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  1. This is the story of a school in the outskirts of a big city, called Osaka. The school that always seemed to have a quite normal "everyday" story about it. But things recently hadn't been normal at all. Valshe had seen something that she deeply regretted and would probably regret for the rest of her life. She'd seen a dead body. Not only a dead body, but a dead body that was her ex. When they'd been going out, they'd kept it secret for the others, because most wouldn't like a relationship between two girls. The breakup hadn't held any hard feelings, after all their relationship had been mostly exploring. But seeing her like that... drowning in her own blood. They'd been friends. And now she was dead. Valshe had had nightmares about the sight for weeks, and this night had been no different. As she got up and brushed her short, blonde hair, she pulled on a t-shirt with a print of a band logo and a blazer over it, jeans and socks before looking at herself in the mirror. Her usually pretty face was stained with tears of fear and she looked tired, almost dead. She wiped off the tears and washed her face with cold water. It helped a bit. She grabbed her bag and left the house without bothering to eat anything. As if she could keep anything in her stomach with that on her mind. She practically lived beside the school and she walked into the classroom where her first class were without really paying attention to anyone. She felt as if she was going to throw up, even if her stomach was empty. I'm so miserable... I need to tell someone about this... I really do... but what should I tell them? "Oh, by the way, Morinaga isn't sick, she's dead!" it's not the most normal things to blurt out with... I need to find someone to trust... someone that would never pass this on to someone. I was told not to tell anyone, after all.

    ((I write thoughts in italic, and direct speech in bold with "" usually. If I'm on phone, direct speech will be only "" and thoughts will be ** ))
  2. Ooc: I write speech with" and thought with '. I like that you put it in Osaka lol

    Shion wasn't much of a talker. She had grown up being picked on and harassed. Not that it bothered her... She had been through worse. When she was 13 she saw her best friend being carried away in a body bag. She stopped caring about anything after that.

    She woke up late today. "Dang, gatta hurry." She threw on a black knee length skirt, red T-shirt, and her converse before doing her make-up. "Mom, I heading out. I love you." Her mom responded back with an I love you too. She ran out the door for her 1 mile journey to school.
  3. Well Osaka was the first town I could think of because I didn't wanna do Tokyo. lol

    Valshe sat down on her seat in the classroom, one of the seats closest to the window. She leaned her chin against her palm and gazed out the window, her swimming blue eyes growing distant. I wonder what I should do... do about this. I've seen so much death in my life... those dreams throughout my life and now Mari... I think I might be cursed... why do I see dead people in my dreams? Why do I hear strange things? Why does my head throb every time something bad happens? Why do I know when people lie to me...? She sat and stared out of the window, and a tilt of her head made her eyes fall on Mari's desk. It was empty (as to be expected, the girl was dead) and the teachers had told that Mari had decided to move schools. Some dirty liars, that's what they were. Mari didn't damn transfer! I know what happened! I want to shout it out and see what my teachers will do about it... not that I have the guts, though. She sighed softly and began playing with a pendant hanging around her neck, with shape as an angel with tiny, movable wings. It was her dearest possession. The only thing she had left from when her real parents had been killed in a house fire and she'd survived. Her parents had managed to shield her, but she ended up with a real nasty burn on her back, and fainting on the road, someone eventually saw her and brought her to the hospital. Now she was left with the giant burn marks on her shoulders and back. She also had one burn mark on the lower part of her collar that she hid with her shirts. She didn't participate in P.E class, and most people, even the teachers, found her frightening and mysterious. No one was really aware she didn't have any parents and was living on her own. She was managing so who on earth cared?
  4. Shion burst into the class just as the bell rang. She sat in the back corner, which happened to be behind Valshe. She played with the ring on her finger, a last memento of her dad, who died in a car crash.

    She pulls out a notebook and closes her eyes before starting to doodle. She continues until the teacher calls her name for attendence. She raises her hand to show she's there and looks at her notebook. She jumps at the picture, dropping her notebook. "Who... is that...?"
  5. Ooc: its a pic of Mari. She doesn't know though.
  6. Valshe turned around as the girl spoke and stood up to walk over and put a hand at her shoulder. She looked really sick, and Valshe simply got a bit worried. "Oi.... are you okay?" She asked in a very gentle voice, the teacher not breaking in, probably seeing that Shion wasn't feeling fairly well. Valshe looked down at the notebook. It was a drawing of a person. Who, she did not know. But it seemed to have freaked out Shion. Valshe kept sitting there on her knees so that she was on the same eye level as Shion, hoping that would at least comfort her a bit. Looking a bit harder though, she saw it was a drawing of Mari. Her eyes widened and she looked at Shion.
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  7. ((Right... maybe we should go a bit off the realistic thing... Valshe can experience the last moments of a dead person if she gets in physical contact with the body, and then she knows when someone is lying to her. And then she gets those nightmares(linked to the ability when she gets in contact with dead bodies)))
  8. Shion looks at Valshe. "I-I think..." She stares at the notebook and becomes pale. 'Its that girl again... Why do I keep seeing her... Who is she...'

    Ooc: Shion is similar with nightmares. But that's her only ability.
  9. ((Valshe is an unlucky bastard xD ))
    Valshe looked at Shion and looked down a little as she spoke in a quiet voice. "That drawing... it looks like my ex, Mari... a lot. Actually I think it's her..." Good job Valshe, freak her out. Yeah just do that. Idiot.
  10. Shion looks up at Valshe then at the teacher. "I need... to see the nurse." The teacher nods and looks at Valshe. "Please walk her. It looks like she might pass out."

    Ooc: Shion has a secret though! She's not who she says she is.
  11. ((Well I dunno if Valshe has a secret... of course she changed name and refuses to speak of her parents... and no one knows who or what she really is... xD))
    Valshe walked Shion out of the classroom towards the nurse's office. "Say... do you know Mari?" She asked and looked at Shion from the corner of her eye. This girl... wasn't just anyone. Valshe's senses where tingling. She knew that this girl was keeping a BIG lie, but her powers were limited to that. She wouldn't be able to read her thoughts, only the... direction of her thoughts.
  12. Shion shakes her head. "No... all I know is she's dead." She was being entirely truthful. "I saw it... in my dreams. I've been seeing it for the past couple days."

    Ooc: Shion's like your usual Valshe (according to your resume). She's actually a guy. Her real name is Sion.
  13. OOC: Oh yeah, well this Valshe is a biological female, but techically a male. Valshe thinks she's male and therefore she is. Sorta.

    Valshe's eyes widened more. "Well.... she is." *That was probably not a good idea to say... I'm really doing great here ain't I?* Valshe followed Shion to the nurse's office. She still looked kind of freaked out. Well, seeing a dead person in her dreams, who wouldn't be?
  14. "I'm sorry for your loss." She looks at the door to the nurse's office. "I don't need to see the nurse. I just wanted a chance to talk to you about it. My guess is you weren't supposed to tell since nobody else knows."

    Ooc: He's transgender. It would have been easier to say that.
  15. Admin: Yeah but I still write she. I can replace with him/he/his if it would make more sense to you? Ya know what fuck this, doing first person then xD

    I looked at her and smiled sadly. "Nah... it's okay. Yeah, that's pretty much it. I was the one who found her dead body." I ran a hand through my hair and looked into her eyes. I was really dying to know what she was hiding but knew it was childish and I shouldn't.
  16. Ooc: lol okay. I make a habit of calling people by their preferred gender. I'm trans-questioning and bi so I try to be as open as possible.

    Shion looks at Valshe. "Um... I don't mean to be rude but..." She walks past the nurse's office. "...was it an accident or... was she... killed?"
  17. Admin: I am just trying not to confuse my roleplay partner. I'm not good at first person so I'll just use male pronouns from now on. But note this, when others refer to Valshe, they usually use female pronouns (because there's no one who wants to accept his sexuality and "gender" so to speak)

    He glanced down at his hands for a moment before looking up. "Oh she was killed. Damn right she was." There wasn't a hint of regret in her voice, just bitterness and slight fear. He looked back at Shion, his eyes having glazed over making him look sort of dead.

    Admin: But Shion is a male>female transgender?
  18. "So you do know. In the dreams I see someone in an overcoat. But the the hood covers their face." She looks at him with a serious look.

    Ooc: no. His reason is a bit different. He is male in body and mind. It has to do with his past.
  19. Admin: Right. Sometimes you just have to change.

    He ran a hand through his hair. "I don't know... I mean it was raining outside and I was wearing a hood... But... could it possibly have been me you saw in the dream? Or perhaps... the killer? I saw him too... the... hooded figure..." Recalling his sight upon contact with her body made him dizzy.
  20. "It wasn't you. I saw the figure in the act." She thinks for a moment. "I need your help. I want to find the killer. I believe its not their first time..."

    Ooc: depending on Valshe's response, he'll find out the reason.
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