Lab Rat, A Choose Your Own Adventure

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  1. You wake up with an headache in an unknown location on what seems to be an operating table. Disoriented, you squint your aching eyes and look around the bright, sterile and blindingly white room to find a single sheet of paper on what seems to be an high-tech crate. The paper is written in a computerized hand that is making it feel very impersonal, the canned message therein only exacerbating the feeling:

    Welcome to Synergene Corporation, [Insert New Employee Name Here].

    You we chosen for our new program in Self Improvement and will be therefore be issued with:

    One (1) Synergene Corp. Test Subject Uniform

    One (1) Key Card

    One (1) Basic Living Quarters.

    The first two items can be found in the storage container issued with this notice and the last will be made available to you after a simple test available on the other side of the door. Please stay calm and do as instructed.

    Good Luck,

    Synergene Corporation.

    You should start by OPENING THE CRATE.
  2. Better open the crate then.

    Are we allowed to queue tasks, or just one at a time?
  3. I think I'll.... Open the crate.
  4. I guess I'll open the crate
  5. Don't want to be left behind... Time to open the crate.
  6. Well, what the heck, might as well open the crate if RedWinter is going too!!! :P