la douleur exquise (modern mafia)

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    Auclair - The Notorious (open)
    Auclair Family, they reeked of alcohol, they had blood-drenched hands, and they carried a malicious smile on their lips.

    They were seduced by danger - the enjoyment of sinning was infused into their brains. Killing and seducing was as simple as breathing. The Auclair Family originated with one man, Vincent Auclair. Tall, devilishly handsome man who had a menacing atmosphere that lingered around him. The french-born man who moved to New York to build a business wanted to build a company in New York, but it was arduous work and the young man dropped his dreams. He found himself lured into a crime syndicate, that was infamous in bootlegging. It was then when Vincent grew infatuated with the criminal mind, he later adapted to one himself.

    The sneaky swine himself conjured up scheme’s to take his place in the top. The don at the time was, Oscar Wells, a paunchy man who held his pride in his gut. With a simple, swift flicker of the wrist, the knife sliced the flesh open. Crimson red fell to the floor and stained the lovely marble flooring. A forged testament transferred all of Wells success to Vincent’s spider fingers. The diabolical man changed the mafia completely; the men were strengthened and armed well, they expanded their interest from bootlegging to the black market, and the name Wells faded over time - Auclair was in season.

    The name Auclair has spread fear in New York City and with the Brugiére family beside him, he was unstoppable. However, all good things must come to an end. A charming minx entered Vincent’s life. A voluptuous, curly brunette, with brown doe eyes, captured the Auclair Head’s affection. The two played their games of flirts and found themselves entangled in their own beds. The romantic play all came to an end when Vincent fell onto one knee, held her hand lovingly. He kissed her wrists romantically before placing a ring. It was a joyous moment for both parties - he was able to claim his love, as for herself, she was able to claim the fortune and revenge. The two consummated their marriage and received a baby boy.

    Sadly, they were only able to receive one child. Sweet Magdalena was unable to forget the past - she took only one bullet in her pistol and shot Antonio Brugiére straight between the eyes. This brought her to her own demise. With the death of both, the feud between the two families lit into flames. Vincent grew into a rage because of the lost of his wife, his blood boiled if he heard the name Brugiére. He yearned for revenge; his hands were itching to wrap his hands around the Brugiére’s neck. To crush the slender neck, but to never kill. He wanted to torture the don for his wife's death despite her doing in starting the war. The Auclair will never forget, they will never forget.

    Nearly a century later, the head don, Bernard Auclair had passed after Brugiére has their way. Today his son, Luca Auclair, is the head of the Auclair Family. The Auclair family now runs a high crime syndicate that is spread throughout New York; they are in the black market where they sell body parts, drugs, and copulation slaves. The Auclair family had changed throughout time, but, only one thing stayed the same; just like every head of the Auclair family, Luca had a thirst for Brugiére blood.

    Brugiére - The Grey Ones (open)
    Let's us start with the early history of the Brugiére. They came out as any small organization did, with a few people gathered together with a decent sum of money to build up something. And that something would make their leader, Francis Brugiére wondered to himself what is the quickest way to gain money. Through the suggestion of one of his friend and associate, a secretive one that is, he got into a deal of work he never thought of before: Smuggling.

    Back in the high time, there were boozes and they had their way with making money, when it came to such delicate matter. With times, Francis built up his own family with the help of his friends, who later became his family's associates and close friends, and eventually has a lot of loyal men following him. And one day, like hitting a gold mine, Brugiére got big, really big. With that, they only went up and never went down even after Antonio inherited his father’s business. He formed many bonds with other families through friends like his father did. However, one misstep in trusting the Auclair from the previous generation resulted in Antonio’s death.

    Maybe he was naive, more naive than his father. But that moment when Antonio shook Vincent's hand and put a friendly hand on his shoulder, he met the inevitable end of his own. To be betrayed by a friend, that was something Antonio never expected, not in his lifetime. And thus, the gunfight broke out between the two families. The Brugiére with fewer cautions and even lesser men took a huge hit that day, whatever left of the family came back to alert his people about the betrayal. Blood ran cold in his son's vein that day, an immediate order from his successor to reform the family and their friends from across the country came out.

    Brugiére was out for revenge, this time it was much larger than what Magdalena sought. With the anger in their mind to keep themselves on their feet, the people wished for the destruction of Auclair. After the back-and-forth fight between two families, resulting many family members’ death, Brugiére went from the underground world to start a ‘cleaner’ business with their current wealth. They won’t forget their lost, but Brugiére knew better that on-going fight had cost a lot. Their don made a new start with drugs and health care, devoting their life to a better cause.

    With a few ties to the underground only called up when necessary, the Brugiére became better people with better lives and ‘clean’ money. Their people in the underground community now supported them for Brugiére’s drugs and money frequently supplied to them. Their old grudge with Auclair was almost forgotten until three months ago when the previous Don, Nicholas Auclair, ordered the assassination for the Brugiére’s father, Quentin Brugiére and in the incident, also killed lady Brugiére’s parents.

    Not standing Auclair’s outrageous actions, lady of Brugiére family called up her contacts with determination and rage for Nicholas to pay for her husband and parents’ death. Once again, the fight between two families ignited in the prime of modern days. With the lady of Brugiére family now became the new head of the family, thirsting for Auclair's blood once more for their lost.


    So this is an idea me and my friend, s k u l l. came up with and we like it very much. Thus, it led us to wonder if anyone is interested in it as much as we do. Please do consider reading <3
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  2. Sounds awesome :)
  3. I like this idea :) Are any gender of character allowed? It won't stop me from joining either way.
  4. Yes! Any gender is allowed. Though mostly males in Auclair since they are more traditional, Brugiére's female hold larger roles in their family.
  5. Sounds like I'll be having a Brugiére's female! :) Will we be using RL pictures?
  6. This sounds interesting <3 Would love to sign up!
  7. I'm always up for a bit of mafia-ing. But French mafia? That doesn't seem possible. The Mafia have to be Italian.

    The Italian mafia are really nice though. The Sicilian one anyway. I happened to go on holiday to Sicily during the week of the birthday of the guy in charge's father, and they were having this big-ass party in their big-ass villa and they were inviting in members of the public to share in the festivities. It was quite funny actually. We had pretty much got to the end of the meal when we overheard the conversation of some of the underlings of the boss and we translated it later on and it turned out they were talking about collecting a protection debt :D
  8. That's up to debate but chances are we will use artwork instead C:

    It definitely not possible but I did research about mafia before this C: They aren't quite mafia but more milieu that relocated to NYC to work (if that made any sense C:) That was the case with Brugiére at least. Auclair is my friend's creation so I have to ask her more about that.
    And thank you for the entertaining story about the Sicillian's party. Sometimes, I'm quite interested in how the real mafia work because you can't trust the media all the time >w< You are so lucky that you got to Sicily during those time.
  9. Yep, I think that made sense anyway :D

    While the Mafia are at core, criminals, they're usually protrayed as way worse than they really are. They can be perfectly pleasant people in a social situation, though I still wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of them... And they have a wicked sense of humour, it seems. The amount of laughter around that table.
  10. I agree with you, mafia can be civil people. They are, after all, people. Criminals or not, we are human and we have diverisities. Maybe some of them are what they were portrayed as but there can be others who are perfectly nice and polite. Well not, perfectly but still. Though I'm hesistated to discover what kind of humor they have. Hopefully the kind that we can understand.
  11. I reckon mafia humour is probably very much like my kind of humour. Very witty, and involving 'insulting' huge quantities of people, but generally good natured. They probably laugh at lawmakers a lot too.
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