Kylo Ren is Emo (and has an eight pack)

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  1. So I have this deep need to play Kylo Ren. Or even Hux. I'll play either of them as long as my rp partner is okay playing the other. I definitely have a preference for playing Kylo as a bottom, but I can (and will) play a dominant or submissive Hux or Kylo. I have some plot candies and stuff I'd like to see in this rp, but it's not mandatory.

    I do ask that my partners give me several paragraphs to reply to, they reply at least once a week, and have decent spelling and grammar.

    For this rp (or any like this), I'd prefer it to be libertine, but it doesn't have to be. If you are interested in doing a Kylo/Hux libertine rp with me, I can let you know of my kinks and stuff.

    Plot candies:
    1. After Kylo is injured on Takodana, Hux takes him back onto the Finalizer and Kylo is having a tantrum and only Hux can calm him down.
    2. Hux and Kylo get stranded somewhere remote and they have to find their way back to the First Republic, while dealing with each other.
    3. Kylo and Hux get captured by the Resistance and as Kylo starts spending time away from Snoke and the Dark Side his resolve begins to weaken. When he escapes, Kylo isn't so sure that his destiny is tied with the Dark Side.
    4. Hux starts to give Kylo some tough love when he's having a tantrum.
    I'm open to pretty much anything, also, so if you have anything that you'd like to see, please let me know.
  2. I'm still looking for rp partners!
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  3. I'm still looking!
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