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    Well hello there! Welcome to my humble adoption shop for Yaoi ideas. While plenty of them are actually ideas I've taken from various novels I've read but that didn't mean that we have to follow exactly what happened, I'd rather see where we can take the story.

    Erm I guess before I continue making a fool out of myself, I guess I should just introduce myself a little.

    I'm a Yaoi-writer and is on this site because my muse has been rather dormant. I've been aching to write again lately and was introduced to this site. ✍(◔◡◔) So that's about it.

    Just some stuff to note:

    • Grammar isn't really my forte so please don't pick on me for that.
    • I am a switch writer but my characters can be Seme, Uke or Seke.
    • My writing length mirrors my partner (I can't write a wall of text if you'd just provided me with a sentence right?)
    • My writing speed can be rather fast if we're on the same time zone (GMT +8)
    • I am up for almost anything as long as it's not disgusting in nature so you get my point.
    If anyone of you are keen, please drop me a PM instead of posting here as I'll be updating my plot bunnies. Sankyuu~
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    Theme: Student x Teacher

    Credits: Dante-kun

    A is a somewhat new teacher at an all boys high school. He prefers to keep his home life private (meaning that no one knows he is gay) because he would surely get fired from his job if anyone ever found out his little secret. A was recently dumped by his former partner and now regularly frequents a gay club several towns over from the one he lives in to be careful not to run into anyone he might know. At the clubs A attempts to find a dom replacement for his lover but none of them are just right, and so the search continues. A secretly wants his ex-boyfriend back which would explain all of his failed attempts at moving on.

    Unfortunately for A, B (a senior at the high school) ends up seeing A leave the gay club with a man during summer break. Finding it odd that a teacher from his high school was at a gay club, B decides to follow them and ends up snapping a video of them having sex in an alley. With video evidence, B could have A fired immediately if he ever decided to go to the principal with this information.

    However, B has other plans. B decided that A is cute enough to get his attention and decides to blackmail A into doing whatever B wants or else he will turn A into the principal of the high school. Even though it is completely unethical to have a relationship with a student and a minor at that, A has no choice but to obey if he wants to keep his job and his reputation in tact.


    I am fine with playing either role but it would be nice if I can find someone willing to play both version. As in two separate stories where I play both A and B.
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    Theme: Student x Student

    Credit: Dante-kun

    A is one of the most popular guys at the high school that he attends. Not only is A smart but he is also the star tennis player; and to top it all off he is very kind toward the helpless. A is often dragged into helping others like retrieving a kitten stuck in a tree, helping a younger kid study math, etc.

    While B is also smart, he is not very popular and is not a star at any sports. A and B hang around with the same group of friends but because A is always surrounded by people and affections he never really noticed B. Plus, A has a girlfriend so there's no way that he would even be attracted to men. B would not just let this go, so one day he kidnaps a friend's sister knowing that A will be lured to coming to her aid; and he was right. A rushes to find his friend's sister and ends up running into B who tells A that he will have to take the young girl's place if he does not want her to be harmed.

    Without hesitation A agrees and allows himself to be tied up and B proceeds to torture A finishing off with intercourse. Once B finishes with A he lets him go and A rescues the girl from the room she was locked in.

    The only person who knows what the kidnapper looks like is A. Because B is a straight A student, no one would suspect him of kidnapping or rape. It would be useless to report him to the police so A continues to attend school. Although he tries to avoid B, B keeps on finding more and more ways to force A to obey. Because A has so many people he cares for, it's easy to find many ways to threaten A. By the end of senior year B is determined to train A into being his so that by the time they go off to college the only one B will respond to is A.


    My preference would be for character A but I'm opening to a partner willing to play both versions.
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    Theme: Shifter x Human

    Credit: Dante-kun

    A is a "trophy wife" to a very powerful alpha werewolf. All A has to do is be the Alpha's lover and he is given the many luxuries of life of living in a penthouse and having unlimited spending money.

    Unfortunately there is a war going on between all the supernaturals of the world; and the shifters manage to capture the alpha wolf and take him prisoner. B infiltrates the Neutral district (no war is allowed in the zone) and shifts into the appearance of the alpha. B had seen A around town several times and instantly wanted to have A as his own but he found out that A was owned by the alpha. Now that the wolf was out of the way B shifts into the Alpha's appearance and completely dominates A.

    A is confused by his boyfriend's sudden change in attitude. The once kind wolf is now forcing A into bondage, performs S&M and constantly humiliates A. A tries to get away from his bf but being the Alpha of the area means that everyone obeys him and so the police force are on B's side and would bring A back if he ever tried to escape.

    Eventually the neutral zone is conquered by the war zone forcing B to flee back to shifter territory. B takes A along with him where A finds out that B is a shifter and was pretending to be his alpha wolf bf all this time; and worst of all his alpha is being kept prisoner by B's subordinates. Will A ever be able to escape B's sadistic tendencies or will he realize that B provides him with a thrill that the alpha was never able to give him?


    I am fine with playing either role but it would be nice if I can find someone willing to play both version. As in two separate stories where I play both A and B.
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    Theme: Vampire x Human

    Credit: Dante-kun

    Once upon a time, many centuries ago A was in love with a mortal woman. It was unbelievable that a human woman had managed to steal the heart of one of the most powerful vampires in the area; however, the ages that they lived in were dark and riddled with warfare. One day A's love was slaughtered by a supernatural creature, and by the time A arrived to save her it was already too late. Devastated, A closed himself off to the world and turned into a cruel and ruthless leader; which was at least good for one thing. To keep the vampires in control of the supernatural world.

    Centuries later, a sort of temporary peace envelopes the supernaturals. Deciding to take a small vacation during the break in warfare A goes back to visit his old home where he once grew up. It was by chance that he stumbled upon a restaurant, and had B as his waiter. The moment that A saw B he was taken aback. B looked exactly like the mortal woman that A loved, except of course B is male. A sits in the restaurant and watches B all night until it is finally closing time for the restaurant. A pays for the food, tips B generously for being his waiter and leaves. Only to find himself waiting outside for B to come out and finally come home.

    The moment that B steps out of the restaurant A kidnaps him and takes B back to live in his mansion. A then forces B to dress up in dresses and wigs so that he would look more like the woman that he loved. B is horrified that is not only a prisoner of A's but he has to wear female clothes and worst of all, he has to endure making love to this deranged vampire. Will A eventually realize that B is not his former female lover or will B be completely transformed into a female because of A's fantasies.


    I am fine with playing either role but it would be nice if I can find someone willing to play both version. As in two separate stories where I play both A and B.
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    Theme: Agent x Agent


    A has many secrets. His sexuality is only the top of the list. Even his best friend B doesn't know A is gay. For good reason. His feelings for B are more than friendship. When B's injured, the thought of losing him forces A to admit his years-long lust has turned to love. An accident turns B's life, and his car, upside down. With his right hand out of commission, he has to rely on his best friend for his basic—sometimes intimate—needs. After spending most of his life looking for the right woman, he begins to wonder if he's been looking at the wrong gender.


    I would love to take character B.
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    Theme: Husband x Soulmate

    A is a very wealthy man who retired at a young age to spend all of his days vacationing with and spoiling his wife. A is a very loving and devoted husband; however, one day his wife gets into a car accident that there is no chance she would recover from. As her last wish, she asked that her husband donate her organs because it would please her to know that she was able to help someone; and she also wanted A to move on and find someone new to love because she couldn't bear the thought of A being alone for the rest of his life. That very same day, B was shot several times in the heart during a bank robbery at the bank where he works as a teller in. In the process his heart was torn up beyond repair but as luck would have it there was a donor of his blood type in the very same hospital. The staff quickly took out A's wife's heart and implanted it into B, giving him a second chance at life. For months A retreated to one of his private homes to grieve; but one day a thought suddenly struck him. Why is it that B was able to get his wife's heart but his wife couldn't get B's organs? Of course A knew that even if she had gotten new organs she would not have survived. Even with logic A was still bitter over the fact that B got to walk away from this with a new chance.

    Deciding to find B, A has his lawyer draft up an agreement. A's wife's will stated that everything that she owned would belong to A; and considering that her heart was inside of B, A also owned B in a twisted sort of way. One day after work A and his lawyer pay B a visit and inform him that he will either come to live with A as A's property or B will have to give back the heart that was given to him. Having no choice but to agree, B is taken to live on A's mansion on a secluded island where he soon finds out that A has plans far more than just keeping B there. B is forced to love A, he is required to have sex with A and he is to dress in A's wife's clothes. A's logic is that his wife loved him and since his wife's heart is inside of B, B should love him too. Will A ever be able to accept the fact that his wife is gone or will he end up transforming B into a duplicate of his first love?

    This is pretty twisted. B will have dated women before so ending up in his situation will be a shock to him; and just because he went with A doesn't mean that he will obey A completely. B will fight back against A's wishes but of course in the end A will overpower B anyway.


    I am fine with playing either role but it would be nice if I can find someone willing to play both version. As in two separate stories where I play both A and B.
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    Theme: Scientist x Doll

    A is a scientist who was employed by pleasure companies to create a sex doll that looked and felt most like a human. Over many years of experimenting AC was able to create a metal like robotic skeleton and surround it with synthetic man made human muscles and skin in order to form a very realistic sex doll. The dolls mouth, anus and penis are all equipped with vibration functions so that no matter where a client wishes to stick it to the doll he will always feel maximum pleasure. This doll was never meant to be more than something to lay there and be played with; and yet for some reason something extremely freaky happened. B was hit by a bus while walking across the street, since his body was irreparable B's fairy godmother went to B's side and extracted his soul before it could escape from his body, she then implanted his soul into the closest thing she could find which happened to be A's sex doll. Until B's godmother is able to find B a new body, he will have to stay inside the robotic sex doll body.

    A is shocked when he brings the doll home and it suddenly comes to life. Completely stunned by this discovery he decides to keep the doll a secret and soon begins experimenting on B. Very quickly B opens up to A and explains what happened to him. Realizing that B is basically renting out his doll's body, A decides to make B pay rent in the form of sexual services that the doll was designed for. Since B is practically a robot he does not need to eat, sleep or go to the bathroom. His body is programmed to instantly respond to human touch so he becomes horny instantly and since he can associate his arousal through his human memories he is even more prone to get turned on. Unfortunately, B has a Uke boyfriend and is reluctant to have someone thrusting into him whether it be his real body or not. One day when A leaves for work, B decides to track down his boyfriend and explain everything that happened. At first the boyfriend is overjoyed and B and his uke begin to have sex; but being on the smaller side the Uke is not used to B's new body. His robotic penis is far bigger than his human penis was, and it doesn't help that he vibrates massively any time he enters the uke. After a few tries of having sex, B is forced to stop because he was hurting his bf too much.

    B quickly realizes that he has no choice but to return to A who is probably the only man who could release him from his constant desire from sex.

    Most of the time B will be bottom but there will be times when A wants to have that robotic vibrating penis shoved inside of him. There will be a lot of drama in this RP. B will miss his old body. He will miss his boyfriend and he will hate the fact that he cannot be with his boyfriend because he is literally too big and too hard for him now. At one point B could be in complete denial of the life he is forced to live in that he goes to his boyfriend and forces him into having sex with B. Eventually the investors will want to test out the robotic doll so B will have to pretend to be inanimate unless he'd want to be sold off to the highest bidder as a live human robotic doll. Somewhere along the lines a human body will open up and B will be transferred back into one but by that time he would be trained to only respond to A's touch. There could be lots and lots of crazy ideas for this plot.


    I would love to play Character B.
  9. Hello, 9A.

    I'm really interested in #3 and #4. I prefer playing submissive characters, but you mentioned you would like to play both sides of the coins. I do not have a lot of time right now, but I would really like to do a roleplay with you, if you're interested.
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