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  1. Live to Skate

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    The Pro - Autumn [Elemental*Stars]
    The Stunt Junkie - Hayden [Finny14]
    The Rebel - Troy [Axy]
    The Sweetheart - Hunter [Simple]
    The Stoner - Allison [Pyro]
    The Amateur - Caius [Enjolras]


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  2. Hunter

    5:37 PM
    Ken Wormhoudt Skate Park
    July 19th, 2014


    The breeze was light. It brought a slight chill of warning for the oncoming dusk that would fade into a cool night. The sunsets in Santa Cruz, anywhere that you were to look, were a gorgeous sight, and added to the serenity of the moment. The sun hadn't reached the horizon, but it was slowly beginning it's descent, as if reluctant to disappear for the moon to rule the skies for the dark hours. Hunter watched the colors shift and change from a pretty blue, slowly to a mix of oranges and yellows, even some faint streaks of pink. The light layer of clouds high above only reflected the wonderful colors even more potently.

    The skate park was devoid of people at that hour, excepting the boy sitting peacefully on the edge of the cement bowl. The shadows were casting over the area from the dips and grooves of the concrete. Cars passed a ways away, sending a light humming sound with each blur of a vehicle. The occasional motorcycle would roar overhead. Though urban, to a good extent, the skate park was a good place to be for some alone time at the dusk hours. However, the blonde boy would not be alone for much longer, so he decided to just soak in the quiet while it was still around. He was waiting silently for the familiar voices and the approaching sounds of skateboards of some of the few people he kept close in his life - the main skater group of Santa Cruz.

    His eyes were skyward. He wore a very dark purple jacket with the hood down, a white, loose tank-top underneath, rippling slightly with the passing breeze. He had ripped-up skinny jeans colored a light grey, a black belt around the waist of the pants. There was a worn-looking bandage on his right knee, just visible beneath the ripped fabric, from a slip-up a couple of days ago on his skateboard. He wore black Vans shoes on his feet that looked as if they were just about ready to split at the seams - but they were lasting very well so far. His board, with it's worn, black-board colored topside and it's simply designed underside, was set beside him.

    "I love this place," he said in a whisper. His expression was in a state of utter content. It was the place he was born, the place he was raised. He knew all the ins and outs of the town, and every single time he returned to the beloved skate park that he and his friends all knew and loved, he couldn't help but feel a warmth return to his heart, as if a part of him had been missing. Despite his other hobbies in place, skateboarding was by far the greatest of them. He was born to do it.

    His eyes suddenly flicked down to his phone. They were taking a bit more time to come than he had expected. He tapped at the screen, unlocking his phone and going to his messages. He entered into the group text message chat that was filled with silly, often times hilarious history that went way back, and began typing on the little keyboard before hitting send.

    are you guys coming or what?
    Sent at 5:39 PM

    He placed his phone back onto his thigh and locked it, crossing his ankles and letting his dangling legs swing a tad.
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  3. × Hayden ×
    "Oh? Now you want to act like a father?" Hayden roared into the quiet two story home that her Dad and her shared. All was peaceful until she came home with a sprained wrist a couple of nights before. It was like any other time for when she injured herself, she barely wanted to go to the hospital as she's done this before. It really didn't seem that important. Even when it was started to bruise and she couldn't really feel it. That's when her Dad saw it and almost had a heart attack. Soon enough, she was sitting in the emergency room twenty minutes later.

    Standing across from him, her left wrist covered in a brace, a glare in her eye as he stood with his arms crossed. "I'm just worried about you, sweetie. Ever since you moved in, I don't think we've actually talked... You moved in here four years ago." He said, as if trying to make a point. She really don't see why he was telling her this as he was always working and she was out with her friends. She didn't even ask him for money as she worked a bit at a small diner down the street. It was a cute place as she's been working there for awhile. Hayden wanted a car and she got one, it helped that her Mom left her money before she passed away.

    "Whatever Dad. It's not like we ever tried before. I think I'm good with not trying it today. We both will live." Hayden said with an eye roll. It was clear that he wasn't getting to her as she turned to grab her favorite skateboard. Old Sally she liked to call it. The board was the first one she bought at an old skate boarding shop called Sally's. But it's been closed down for awhile now. The board was simply black on top and a old pattern of a skull on the bottom with a snake coming out of its mouth. The background was a bright neon green color. This board just spoke to her and she never parted it with since then.

    As she reached for it, her Dad did the same. "Hayden! You are not leaving!" He yelled as he snatched it from her arms. Now that's what made her really mad as she went for it and he grabbed her bad wrist. She flinched back in pain and he dropped the board realizing what he had done. "Oh.. I'm sorry!" He said, actually looking sad as he went to go help her. Another glare was in her green eyes as she just shook her head and grabbed her board. "Great bonding time, huh?" She spat at him before leaving the house.

    Soon enough Hayden was rolling down the street on her board. A sour look was on her face as if she was ready to punch somebody. She needed to distract herself and she was already heading to her place. Everybody's place she should call it. Pulling out her cell phone, she read over Hunter's message but didn't care to reply back. She was never the one for texting. She usually just showed up at places. Taking a sharp right, the skate park wasn't to far ahead. It really didn't take her long to get there as this was her home away from home. Simple as that.

    Rolling down the street, her long straight blond colored hair was blowing back in the breeze behind her. Her pale skin was light and glowing in the sunlight that was left in the sky. An old ratty white tight shirt clung to her chest with a pair of light skinny and her purple low top converse. It was the look she always had on. And of course she had her brace on. She always had on something to show she just hurt herself.

    Getting to the park, she spotted Hunter right away. Her scowl slipped away to become a smirk. "Why.. It's Hunter. What are you doing here?" Hayden asked. Acting like he didn't just text message her to tell her that he was here. She always played like that. She stopped her board and hoped off, stepping on the back to kick it up.

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  4. <3 Autumn <3

    Autumn sped down the street on her board. Her plain red tank top and purple capris clutched onto the front of her body as the air and slight breeze that always passed by at that time of day blew past her. She made an effortless jump for no other reason than to show off to nobody, and continued racing down the street by herself. She barely noticed the jingle that her phone made, saying that she had gotten a text from Hunter. She smiled at the sun in her eyes from the sun setting and how empty the sidewalks seemed to be tonight. Then, she noticed the stoplight ahead of her. She sighed. I'd prefer not to be stopped when I'm on my board, you know.

    She picked up her skateboard, showing its pink underside decorated with kitten, puppy, and bunny stickers. Not that she cared what anyone else thought about it. It was her board, so she would decorate it how she liked, and she liked sweet, girly things. Besides, the plain pink board was very nice, and easy to grip onto, so who cared if it was decorated like a five year old girl's room? She took her phone out of her pocket to see Hunter's text. The text was |are you guys coming or what?|. She laughed a little at that one. Hunter being impatient was quite a rarity. She quickly texted him back |Yeah, yeah, I'm coming.| before the pedestrian light was green.

    She threw down the board and pushed off. Autumn started going faster and faster until everything was a blur. It wouldn't be too long before she got to the park. Two turns, and she had reached her destination: Ken Wormhoudt Skate Park. Autumn really didn't know why they gave the skate park a name like that. She supposed that it was named after the one who founded the place, but in any case, it was where her group hung out all the time.

    Oh, yeah, her group. She had met them back when she first moved to town. They all had been there longer than she had, and hey, she needed people to talk to. When she found out that they all liked skateboarding, she had called a meeting at this very park.

    "We all like skateboarding, so why don't we form a skate group?"

    Everyone liked the idea, and the six of them, Autumn, Hayden, Allison, Hunter, Troy, and Caius, had stuck together ever since.

    She walked up to the two people who were already there, giving them a little wave.

    "Hey, guys. You broke something again, Hayden?"
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  5. Troy.

    "Hey. You can't do that in here kid!" The shop manager scolded as he poked his head around the isle. Troy didn't take any notice. He stood on his board in front of the sweets isle. Candy was Troy's only weakness, the things he would do for sugar. Swaying on his board slightly, idly sucking on a lolly. Picking up two packs of gum, Troy kicked off and skated down the isle of the supermarket.

    "I said stop!" Troy heard the managers voice again. Deciding not to ignore him anymore, a smile appeared on troys lips. Without a second thought, Troy began to speed off down the isle. It wasn't that easy skating on the surface, but it was hilarious. Shouts and yells came from the manager as Troy flicked up his board with a trick.

    And he continued to stake around the shop isles, the manager chasing after him, "I'll call the police!" Troy rolled his eyes, that threat didn't even bother him anymore. He had heard it so many times, it was normal. Quickly, he jumped off his board as he ran out the shop, gum in his hand. Laughing loudly, Troy ran around the corner and onto the street before jumping back on his board. It was a simple board, red with "Cruz" printed on the underside in black capitals. Even though Troy didn't expect it, the board had become one of the most important things in his life. It had brought him a hobby and a group of friends.

    "Aight, Chill."
    Sent - 5:44pm

    Troy texted back when he finally stopped. He almost forgot they were meeting at this time. Troy wouldn't be surprised if he was the latest one, he usually was. He tucked the phone into the back pocket of his black, ripped jeans. His tshirt was plain white and he wore a black bomber jacket over it. Inside of his jacket pocket however, was the gum he just got. triumphantly, Troy unwrapped a piece of gum and got on his way again to the park. By the looks of the text, Hunter was the first there. As always.

    The silver rings on his fingers collided with the board as he jumped off it again. Troy also had dog tags and a cross dangling from his necklace. Most of the time, Troy was decorated in silver jewellery. Not for any specific reason though, Troy just did. His bleached blond hair was jelled up lazily, that it only flexed in the breeze. Tonight was a good night, Troy smiled as he walked up the ramp to his collection of friends.

    "What did I miss?" He looked around, taking a seat next to Hunter, his eyes wondered over to the forever injured Hayden, "Shit, what did you do this time?" Troy asked with a grin.​
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  6. ~Caius~

    "I'm heading out." The ginger shouts, grabbing his wrist and knee bands and earning a small grunt from his older brother Crispus, eyes on the mustard-ed knife rubbing across the white bread on the plate in front of him. Caius sighs, slinging on a wrinkled hand-me-down of a denim jacket over an over-sized beige tee. Money here in the Churchill household was tight, as it was just the two of them. Caius works part-time at the record store down the street, while Crispus works nights bartending (mornings and afternoons are spent at college; he doesn't blame him for keeping his undivided attention on his food, he rarely gets time to eat at home at all.)

    Practically bouncing down the steps, Caius hears a small ting as his phone gets a text. The amateur skateboarder takes a small, pay-by-minutes flip phone, reading Hunter's message. are you guys coming or what?

    Caius grins crookedly, one side of his mouth rising higher than the other. It was nice to have friends who actually wanted to hang out with him, instead of them being guilt-tripped into friendship after seeing their ragged apartment on the bad side of the city. Give me a minute. Or ten.

    The teen swings his cheap, blue-painted skateboard under his arm after looping his guards around his knees and elbows. Hayden and Troy would laugh at him but they'd know better than any others that he couldn't afford to break an arm, especially if he could barely afford band-aids.

    Caius swings his board under his feet, grinning brightly. He'd worked weeks- no, months, for this baby, and she's finally his after borrowing Autumn's old spares for ages. It felt wonderful to have his own.

    After spinning through block after block of the same old bricks and rusty dumpsters, he sweeps into the park, knees still slightly wobbly, and... Almost falls off his board trying to stop it. Key word: almost.

    Chuckling embarrassed, brown doe-eyes downcast, he mutters a simple hi.
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  7. Hunter

    Just a minute or so later, the texts began to roll in. He looked them over, satisfied that most of them had responded. However, Allie was missing from the replies. This made the corners of his lips pull down slightly into a concerned frown. She was probably just busy having a life or napping or something, but he still felt a little notion of concern for her. He locked his phone and slipped it into his pocket, anticipating hearing the rough sounds of asphalt-weathered wheels rolling fast along the ground. And surely enough, not a few minutes later, the first familiar sound came to his attention, coming up fast.

    His head tilted back to glance behind him, finding Hayden coming to a stop on her board - with a brace on her wrist. He should've known. With a slight roll of his eyes, he let one corner of his lips pull up into a half smirk. Her tone was playful as she asked him what he could possibly be doing there. He simply replied with a dramatic, "Well, gee wiz, it's not like I expected anyone else to come or anything." He held back a little chuckle as his eyes drifted to her brace. "And what did you do to yourself this time, girly?" Probably sprained it doing some sick trick, he thought. That's usually how she broke something - doing a sick-ass move on her board.

    Shortly after, his eyes moved to another figure approaching - turning out to be the lovely leader of the group, Autumn. He put up one of his hands in a wave back to her, and she asked Hayden about her brace, in a way that said 'as usual' with nothing but her tone of voice.

    Troy came rolling up to them next, doing an expert dismount off of his board. The kid always looked stylish, Hunter swore. He hopped down and sat next to Hunter while noticing Hayden's injury, and Hunter responded very nonchalantly, "Well, you missed the cure to cancer and the end to world hunger." He glanced to the kid and did a silly half smile.

    And the last person to come was Cai, a kid that Hunter had mad respect for for sticking with the group for so long. He was a clumsy skater, but Hunter encouraged him constantly. He was getting better, little by little, and that's all that mattered to him. With a glance and a warm smile, Hunter replied, "Hey man, come over here and sit with the cool cats." His voice was playful as he patted the spot beside him invitingly, hoping the shy boy would accept his offer.

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  8. Troy.

    As he got comfortable next to Hunter, Troy positioned his legs up and bent, resting his forearms on his knees. Troy couldn't help but give his hair a quick fix before looking over to Hunter. "Hilarious." Troy rolled his eyes at the wittiness, but couldn't help the smile appear on his face. Hunter always had a way of cheering everybody up. And even when he was being sarcastic, it always seemed warm. Troy gave Hunter a playful shoulder nudge, looking at him with a smile.

    When Cai rolled up, almost getting his jump-off right, Troy gave him a smile. Then his smile turned into a bit of a smirk when he noticed the knee guards. Knowing the proper reason why Cai was taking extra caution with injury, Troy held his cheek back. "Hey man." he nodded at the amateur. A small snort of amusement left Troy as Hunter attempted to persuade the shy kid to sit with them. The cool cats... That made Troy chuckle.

    "Seriously bro, you need to watch out." Troy raised his eyebrow at Hayden again. He knew for a fact she wouldn't, because who would when they could jump like that? Troy was kinda jealous. Sure, Troy was pretty rad when it came to skateboard tricks, but she was the boss. Maybe he should ask for some advice, but he wasn't going to do that to his ego. Autumn was also a complete badass on the board, Troy peered over to Autumns colourful board. Only she could get away with being adorable and damn badass.​
  9. <3 Autumn <3

    Autumn laughed at Hunter's comments. He always brought the group together with his kindness and sense of humor. "Nice one, Hunter. Maybe you'll be payed for being a comedian one of these days." Autumn, of course, was joking. None of them knew what they were going to do with life, and none of them quite cared at the moment. As long as they were with each other, they were invincible. It was like the old 'united we stand, divided we fall' thing she learned back in high school.

    "Yeah, c'mon, Cai. Let's sit down before you injure yourself somewhere that those pads don't cover," Autumn said, hitting Caius on the back, but not too hard to throw him off balance. She walked over to the two boys sitting down and sat down next to Troy, who was chewing some gum.

    "Hey, got an extra piece?" Autumn asked. "Maybe if we chew enough, we can put one of Hayden's bones back together!" She laughed at her horrible attempt at a joke, then looked up at Hayden. "But seriously, usually you only have a bandage you wrapped yourself on, not a cast. How bad was it? By the way, does anyone know if Allison is coming? I haven't heard from her in a while...kinda worried about her."
  10. × Hayden ×
    The group seemed to notice her bummed arm that was hidden away in a brace. They all didn't seem to surprised at the fact she had hurt herself over the weekend from her stupid ideas. All these things run through her mind which she takes seriously and tries out. And now she was paying the price again as she just rolled her eyes. "I'm fine guys. You know me, I'm always breaking something or hurting myself." She chuckled, her green eyes full of life as she laughed. It was good to laugh and she just looked at her group of friends. They've all been friends for so long, it was nice being able to come to such a place like this.

    "That was pretty lame, Autum." Hayden said at the awkwardness of her friend trying to make a small joke at her. But it still made her laugh as she dropped her skate board on the ground and stood on top of it. She did little circles but was still talking to her friends. "That wouldn't be that bad of an idea if you could fix me up with gum. I'd rob a store for all the gum they have." She simply said with a shrug of her shoulders. "I was being stupid the other day. I snuck out of my house and came here around midnight. I was actually about to text one of you guys but I wanted to get my anger out of the moment. So I was riding and then.. I just crashed. I barely remember what happened. I just grabbed my board and went home." With that, she stopped and picked up her wrist. "My dad freaked when he saw it was black and blue. And you guys know me. I thought it was nothing and I kept riding. It's not like I could feel it."

    Continuing to ride her board, her hand in her pocket as she did. "Oh, Allison? She's probably off smoking some where. And to bad, I need a little something." Commenting on that, she hasn't talked to Allison in awhile. She just brushed back her long blonde hair before stopping her board in front of the group again. "So what are we doing today?" The sun was already starting to set and it was just them at the park. Not that many people came out around this time since they were usually all here. It was their spot.
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