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  1. In the center of the Lanveldore Kingdom lies a meadow. At a glance, one would imagine it to be the most pleasant of places. If one would look out from their window they would see small animals grazing and butterflies dancing around in the expanses of flowers. Yet none, but the brave and foolish, dare approach this observed paradise. Deep within it's heart lies a fortress of immense size and fortitude. It can be seen in the meadow. Lore weavers tell that the Goddesses have created this meadow to hold their treasures. Treasures beyond belief. Jewels that could buy all the kingdoms of the world ten times over, weapons so powerful that you could rule the world solely on your power, knowledge of all there is known, and unknown. Even the ability to achieve Immortality. So why has this fortress remained untouched. The meadow holds a secret. A dark secret. It is referred to by the locals as the Glass Labyrinth. An odd name for a meadow unsullied by human hands. It is called so for the very reason that it can be seen through, as if there was nothing there, but unseen walls bar the way. All who have entered have not returned. Save one man. However upon his return he was no longer a man. He was cold, and empty. He wandered aimlessly for days before finally collapsing dead on the street. It was as if his soul had been taken from him, and his body was left to wander until it died alone.
    This is a Dungeon Crawler-Esque Roleplay. There can be the traditional Class/Jobs but feel free to create your own. In fact I encourage that. Now my plan is to have four Guilds. These guilds will meet each other every once in a while along their quest.

    This will take place in a traditional Fantasy setting. However there will be fire arms, like muskets and flintlocks. The area is the Lanveldore Kingdom. A generally mountainous area with this meadow in the center. The Capital of the kingdom lies in the north.
    (A somewhat crude map will be up at some point)

    The Guilds
    There will be Four guilds as previously stated. A maximum of 8 characters per guild, so a total of 32 characters are allowed. Why so many? Because people will die. In my opinion an optimal number would be 5-6 characters per guild, and each person running 2-3 characters, but that isn't how it will always work. For those who are uncomfortable with playing multiple characters I will allow a "lives" system. You play one character at a time, but when one dies off, your second character steps in like he has been there the whole time. Peachy? Now then...
    -Guild Leader: Saffon Terot* (
    -2nd in Command: Gloria Traden (Sacred Potato)
    -4th: Alinandrea "Alina" Windamere (Sincere and Silent)
    -6th: Frank Gordman (Moogle Girl)

    Wanderers of the Veiled

    -Guild Leader: Javen (Zeraj)
    -2nd in Command: Chikara Avi* (Moogle Girl)
    -3rd: Unim Izir (Zeraj)


    Guild 3

    -Guild Leader: (Pending. Leader chooses name)
    -2nd in Command: Trenton "Trent" Lagdon (Sincere and Silent)

    -4th: Syrina Valanti (St' Opossum)
    -6th: Marie Vares (Jex the Shadow)

    Free Light
    -Guild Leader: Erikson Winstein (St O'possum)
    -2nd in Command: Jexxal Siver (Jex the Shadow)
    -4th: Evelyn (Megilwen)

    Characters with a "*" next to their names are Stock characters for Players who have requested to be on the Lives System. They are basically NPC's until their owner is ready to use them

    Characters and their Demise!!!
    Characters will need to interact with one another. My hope is to get them close to each other and then (hopefully) someone dies, leaving the others devastated because I'm slightly Sadistic like that. On the topic of Death, you may be asking yourself, "How in the world does she plan to do that?" Well in truth I'd rather not have a whole complex stats thing cause I feel it would slow down the RP a bit too much. So I have decided to have there be a hat which has every character eligible to die in a virtual hat randomizer thing, and twice that many duds. If someone gets picked, they will be dead. I shall inform them, and I shall allow to pick whether they want to have some say in their death scene, or leave it all up to me(Trust me I make some rather fine death scenes/scenarios... God I seem so creepy right now) "Whats that? Your character died last time? No worries! Your characters won't be aable to die in the next hat draw!(however they still can have something bad happen)" And don't worry I will not kick you from the RP, so you will have at least one character by the end of this. I guess you can play one character, but where is the fun in that?

    Death Scenario Example
    Guild X Enters a clearing with patches of strange, yet beautiful purple, green, and blue flowers. Members A, B, and C all decide to check these flowers.

    There are four possible outcomes

    -Obtain Medical Herb
    -Pollen is a powerful hallucinogen
    -Is bit by poisonous animal
    -Is affected by poisonous plant

    Here is what enters the hat

    -Obtain Medical Herb
    -Obtain Medical Herb
    -Pollen is a powerful hallucinogen(Bad Trip. Very Very Very Bad Trip)
    -Pollen is a powerful hallucinogen("Good" Trip)
    -Is bit by poisonous animal
    -Is affected by poisonous plant

    So there is a 1/3 chance of death, and a 1/2 chance of something good/neutral happening in this scenario. Each character will "draw" from the hat separately. Then I shall inform the Players what happens to their characters and they will choose whether to let me have full control of the situation, or do it themselves.

    Now there is some good that can come from SOME situations. In this scenario if someone does obtain the medical herbs they could treat a poison. In this case that would prevent one person from dying. Scenarios will sometimes give you beneficial items if your lucky. I shall have a Guild Storage section once we begin to indicate what is there.

    Slip the word "extensive" into your Character sheet if you have read all this
    P.S: If someone becomes inactive for a whole week I shall kill off one character of theirs in place of the one who is supposed to die. If you are down to your last character I will still kill them.

    Now I know many might seem intimidated by this whole thing, but don't worry. I shall make the CS easy and simple
    Character Sheets Template

    Name: (Uh...)
    Gender: (Again, Uh...)
    Age: (Be
    reasonable. Lets say 16-36)
    Guild: (What guild they're in)
    Guild Rank: (Where are they in terms of leadership... I did not say that well)
    Race: (Human, Dwarf, Elf, etc... Just to add some flare)
    Appearance: (Image, Description or both. Please no real life pics. They make me feel awkward)
    Class/Job: (Get creative here. How does your character fight/support)
    Weapons: (Again be creative)

    Combat will really just be as you guys would like to fight. If someone is to die in combat they are allowed to make the death scene themselves, or let me make it for them. In such a case, I reserve the right to control the character in some ways.

    Now I know this is rather confusing. If you have questions feel free to ask.

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  2. I'm interested. I'll try to make two characters soon.
  3. I'd like to use the lives system. I'll post my first character now, and then two more will be posted when I get the chance.

    Name: Frank Gordman

    Gender: Male

    Age: 16

    Guild: Guild 1

    Guild Rank: Lowest rung

    Race: Human

    Appearance: For the most part, Frank has a sort of frail, boyish look about him. His hair is a dull orange color, and while he changes the style frequently as he attempts to find the perfect look for himself, he has come to favor thick spikes that fall in layers behind him, reaching chin length. He is short and skinny, though his arms and chest are developing decent muscles as he gets more combat practice in his life. He dresses in bright yellow and orange, wearing dusty vests and baggy clothes that betray his low class.

    Class/Job: Frank's combat skill isn't that extensive, but he has fast reflexes and makes for an excellent defender.

    Weapons: Frank employs a massive metal kite shield that almost covers his entire height. The inside is well-reinforced to take heavy blows without buckling too far, and the outside is furnished with sharp metal spikes, about six inches long. At the suggestions of his friends, he also carries two backup knives, but doesn't really know how to use them.
  4. Gloria Traden
    She is tall standing around 5'10
    Guild 1
    Guild Rank
    2nd In command
    Landsknecht: Gloria is a heavily offensive fighter relying on a strong offense as the best defense. That does not mean she neglects defense, as she carries a buckler along side her as well, often fighting in a Sword and Board technique.
    A broadsword that has a gilded hilt, as well as a buckler shield made from would plated in iron.

    I shall have another up later.

  5. I'm interested. How many characters max are we allowed to have?
  6. I'll say four characters max
  7. [​IMG]

    Name: Erikson Winstein
    Gender: Male
    Age: 21
    Guild: Free Light
    Guild Rank: Leader
    Race: Human
    Class: Halberder: Erik focuses on furious sweep attacks, allowing him to affect an extensive amount enemies at once with his weapon. He is agile as well.
    Weapons: Halberd in pic.
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  8. All Accepted thus far ^_^
  9. I'll post a character later when I get on my iPod. But I'm REALY interested. Let the death begin!!!!
  10. Name: Chikara Avi

    Gender: Male

    Age: 67

    Guild: Guild 2

    Guild Rank: Second in command

    Race: Elf

    Appearance: Chikara has a long, pointed nose and wide, owlish eyes, giving him the appearance of a predatory bird. Years of meditative exercise and martial arts has kept his pale skin relatively tight and founded thick muscles all over his body. His head is shaved clean, drawing attention to his steely gray eyes. He prefers to wear an elaborate, flowing robe, crafted from white elven silk, the sleeves draping far down from his arms and the back trailing behind him. Underneath his robe, he only wears a pair of tan shorts, without a shirt or shoes.

    Class/Job: Chikara fights as a bare-fisted monk type. He is skilled in several types of elven martial arts, his limbs moving in swift arcs, like an elaborate dance.

    Weapons: None. Chikara is highly confident in his abilities and thus doesn't carry any weapons besides the straps tied around his fists and feet.
  11. Name: Jexxal Siver

    Gender: Male

    Age: 27

    Guild: Free Light

    Guild Rank:
    Second In command

    Race: High Elf (Light skinned)

    Appearance: Short by Elven standards Jexxal is still tall at around 5'9. Tall slim ears, that reach farther then the top of his skull. He wears dark clothing, black pants belted in place by a dark leather gun belt, twin black leather holsters held in place. His long exetensive pure white hair, is below the shoulder, tied up in a long ponytail, a patch starting at his temple is braided down the front. normal leather armor adorning his armor, a long black cloak hiding most of his toys. Startling green eyes that will peirce the soul with their intensity.

    Class/Job: Born in the providences of the High elfs, in the Siver house. his childhood was surrounded by the new technological marvels of their time.He was trained in the art of shooting and knife fighting as a child, and took those skills with him when he left.

    Weapons: Jexxal has a Extensive amount of ammountion for his 8 flintlocks, 4 of them with two barrels(Picture double barrel shotguns. ) 2 Within the waistband of his jeans, (doubles) 2 in special holsters on his waist (doubles) and two in boot holsters. 2 Muskets specialty made for accuracy. 2 barrels on each in a similar design as his flintlocks, each strapped to his back.

    "10 weapons, 16 bodies guaranteed to never leave the field of battle."​
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  12. Actually I don't think I'll follow through on this one. :) Good idea though
  13. I'm interested. I'll post two characters tomorrow or the following day (I'm on vacation, forgive me). Just wanted to show my interest!

    Oooor I'll post now! Adding pic to the girl in a few days when I'm back home.

    Name: Trenton "Trent" Lagdon
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Guild: Guild 3
    Guild Rank: 2nd in Command
    Race: Human
    Trent generally fights close. He uses hand-to-hand, using brass knuckles or similar items. Often, he uses whatever is nearby - a rock, broken sliver of glass, etc. He tends to charge in without much though, intent on helping his party and keeping them safe.
    Weapons: Hands or improved weapons

    Name: Alinandrea "Alina" Windamere
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Guild: Guild 1
    Guild Rank: 4th
    Race: Half-elf
    Appearance: I'm not on my comp and have a pic I really want to use but can't find. I can post in a few days so here is the description.
    She has an extensive amount of long red-brown hair, fare skin, quite short considering her half-elf stature, and an average weight. Standing only 5'0 and weighing 120lbs, she is considered average. Her brown eyes contribute to this appearance.
    Class/Job: Alina has an affinity for being the aggressive rogue. She is wonderful with her agility, frequently using it to jump onto unsuspecting backs. Her weapon of choice is her dagger, though she can use a bow fairly well. Without her ability to sneak, climb, jump, roll, and move fast, she wouldn't be able to take many opponents down in close combat. She has little strength. That's where her surprise attacks come into play.
    Weapons: 1 dagger in a sheath on her right wrist, 3 daggers on a belt around her waist. A bow and arrow on her back.
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    Thank you X)
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  15. Is their payment involved or did you miss spell few? :3
  16. No spelling mistake. PAY UP! XD

    And the changes are made.
  17. Yah I saw that. -wink wink- Im also about to make a second character and a third that im going to leave to that Lives system .
  18. Saffon Terot and Hugo

    Name: Saffon Terot
    Gender: Male
    Age: 42 (getting to old for this shit)
    Guild: Guild 1 or the Wardens
    Guild Rank: Guild leader
    Race: Human
    Appearance: Older then most in his profesion, Saffon is something of a grizzled veteren. Salt and pepper hair, he is short, stout built broad shouldered and strong. He has deep Brown eyes, and is usualy seen with facial hair. Normally seen in his Forest green cloak, he wears a steal chest plate but leather armore everywhere else for mobility.
    Class/Job: Saffon is what you would call a exicutiner. His title although sounding violent is actually a noble persute. He is a mobile Judge, though he follows the laid down laws of his country or province, he convicts and punishes known rule breakers. He is use to his word being law, the country side his Prison.
    Weapons: He has weapons you might suspect of his craft. a Claymore with a simple hilt, its blade tainted by the lives it has took, stained red. he carries it upon his back, He isnt the most well rounded warrior he is quick on his feet despite the blades weight.

    Name: Hugo
    Gender: Female
    Roughly 5 years of age

    Race: Lupine(wolf)
    Appearance: A massive creature for her bread, Hugo stands at 3 feet at the shoulder, 300 pounds of muscle and sinew. Clothed in rough grey fur, its eyes the same dull grey. Also known as the second shadow, it is unlikly to be seen without Saffon.

    Weapons: Her claws have been reinforced with steel, whether it was done by Saffon or not we will never know, other then that special note, it has the weapons of any 3 foot tall LARGE wolf. Have fun ^^

    Hugo Special note : The wolf is not the friendliest creature withen teh world, though it bothers no one withen the guild it will easily growl menesingly toward anyone else, never attacking unless at Saffons Command or to portect her master. (if You want Potato she could also be a puppy dog toward Gloria xD)

    If you kill Hugo potato I'll cry. I swear it xD
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  19. [​IMG]
    Name: Syrina Valanti
    Age: 26
    Gender: Female
    Guild: Guild 3
    Guild Rank: 4th
    Race: Half-Forestkin(Dryads and stuff)
    Class: Syrina is a healer. She has extensive knowledge of (Known) plants, which she uses to create medicines. She is also able to use healing magic to close moderate to minor wounds
    Weapons: Syrina is not the most able bodied, so she tend to remain as far from combat as she can. However she does hold a staff that she can protect herself with, and her Forestkin blood gives her some minor geomancy

  20. Blair.jpg

    *Name: Marie Vares
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Guild: Guild 3
    Guild Rank: Lowest rank (shes a Extra Life character if all else Fails )
    Race: Lycanthrope (Werewolf)

    Appearance: what the picture missed. Stricking blue eyes, 5'7

    Class/Job: She Is a simple spell sword, trained in the arts of martial combat, and weaponized magika. As a young girl around the age of 11 she had come across a tome were she learnt the ability to jump from shadow to shadow, till trained though, she may only use it once a day.

    Weapons: At first glance she wears upon her side a simple short sword, that does not show her true strength. She is gifted in the magical arts, mostly destruction spells ie. Fire balls Ice shards. she has the ability to dance witin shadows once a day and teleport to were ever the naked eye can see a shadow. SHe uses a shadow as a gate way from them, unable to use her own.