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  1. The Role Play would begin with all of the characters who currently wish to be involved being trapped inside of a room. This room however is completely empty except for four walls, which has been clawed at until nails have broken off, a large, completely unharmed, wooden door, suffering dying bodies that are scattered around the room like broken dolls and... all of you. You have no memory as to how you came to be there, what has happened to all of these people or what you are supposed to do. The only memories you have are those that are the basics of who you used to be; age, name, where you used to live, etcetera. Unless you would like your character to remember a bit more, or possibly gain their full memories back. Slowly.
    Eventually you realise that the only way out is by the wooden door which is, strangely, unlocked. No one can see past what is the darkness of the otherside of the threshold. As each person passes they are transported immediately to a different field of this 'game' as a man would of earlier explained to the group. Your goal? Find each other somehow and stay alive.

    Every time a person walks through a door which has the symbol of the Minotaur above its frame, that door becomes one of the few on each Level that permanently connects it to the next; instead of the usual random choosing. Normally, those who walk through a door can only enter one at a time, such as the first door, but as the Game progresses it becomes noticable that if certain Levels are completed within their time range, two or more can go through the same door at a time; ending up on the same next Level as well.

    Other players are free to become whatever varients of ghosts, demons, mutants, zombies, psychos and any other kind of mythological (or even real) creature that they wish to be, in order to torment another players' character. Just not your own.

    As for the 'Levels' themselves, they will vary from anything and everything possible. ALL IDEAS ARE WELCOME! ^^
    Example Levels:
    A character has found themselves in a room. Connected to it are two other passageways, yet only one can be chosen from. They choose number two. Had they of chosen one, then they would of suddenly found themselves in a forest of weeping willows that long for their stolen spirits, preying on those who wander for too long without finding the next door. Haven taken the one they did though, they are now trapped in a room with nothing more than a door to the next level... and a killer bunny.
    (( Killer bunnies are awesome~ ))

    Also, I was thinking about letting the characters being able to have some kind of power, such as only one each, but something that wouldn't make them nearly invincible to the things they face. Especially since they are supposed to have some form of amnesia.

    Uhm... so, anyway, this is just an idea I had and if anyone is interested in joining or has any ideas for how I might be able to make this RP better, please say so. Thanks ^^/
  2. I'm very interested, do you have a character sheet template? Or do you just want to discuss this RP more?
    -Btw this RP sounds like a movie i've seen before called CUBE it's pretty cool if you have netflix you could see it :P
  3. I followed your suggestion as was like, @_@, the whole time I watched the movie. It's actually very similar to my idea, especially the part about how during most of the experiment, there are scientists watching and keeping tract of the players stress levels. Actually, this is exactly how I wrote it:
    *They were all taken for reasons unknown. The truth, for now, being that goverments around the world had given consent to do tests on children, teen and young adults in order to study their stress levels before going on to Phase 2.
    'Phase 2' is something I'm still working on if this RP goes well ^^

    As for the charater sheet, this is what I have so far:

    Age (5+):
    Picture or detailed description:
    Fears (equal ammount or more than number of skills):
    Skills (equal ammount or less than number of fears):
    Bio (what they can remember):
  4. Oh did you? ^-^ that's super cool, yeah i wasn't sure what your thoughts were as far as the plot but that movie sounded pretty familiar. I'm super interested haha and "Phase 2" sounds uber intreesting. I'll try to make my Character sheet soon, how many people were you planning on?
  5. That's great XD
    I was hoping to have around five characters made total, if not more, since I expect several characters may die if permission is given to those who want to kill. Also, I had another idea so that people who only want to make the 'creatures' can, seeing as how not everyone likes to be the nearly hepless human who is trying not to die, lol. The creatures could also just be psychotic humans if someone likes doing things like that.

    Creature Sign-Ups:

    Favourite Prey Type:
  6. Name: Chu Pormi

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: 5’7”, uses glasses, has a solid red polo, faded blue navy jeans, clean white sneakers

    Fears: Small spaces, not being in control

    Skills: Very good calculation abilities especially in probabilities/statistics

    Personality: Organized, seldom takes risks, reserved

    Bio: Chu used to work for a stock broker company making them money. He would use his mathematic strength to estimate when a stock should be bought and sold. Just as he was going on vacation he was knocked out…
  7. (( Sorry, I forgot to add gender. It has now been added. ))

    Name: Ino - Pronounced Een-no
    Gender: Male
    Species: Minotaur
    Weaknesses: Has a short temper, believes he is two people in one body, being ignored/ rejected.
    Strengths: Uses sweet words to convince his prey of false security, leads his prey on, used the 'knocking' to drive people mad.
    Favourite Prey Type: Young girls.
    Other: Is the Guardian/ Maker of the Labyrinth.

  8. Alrighty then. Character accepted ^^
    I'll be making the IC thread later today perhaps.
  9. cool, :) thanks i'll edit my character btw
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