Kyoa and Talios (1x1 Roleplay)

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  1. Talios, gold
    Talios was currently manning the flower booth at the school festival where he was working. He was doing his usually flirting with the customers and was having a good time knowing that his boyfriend would be coming by later to help him out. He wasn't sure how he ended up with the man, but he knew that while their relationship was unusual, it wasn't uncommon. Shaking his head slightly the male handed a set of flowers to a customer and accepted the payment. So far his flowers and flirting had earned around $500 in cash. He was rather pleased with himself and a few people were tipping him based on his advice on how to take care of their own gardens.

    As he sat there he thought about what he could do with his next creation. He had recently made black roses and gold ones. He wanted to combine the two and make a unique flower that had a different shape to it, but even with his skills he was finding it difficult. He was playing with one of his gold roses when he looked up to see a man with his girlfriend. She was pointing to his pink irises and saying how unusual they were. He had bred them as well thinking each flower could have more then the color it originally grew in. After he sold a bouquet of them to the couple he let out a sigh and thought about what he would get for lunch when it was time for his break.
  2. Kyoa, purple
    Kyoa had just finished listening to his top four students present their fictional Creative Writing papers. The only reason he had his students do so, was that these papers were a majour grade and they had all recieved perfect scores. Now, he wasn't sure what to do for the rest of the festival... Using his height to his advantage, Kyoa glanced around at all of the many stalls. He supposed he could get something to eat, but he wasn't hungry enough yet for that... The Language Arts teacher seemed to be at a loss for what to do until his eyes landed upon the flower booth. Yes! He seemed to be lacking in some flowers recently, so he decided to fix that problem.

    The teacher crossed through the crowd of people, giving out a polite 'good morning' every now and again before he reached the stall. "Excuse me, but might you have some purple lilies?" He asked, his soft voice held a sense of authority and it tended to frighten some of the students and their parents. Kyoa was just professional and made sure it showed.
  3. Talios, gold
    Talios looked up at the male that had spoken and he gave a dashing smile to the man and nodded. "Of course, though they pale in comparison to someone as lovely as you. You will make my poor flowers jealous of your good looks my friend." He said as he got the flowers and put them in a bouquet. If someone wanted a potted plant he was to deliver it to them at a later time since he didn't have any at the time since they took up more room then he could spare. "For you, I think a special price is required." He said smiling at the man.

    Malik had just finished what he was doing and came up to the flower booth, though he stood back and watched Talios. The male was working his magic on yet another customer, though it should make him jealous to see his boyfriend flirt with others, the fox flirted with women as well and he knew the man wasn't interested in them so he didn't pay much attention to this instance.
  4. Kyoa, purple
    Kyoa couldn't help but chuckle as he listened to Talios's words. "My, such kind words from one whom I've not met before." Kyoa took the bouquet of beautiful flowers as he placed the proper amount of money on the table. Kyoa figured that if this man was flirting with someone he just met, he must have been doing it to everyone, so Kyoa accepted what he beleived to be an empty compliment. "Now, forgive my prying, but if you are running this stand, you must be one of our new teachers here, correct?" He asked. Kyoa just wanted to make sure this was the teacher. He had heard of a new teacher who was quite the handsome flirt, and he would admit that Talios was very handsome. the flirt part had already been shown.
  5. Talios, gold
    "Why, of course I only speak the truth and you are very lovely. I would love to make a flower as beautiful as you, but that would be an impossible task on my part. Beauty such as yours can only be created once." He said sounding a bit sad before he smiled again. "I am a teacher here, I just started this year, Im the herbology teacher, and my students seem to be very eager to learn from me." He said smiling before he saw Malik.

    "Hello Kyoa, I hope my Talios isn't causing you any troubles.' He said before taking the male's chin and kissing him infront of the language arts teacher to show that Talios was his. A few students and parents saw this and while some blushed and found it entertaining others averted their eyes.

    Talios looked up at his boyfriend and blushed. "You don't have to do that everytime you see me you know." He said softly as he felt the other's arm go around his waist. Talios shivered slightly and blushed again.
  6. Kyoa, purple
    Another chuckle escaped from Kyoa as he heard the compliments. "My... Such bold words..." Kyoa was about to speak again when another male entered the scene. Hearing the words and seeing the actions towards Talios from this new male had realization spreading through the teacher. "Oh, no. There was no trouble." Kyoa made sure he had the proper amount of money on the table before he looked back at the duo and bowed slightly. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I should be taking my leave. I would hate to impose more than I already have. Thank you for the beautiful flowers." and with that, Kyoa turned and began his leave. He wasn't sure what to do... Perhaps go see if he had anything he needed to do in his classroom before heading back outside for lunch.
  7. Talios, gold
    Talios was a bit sad to see the other teacher leave but he didn't say anything as he counted the money Kyoa had left before one of the students came up and took over the booth. Malik smiled and took Talios' hand and led him to get something to eat knowing that he had to be hungry by now. "You really need to stop flirting so much Talios, I don't want those men getting the wrong idea about you. No one else can have you pet."

    Talios held Malik's arm and nodded slightly. He knew enough to know that he shouldn't flirt around new people, but he thought that his reputation was enough to let people think that he was just being nice and didn't mean what he said. He had meant what he said about Kyoa though and he figured that Malik didn't actually know about his real feeling in that regard. If he had, well Talios wouldn't just be getting a nice talk and he was well aware of it. He wasn't sure why he was still with Malik, but no one wanted to actually go against the man and he knew that he couldn't actually leave the other without a lot of effort. It didn't matter at the moment though he didn't have anyone that had feelings for him, and while he was interested in this Kyoa he didn't think the man was interested in him, but he had just met the guy.
  8. Kyoa, purple
    Kyoa had walked back up to his classroom. He had already sent his students out to have fun during the rest of the festival, so there was no one here and he really didn't expect anyone to come back up here, so he figured he would be alone for a while. He replaced the flowers in his flower pot that he had perched on the corner of his desk with the ones he just bought from Talios. After he arranged them in an array in which he was proud of, he sat down and began searching around his desk for anything that really needed to be done. Finding only a few papers he had left to grade, he decided to sit down and do that.

    After he had finished, it was about lunchtime, so he figured he should at least go get something to eat. He made his way back out from his classroom tot eh grounds of the festival and headed around to find the area that had all of the food stalls.
  9. Talios, gold
    Malik bought his boyfriend something to eat before he ended up getting called away. He cursed slightly having wanted to spend more time with the man but work came first. "I don't know when I'll be back love so try to have fun without me alright?" He said before kissing the other and leaving.

    Talios let out a sigh as he watched the man go. He wasn't sure what work the other was actually talking about. Looking around for a bit Talios thought he could go watch a performance or something. He should probably go back to the flower booth but at the same time he wanted to go back to his greenhouse. He was currently standing still and looking rather confused. He wasn't sure what he should do and that was why he had been shown around by Malik.
  10. Kyoa, purple
    Kyoa was wandering around the area, looking over opeople's heads. He really didn't know where he was going, or if he'd un into anyone, but most people just meanered around him. He hadn't noticed that someone was right in front of him as his neck was craned over everyone. Kyoa didn't notice there was another person there until he littereally ran right into him... or her... With a gasp, Kyoa stepped back and quickly looked at who he ran into. It was Talios. "M-My apologies, Talios! I wasn't watching where I was going. F-Forgive me!" He was bowed over slightly as he spoke, showing his sincerity.
  11. Talios, gold

    Talios turned as someone ran into him and he looked to see that it was Kyoa, the man that his boyfriend seemed to be a bit jealous of at the moment. At least it wasn't anything serious. "Oh, its alright Kyoa. I shouldn't have been standing in the path. I just don't know what to do. Malik had to take care of something and he left me here." He said softly looking down after a moment. "I want to enjoy the festival, but I don't know where to go." He looked a bit lost and sad just then, but he was going to find out just what there was to do.

    "I guess Ill just go back to my greenhouse. I don't really know anyone here besides my students and Malik of course." He said after a moment before he let out another sigh. "I am sorry for how things went at the flower booth."
  12. Kyoa, purple
    "Oh, no no. I should have been watching where I was going." Kyoa looked up when he heard Talios say something about Malik having to leave. "Well, you shouldn't be alone during the festival, and I need to repay you for running into you, so... would you allow me to acompany you? I would feel terrible knowing that you were all alone while everyone else was out here having fun." Kyoa spoke softly. He did feel bad for running into Talios, and Talios was an attractive man. Now there was no way he'd do anything, he knew that he was with Malik, but Kyoa just wanted to be nice. "Besides, I doubt you know any of the other teachers yet, so this could be a good time for us to become proper friends." he said with a smile.
  13. Talios, gold
    Talios looked at Kyoa for a moment before he decided that it would be alright to go around with this guy. "I think that would be alright, Malik did tell me to enjoy myself today and I would enjoy being with you." He blushed slightly when he realized how that sounded and he looked away quickly. "I see you like purple, I have more purple flowers back at my greenhouse, I just made more of the unusual colored flowers to the booth today. Well, and some of the normal colors since some don't like the exotic." He said after a moment thinking about what the other would like for flowers.
  14. Kyoa, purple
    Kyoa smiled when he heard Talios say that the other would enjoy being with Kyoa. "Indeed, I do like purple. Although it may be my favorite colour, I like most all flowers of all shapes, sizes and colours. I just felt as though I had been lacking recently and these lilies were just too impossibly beautiful to pass up." Kyoa adjusted the bouquet in his arms before he spoke again. "Although, if you would feel it at all awkward for me to acompany you, or if your boyfriend, I presume, would not be happy, I will stay out of your way." Kyoa just wanted to make sure that Talios wouldn't be uncomfortable and he also didn't want Malik to be angry with the other male. For some reason, Kyoa didn't get the safest feeling from Malik, but he chose to dismiss it.
  15. Talios, gold
    Talios shook his head at Kyoa and spoke. "I wouldn't feel awkward at all having you join me, as for Malik, well, he will be okay I mean Im just trying to get to know another teacher right? Since we both have a love for flowers, the greenhouse is the perfect place, well I think it is." He sad looking in the direction of the school greenhouse. "My personal greenhouse is more interesting, but you would have to come to my home to see it... and that I think would upset Malik." He said after a moment of thought.

    "Well, lets go." The golden haired male said before he started to walk towards his greenhouse. He thought of it as his, since he started from scratch with it. It seemed the previous teacher that had it didn't have a way with plants and killed most of them.

    Once he was in the greenhouse he relaxed a bit and let out a sigh. "Ah, this is better. I feel so much better when Im around plants, don't you?"
  16. Kyoa, purple
    Kyoa chuckled as he followed Talios. "Oh, don't worry. I wouldn't ask for such a thing, it would be far too inappropriate." Kyoa hadn't been to the school's greenhouse, despite his wishes. His love for flowers was great, but he never had the time to do so. So much work with stupid students who didn't know how to write to save a tadpole. You would think students that willingly join his clearly advanced English and Writing classes would be better... they're not....

    As soon as the humid air hit him, Kyoa let out a relieved sigh. "I do, indeed. Such a calming way to forget the world around us, correct?" He walked around and admired the beauty of the flowers.
  17. Talios, gold
    "Inappropriate? How so? If we were friends you would be able to come over though right?" He asked after a moment nodding as Kyoa talked about how his students didn't all know how to write. He had to laugh at that. "Yea, that does seem a bit odd, unless they feel their writing is better then it actually is."

    He had students that thought they could take care of plants when they had things like Chia pets. It was next to impossible to kill one of those! "Yea, I always feel calmest here, plants don't judge you, people do." He said softly.
    It was about that time when Malik returned to the fair. Seeing that Talios wasn't around, he decided to go to the green house a place he could always find his boyfriend eventually. He got closer and heard Talios talking to someone, then he saw who it was. This made the other angry and he barged into the greenhouse.

    "Kyoa, time for you to leave." He growled looking at Talios before the other shrank back slightly. "Malik, I wasn't doing anything but showing him my plants." He whispered softly. It didn't seem to matter though as he looked into Malik's eyes they flashed dangerously and he knew that tonight wouldn't be good for him.


    The next day Talios made sure to cover up not wanting anyone to see just what Malik had done. He shivered remembering how violent the other had been. It might have been the end of summer and hot, but Talios didn't seem to notice it. He wore long sleeves and had something around his neck. Since the man had been a vampire, being bitten wasn't uncommon when he was angry.

    With a small sigh the male went to one of his classes not flirting as he usually did. He didn't flirt so soon after such an event. He even went so far as to avoid Kyoa in the halls. He didn't want Malik angry again he knew enough to stop his behavior when the man got jealous and possessive. He actually wanted to leave the other, but he couldn't and no one wanted to go against Malik ever.
  19. Kyoa, purple
    Kyoa was about to respond to Talios when Malik barged in, demanding that the purple-haired beauty leave. Seeing the rage in Malik's eyes and the fear in Talios', Kyoa really didn't want to leave, but figured that it would end worse if he didn't leave. "I'm terribly, terribly sorry. I will be leaving now." And with that, Kyoa rushed out of the greenhouse.

    That night, Kyoa found it hard to sleep, even with his two foxes sleeping next to him because he was worrying so much about Talios. He hoped the other was okay and hoped he could see Talios at school the next day.


    Kyoa was clad in his normal kimono at school the next day. He hadn't seen Talios at all the day and he was kind of frustrated because of it. Worry coursed through his veins as he walked down the halls between classes, heading off to complete an errand before his next class started.

    As he neared a corner, two boys came flying from it in what seemed to be a fight and shoved Kyoa into the nearby lockers, tearing his outfit slightly. When the grunt of surprise was heard, all of the chattering and shouting stopped. People ran away and the two boys stood in shock and utter fear as Kyoa righted himself and silently looked down at the two boys, a fire literally seeming to grow in his eyes.

    There were few things that really pissed the English teacher off... One was loud and obnoxious students... another was being forced around... another was his outfit being ruined... all three of these things happened within five seconds and the children were lucky that Kyoa hadn't burnt them to a crisp yet.

    "Why... the HELL... are you two yelling and fighting?"

    The words were spoken slowly, with venom dripping from each syllable as he visibly struggled to contain himself. He was shaking and he was clenching his fists and shutting his eyes. The two boys didn't answer and Kyoa shouted once.


    The two boys seemed to be close to tears at this point and one finally got the guts to speak.

    "W-W-Well... we were arguing because P-Professor Talios is all covered up in the middle of summer a-and... and he said," pointing at the other boy, "that the Professor's boyfriend was being violent towards him!"

    That is when the other boy decided to speak up.

    "Well, he said that the Professor hurt himself!!"

    After the last boy spoke, Kyoa gripped one shoulder on each of them before they started fighting again. Unconsciously, Kyoa's grip began to tighten on their shoulders, ensuring that they would stay quiet.

    "Listen here... If I EVER hear either of you or ANYONE talking about these rumours of Professor Talios, I will take BOTH of you to the Headmaster and get you both EXPELLED! I will have ZERO tolerance for FALSE accusations towards my fellow teachers and I will NOT ALLOW STUPID, IGNORANT CHILDREN TO ATTEMPT TO RUIN THEIR CAREERS WITH FALSE RUMOURS THAT TWO STUPID BOYS CAME UP WITH!!! AM I CLEAR!?"

    Kyoa's voice began raising in volume until he was shouting into each of their faces. After he was done with his rant, he released the boys with a shove and they both ran separate directions, possibly crying or with crap in their pants because of how scared they were.

    Kyoa stood there for a moment and sighed, trying to regain his composure as he inspected the tear in his kimono. With an irritated sigh, he set off to find someone to fix this.
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