginning we all knew it would be a sick band name, sure to put us right up their with Poisoned Apple and Motley Boo one day.... And you know what? It did. Back home we're superstars, but here? Well, we've definitely got a following but most of our fans don't realize that we're actually dead...

    Nah I'm totally kidding... Only our keyboardist is dead.

    But we are all monsters. Lead guitar? Pixie. Vocals? Vampire. And me {drums btw.. hi} I'm a werewolf. A mixed bag of characters but we get along alright... usually. You see, we're new to the states... or anywhere. Until last year we kept things on the DLZ {Dimensional Lockdown Zone.... it's complicated, warlocks, force-fields, curfews... no bueno} but thanks to our agent we're officially almost the first band EVER to obtain inter-dimensional-visas {score!}. We've done well this last tour. Sold out shows. Screaming fans. The works.

    And then we realized that we were stuck...

    You see there's this guy from our side of the dimensional gate {calls himself "The Puppet Master" ... weirdo} whose trying to start all kinds of trouble for the normies and its up to us to stop him... before it's too late.!!!!

    But I'm jumping ahead. Right now Felix {our manager} has "grounded" us near one of the main portals in Salem, Massachusetts. The tour has been put on hold, Felix rented a house, and all five of us are enrolled to attend Salem Academy of the arts starting September 6th. So yea, there's definently an evil plot a-cooking, but first a bigger challenge... high school.

    Alright , I've gotta go see a man about a ghoul but till next time, howls and kisses. xoxo

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.