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  1. Dr. Barkley
    Age: 35
    Looks: [​IMG]
    Favorite Experiments: emotional drugs (drugs that can control your emotions)

    Experiment # 38
    Age: 17
    Looks: [​IMG]
    He just does what he has to do to survive, and will go along with just about any experiment the scientists give him.
  2. Dr. Rattman
    Age: 41
    Favorite Experiments: Sanity effecting drugs.

    Experiment #11
    Age: 16
    (Please ignore the trees growing off his shoulders)
    Peaceful and caring. Will try to keep others calm in times of stress.
  3. Dr. Shiru
    Age: 33
    Favourite experiments: Untested drugs. "Maybe they'll grow an extra limb or be turned inside out?"
    She's nothing short of insane.

    Experiment #23
    Age: 19
    He's just a tad neurotic.
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  4. Xavier woke up and looked around white walls, white clothes, white blankets, white everything. He had always liked the color white but ever since he had been kidnapped he hated it. He looked over at his two friends Zane to his right and Celtic to his left and he in the middle.
  5. Zane, as usual, had his knees drawn up to his chest, his arms wrapped around them tightly hugging himself and his cold, blue eyes darting from one corner of their white prison to the other. "Shhh!" He hushed the two, though neither of them were talking. He let out a small sigh and relaxed, letting his legs extend out in front of him and his arms slump to his sides. His 'episodes' were becoming more frequent as each day went by and his mind more broken with each test.
  6. (Are we having them in the same bed or different ones? Doesn't matter to me)

    Seeing Zane was having another episode Xavier put a hand on his back and rubbed his back. "Morning Zane, it's ok we'll get though this you have Celtic and I." Xavier always tried to calm down the boy when he freaked out.

    "Morning Dr. Rattan, Dr. Shiro who's expo net are we going to do on the boys today?" He asked his coworkers as they watched the boys on the screen two of which were already awake.
  7. (I don't mind either way)

    Zane tilted his head to the side to look at Xavier and gave him a small smile. He knew he could always count on him. "Thanks." He said softly, looking past him at Celtic. "I wish I could sleep as well as he does." Yet another small smile followed as he nodded to his other friend. He knew that it was only a matter of time before one, or all of them were going to be subjected to more tests. 'Try not to think about it, you know it shows...' He quickly began to wonder how long he had been here. He had seen others but most of them just come and go, probably... 'Shut up.' He scolded himself mentally as he turned his head back, his eyes setting on the flashing red light of the camera that was propped in the corner, monitoring them constantly.


    "Good morning." Dr. Shiro said as she stretched, placing her hands on the back of her head as she walked slowly towards the monitors, Dr. Rattan following behind her. Her golden eye scanned the screen, seeing two of the boys awake already. Yawning, still obviously sleepy from staying up late to finish her calculations on a new drug she'd been working on, she pointed to the boy who was still asleep. "You don't think number eleven is dead do you?"
  8. "Ok I gotta pee I'll be right back" Xavier said as he climbed out of the bed all three boys shared. He walked I to the bathroom and shit the door. He was well aware that the scientists could see EVERYTHING that happened and that made Xavier uncomfortable. He pulled down his white pajama pants and white boxers, took out his penis and started peeing it unnerved him that the scientists could see him.

    "No he'll wake up soon he always sleeps in late, so would you like to do your experiment today or can I? Dr. Barkley said staring at the screens #38 was going to the bathroom and was being very shy about it "wuss."
  9. "Be at peace Zane. Good morning you two." Celtic said with a yawn as he woke up. He lowered hisself from the top bunk and rubbed his sleepy eyes. He stared at the camera as waved, knowing that the doctors would see. He wanted them to have a good day as much as his fellow experiments.

    "How would you feel if we were watching you pee?" Dr. Rattman said, "and if you were to read the day plan, you would see that it's Dr. Shio's test is today." He was ,as always, grumpy that the others were not paying attention to the plan they had made in the beginning.
  10. Xavier quickly finished and put his pen is away and walked back into the room "morning Celtic" he called out to his roommate who had the top bunk to himself, Xavier and Zane shared the bottom bunk.

    "Come to the bathrrom with me Rattman and you'll find out" dr. barky retorted. He turned back to the scene and saw the boy was finished peeing and #11 was awake.
  11. "Excuse me." Celtic said as he walked past Xavier into the bathroom. He went to the sink and splashed cold water on his face. After drying off he climbed back up to the top bunk and let his legs dangle. "Anyone still feeling the effects of yesterday's anger drug?" He still remembered the pill having no effect on him but causing the others to throw various objects around the test room.

    "Don't get too excited Mr. Barkley." Rattman responded with a smirk. He turned to Miss. Shio, "I hope you finally finished your new drug Shio. You were in rather late. Need to stop playing solitaire on your computer as the rest of us are working." He stated with annoyance at her continuous wasting of time.
  12. Hearing Celtic's voice calmed Zane even more and he watched his two friends get out of bed. He however, stayed in bed and curled up underneath the sheet. "Anyone still feeling the effects of yesterday's anger drug?" His mind began to wander to yesterday. 'Was that yesterday?' He poked his head out from under the sheet, "I didn't do anything to you guys did I?" He asked Celtic, obviously having trouble remembering again.


    Her eye narrowed at yet another comment from Rattman about her 'wasting time'. "I will have you know I am almost done, I just need to test it to see if the formula is right this time." Obviously not interested in anything else that he had to say she turned back to the monitor to see number eleven had finally woken up. They couldn't really afford to lose any more test subjects, especially not to her experiments. She was determined that after 37 tests of her drug she would finally get the correct result. 'You'll be sorry when mine works today...' She thought to herself as she stalked off to get prepared.
  13. "You handled it quite well." Celtic lied. Zane nearly strangled him to death but he knew that Zane already had enough bothering him. He gave Xavier a look that said 'go with it.' and pulled out his old pocket watch, the only thing he had from before he was captured. image.jpg
    He was extremely protective of the watch and once, punched one of the doctors in the face when they tried to take it.
  14. Xavier was going to say that Zane had throw a little fit but nothing too bad. He felt bad the anger drug had sauced him to punch Celtic.....twice. He would have to apologize later, he glanced over as Celtic's watch and became jealous he didn't get to keep anything so why should Celtic? At least it is so,etching not completely white.

    Once the woman was gone Dr. Barkley turned to Dr. Rattman "it's not going to work is it, those boys are going to die." He said, he really didn't care about the boys but he didn't want them dead.....then they would have to kidnap more boys.
  15. "No chance of it working. But her tests are becoming less deadly the more she works on it. What's going to kill them is those times she finds a moldy pill under her desk and says 'let's test this!'" Rattman responded, shaking his head. They really couldn't let them die, the government was getting really close to caching them. The last time they had to leave without a new experiment because of the police getting too close.
  16. "Um Celtic sorry I punched you yesterday, the pill got the best of me" Xavier said to the other boy. The drugs hadn't had much of an effect on him but he had freaked out a little bit and Zane had gone completely nuts. Is he going insane here? I hope not....he thought to himself.

    "I can't believe the boss even hired her, only woman in the building" Dr. Barkley said to his coworker. The two didn't always get along but he did like Dr. Rattman especially over the female scientist. She was just very strange and her experiments always failed. He figured if one of them didn't work soon she would be out the door......he wasn't sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing.....
  17. "No worries Xavier, it wasn't your fault." Celtic responded with a smile. He valued his friends extremely no matter how much they slapped, punched, or bit him. Then he stated his usual inquiry: "Any dreams last night?"

    "Say as you like. She is a medical genius. Only problem is that she's nuts." Rattman groaned. It was true, she was so close to finding the cure to cancer before she lost it. Rattman believed that she still has the formula, somewhere...
  18. "Well I'm still sorry, did I leave you with any bruises?" Xavier asked worried he might have badly hurt his friend in his fit of rage. He needed Celtic to help keep him sane. "Just night mares, you?"

    "I know.....but she's still a lune" Dr. Barkley said to his coworker. He then asked "so what have you been working on, tomorrow is your day to experiment on the boys?" Dr. Rattman's experiments always intrigued him....almost as much as his own experiments.
  19. "No, the black eye healed over night. The two men visited me in my dream again. We played 'say what I'm thinking'." He said closing his eyes and imagining the two strange people he always dreamed about. One was older and badly injured. image.jpg
    The other was young and sleepy. image.jpg
    Celtic would always tell his friends about the what he and the two men did last night. He knew that they thought the drugs were affecting him over night and maybe it was true, maybe he was slowly falling into madness. The thought about it made him shiver.
    "What about you Zane?"

    "Well I confiscated some of your last loneliness drug and I've made a pill that will cause the taker to see things they miss." Rattman responded, glad to be back on topic. "You fixed the 'Mind's Eye' right?" He spoke of the device that allowed them to see not only what the experiment sees, but what they think they see.

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