Labyrinthine Coliseum

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    Welcome to Terzain's Labyrinthine Coliseum!

    - Teleporters, high jumpers, future-seers, and those who fly are not allowed in this coliseum. Only those who were chosen are allowed.
    - Backing out or substitution means instant death.
    - Help from outside the coliseum is not allowed.
    - It is not a competition against other participants. You may help one another defeat the monsters you come across.
    - The coliseum changes every hour, including environment, paths, items and monsters.
    - Everyone must make their way to the center, coming from different starting points in the coliseum. As long as you are alive, that is your goal. Once everyone's there, the monsters will stop coming and you will be victorious.
    - There will be supplies you may come across, including medicines, weapons, camping items, food, and random things you may need to survive in this coliseum. Use them wisely.
    - Those who make it out alive will be transferred to the town of Terzain and will live on as survivors of the Labyrinthine Coliseum. Names will be engraved in the Tablet of Terzain.

    It is time to summon the monsters of the Labyrinthine Coliseum!

    Yes, Arwen was a mage, but a weak one at that! Being 15, and having begun her lessons last year, her knowledge of magic wasn't enough for this. Gripping her staff with both hands, she took a deep breath and shut her eyes tight.
    Why me? She asked silently, what did I do to get here?
    She tied her light brown hair with a rubber band and slowly began to walk forward with hesitant steps. Her black knee-length skirt and her purple tank top were definitely the wrong things to wear, her boots being the only thing that was suitable for the cold. Was there a scarf in this arena? How about a lighter? If only she was powerful enough to even control an element...
    "HELLO?" she called. "ANYBODY THERE?" No reply. She sighed. As if anyone would hear her; they may be on the other side of the coliseum...
    Rain began to pour, making it difficult to see with raindrops on her glasses. If only anyone could hear her and teleport-- no, teleporters weren't allowed. She sighed, praying to whatever God was there to help them all out.
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    A chill wind whipped through Tolovien's wind-swept hair as he notched another arrow into his bow, kicking the corpse of the opponent he had just downed with a grunt. Holding his loaded bow with one splayed hand, the youthful archer withdrew a small engraved knife from a sheathe at his hip. Nicking the wood on his weapon, he tallied another mark, signifying the downfall of another enemy in this wretched arena. He was up to four now. Sighing, he glanced back at his quiver. That being as it may, his arrows were dwindling, and he didn't exactly have time to fletch another set. Sheathing his knife quickly, bow raised and drawn, he proceeded forwards.

    Tolovien stopped as he reached the fallen body of another monster. A tingle ran through his spine as he did. This one had not been slain by him. Looking up, blue eyes narrowing, he surveyed his surroundings. Nothing. Though he could palpably feel the presence of other warriors, he could see nothing more than additional arena to be explored. Suddenly, a roar erupted from his left. Whipping to face his adversary, Tolovien released his arrow with an audible twang. The wizzing projectile struck the beast in the shoulder. This didn't slow it down. It was a hulking thing, with four arms, covered in matted fur. It had the snout of a wolf and the body of an ape. Not exactly something you'd want to sit down with over a cup of steaming jinko broth. Strapping his bow onto his back, Tolovien retreated, his thin and agile form racing across the sands of the coliseum.

    "Anybody there??!! I COULD USE A LITTLE HELP HERE!!!" he shouted, the four armed ape/wolf in close pursuit.
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    "Why hello there, you little thing..." Then a hiss followed.
    Arwen slowly turned around, gripping her staff in her hand while wiping the drops away from the lens of her glasses. A snake that was about a hundred or so feet long slithered around her and let out another hiss. She shivered in fright as the snake's eyes met hers.
    "Um, hello..." she muttered, frozen in shock. 'My muscles won't move, I'm dead!' she thought.
    The snake let out something like a laugh, or so she interpreted. "I sense your fear, my dear, and it suits you well. For a little girl like you to be in this coliseum... How amusing."
    'Think of a spell, damn it! Think, think, think!'
    "I COULD USE A LITTLE HELP HERE!" she heard someone shout, breaking the silence. She let out a gasp while the snake hissed.
    "Another one! I have to eat you now!"
    "Um, um, uh, oh God, damn it--" She felt power from within flow to her hands, forming a sort of white fire. She placed it in front of her just as the snake was about to bite her head off. She looked away as it hissed in pain and simply vanished.
    She immediately sat down, breathing heavily. That took a lot out of her. Her mentor would be so disappointed seeing how weak she was, and that made her teary-eyed for a bit.
    "No, I can't do this now," she muttered to herself, shakily standing up and using her staff as support. Remembering the voice that cried for help, she walked and ended up bumping into a green hedge. She took her chances and went left, hoping that the other person was there.
  4. {Hello everyone}

    An arrow whizzed through the air and embedded itself in the forehead of a a wolf prowling around a corner. It fell to the ground with a small yelp, dying soon after. A lithe shadow loomed over it and crouched down to rip the arrow from the creatures skull, standing back to its full impressive height when the deed was done.

    Turning the young man pulled his cloak back, allowing his golden hair to tumble free and inclined a pointed ear in the direction of the shout. He stood there and waited a moment for any more noises before pressing his back to the wall and peering around the nearby corner. Grey eyes watched the young girl as she turned left and headed towards him down the pathway. He noted her staff and readied two arrows in his bow and stepped from around the corner the weapon trained on her.

    "Are you hostile?" He demanded looking her over, voice commanding an answer. "I have heard of murder occurring in this coliseum due to people . . . losing themselves. You will not be getting the drop on me if that is the case." His took in her shaking form an allowed his arm to relax though the bow did not lower.

    Cernos Sellus would not just blindly trust this girl before him. He was smarter then that.
  5. "Are you hostile?"
    Arwen froze. 'Is this a monster?' She shook her head. 'No, don't think monsters would care about me being hostile--'
    "I have heard of murder occurring in this coliseum due to people... losing themselves. You will not be getting the drop on me if that is the case."
    She then turned around, facing a young man in a cloak. "Dude, I'm scared shitless, and I don't want to be on the receiving end of those arrows!" She shivered at the sight of them--this archer dude seemed to be a pro. "Wait... you're not the guy who was shouting for help, right?"
  6. The bow lowered and Cernos stepped forward cautiously.
    "Fear has driven people to do horrible things but you seem to still have your head." A brow raised high at her question and shook his head in response. "Have no fear it, was not I who called for help to lead you into a trap." He paused and jerked a thumb over his shoulder. "The plea for assistance came from that way. I was going to explore the surrounding area when I heard you approaching." He watched her for a few moments and finally returned the arrows back into the quiver. Cernos crossed his arms, bow held loosely in the hand underneath.

    "I am impressed, you are obviously scared but you are still seeking to help, admirable." He turned his back to her, now facing the direction the shout came from. "I will accompany you to see if we can be of assistance, if that is alright. My name is Cernos Sellus. It is nice to make your acquaintance."
  7. [evening all, I'm jumping in ; D Don't worry Tolovien, Shadin has your back]


    Just as it seemed that the ape creature would be victorious, the beast would find itself flung into a nearby wall with incredible force. The beast roared, struggling against the invisible weight bearing against its side, holding it in place much to its own and likely Tolovien’s confusion. From an alcove hidden in the opposite hall a young man appeared, dressed in the fashion of the desert with a confident little smirk played across his handsome features. He held one hand out lazily where a swirling golden light perched in the center of his palm. “Looked like you needed a little assistance.” He winked at the archer then shoved his hand forward in a quick jab, expression souring as he concentrated. With a screech the monster was pressed roughly against the wall in quick, intense successions until it was crushed by the battering ram force, its massive form falling to the ground, dead, blood leaking out of its maw.

    The young mage rolled his tanned shoulders, scoffing as he wiped rain from his face. “How annoying.” He glanced at the other male and smiled, offering the opposite hand he’d used to wield his magic. “I am Shadin, a force mage hailing from the desert peoples.” Judging from the heavy earrings that looped through his ears and expensive adornments, it was very likely that he was a slave here to attempt to win his freedom like so many other desert dwellers had. Regardless of whether or not Tolovien took his hand he offered him a good-natured smile and turned in a circle, getting his bearings. “I have never seen so much rain at once.” He shook out his long hair and adjusted the head covered he wore so it guarded his eyes from the chilly precipitation. “Would you care to navigate this maze together? It seems we stand a better chance together than alone, my magic is ineffective against smaller targets which your arrows are sure to prove lethal against.” He shrugged.
  8. She took a deep breath. "Well, I don't intend to lose my head anytime soon, you know..."
    She sighed in relief when he said he wasn't the one who cried for help, but her eyes widened as she realized that there was still someone out there who needed help.
    "Gosh, I don't know if I could be of much help, seeing as I only started last year, but, uh, I'll do what I can..." She lightly touched the surface of the white orb on her staff. "I'm Arwen, by the way, it's... ah... Nice to meet you, Cernos." She took a few steps closer to him and wiped the lens of her glasses with her hands. It was still raining and she began to shiver from the cold raindrops. "L-l-let's go find that person who needs help."
  9. A adolescent the age of at least 18 was rushing through large rocks in the collisium, His body then slipping down through large rocks to the floor. He landed with a soft touch and a burst of air around him. He grappled to a vine placed across the floor. He then saw the beast running through the area. he pulled on the vine running it around the boulder and attaching it to another boulder which was not to high off the ground. As the beast neared he rushed past the open area and into another shaded area on the other side of the vine. He pulled another vine which was next to the already tied vine, this vine rose higher than the vine that was just previously tightened. This made an X pattern which the beast ran directly into, the vine wrapping around the strength of the beast, causing it to become tangled in the vine. The vine swinging and sliding rapidly around its body which then came to an immediate halt and a slam to the floor, The beast had been caught and thrown back by its own force and the holding of the vine to the boulder. He ran out as the beast began to fight to release itself from the vine trap, his wrapping covered feet slamming into the side of the beast head grabbing its attention. Which when the beast went to look at what hit him he jabbed a sharpened stick into the beast eye. Ripping through the retina and to the back of the eyeball, He jumped away from the swinging arms and his back hit the rock. He scurried away from the beast His lengthy but skinny body haul assing , he wore black wraps around his feet and his long black hair flowed in the wind as he ran. His shirt was torn and had a few bandages on it, His pants were tied at the ends into the black wraps on his feet. His pants were a grey to blend in with the rocks. His red eyes looking back at the creature hoping it would not escape any time soon.
  10. Just as they were about to walk, she heard some sort of commotion, and it seemed like it was a bit far off on the other side.
    "Well, I hope that wasn't him being killed," she muttered to herself.
  11. 'That's overwhelming' he thought to himself. There's already an alliance formed, and someone, or something, is dead. Raiden was doing a good job at staying hidden for the moment. However he was ready to step out and be seen. He took a few steps into the open. He walked slowly towards the few that seemed to be only talking at the moment and took caution with each step. Raiden was about ready to pull out any of his weapons, but he wasn't going to unless he absolutely had to. He was a cocky guy, but this definitely wasn't the place to even try to be a show off. He didn't know what these guys were capable of.

    "Uh, Cernos, I think we better hurry," Arwen began, "I do hope they aren't in danger or something..."
    She looked up at the sky, seeing that it turned an eerie shade of gray. A flash of lightning was followed by a clap of thunder, which made her jump in surprise. "Shoot. I hate the rain now."
  13. {Shoot it's seven at night over here!}

    Cernos nodded at Arwen and opened his mouth to speak but paused. He spun around in the direction of the footsteps approaching the two of them losing the hood of his cloak exposing his hair to the elements. "Who goes?! I have little patience so answer quickly!" His bow was pointed at the figure in a matter of seconds, arrow drawn, eyes flashing dangerously as the lightning flashed.

    Cernos took a quick moment to glance back at Arwen placing himself in between her and the oncoming person. "Stay behind me Arwen. Give me cover should I require it." He squinted through the rain and lowered the weapon when he saw the man emerge though the mist. "Who might you be?"
  14. He slid behind a rock into cover from the beast which was out looking for him, he was slowing his breathing as it ran past him into the distance. " All alone...its cold...i cant stand it here..why me " He huffed a bit and thought..." there's only one way to warmth " " HELP HELP HELP! " he shouted out knowing there were people and the beast. He walked out from behind the rock, he looked at the beast which was a wolf. He pondered where the beast he encountered before went but didn't care anymore he had a new animal to fight and something to keep him warm. The wolf bounded at him but was quickly brought down to the floor with a simple leap and push of the head into the floor, he had acrobatically used the wolf's head as a balance tool to get over it. As he came to be above the wolf he drop down from the handstand position off the wolfs head, slamming his knees into the back of the wolf causing it to yelp. He laughed as his hands were then wrapped around the wolfs neck keeping it to the sandy floor, the sand filling the wolfs nose and mouth. He then heard a loud crack and rumble of thunder and lightning, he reached into his pants pocket and pulled out a small knife which he kept just incase he needed. This blade would of done nothing to the beast he encountered before but for this wolf it would do to remove his pelt, He stabbed the back of the wolfs head. The knife digging and then twisting causing the sound of a snap and crackle type sound, he then began to pull the knife down the back off the wolf's body. it cut slowly and jaggedly but it would have to do for now, He reached the wolf's tail. the rain that was coming down was cleansing the blood from the pelt but was also making this more messier than it had to be. He had slowly remove the wolf's pelt after a while and let it to drip in the rain, He was under a few boulders which was propped up by a few more smaller rocks. He sat there with his knees tucked to his body and his head placed on his lap.
  15. As much as Arwen loved the lightning, thunder and rain, she didn't want all that when she was outside, exposed and tired. She suddenly faced a black spider with beady eyes and hairy legs. She made a face when she saw it take a step forward.
    "Oh my God, it's a spider, no no no no no, EEEEEEEW!" She was cringing in fright; she had arachnophobia and she was beginning to freak out. "No no no go away go away GO AWAY!" There were tears flowing, and she didn't care whether or not Cernos thought of her as a freak, she was genuinely scared. "Cernos, um, go deal with that person, I'll- I'll--" Shakily she summoned her power and pushed it to the spider, which sent it flying back several feet away. It vanished, but it still didn't stop Arwen from shaking. "Oh God, that was so horrible, I hate spiders!"
  16. Shadin cocked his head, frowning lightly when a all sorts of commotion started up coming from several different directions, though some of it was nearer than others. He glanced at the archer and frowned. “Well my friend, you may come or stay, but I am going to see what’s going on.” He winked and broke into a jog until a sound akin to whimpering reached his pierced ears. He pressed against a damp wall and peered around the wall, observing a young girl banishing a spider as well as a strapping young elf and another male being held at arrow point. From the looks of things the archer was looking after the girl, who looked near a panic attack if her squealing was any indication. “Who on earth put a little girl in here?” He murmured to himself before taking a deep breath and rounding the corner.

    “Greetings friends!” He held up to his hands to show he was weaponless, though it would be difficult to discern even from Shadin’s firm, half bared body that his hands were the only weapon he needed. Those and the long summoning seal that was branded across his hard stomach. But that was a mystery for another time. “It seems to this one that the more the merrier is certainly true in this case...surely our chances are better together…” He winked at Arwen. “Wouldn’t you agree?”
  17. Arwen dropped her hands to her sides and took several deep breaths. That was by far the worst thing she has ever seen in her entire life. There were more horrible things in this coliseum, sure thing, but hopefully no more spiders would appear. PLEASE not the spiders.
    Wiping the tears from her eyes and clearing the lens of her glasses, she picked up the staff that she let go of while hitting the monster.
    'Why am I here again?' She asked herself. The organizers were either out of their minds or drunk when they chose her for this. 'I really wasn't trained for THIS kind of thing! I'm sure my mentor wouldn't want me looking like a dunce if I was being trained for THIS.'

    She heard a voice coming from one of the walls and saw a man who looked like he came from the desert. She thought at first that the big earrings were funny, but when she looked at the rest of him, she was immediately intimidated. This is not a guy to be messed with... Especially with that mysterious seal on his stomach. 'Okay, I feel like a wimp now,' she thought to herself.
    "It seems to this one that the more the merrier is certainly true in this case... surely our chances are better together," he said, winking at her. "Wouldn't you agree?"
    She had to blush at that, but she was still very embarrassed for what she did. "Heh... Heh... Yeah... I think that it's really better when we're a lot..." She trailed off, nodding slowly and running her fingers through her wet hair. She started poking her boot with her staff, not wanting to make any eye contact.
  18. Cernos turned so he was angled both at the newcomer and Arwen. He would have spoken but his eyes flicked up to the wall in front of everyone and he frowned at the spider climbing over the top. He let the notched arrow fly lose and it pinned the creature there with a squelch. He backed up as more came crawling and glanced at both of the people he stood between. "Go go go! More are coming " He shouted grabbing Arwen's arm and jerking her onto his back knowing her wet skirts had a chance to slow her down. As if signaled more came crawling over the wall. "Cernos glanced at the first man and desert man that joined them. "If you are coming with. Come! On!"

    He sprinted away from the on coming swarm. He pounded his feet hard as he ran sliding a bit when he turned a sharp corner. He spared a glance back at the aracanids and let loose another arrow into the closest one.
  19. "JESUS CHRIST!" Arwen screamed several curses as she sprinted behind Cernos, not daring to look back. More spiders? They'd be the death of her! She silently hoped that everyone else was following; she didn't want to look back to check. She was too much of a coward to do that.
  20. Good, the girl seemed open to him, though he could see her skeptics on his appearance. Many of the main populace looked at his exotic appearance in the very same way, and it often pissed him off more than he’d like to admit, and he didn’t, but he had little doubt he’d snap at some point. Now was clearly not the time, at the intense elf began shouting and firing arrows above their heads. Shadin’s molten eyes flicked upward before a scowl stole his handsome face. He backed up carefully, finding traction with his bare feet as the elf, who seemed to be looking after the girl, rushed past him. He moved backward quickly, then held out his palm. He called on his magic reserves and swung his arm in a high arch causing a push of force again to a powerful wall of wind to blast the majority of the spiders back. Some of them splattered against the walls while others were simply flipped over, the later quickly finding their footing and pursuing.

    “This one thinks the elf is smart in retreating.” He shouted and turned, pursuing the others on lithe long legs.