Lacie's Contention

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  1. It seems at this moment, the house is quite. Simple and eerily calm, almost seemingly empty. The maid busily hussle about, keeping out of the way, and far from ear shot. Even the butler's, few and far in between, keep out of the way. Hurrying the others to do so, my bidding, my will. I, Allister Rayne, seem to have everything under control.

    On this day, I've been told, another house maid will be arriving. A room's been set, uniform washed and laid out. Shoes prepped and polished, a small gleam showing only in right light's. There's not much else to be done, or do I would personally believe. The maids on the other hand can be found in quite circles, spreading rumors and all the sorts. Quickly, the separate as I walk pass, giving a small passing nod and smile, befitting only to my ladies.

    I round the corridors, making my way to the grand staircase, winding it's way down toward marbled floors and gleaming statutes. The pictures, meaningless as they may be, dusted to perfection. My home, whole, peaceful, and perfect. If I would say so myself, it sits solely in epitome of all wants and desires. Not even the grandest have collected what I have. I smile, admiring my collection.
  2. I looked out the window of the carriage as the rolling contraption passed by many buildings. The town had a nice, peaceful vibe to it as I jotted down words into my journal, that was titled 'Lacie's Diary, July 1839.' I continued writing until I sighed, putting the pen back into my book and closing it, smoothing out the wrinkles on my dress repeatedly, until I was completely satisfied. I smiled and looked back out the window.
  3. Peace seems short lived at times though. I hear the gossip drawing near, the maids hurrying themselves down stairs. Going on about sounds of an approaching carriage. Rolling my eyes, I relax against the fire place mantel. Arms crossed as I watch the girls quietly, and the hurried butler after them.

    Chuckling softly, I finally hear the horse drawn carriage myself. though I lack the enthusiasm as the worker's seem to. Still, I straighten myself up, smoothing the fabric of coat.
  4. I put my journal back into my bag, knowing that I was almost at my destination. I took note that the scenery had changed a little bit, and saw that the carriage was approaching a large house, that looked like it could hold a couple hundred people or so. I stared at at the large house in awe as I sighed deeply. Wondering how the first day working would play out.

    She only knew so far how there were other maids and butlers in the house, but how was the master of the house like I wonder? So many questions swirled around my head with so little time to answer them on my own. I felt the carriage pull to a stop while the horses neighed, probably glad their long journey was over.
  5. My head maid, Marcy, is the first out the door. Having long ago proclaimed herself the official greater of the Rayne household, she rushes out with a big smile face. Always followed by the head butler, Willard, who seems to do nothing other than tell her what it is she's doing wrong.

    "Ladies," I call out, watching the maids huddle around door, keeping still with their gossip. I put my finger to my lip's in a simple gesture.
  6. I looked out the window a little, taking in the new faces and smiled slightly. "Ohh.." I gathered all my belongings and opened the carriage door slowly, cautiously stepping down from it. My golden hair cascaded down my shoulders and ended at the middle of my back, while my navy eyes surveyed the area, taking in each and every detail before I reverted my gaze to everyone that was watching me, smiling at them in greeting.
  7. Marcy rushes to your aid, smiling as she rushes up to you, just to have Willard pull her sleeve and send her flying back. IHe steps to you himself, bowing "I am the head butler, Willard. If you've any question's about the master's home, please do not hesitate."
    "And I'm Marcy," she bounces up again, taking your hand gracefully. "If you've any questions about your duties, you'll come to me. I'm the head maid." She giggles softly, pulling you along after her and into the house. "If you have any bag's, Willard will grab them."

    Upon entering the door, the other maids have formed a fine line, each bowing their greeting's as you enter. Marcy soon follow's suit as I approach. Looking you over calmly, making a small circle as I walk around you. I stand before you, my deep black hair combed back and out of my face. My light yellow eyes set on your darker ones, "My name is Allister, head of this household."
  8. I bowed in greeting to the head maid and head butler. "Nice to meet you Miss Marcy and Mister Willard." I suddenly looked up, having felt that the head maid had pulled me along side her inside the house. I looked around at the line of maids, bowing their heads to me in greeting and smiled nervously before we came to a halt. Having stopped in front of a man that said he was the head of the household. My eyes widened in surprise as I bowed in respect to you and started stuttering a bit too quickly. "Good evening.." I mentally scolded myself for not coming up with anything else better to say in your presence.
  9. I chuckle at your sudden embarrassment, holding my hands together behind my back as I nod in reply. "Evening child. I'm sure Marcy would be more than willing to show you to your quarters. There your new uniform will be ready. The only time I should not see you in uniform is now, and upon your leaves." Nodding to Willard, I turn to make my leave.

    "Back to work please," I call as I ascend the stairs. Not that It was much of a shocker that the women remained where they originally stood, but it would have made little sense if I had not shown my authority. Last thing I need is for this new child to think me soft.
  10. I lifted my head back up and mentally sighed in relief. I looked around at the maids that were still gathered around and wondered why they didn't leave yet. I assumed they wouldn't leave yet until you was completely out of sight. I turned to Marcy as you had said that she would show me to my room and smiled a bit at her.
  11. While I return to my study, I listen for the work of my staff once more. Though not shocked when there is none. I remind myself that silence is rare in the house, and force my attention back to my paper work.

    Downstairs Marcy takes your hand, smiling happily again as she begins to pull you after her. "The maids quarters are downstairs," she add's as she pulls you through the living room, and a large bathing area. "Inside," she jumps, pushing you through another door into a not so grand hall. "Your room is back. Furthest on the right."
  12. I followed Marcy's instructions and walked down the hall, stopping in front of the door on the right. "Here Mrs. Marcy?"
  13. Marcy nod's her head, stepping inside her own room quickly, grabbing something, and bouncing back out and down to your room. "I'm sorry, I completely forgot," she holds a new key out to you, smiling softly. "It's the key to most area's of the house. The Master prefer's to keep most doors locked." She shrugs slightly, smiling at you. "Now I'll let you get comfortable, and you can meet me back in the living room."
  14. I watched Marcy as she left and then came back holding a key in her hand. I took the key from her and looked at it, looking up and smiling. "Thank you Miss Marcy for showing me to my room and for the key. I'll make sure to meet you in the living room as soon as possible." She bowed and opened the door to her room, stepping inside looking around.