L.A. Noire

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  1. L.A. Noire Roleplay. Based off of the 1940s detective game L.A. Noire. My idea was everyone was part of a branch of the Police Station. For example, If you wanted to be in the Main Branch, you would start off as a patrol cop. You could be in the investigation department and start off as the evidence marker. (You know the guy who puts the yellow signs by evidence.) Or you could be in the Medical Department and start off as the on scene coroner. If you want Homicide you could start off as the Witness Questioning Unit.

    It would be a live roleplay and i would give cases to each branch, making each work together, (I.E. Homicide asks coroner for autopsy)

    Anyone interested?
  2. oh my god this sounds totally amazing. I would totally join this rp if you made it.
  3. I enjoy this greatly.