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  1. ::Plot::
    om Crest Academy is an average enough high school. You have your Preps and you're Delinquents and everything in between. There are the poor.. and the rich students. It was orderly.. well, as orderly as a high school could get. But when an unknown person decides to disrupt that peace, many will so anything to unmask this social murderer. 'The Kingdom Burner' is what they refer to themselves as. Somehow someone gathered everyone's secret and is revealing them one at a time. It won't be long until everyone's secrets are exposed. Everyone is turning on everyone because there is no one they can trust. Best friends against best friends.

    Do not post in the Roleplay until I have accepted your character in the OOC

    I have the right to accept or decline your skeleton. If I ask you to change something, change it and then we can both get on with our lives.

    Intermediate is the minimum. At least 2 decent looking paragraphs with 8 sentences.. at minimum.

    Grammar, spelling, punctuation that's all important. I accept occasional slip ups but if I can't read your writing with ease I'm going to have to ask you to leave.

    Be active! If you go 3 days without posting I will hunt you down and give you your first and only warning! If you don't post by 2 days after that your spot will be lost.

    Save the drama for the Roleplay, if you can't get along with others then I'm going to ask you to leave.

    I accept critism! I love it, in fact! But if you say something along the lines of "This is crap" I will ask you to leave and never return.

    If you are interested in having your character be the Kindom Burner PM me and we will see what happens from there. You must be okay with maintaining a website with me and you must be okay with maintaining a twitter. You must post everday. We will talk about more regulations when you PM me.

    ::Character Sheets::
    Appearance: (Real pictures only! >_<)
    Clique: ( You one of the outcasts? A nerd? Or maybe you're just the typical snob of the popular crowd )
    Extra Curricular: (optional)
    One secret exposed: (What secret of yours did "Burner" reveal on the day of the assembly? One only.)
    Secret(s) concealed: (Don't tell me you only had one thing to hide from everyone. What are the rest? Remember these are the secrets no one else knows but you and the Burner. Keep them safe.)
    (Anything else?)
    Male to Female Ratio
    From the pretty, religious cheerleaders to the bitchest of bitches to the happy go lucky goody-goodies. They're popular, hot, and deadly. They are all lead by a single girl (naturally), the mainest bitch.
    1. Brooklyn Damon
    2. Leo Olligswood
    3. Kaiden Williamson

    We've all heard of them. The hot but stupid sporties who care only about their reputation and looks. From football to basketball to baseball obsessed, it doesn't matter. They are usually seen around the Preps and the hornier ones end up hanging with the Harlots.
    1. Booker Jay Simpson
    2. Kristoff Aiden Joel
    3. Blake Williamson
    4. Kaya M. Medici

    Just a more classier way if saying you're a whore. They've slept with half the school and dated the rest. Shunned by most but they still seem to get laid.
    1. Treble Roberts
    2. Tallia Ackerman

    They don't really belong with any clique.. they'll be seen hanging around just about anyone.
    1. Isaac Torres
    2. Karli Thompson
    3. Revel Roberts

    Nerds, the dorks, the straight A's. These are the academically gifted students. It is a bit scary how smart they are. But they lack in the strength area.
    1. Callie Larson
    2. Mitchell W. (Warren) Marson
    3. Leroy Benton Jinkies

    Different from the neutrals because they neutrals choose not to be apart of a clique. Outcasts are forced out of cliques because no one wants them. At least they have each other.
    1. Zali Reid
    2. Jackson Galbrecht

    The rebels of the school.. they go out of their way to make their teachers' lives horrible. Or maybe they just don't care at all.. Either way these guys are the badasses.
    1. Xander E. Price
    2. Anastasia Molotov
    3. Emerson Fionna Swann
    No more spots will be added until these are filled!

    The intercom was loud and clear. "Emergency meeting in the gym in five minutes. Be there or face the consequences." The announcement was quick and the intercom turned off before anyone could react. In the gym, everyone stood.. waiting, talking, whispering. After 15 minutes of standing around in the gym the projector turned on and showed a single name. The intercom turned on again and out came the same dark, raspy voice. "Jessica," he spoke the girl's first name, "is an achoholic." Gasps were heard and everyone stared at the poor girl. This went on with different people for 2 hours until every student had one secret exposed. The doors had finally unlocked and people were allowed to leave. You could say it was shocking when the hallways were covered in sheets of paper, people's names and the same single secret written on it. On each sheet of paper the same message was typed:
    Let's play a game.
    If you are able to solve the mystery in one month, I'll call everything off and leave Kingdom Crest alone. For good.
    But if you run out of time. . .
    I'll expose the truth and let the whole world know all of your secrets! A single secret will be exposed every day. You and your precious school's reputation will be tarnished in no time.
    Don't believe me?
    Just wait and see.

    Yours Truly,
    The Kingdom Burner


    Zali x Isaac

    Anastasia x Kaiden

    Tallia x Everyone She's Fucked

    Kris x Callie

    Brooklyn x Xander
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  2. May I reserve a geek?​
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  3. Name:
    Calliope Genevieve Larson






    Calliope is kind, caring, and intelligent, (obviously). She doesn't take any crap from the Jocks, Preps, and Harlots. She keeps her head high during times of difficulty, and is quite determined, stubborn and curious. Sarcasm is her shield from insults. She usually ignores and keeps quiet around the assholes at the school, however, when she is with her friends, Callie is quite the outgoing and funny person. She isn't someone who gets depressed or sad, only when you say something that really hits her heart.


    Extra Curricular:
    She takes art classes, and must be the best artist in the school.

    One Secret Exposed:

    Callie is an adopted child.

    Secret(s) Concealed:
    She was abused in her orphanage when she was little.

    She's a virgin (ooooh goodie goodie).

    She almost died in a car accident once. Now she goes everywhere on her bike or by the subway.

    She's terrified of the dark, cars and heights.

    She has claustrophobia.



    She twirls her pencil in her hand, and pushes back her hair.

    Kristoff - boyfriend whom she trusts a lot~


    She loves the cold and hates the heat. She loves playing videogames.​
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  4. Sure! ^-^
  5. That's good! Could you just aadd a bit more to het personality, though?
  6. Is that good enough?
  7. That's amazing! ^-^
  8. I'm definitely interest in playing a male delinquent or a male nuetural
  9. Awesome! ^-^ Once you decide I will add it to the list

  10. Name: Jezebel Cavanaugh

    Nickname: Jez, Bel, Witch

    Gender: Female

    Sexuality: Pansexual

    Age: 17

    Personality: Telling her stories through poems, songs and casual conversations, she had always been quite the strange cat. A girl who normally kept to herself unless spoken too first, someone who enjoys living the life of a loner. Though she is incredibly sweet, she chooses to keep that side to herself. Most of the time she acts rude, sarcastic and rebellious. Though she can only tolerate so much of someone's shit before she snaps and decides to stab them with a pencil or scream into their face until she has not a voice left to do so with. Seeing other people suffer can cause her to act out towards them, pains and agonies being swallowed down so they cannot be seen.

    Clique: Outcast

    One secret exposed: She's pure Wicca and practices witchcraft, voodoo and a variety of other strange things.
    Secret(s) concealed: As a child she accidentally killed her brother, people try to conceal this fact by telling her she never had one, She used to be a camgirl despite it being an illegal thing, She fooled around with her teacher for a better grade.

    Strengths/Weaknesses: Though she is bold, confident and loyal beyond her years, she is also dark, mysterious and hard to understand at times.

    Habits/Quirks: One day you might find her talking in another accent or language, it's simply something she does. She's a nail biter and has barely anything to show for what could be beautiful nails. She's a movie buff, you ask her about a movie..she's bound to know what it is and at least the main characters and plot line..whether its horror or romance.

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  11. [​IMG]
    Treble Roberts





    Treble is very open about herself honestly, and is very flirty. She is rather popular, and is kind of sociable. She will be nice to people she likes, and mean to those she doesn't. She is annoyed easily.

    Treble came from a family in Latvia, and her family was rather poor. When she was younger she moved away to where this take place, and she started getting into her romance at the age 15. At 16, she had to wear these to keep her fingers from bending.


    Extra Curricular:

    One secret exposed:
    She lost her virginity at 14.

    Secret(s) concealed:
    -She has a odd fear of elevators
    -She has to take ADHD pills
    -She smokes sometimes
    -Goes to sex clubs sometimes
    -Got pregnant and got an abortion
    -Currently pregnant but passes it as some gained weight

    -Good at flirting
    -Accepted into society easily
    -Did her own tattoos except for one

    -Considered mean by others/judged
    -Has to wear finger rings

    -Cracks knuckles a lot
    -Using index fingers when typing

    :checkmark:Tallia Erin Ackerman:checkmark:
    Treble always found interest in Tallia...

    *Leo Olligswood*
    Finding out he was a virgin, Treble tried to get rid of that.

    Speaks fluent Russian as well English

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  12. [​IMG]

    Xander E. Price



    Closeted Bisexual


    He's the kind of guy who acts like he's got it all together, but really is a complete mess. He's very insecure and rarely has any clue what he's doing but expertly covers this with a mask of cockiness and indifference(and a dash of sarcastic humor). When that doesn't work and he starts feeling to exposed or displaced he's been known to pick a fight; be it verbal or psychical. He's know not to care about the rules or laws, and is often seen smoking out back of building. It's also said that he does harder drugs and drinks pretty heavily, though no one has actually seen him do this.

    Under this mask, however, he's a fun-loving guy with a heart of gold. He's loyal to a bone to those who he feels has earned it, and is surprisingly open to knew people. He's quick to give any and everyone a first chance, but once it's been dashed you'll be hard pressed to get a second chance out of him. In a way he's a little reckless and naive with himself and his feelings because it really doesn't matter who you are, he will give you that first chance.

    He day dreams often of bigger and better things for himself and those he cares about. Some times he does it so often it makes him a bit melancholy, as he knows he's never going to be able to reach those bigger and better things. He's got a low self esteem and thinks he couldn't even if he tried. But deep down he's got a thirst for excitement and adventure, he wants to run free and achieve great things. He just doesn't think he can.


    Extra Curricular:
    No extra classes, but he does do volunteer work.
    A lot of it.

    ...don't tell anyone.

    He also spends a great deal of time after and before school in an auto shop he works part time for.

    One secret exposed:
    ◊His middle name was his great grandmothers first name, Elaine.

    Secret(s) concealed:
    ◊He's never actually gotten drunk.

    ◊He's the one who stole Mr. McCragin's cat and he still has it.

    ◊He renamed the cat Boots and would be heart broken if anything happened to him.

    ◊He took to blame for wreaking the principles car, but actually was busy at the time it happened. He has no clue who actually did it.

    ◊He was assigned charity work with the elderly once as punishment for crimes, and like helping out so much he kept going back even after his sentence was over. However, he tells everyone it's not to keep his reputation intact.

    ◊He day dreams about men just as much as women, even going so far as to harbor a crush on one of his closest friends for three years and sharing his first kiss with a guy.

    ◊His dad walked out on him and his mom because Xander was the product of his wife's affair. Making Xander a Bastard.

    ◊His mother resents him for the divorce. Because of this in public she's the picture of the struggling and concerned single mother, but behind closed doors she's mentally abusive and occasionally raises a hand to him. He never hits back despite his "violent" nature.


    +Actually quite kind
    +Very inventive/intelligent
    +Extremely fast
    +Fiercely protective

    -Quick to anger
    -No motivation
    -Thinks he's dumb and has no future
    -To cocky for his own good

    ◊He'll rub the back of his neck while breaking eye contact frequently.

    ◊He will absent-mindedly take little things apart, like pens and cell phones.

    ◊When he grows anxious he'll begin bounce his knee compulsively.

    ◊When he enters a new area his first thought is to identify every escape route.

    ◊He's got a nasty smoking habit, though he's recently switched from cigarettes to E-Cigs.

    ◊He can be caught doodling schematics all over papers around him (this has caused him not to turn in a lot of papers and homework assignments because he's embarrassed, teachers assume he just didn't no the work and he makes no move to correct them).

    ◊He calls his motorcycle Baby.

    Tallia Erin Ackerman

    He's known the girl since middle school and used to completely adore her. They were always kind of close in the "you really get on my nerves with your cute face" kind of way. He was a little heartbroken when she started throwing herself around like she wasn't worth anything. He tries to tell himself that it doesn't really bother him that she gives herself away so easily, and that the only reason he turned her down freshmen year was because he was scared of catching, but...

    Considering he's loved the girl since middle school it's kind of hard to not be bothered.

    Kaiden Williamson

    He wouldn't be caught dead with him during school... but after a change encounter at a pet store he can't say he actually dislikes the guy.

    Plus Boots and Mittens like their little play dates.

    Brooklyn Damon

    Worst. Relationship. Ever.

    He dated her once, and mind you it was the shortest relationship of his life. He let her know that it just wasn't working before they could even hit the half a month mark. She quickly circulated through the school that she had dumped him and not the other way around, and honestly he could care less who they think dumped the other.

    Kaya M. Medici

    He can't say he's close to the girl, but he enjoys her presence all the same.He's a fan of her loud kind of personality, and has been trying to convince her to design him a tattoo for awhile now. She just kinda laughs at him, but that's ok to him. He's not gonna lie, he was pretty into her when they first met... just his luck she swings for the other team though.

    All and all she's pretty cool.

    Anastasia Molotov

    He really has no problems with this girl, but she's got a problem with him. He thinks. Look whats a guy supposed to think after getting the hurt her and die speech? And if she's got a problem he's got a problem...

    Now if only he could find something to have a problem about.

    ◊When he isn't at school or volunteering, he's at the auto shop working on cars and his baby motorcycle. He does this to avoid going home. He's actually quite talented when it comes to motorized things, or building things in general. His brain just seems to tick a little bit better once he's got his hands on moving parts. He gets them and how they work with little to no effort.

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  13. [​IMG]
    Tallia Erin Ackerman

    Call her whatever you'd like




    Enthusiastic ♕ Passionate ♕ Gregarious ♕ Careless ♕ Blunt ♕ Impulsive ♕ Flirtiaous

    Tallia is… definitely a piece of work. A fanatic young lady, she not only marches to the eat of her own drum, but she hooks up the high-definition speakers and forces everyone else to listen along with her. Very out there and strange, yet she offers a very healthy dose into just about everything. What she says or does holds no restrictions—when the heart wants something, why stop it? Of course, without thinking things through first, can have her looking crass and blunt, not that it even matters, since that’s the way she likes things. If the people don’t agree with what she is or says, than let them speak now! Any debate is a good debate with her, and when she gets into it, she goes soul deep. Deep and enthralling is how she plays. Don’t expect any apologies from her, just enjoy the ride while she’s still there. Flirtatious, Tallia is a very teasing and playful person who loves playing up her charms to seduce people into bed with her. She is considerably aggressive, and will not hesitate to make her wants known. She is a licentious person, and thrill-seeking, always wanting that adrenaline rush. Affable and approachable, her brightness easily draws in people especially as she is fairly kind as well.



    Extra Curricular:
    HAHAHAHAHAH yeah, she doesn't do shit.

    One secret exposed:
    Tallia is a prostitute.

    Secret(s) concealed:
    Is a Housewrecker
    Her First Kiss was Her Father's Boss
    Tallia Slept with her Current Foster Father.
    Is an Alcoholic
    Has Never Been in a Relationship Exeeding a Month
    Participated in an 'Adult' Film

    Great Liar

    Attention Craver
    Commitment Issues

    Flirts With Every Breathing Thing
    Twirls Hair, A Forced Habit
    Disregards Things
    Says What's On Her Mind

    Xander E Price
    Having interest in the boy is an understatement. She often works to catch his attention and Is hurt when he shows otherwise. Tallia tries to view the situation as a boy playing hard to get when she's really beating around the fact that she loves him. Whenever Tallia thinks of Xander, which is more often than she'd care to admit, she regrets the choices she's made. Because she is afraid to disappoint him. But hey, they've known each other since middle school, when Tallia wasn't so.. slutty.

    ♕Anastasia Molotiv♕
    Tallia absolutely adores this girl! She is so cute! Probably her closest friend but being the girl Tallia is, she did indeed hook up with Anastasia. Unfortunately, Anastasia shut Tallia down before they could actually 'do' it.

    ♕Brooklyn Damon♕
    Come on, a chance to pick the Queen Bitch's cherry? Quite delightful actually. Tallia enjoyed taking her innocence away because everyone secretly wanted Brooklyn but Tallia had gotten there first. Tallia would definitely hook up with her if given the chance but she won't pursue the matter. Tallia is completely oblivious to the girl's crush on her.
    ♕Treble Roberts♕
    To put it frankly, Treble is her fuck buddy. Tallia is extremely attracted to her but unfortunately Tallia doesn't see her as any more than a friend with benefits.

    ♕Mitchell W. (Warren) Marson♕
    Basically, what happened was Tallia found out Mitchell was a virgin then made it her quest to have sex with him. She hadn't stopped pursuing until he agreed. He seems to not want to put up with her so Tallia tends to stay away but the ravenette can't help but feel a bit guilty.
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  14. T H E B I G G E S T G E E K, white

    Name: Mitchell W. (Warren) Marson
    Nickname: Mitch, faggot, loser, etc.
    17 Years Old
    Like most geeks he keeps things to himself. He doesn't like being outgoing or doing much, he prefers to be to himself. Despite being in a clique he doesn't have any friends. He just tolerates the people in his clique, not like they're friends. Mitchell isn't shy he just dislikes people. It doesn't matter whether you agree with him, or a sweetheart to him, he'll just tolerate it. He's the type of guy who doesn't make friends. He has a blunt and sarcastic personality if you managed to become his friend. He enjoys to tease his friends and point out their flaws, he's kind of a dick. Despite being a dick Mitchell can be kind and understanding. He's the type of guy you run to if you need to scream, yell, or cry. But that doesn't mean he'll grow an emotional bond with you. From all the terrible things that has happened with being clingy he has learned how to detach from a single emotion.
    Extra Curricular: Mitchell participates in the drama club.
    One secret exposed: He belongs to a rich household.
    Secret(s) concealed:
    • Drugs; Has tried drugs before, it failed. He didn't know how to suck in the toxins and gave up.
    • Virginity; Nope. Nada. Its gone.
    • Opulent; Mitchell belongs in an opulent family, meaning they're filthy rich.
    • Juvenile Detention; He was caught doing drugs, wrong.
    • Academics; Excels in all his studies.
    • Memory; Mitchell has a photographic memory, which is way he does well in school.
    • Running; He can run a three miles in an hour.
    • Builder; Just by looking at a picture or a simple thought in his mind, he can build it.
    • Singing; He has terrible vocals and is always off-pitch.
    • Sports; Mitchell is defenseless in sports.
    • Instrumental; He has the inability to read notes nor can he play an instrument to save his life.

    Habits/Quirks: d
    • Cheeks; Has the tendency to suck in his cheeks and chew on them.
    • Biting; Whenever he's biting his lower lips it means he's thinking.
    • Neck; If he is rubbing the back of his neck means he's not interested or he's nervous.
    Affiliations: [ O P E N ]
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  15. Appearance:
    Leo Olligswood

    Leo might act like he's better then you but in reality he is someone who feels beneath everyone. He is thought to just be rich kid who goes partying every weekend to those big parties that are thrown when in reality he only ever goes if its absolutely necessary to maintain his reputation. He prefers to just stay at home and read in his room while listening to music. He is one to correct the teacher in class and act confident even is he has no idea what he's doing. He is loyal but once you cross him the wrong way, he is not the forgiving type.
    Born to a rich family, Leo is the eldest son and is set to inherit the money and his families company when his dad hands it down to him. He has two younger siblings
    Clique: Prep
    Extra Curricular: Drama
    One secret exposed: He has a part-time job at the hospital
    Secret(s) concealed:
    His mom is in the hospital with cancer
    His dad has become an alcholic
    His dad will beat him when he's drunk and he will take all the beatings so that he doesn't let his younger siblings get hurt
    He steals medical supplies from the hospital so that he can cover his wounds
    He's still a virgin
    He smokes but has never done anything worse
    Good at hiding things
    Fast runner

    Bottles up his emotions
    Easily stressed
    Twirls pencils/Pens
    Cracks knuckles
    Was close in middle school but even he's not sure what happened or what caused them to break away but he's seen him a few times in the hospital but has yet to ask him why he's there
    Just became friends with her over break

    Has asthma
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    If anyone would like their character to be the Kingdom Burner go ahead and Private Message me and we will discuss the details. :)
  17. May I reserve a spot for Delinquent?
  18. Of course! ^-^ Male or female?
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