Kyaan/Human Black Market

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  1. “Far off in space, we have discovered a solar system very similar to ours, with a planet that almost matches Earth. The sky is blue, the grass is green, et cetera. The most prominent difference is in the planet’s inhabitants. At first glance, many of them look human. However, these creatures have traits of different Earth animals as well. Some may have rabbit ears, others might have the wings of a bird. These animalistic traits are not strictly hereditary- for example, if two people with bear paws and tails have a child, that child may not necessarily have bear paws or a tail- but the animal species is the same. Said child of bear-pawed-and-tailed people may have bear ears instead. The most common animal traits are ears, tail, senses, fur, and pattern markings on the skin.These animal-people live amongst the full animals that they match. They are relatively modern, despite living with animals, and their technological advancement is that of the early 2000’s. They speak languages similar to ours as well as communicating with their animal species. ” A bespectacled scientist was standing at the head of a room full of comfortable chairs with obviously wealthy people seated in them. He was explaining to these people the new planet and its inhabitants he and his fellow scientists had found during an exploration trip into space.

    “Get on with it!” Someone called from the back. “Why did you call us here?”

    The rambling scientist became rather flustered by this outburst, but continued. “Uh, right, right. Well, we have brought back a few of these creatures to show you. We will be selling them to you, or you can request that we retrieve one of a specific species for you. That will take much longer, however. You can use them however you want. A bodyguard, perhaps? Or maybe a household servant, or a companion for your child. They are highly intelligent, and will learn quickly if you train them properly. Each one will be fitted with a collar that is voice-activated and will be programed to your voice, as well as anyone else’s you wish. It can give a small shock of electricity at your command as a punishment for doing something wrong. This shock is not strong enough to harm them, but it does cause some temporary discomfort and serves as an excellent disciplinary tool. Besides this collar, which will be given to you for no extra cost, you can buy various other tools made specifically for handling the creatures.” The scientist paused as another one whispered something in his ear and smiled. “It seems that we are ready to begin. If you’ll just follow me, I will lead you to where the creatures have been set up, and you can make your purchases and requests.”

    The scientist waited for everyone to stand up before leading them out of the room and down a short hallway. He walked through an open door and stepped to the side, gesturing for the clients to look around. “Go ahead and peruse our selection, and feel free to ask a scientist for assistance or alert one of us when you are ready to make a purchase.”


    Ziovi blinked sleepily and sat up, looking around with a confused expression. Last he remembered, he had been taking a walk down the mountain he lived on to get some fish from the town in the valley. Now, he was locked inside a cage not nearly tall enough for him to stand up in. There was a thick sheet of paper taped to the outside of his cage with a rather large number and some strange symbol that looked like an S with a line through it. Looking down at himself, Ziovi found himself wearing a loose white shirt and black pants. Odd, that wasn’t what he was wearing before he’d been knocked out...He saw about nine or so other Kyaan in cages, but he was the only snow leopard that he could see. Reaching up with pale-skinned hands to brush his shaggy grey and white streaked hair our of his face, he flicked his ears around to see if he could hear anything of interest. Ziovi had no idea what he was doing there, but he noticed that the Kyaan not in cages weren’t part-animal. Perhaps they were weird mutants without the different traits he was so used to seeing.

    Ziovi’s pale blue eyes widened when he heard one of the strange Kyaan say that they were being purchased. A low growl rose in his throat, and his dark grey and white tail twitched angrily. Who were these weird Kyaan to think that they could just kidnap him and sell him off?

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  2. One of the female Kyaan by the name of Ophealia noticed the snow leopard first as she scanned the rest of the others. She asked one of the assistants how much they would be selling him for. She noticed how unhappy he was being in that cage and she though she could use him as a pet and companion since her dream was always to have a snow leopard as a pet. Going over to him, she placed her hand on the cage to help him calm down before letting him smell her. "Hey there, it's alright." noticing how uncomfortable he was in that cage.

    Ophealia was the sister of one of the directors in the group. Her eyes were a light green, her pale skin was as soft as a feather and always loved to wear black. Calling her brother Xavier over to her, "What do you think of this one?" she asked trying to get his opinion and approval at the same time.

    "Beautiful creature. It'll suit you well my dear." giving her smile. Xavier had his eyes set on a brown eagle. Xavier was one of the directors that came to the meeting. In fact, Ophealia and Xavier are half siblings but they seem to be more than that since they are always together. However, Ophealia is Xavier's personal assistant. She turned down the director job because she didn't feel as if she would be as successful and feared that she would the company into the ground after her father had died. After her father died, she handed the position over to Xavier. Another reason for declining the position was because she was a pursuing a career in modelling and acting.

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  3. One of the assistants followed Ophelia to the snow leopard's cage, checking the paper taped to it. "It appears that this one is $1,000,000. Should I get the paperwork for you?" She watched Ophelia, waiting for an answer.


    Ziovi stopped growling, surprised when the female placed her hand against his cage and spoke to him. Cautiously, he began to inch closer to the side she was on. Kneeling, he studied her in silence for a short while, taking in the scent from her hand without pressing himself against it. Sensing that she wasn't trying to be intimidating, he visibly relaxed. "Wh-where am I? Who are you? Why don't you have any animal traits?" He asked softly, a strange lilt to his voice. All he wanted was answers to the many questions whirling around in his head.

    In an act of trust, he brought a slightly shaking hand up and rested it against the cage, mirroring what the female outside of it was doing. Despite how pale she was, his hand was still almost snow-white, with slight grey rosettes like the marks on his tail.


    The assistant smiled. "He seems to like you, which is more than how some of the others are acting. I'll go get the papers and a pen so you can stay here with him." Before she could get a response, she walked over to the table where some of the other humans or 'odd kyaan' as the ones in cages saw them were filling out forms and paying. She grabbed a clipboard with forms on it and a pen before bringing them back to Ophelia.

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  4. Ophealia looked up at her brother, "Please. Can I?" He nodded to her for approval. "Thank you, please do." she said to the assistant

    When she heard him speak, it made her want him even more. "You are on a planet called Earth. My name is Ophealia and I'm a human." she responded softly. "Don't be afraid, my kind can be cruel and mean others are like me caring and sweet." giving him a soft smile, "And your name is?" resting her hand palm where his was.

    "It seems so doesn't it, he's very sweet." she said looking up at her. "Thank you." she focused her attention back to Ziovi.

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  5. The assistant filled out most of the forms, just leaving the signature line blank for Ophelia to sign. "He seems to be the youngest one we've got, around eighteen or nineteen years of age. That golden eagle Xavier seems interested in is a similar age, as far as we can tell."


    "Earth..." Ziovi mimicked softly, trying to get used to the way it sounded. "I'm from a planet called Alaara. My name is Ziovi, and I'm a kyaan." He said, smiling slightly as he thought of his family, but the smile dropped back into a neutral expression as he realized that he'd probably never see them again.


    In a cage not too far away from Ziovi's, a tall and very skinny girl sat hunched up. She glared at anyone who walked by, and remained silent. She had rather tan skin, as though she spent much time in the sun, and had a raptor's piercing golden eyes which intensified her glare. Long, curly/frizzy dark brown hair hung down her back to her waist, pulled into a ponytail. The girl wore the same white shirt and black pants as the other kyaan, but there were large slits cut in the back of the shirt. Sticking out of these slits, folded tightly against her back, were two huge bird wings. They were also dark brown, almost black with a few white spots and streaks and resembled a golden eagle's. Her hair and wings seemed to have a golden gleam to them, but it was easy to miss.
  6. Taking the forms Ophealia signed and handed them back to the assistant, "Well they're really exotic beings." smiling affectionately at Ziovi.

    She rested her hand back on his cage,"Alaara, I'll have to do some research on it myself. "Don't worry I'll make you a place that reminds you of home, a garden to run, hunt and play around in." she said noticing the neutral expression. "I'll be right back." she said leaving Ziovi's cage and going over to Xavier.

    "What do we have here, brother?" admiring the bird that he was looking at. "Very beautiful." she whispered softly.
  7. Nodding, the assistant took the forms back. "I wasn't on the trip, but I hear their world was pretty amazing. Most of it was still all nature-y, like they hadn't ruined it with pollution and all that. Guess that's to be expected, since they don't want to harm their animal friends." With that, she went back to the table to complete the transaction, making the snow leopard officially Ophelia's.


    "It's a beautiful place." Ziovi murmured, more to himself. He let his hand drop into his lap and watched Ophelia go. Left alone for the moment, Ziovi couldn't help thinking about Alaara and his former life there. He wondered what this new life would be like, but doubted it would be as great as life back on Alaara. Sure, he'd probably be better fed and healthier, but there was a certain satisfaction in knowing that you had to fight to earn what you needed to live, both literally and figuratively. Plus, he'd never see another snow leopard Kyaan again. Scratch that, he might never see another snow leopard again. Trying to turn his thoughts to something happier, Ziovi wondered how his sister did with her coming-of-age test. She'd always been good at stealth, so she'd probably passed that part with flying colors. Hopefully he'd trained her well enough to pass hunting, which she'd always struggled at. "Nima, I miss you." Ziovi murmured, sighing.


    Arasonal turned her gaze to stare at Ophelia, her expression giving away nothing as her calculating mind tried to figure out what to make of Ophelia. The tan girl shifted slightly in her cage, relaxing her wings slightly. She softened her gaze, so she wasn't glaring so much as calmly observing. She still hadn't said anything since waking up, unlike most of the others who had all started yaking immediately.
  8. Ophealia smiled graciously and came over to her brother. "Beautiful bird, Xavier." she said admiring Arasonal. Ophealia noticed that she was just waking up. Occasionally she would look back at Ziovi to see how he was doing. "What do you plan on having her for?" she asked softly trying to upset Arasonal.
  9. Ziovi watched the other kyaan and humans interacting, waiting to see what would happen. It appeared that almost everyone else had been paid for, except for just one or two. Those that were purchased were being released one at a time and led to a separate room, where he couldn't see what was going on. Finally, one of the assistants let him out and guided him over to the room. They instructed him to stand still, and he did so while watching them nervously. Moving quickly, the assistant closes a black leather collar with odd little sensors on the inside and a few wires and electrical bits embedded between layers of leather around Ziovi's neck and locks it on with a tiny silver padlock. Too surprised to fight, Ziovi just stands there with a puzzled expression on his face. "Eh, what?" He stutters, confused.

    The assistant ignores what the snow leopard said and hurried around the room, packing a small bag with some standard clothing in the boy's size. "Collar." He says, and the collar makes a small beep as if to say that it's 'listening'. "Execute standard vitals scan." It beeps twice, and Ziovi shudders at the odd sensation that comes from it, a slight tingling. After a minute, it stops and a tinny voice intones, "Vitals scan completed. All signs normal." Handing him the bag, the assistant led Ziovi back out. "Miss Ophelia, your snow leopard is all set, so you can get going whenever you want. Mister Xavier? Should I prepare the golden eagle for you?"
  10. Ophealia turned around at the assistant "Thank you." reaching for Ziovi's bag. "I prefer not have to have him on a collar just yet, I prefer to choose one of my preference." taking off the collar and handing it back to the assistant. "You've been caged up for too long and now they want a collar on you. I can't stand that." she rubbed his where the collar was.

    Xavier turned around as well, "Yes, please." he handed the assistant the money for both Ziovi and Arasonal. "Ophealia, I'll meet you back at the house. I still have business to attend to and oh take this one with you." Ophealia nodded and waited for Arasonal to come with them. As she waited she was playing with Ziovi.

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