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  1. Okay, so this RP I've had in the cooks for a while.

    A total of 6-8 characters. 1 character per Rper unless not enough RPers join.

    The idea of this is that people who society doesn't care about begin to dissapear, just a few. They have their memories wiped and wake up in a lab. However, something is off about them.

    Now, from this point on the RP can go two different ways, depending on your input depends if the characters are given superpowers or animal powers. How this works is you pick a power or an animal, and you gradually learn about them in the lab.

    For the case of animal your character would look like this

    Pros: Faster reflexes, fingernails are turning into claws, and more agile.
    Cons: Talks way too fast and can not stand to eat vegetables, Growing a tail and it's very uncomfortale.

    2nd evolution: More apt to run on all fours, much faster, much faster reflexes, sharper claws and teeth.
    Cons: Talks faster, more impatient.

    3rd: You are more animal than human. Much faster, full fledged claws, teeth, a tail, much more agile, faster, and much easier to climb.
    cons: You are more animal than human, an irreversible effect.

    Superpowers would be the same.

    If anyone's interested I'll put out some more information. I have afull plot and everything.
  2. Sounds cool, mind if I join?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.