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  1. [​IMG]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]The Artificer welcomes you. The Watcher hopes you’re well. Do you feel well? Has the flurry in your brain subsided? Have your bones settled? You have only recently awoken from your long journey, and thus your [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]self[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] must surely be disturbed. Do not fret, this is normal. You will regain your bearings shortly, and your vision should clear up soon.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]For now, the Watcher wishes to leave you with a… gift. A gift of your choosing to make your stay more comfortable. You ought to be thankful, for the Watcher rarely bestows such gifts upon those who find themselves in these halls.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Stand. Make sure your legs still work. The Artificer’s creatures were harsh when they brought you here. They do not care for the wellbeing of those they take, so seek comfort in the Watcher’s eye on you. Surely he wouldn’t allow such creatures to do you real harm? [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]You’re confused, your questions unanswered. Asking will never earn you an answer in this place, and so you must seek it out yourself. The Artificer enjoys his games, and he built this one just for you. The Watcher, however, has decided leave you with a single clue to get you started:[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Remember, creature; the Labyrinth is always beyond you.”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]He wishes you good luck.[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]The Plot[/BCOLOR]


    The Labyrinth is massive in scale, its halls and infrastructure incomprehensible to the common mind. When the fires go out, catacombs shriek and twist in on themselves, changing to the will of the Artificer. The cries of the souls lost in the depths haunt every step, every archway, and every room, forever doomed to call out for those who may yet come to their aid.

    Aid never comes. And it will certainly never come for you.

    Like the lost souls damned to an eternity in these halls, you will never leave. For how can you escape something you do not understand? What purpose, you wonder, does this Labyrinth serve? Damnation, punishment? A curse you can't recall? Or are you simply at the whim of a presence beyond your understanding, lost in its game for the sole reason of keeping it entertained?

    Perhaps you will never recall your purpose for being here, but you may take comfort in the idea that the Watcher, whatever it may be, is leaving hints where it can to work against the mysterious Artificer and its lurkers. Follow the hints, listen to the haunting murmurs of the Watcher's Miths, and you may just escape.

    Your goal, for now, is to search for your fellow Stranded, and seek the Eye together.

    Those Who Watch, Those Who Lurk


    Lurkers: The shadows that hang around the corners, flickers in the eye. They work in the darkness to hunt the Stranded for the Artificer's pleasure, torturing and tormenting until their victims resort to madness to escape their pain.

    Miths: The flickering fires, the light cast on the walls by your candle. They are seemingly benevolent beings who serve the Watcher as guardians for the Stranded, and allies or friends for those who find themselves lost in the Labyrinth.

    Stranded: Mortals trapped in the Labyrinth, doomed to wander until the Lurkers reach them. Some, however, have found themselves protected by the mysterious Miths. They do not know their purpose here, or what the Labyrinth truly is. But mortals are surprisingly adept at keeping themselves alive.

    The Eye: The Eye of the Watcher. Each eye collected opens a new way in the Labyrinth. Once all are collected, the first step to freedom will be obtained.

    Things of Importance

    • Stranded may not harm one another.
    • Iwaku rules apply.
    • Godmodding, powerplaying, and so on is not acceptable.
    • I reserve the right to reject any application. Be assured; there is always a reason.
    • IC drama is acceptable. OOC is not. Take it somewhere else if you have a problem with one another.
    • Enjoy yourself. There are plenty of possibilities here. Use them.
    A Note, from Yours Truly

    Hey there, guys. Your purpose here is to look for clues the Watcher has left behind to figure out what's going on. These clues will guide your characters, and will be put out frequently. The second part of this plot will be revealed in time, once all the hints have been posted and acknowledged.​

    Stranded Character Sheet

    Character Name:
    Origin: Hint: it can be from anywhere and any time.
    Mith: Stranded mortals have guardians known as Miths. What do they call their Mith?
    Appearance: Image or description is fine. No anime.

    Lurker Character Sheet

    Lurker Name: Make it strange. Lurker's are unusual.
    Apparent Gender:
    Appearance: Image or description is fine. No anime. Try to choose something unique or inhuman.

    Personality: How do they act around Stranded? Miths?
    Position in the Hierarchy: Lurkers have a hierarchy beneath the Artificer. The higher they are, the more access to the Stranded they have. A Lurker with higher status may label themselves a "Tormentor".

    You can make your sheet as fancy as you wish. Have fun.

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  2. Would it be against canon to have a Lurker who was originally a Stranded, before being accepted by the Artificer due to their cruelty towards their fellow Stranded?
  3. @RJS That's fine.
  4. Barton Flipps
    Age: 42
    Gender: Male
    Origin: Barton was born in London, England and grew up with just his father. His father was a small clock shop owner, and made enough for Barton to go to school and pay the bills. Barton never lived in luxury, but he grew to appreciate what little things he did have. He was always regarded the wisest among his peers, the one with more insight then others. Maybe that was his edge, being a bit more sentimental then others. He grew to follow his father's footsteps into business.

    Barton built himself up as a entrepreneur within the hunting industry. He as a child went hunting rarely with his father, but his father still took him out to the country side once a year to go bag some game. Barton had come to become quite fond of hunting, and made it his bases for his later in life business. Barton ran several hunting lodges, amassing a small fortune from the hunters that had paid to come and hunt on his properties, but this new found wealth had slowly started to affect Barton in a way he didn't ever think it would.

    Mith: Aeon

    Personality: Barton is a very prideful person, but he's also a very wise person. When seeing an opportunity, he likes to jump on board whenever it fits his best interest. Although, he still carries his appreciation for the little things ever sense he was a child. But, that has been a bit clouded by his slight sip of the drink known as greed with his small but successful business as a manager of several hunting lodges.

    Apparent Gender: It seems to appear as a male.

    Personality: Agreus doesn't like to show himself to his victims at first, he finds it much more amusing to fiddle with their surroundings and to surprise them with sudden noises. He makes sure to not reveal himself or to do something too drastic at first, because he likes to start off slow and become more and more extreme. Agreus enjoys watching the slow process of a stranded going mad. Although, he doesn't mind the Miths. He often see's them as a challenge, something he has to crush to see his prey flip and go mad within their never escaping cage known as the labyrinth.

    Position in the Hierarchy: Tormentor
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  5. Lurker Name: Mephalas
    Apparent Gender: Female

    Origin: Mephalas was originally a Stranded, banished from an alternate modern-day London where magic ruled. In her previous life, she was a notorious killer who lured people back to her house before slaughtering them. Her crimes were deemed too great to permit her to remain on that plane of existence and she was banished, ending up in the Labyrinth where she found even more opportunity for deceit and treachery. Impressed, the Artificer remodelled her into a Lurker so that she could use her talents for his ends.

    Appearance: Mephalas spends much of her time disguised as her old, human form. In this form she appears as a young woman, 5'8'' tall, with flame-red hair that reaches her shoulders and ice blue eyes. Whilst playing the part of Stranded, she goes by the name of Muiri, and wears a dark blue shirt, black jeans, and a pair of dark grey trainers.

    When not disguised, the entirety of her eyes turns pitch black, her fingers elongate into talons and a set of skeletal wings grows from her back. A third eye opens upon her forehead and raven-like birds flock to her, spiraling around her and sitting on her wingbones and head.

    Personality: Mephalas loves manipulation more than anything else. Her thrills come from having someone trust her and protect her, maybe even love her, before watching the look of betrayal in their eyes as she turns on them.

    Whilst disguised as Muiri, Mephalas will often play the role of a weak, vulnerable and scared girl who needs protection, often using some lower-ranked Lurkers under her command to complete the illusion. She acts shy, scared and lonely, and pulls herself closer to her targets whilst pushing away any from the group who mistrust her. She claims not to trust Miths, stating that she'd seen one attacking a Stranded and that the Watcher was no better than the Artificer.

    When revealed, Mephalas reveals her true personality: twisted, prideful, and mocking. She enjoys slowly tormenting and torturing her victims one at a time, in front of their friends. She always saves the best for last - the person who trusted her the most is always the last to die.

    Position in the Hierarchy: Sector Regent. Mephalas isn't particularly high up, but does exert control over an area of the labyrinth, and some of the lower-ranked Lurkers that prowl within it.
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  6. Character Name: Seth
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male

    Origin: Seth is from modern day America. As a child he was very good at getting what he wanted and was not afraid to use any means to get it. He would pout, scream, and even become violent until his parents agreed to give him what he wanted. He was notorious for stealing kisses from girls, even if it meant they would start crying. To put it simple, he was a little hellion.

    At the age of 14 he overheard his parents talking about sending him away in hopes of getting his behavior fixed. This did not stand well with Seth so that night he packed up belongings and ran away. He stole enough from his parents to get him by for a while, and when that money ran out he stole what he needed. In a new town he found an abandoned street and lived in one of the houses. It became his home while he grew out of usual ways. He was tired of hurting people and started an attempt to change his ways. He did not get much of a chance before he was thrust into Hell, or what seemed like Hell.

    Mith: Ethan

    Personality: He is the type of person that at times can demand respect and is not afraid to strike fear into others to make them listen. This is not because he is trying to be mean, but because he fears hurting someone. He is getting better but the anger is hard to control, especially since loneliness has eaten away at his heart. Due to this he tried to keep his mood calm, neutral, somewhat uncaring..until there is something he wants. Old habits die hard and Seth is not exception. He will do what he can to get what he wants and is not opposed to using sex-appeal to gain his target.

    What my friend thinks of his personality: Smooth talking, aggravating, jerk.


    Seth (Remove the wings) (open)
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  7. @RJS and @Icystorm you guys are accepted.

    @Void_coffin it looks good, but it also looks as if Agreus' sheet isn't complete...?
  8. is it? I thought i had everything. Do lurkers need an origin story? I didn't see one on the lurker character sheet.
  9. More specifically, his personality. It looks as if something has been cut off.
  10. Ohhhhh, I see. It seems it cut off my sentence somewhere. Well, Finished it up. It should be good now.
  11. ^ Alright, you're accepted.
  12. Lurker Name: Khu'Rax
    Apparent Gender: Male

    Personality: Khu'Rax is well known among his clan for his prowess in hunting and breaking the minds of humans he hunted before killing them one by one. His favourite method of disheartening the stranded are to release those he tortured back to find others after removing their eyes.

    His fear for Miths is only rivalled by his desire to be the first of his kind to capture one alive.

    Position in the Hierarchy: He does lack a sturdy position among the labyrinth and is considered a weak race.
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  13. @Bryce325 Lurkers wouldn't have minions, considering they're minions themselves. Just change that around and you should be good to go. A little more description would be nice, too.
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  14. Show Spoiler

    Name:The Dharmagam
    Apparent Gender: Beast

    Personality: The Dharmagam is a simple creature. It is a hunter, a creature that revels in the hunt, hunting, tracking, and chasing down it's prey, before swallowing it alive, slowly digesting its catch within its stomach, before it catches wind of another prey, in which case it regurgitates its catch, and begins the hunt anew, quickly forgetting its former prize, in its hunt for another. It is able to communicate telepathically with its fellow lurkers, but its speech is painfully simple, the equivalent of a dog who is able to speak.

    Position in the Hierarchy:
    A lowly beast. Its mind is too simple for anything more complicated.
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  15. Tried the IMG thing, didn't work
  16. Still accepting? I'd love to get in on this :) May I make a lurker and a stranded?
  17. Stranded Character Sheet

    Character Name: Sundara Mana, Meaning 'Beautiful Mind'. So goes by Ara.
    Age: 26
    Gender: Female
    Origin: Hint: Historic India (Not positive on a set time, likely during the Reign of Emporer Ashoka, around 200 B.C.E.
    Mith: Vishnu, after the Hindu god of balance, for she prays his blessing will keep her from destruction till she reaches safety.
    Show Spoiler

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Lurker Character Sheet

    Lurker Name: Bau'Gruhg
    Apparent Gender: Male
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Personality: A true pedator, Bau'grugh likes to toy with his prey. It's only a matter of time until he gets them anyways...
    The cursed Miths annoy him and anger him to no end for their power is great, enough so to rival his own in certain situations. He holds a fear for them, but buries it in spite.
    Position in the Hierarchy: Tormenter (If that's okay.) He's good at his job. He makes the stranded feel like helpless prey, driving them insane with fear and terror. Long has Bau'Grugh been in favor of the Artificer, like a favorite hound to a dark and twisted king.
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  18. Character Name: Nora Ryan

    Age: 20

    Gender: Female

    Origin: Nora is from a small town in Canada, one of those little bitty places that have a single exit in or out of the place. She lived with her parents above a grocery store which belonged to the family. Hence, she was used to the hard work from childhood, but didn't really mind it, it was a way of life. However, her parents were brutally murdered one night when she was barely thirteen years old. Nora can never forget waking up to their screams of pain. When she arrived in their bedroom, it was too late; all she was met with were her lifeless parents, their throats ripped open, blood soaking their bedsheets. No one seemed to be able to identify the culprit, yet Nora somehow seemed convinced it had to be a vampire. She was then sent to live in foster care, where the normal friendly girl became quiet and sullen, missing her parents as well as being unable to make friends as most thought she was a weirdo. When she turned eighteen, she returned to her parents shop and tried to bring it back to life. She has been doing so for the last two years until she ended up being... spirited away?

    Mith: Phoenix

    Personality: She used to be kind, helpful and a hard worker; now the former two feelings are somewhat more docile. She keeps most of her feelings of irritation and annoyance and anger inside when around strangers, though she doesn't mind showing them in front of people she's close to or dislikes. Otherwise she will remain quiet and impassive, keeping a poker face.

    Appearance: Nora is 5'3 and around 120 lbs. She is slim with the right amount of fat in the right places. She has naturally pale skin with a sprinkle of freckles over the top of her nose and cheeks. Her eyes are grey and a little sleepy looking due to the darker marks around them. Her hair is reddish auburn in colour and wavy, slipping past her shoulders. She usually keeps it open because she never has time to do anything else with it.

    Her clothes are rather boring. She wears a pale greyish green button up shirt and faded black jeans. She wears a thin gold chain around her neck with an amber pendant that belonged to her mother. On her feet are a pair of scuffed black ankle boots.
  19. I'll be looking them over later, guys. Thanks for being patient.
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