LA Devotees: a Modern Fantastical Mystery

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  1. I'm sure it's obvious how I got the name for this.

    THE DETAILS (so far)
    This is a modern mystery, set in the great city of Los Angeles, California. I'm hoping to build the world/plot as we go along, but I have a basic setup to start off the RP.
    Our characters are all from various backgrounds, leading different lifestyles. Two things connect us. The first? Our powers. Each one of our powers seems to derive from one of the fine arts (i.g. music or acting). The second thing? The violet letter, a written note sent to us with no return address. It reads:

    Hello, [insert full name]. This is a letter requesting your full cooperation and involvement in a process that may very well lead to a dramatic change in your world.
    You have been selected due to your supernatural gift, which allows you to manipulate one of the fine arts in order to carry out impossible feats. There are others like you, all of them able to control their own art in their own ways. If you choose to accept this letter's invitation, you will meet them, cooperating with them and conversing with them for the long term. You will all need to work together in order for the process to reach its conclusion.
    If you choose to cooperate in this process, bring yourself, as well as a tool/set of tools that allows you to use your power, to 47 Macabre Avenue on Saturday, the 29th of October. There, at exactly 6:23 PM, another letter will arrive, leading you to your next step in the process. Enjoy yourself.

    I'm looking to build this mystery as we go along. If interested, just give the following for your character:

    Name (first, middle (if there is one), and last)
    Age (self-explanatory)
    Appearance (either a picture or a short description)
    Temperament (sanguine, choleric, phlegmatic, melancholic. If you don't know those, think of them as Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw, respectively. Or just visit this Wikipedia page for reference)

    No need for in-depth backgrounds, as those will probably be expanded upon during the RP.

    So, gang, anyone up for having a mystery on our hands? Give your character description below, or tell me anything you'd like to see.

    EDIT: I'd also like someone else to GM, or at least assist in GMing, as this will be my first group RP.
  2. Hey~hey^^!!

    Interested! But! Regular rundown: what is posting level, post frequency, can we play multi charries, max. number of RPers? >:[
  3. I'm thinking one-two paragraphs per post, at least two per week. Only one main character per person, but each person may play minor characters (we'll decide who and which minor characters as the story progresses). I'm thinking 4 or 5 max RPers, to fit one player to each art I had in mind, which were literature, theater, painting/visual art, music, and one other one that isn't quite coming to me at the moment ;^;
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  4. I think dance is the last one? Maybe? :33

    But k so like will wait for OoC then and most likely drop off an appie for visual artist^^!!
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  5. Yes, that was it. Just waiting for more people's input/questions.
  6. K so another couple of questions then:

    So like is this 2010s modern? And is this high-school/academy based?
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