Kylara is looking for a RP Home!

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Would you be willing to roleplay with Kylara?

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  1. Kylara is a character that I have created, and I am looking for a decent RP to play her in! I am very proud of this character, and have put a lot of time into creating her, and am still in process of creating. I am improving her bio daily, in hops she finds a good home.

    ((Her charrie avatar is in process of being made))
    Written Description
    Kylara is a short young woman, about 5"4. Her brunette hair runs just past her shoulders, and is often in a net of tangles due to the wind when flying. Often, when it gets too long, she just hacks it off with her kitchen scissors because it annoys her so. Her body frame is slim, very very skinny. When you see her you'd probably think she's anorexic, but she's not. Its because of the genetic modifications that was done to her.

    Kylara has wings. 18 foot wings. Her wings are dark brown, with some white speckles in them. Along with these wings she has grown some new muscles, and even some new bones. She has several muscles and bones in her back, where her wings are attached to support her back when she flies so that it doesn't snap in two. Furthermore, she has grown some new muscles in the front, making her a bit bulky looking. She's not the cutest looking woman, but she doesn't really care. Also, her bones are almost completely hollow to account for body rate. Even more, her heart races at twice the normal heart rate than a human to make sure she gets enough blood when she's flying, and therefore eats up 3 or 4 times the amount of calories. This means she needs lots of food, and no matter what amount she eats, she is still super skinny.
    Strengths and Weaknesses
    While the picture above doesn't show it, Kylara does have wings. She is able to fly. She can fly at supersonic speed, but not without bursting her eardrums for a time.

    Also, I'm going to have her grow into a new power. It's going to start really really small, but if she practices, she could become really powerful. This power is to control electricity. Well, electricity is the best word for it. It's not necessarily electricity. It's more of a pure energy. Not only will she be able to generate electric energy, she would also be able to manipulate the thermal energy. For example, say if she's outside a range of anything electrical, she could still generate it. It lives within her. If/When she gets strong enough, she may even be able to control the lightning. We'll see! :D
    Not only will she be able to manipulate electric energy, she would also be able to manipulate the thermal energy. She will be able to control the temperature at certain times.
    The problem with this power is, that it will seriously dehydrate Kylara. She needs lots of water to be able to use this power, if she doesn't...well let's not think about that.
    Like I said, this power will start out really really small, she won't even realize she has it at first. Slowly, she'll realize she's gained a new power, but she won't be able to control it. It would be spontaneous. Little by little, she would learn to control it, or how to use it would be more accurate.

    She was also taught how to defend herself, so she can and will fight if a situation calls for it.
    Kylara really does have a kind heart, but after all she's been through, she doesn't know how to show it. She doesn't cry very often, it is extremely difficult to get this girl in tears. She speaks her mind, and works hard for what she wants. She doesn't trust as easily as she used to, as she's been manipuated more than once. She has a very soft spot for children.
    The rest will be RP'd

    Kylara spent the first five years of her life as a member of a happy family. Her mother, Regina, and her father, Malik, were both good parents. They raised Kylara, and her brother Alex, the best they could. She had a happy life, looking up to her parents. She went to a normal school, made friends, and just enjoyed life. She had a normal five years of life.

    Then it all changed.

    Kylara was kidnapped. On her way to school, a black van stopped suddenly and snatched her from the spot she stood. Before Kylara had a chance to struggle, or do anything she was taught to do in a situation like that, her kidnappers jammed a needle in her arm. Kylara struggled, but slowly she fell asleep. They had sedated her.

    The men took her to a facility. A facility that she was apparently chosen to be a candidate for. It wasn't government run, but private. Kylara's captors carried her unconscious body into a small room and placed her on the bed. Placing restraints on both her wrists and her ankles, the men left the room, the sound of a lock clicking.

    Kylara woke, unsure of where she was, and what had happened. As she opened her eyes, she saw she was in a strange room filled with lots of science stuff. Her eyes widened and she struggled to get up, but the restraints held her down. Screaming, Kylara threw herself against the restraints, using all the strength in her small body. It was then that the scientists entered.

    Kylara screamed even more, tears coming down her eyes. "Let me go! I want to go home!" Ignoring Kylara, the scientists proceeded to examine her, saying stuff such as "Subject is compatible for testing. Proceed as planned."

    All this terrified Kylara, and she started crying. They took her in a different room, and started to run experiments on her.

    For the next several years, Kylara was experimented on without consideration.

    They injected a portion of avian DNA into Kylara's bloodstream, just to see what it would do. And they made her do physical tests, mental test, all that stuff.

    The Avian DNA injected in her bloodstream took a few years to show effect. Kylara's body began to change slightly. She was forming new muscle, and even knew bones. This process took about a year to finish, and then something unthinkable happened. She grew a pair of wings. A full sized set of wings that would be able to carrie her body weight. Thus explaining the new muscle and bones in her spine.

    Both Kylara and the scientists were amazed. They quickly made her run tests, to see if she could actually fly. It took some time, but with lots of practice, Kylara had finally learned how to master the art of flying.

    While Kylara hated these scientists, this place, it was all she could remember. She didn't remember her parents, her brother, or anything of her old life. This, as much as she hated it, was her home. But one day, she got sick of it. She was about 13 when she decided that she wanted to escape. But once she had made this decision, she was approached by one of the scientists. This particular scientist, named Mark, was one who had been kind to Kylara. He was the only one he provided her with her physical needs, such as food and water. When he asked if she wanted to leave, Kylara eagerly said yes. With a smile, Mark snuck her out of the Facility and took her in as his own daughter and took her home.

    He taught her how to defend herself, how to fight, and how to survive. Kylara looked up to him as her own father. However, it wasn't going to be a forever deal. When Mark deemed her ready for the world, he told her he loved her, and left. Kylara was on her own, and has been ever since.

    Please shoot me a message, or reply here if you are interested! I'm not necessarily interested in a 1x1, I prefer a group roleplay. So please keep that in mind!​
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  2. I'm not really seeking to invite anyone at this time, just out of curiosity, when you say she can manipulate pure energy, you provide an example featuring more electrical energy. I was wondering, does she also have a prowess over Thermal energy as well?
  3. I never thought about that, but I like the idea :) Will edit that into her bio! Thank ya!
  4. Hmm... I'm plotting some sort of "fantasy characters mingle" type of RP where this actually may be able to be worked with, though I'm not sure how long it'll take for things to come together (I'll give you updates and/or add you to that conversation if you're interested :S)
  5. Hmmm.....May be interested, keep me posted!
  6. Alright, I'll add you to the group so we could all plot together or something :P (it's simply an idea in the works now o-o)
  7. About all I can think of where the character might fit in is a couple supers-themed games. Not sure if they're really your cup of tea, although since it's all original characters and such rather than based on Marvel or DC, at least there's less pressure to do proper capes and costumes. Well...and one's really more general scifi.
  8. I don't need a roleplay for her anymore :)
  9. Are we not doing the facility?
  10. Working on getting this thread deleted, Soul. Sketch is a bit busy at the moment, she will be on soon as she can.
  11. Oh hahaha alright!
  12. she's slightly similar to both of my characters in a way. She'll make fast friends with them.
  13. ARGH STOP POSTING HERRRREEE I don't need another RP with her. >.> Trying to get the thread deleted but it wont let me!
  14. is it THAT serious?
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