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  1. Kyōkai World: Elderhyme
    Chapter 1, Season 1

    WheelVille Inn

    You wake up in separate rooms located upstairs, whether or not you leave the room at the same time as another person is up to you, however that means that the two of you would have already met previously before the predicted time of others meeting downstairs in the lobby. The appearances of the rooms will most likely be different as cloth color is very vast but limited in capacity, some light will be reflected inside more than other rooms and some might not even have light at all. In regular cases you would have stored you're equipment in a nearby chest in the room you are located, however if you only carry a singular weapon then it will usually be resting on a table or wall.

    Rules and Such
    As you travel with the group you will encounter struggles and conflicts around the large island of Elderhyme, Be on you're toes as the unknown doesn't merely come to you because you come to it. As a group you all experience the same journey with obvious different cause and emotion, although everyone differs from one another it is important to stay together... however that can change at anytime as you travel it is only human nature that some of you may adapt hatred for one another sooner or later.

    This all brings me to the actual rule named the ''Struggle and Conflict Rule'' where it is essential that you all make the right decision. If you are unable to make the right decision then it might lead to death for not only you but the whole group, Rather you all choose to accept a quest or travel to a specific city or area will be counted as a WHOLE decision although anyone in the group can split to take on another quest or stay while other members of the group travel and come back.

    Most things or rather the majority of things will be controlled by me, however you are welcome to make travel decisions on your own without my permission. Weather, Time, Monsters, and Items found Traveling will be decided by me, on the other hand Animals, Random Conflict, Quests, Appearances, and anything that is not listed will be decided by you, Age will be obviously automatic. Your character will grow and with time will age to a old man or woman given that you don't die via journey with the group.

    '' It is possible to take a boat . . . ''

    '' With time we will develop and with it the world will too eventually . . . ''
  2. As the light of sunrise slowly filled the small inn room a rather rowdy human woman slowly regained consciousness, and did not enjoy it. Mali's head felt like it was caught in a tight clamp and she was so drowsy she could hardly move. She lay on a small bed with sheets the color of grass. Her bow and quiver lay on a table opposite to her, the haze in her eyes making them almost impossible to see. She had all her clothes on, which was good, but she didn't have the faintest idea were she was, which was less good. Mali's body felt like a sack of bricks as she slowly pulled herself out of the bed...
    and immediately fell onto Malcan.

    The half-orc had been dreaming of himself dreaming of counting sheep. He had just gotten to number three when suddenly he felt a slight weight on his chest. Malcan opened in hidden-by-hair eyes to see Mali rubbing her head and looking at him, bedraggled and furious. Naturally the ranger was then grabbed into a crushing hug, "hi," the inept barbarian simply grunted. "Get the hell off me you damn idiot before I knock out whatever you've got in there to call a brain," his friend shouted in protest and was promptly released. As she stumbled to her equipment Mali spoke to Malcan again, much calmer and with slight concern.

    "I don't have a clue where we are. This is definitely not Fensbrook or anywhere near it. I don't smell any rotting fish." "Smells like wheels." "You can't smell wheels Malc." "Right." "Come on." Mali tossed Malcan his ax which was leaning on a wall and cautiously opened their room door. She made her way down the hallway and stairs silent as a whisper, stopping at the lobby when he heard a extremely loud thumping noise. Malcan had as usual not moved from his laying down position and instead choose to roll after Mali, while holding onto his ax. He came noisily bouncing down the stairs to stop at the feet of the ranger, with her head in her hand. "Goddess damn it Malc."
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    MENTION : @Crono

    PAVERLINE ACKONBYPaverline was in a dream, not that vivid, but she clearly could feel the warmth feeling coming from a man who was close to her. She couldn't see nor remember how was his face, the only memory lingered on her mind was his gentle and soothing smile. Her dreams interrupted by a sudden noise outside of her room. Her room? Paverline rubbed her eyes slowly and tried to recognize her surrounding. It was nothing close to familiar, but she couldn't remember anything about the past days either.

    The elf quickly stood up and picked her staff, while her blue orb already flying near the staff as soon as Paverline regained consciousness. She wondered about the loud noises from outside. Curiously, Paverline peeked from her door before she fully let herself out of the room. Paverline then saw two figures walking down the stairs. The noise totally from the big guy who seemed like an orc. Paverline shivered a bit seeing how big he was, she must stayed as far as she could from him. He could crush her bones into dust without trying.

    Slowly, Paverline swung the door opened, didn't want to make any suspicious sound that would attract any attention. Tiptoeing, Paverline walked across the hall then downstairs, she tried her best to sneak behind the duo and calmly took the seat near the counter. She totally had no idea why she was here and she was too afraid to ask around her alone. Maybe she needed to stay low while waiting for any clue to come to her. Occasionally, Paverline would steal glances at the girl and her orc. They seemed bewildered as well, but at least they had each other, not a lone fighter like Paverline.

  4. Virgil Sparrow !
    Hero of Sunderlin, Knight in Blue
    A kingdom ruined, A sky yet blurry, and a knight all too suspicious. A dream yet fair that had been purged with chaos, His sword glaring against the dripping red moon, His armor piercing the sky with spikes but yet he halts his attack. A snake wraps around me eventually biting his tail, the grip tightens as the snake continues to eat himself till my last breath escapes. Suddenly everything goes black as a bright light flashes through the window, his eyes opening without hesitation and his back raises with swiftness. After wiping his eyes with his hands he turns to the side as his legs hang off the edge of the bed, ''Why do i keep having this dream?'' He questions himself as he stares deeply outside through the window. He looks down at his chest as he gently rubs his armor plate, sighing from relief that a snake wasn't there he takes up arms by grabbing his sheathed longsword that was leaning against a table that stood beside the bed. After strapping the blade behind him he equipped his singular pouch that contained silver oil, ''What is this place?'' he asked as he looked back up and glared left and right.

    After opening the door that connects to the hallway and the room he woke up in he heard voices coming from the stairs and loud stomping like noises. At a very short but slight glance from the corner of his eye he saw a rolling orc, ''How weird... did i really just see that?'' He again questioned himself as curiosity took control of him guiding him downstairs to see this orc. ''You know that walking would be more comfortable to you're back than rolling'' he says to the big orc as he follows the two.​
  5. She hearkened these few sounds yet another time. The ubiquitous slipping of the door upon its hinges, then the firm click as the wooden piece somewhere outside of her room closed again. Her head felt clear, like she was blessed with the gift of a good night's sleep. Why did everything seem so unfamiliar to her, then? Pushing away the thin layer of clothing blanketing herself, the lavender-haired girl sat up. It was the second time she roused herself in this waking dream, she felt. The world at large had already been enough to make her sick. Now, this...

    Yasuha nevertheless paid heed to another sort of din that had not stopped ever since dawn - give or take a few hours. The noise had already been resounding so far, yet so near in the background by the time she first awoke, after all. She finally steeled herself and marched up to the spot in her room where the morn sunlight trickled in. Taking off from the low bed in a flash, the girl even forgot the pair of glasses which lied on the modest desk next to her. She wasn't to be blamed, for the sounds coming from outside the window was nothing of the sort that she'd come across before. At least, not of this magnitude. The wonder had long begun eating away at Yasuha, but at one time the fear and uncertainty had taken her hand, caressed her with comforting words, and then safely tucked her away under the sheets.

    She didn't expect to like what she'd see outside the moment her hands parted the curtains, much less be amazed. Bemused then, a hand finally reached out towards the thin eyewear. And over the next minute, such a thing as awe was exactly what happened. The shapes of the city beneath her feet filled the widening wells of her eyes, and the skin on Yasuha's fingertips softly met with glass and grain-wood.

    "W-Wheels... So, I'm at..."


    The bedraggled, older man resting at the bar was surprised to find out that his ears hadn't been playing tricks on him. He fully expected other patrons of various body shapes, yes, but what of the being whose every footstep had been the full weight of an entire orc or kobold?

    In the light of another show of life's amazing new discoveries, nary a muscle on Tseng's face seemed to budge as he sized the messily-haired orc youth that had apparently rolled down the flight of stairs leading up to the guest rooms. While the younger, outwardly human girl the orc seemed to have been following cradled her head in her hands, likely out of great shame, the wizard turned his attention back to the drink in hand - a vain endeavor in this case.

    He was happy to find out he may have not journeyed (the rest of the way) towards the town in a drunken stupor, but the relief was short-lived, as it was replaced by a nagging, worrying blank space that the man felt must be quickly filled with the proper information. One of which was of especially great importance to him. Tseng downed the rest of the odd-smelling concoction, then dug a few coins out of his attire as payment to the barmaid.

    "...Again," he turned to her with a tired expression. "you're certain that's where... ahem, inhibited... guests such as myself would keep away their arms for the night?"

    "Wouldn't hurt to check, sir." the frizzy-haired girl collected his payment, then dashed to fill some other order. That he agreed with; he might just need to take a closer look. With that in mind, Tseng walked with a restrained pace towards the stairs. There, he finally managed to catch a closer look at the armored human girl and her cohort, his steel axe snugly in the clutch of his hands? That's definitely dangerous.

    As Tseng walked, another figure descended down the stairs, after the first two. The swordsman in blue completes the group thus, making for quite an odd bunch. Leaving them to their own means, for now at least, Tseng paid another look up and across the stairway and began moving up once he was sure nobody else was coming.​
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    INTERACTION : @Jet Jaguar (Tseng)
    MENTION : -

    PAVERLINE ACKONBYPaverline watched as more people coming down from upstairs. It seemed like everyone was having that kind of face, the tired and confused one. She wondered if she needed to approach one of them to ask about the situation here. It would totally look awkward having a stranger asking about random things like that, but she had no choice. Since the duo seemed talking to the man with blue armor, Paverlince decided to follow the man who walked upstairs. He wasn't that friendly, but she gotta try at the end.

    The elf stood up from her chair and followed the man. Her hands were all sweating because of the nervousness, but she forced herself to make steps, "Um, Sir? Excuse me?" Her words came out more like whispers, she wasn't sure if he heard it or not. She was afraid that he would mad at her for talking to him even though she didn't know him, but she already spoke, she couldn't just disappear and acted like she did nothing.
  7. Tseng opted to match his footsteps with his breath as he climbed, his heavy eyelids all the while hanging low. All of a sudden, a female voice seemed to resonate in the lobby, coming from behind him. Catching it during a lull in the background chatter, his first thought jumped to the barmaid from earlier. This was a failure of recognition on his part, but it couldn't be said that the man wasn't the least hopeful that the situation at hand had been about to shift with new, startling developments. Half as startling as the orc that the cat brought in earlier, at least. His doubt was, however, cast on fate being up to such a task.

    No matter, as Tseng seemed to stagger before he finally spun around with both heels firmly planted, and with a step in between.



    Peering back out into the room behind him, Tseng took a moment to consider the person's address of himself. He hadn't noticed her before, but that could be easily because of his fatigue at the moment. Putting that into consideration, though, he could also have just as easily misheard the words moments earlier for something else entirely. At this point, rationale would have had Tseng cast a simple cursory glance over his shoulder, then continue moving again. But the woman's profile demanded his attention.

    The stranger was another of the fair ilk it seemed, a fact that her pointed ears betrayed easily enough. Her appearance seemed out of place with the drabness of the wooden surroundings. Had he lacked common sense, his opinions of her would've easily pivoted towards "courtesan", but Tseng was well aware that those types aren't known to seek business in the broad daytime, and even less in a modest inn such as this. Perhaps a charlatan, instead? Her features seemed loud enough for that to be the case. Eventually, there was one thing that caught the man's eye more than her strange, almost regal clothes...

    No, make that two things...

    "...I'm sorry, but were you, perchance, wishing to talk to me?" thus did Tseng turn to the stranger elf with a slightly more attentive expression, half expecting to find himself mistaken. Should he be, however, he would have at least managed to strike up a conversation with her. After all, the words she has to offer may be of interest.

    Her oaken staff and floating orb say as much.​
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