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  1. {INTRO}

    Do you remember.. Cross academy?
    Do you remember.. how things used to be?

    Do you remember.. the dreams we shared?
    Do you remember..what drove you to me?

    Do you remember.. the deal we made?
    Do you remember.. the price that must be paid?

    It has being two years since you graduated from the Cross academy, the place that can now only be found in your memories. It has being two years since the place was destroyed, it has being two years since you formed a deal with a devil.

    Your life had ether hit rock bottom, or maybe you just wanted something more? Your feelings of rejection, sorrow, discontentment.. the negative feelings that grasped your heart drew the demon to you, like a moth to a flame. The demon would grant you whatever your vampire heart desired, it's price seemed almost laughable. Whatever your reason, you agreed and sealed your fate.

    You have waited so long, hungry for a soul. You have watched with bated breath, lips drawn tight as you await for someone to be desperate enough to make a deal with you. You watched the academy destroy itself, you watched as many young vampires had nowhere to go. You felt their despair.

    Your wait has payed off, and a deal has being struck. A deal unlike any other, you are used to dealing with humans not these. The principle is still the same, the soul is the payment. But the wants and wishes of the one's your serve are different, the waiting will last a long time.. unless a game is played..


    A new academy was created by the aristocratic Vampire known as Richard Nox, a place that was not just an area of learning.. but rather a sanctuary for Vampire and servant alike, a place where everyone could be safe. But nothing is as it seems.. a place where friends and foes will be forged, hearts will be made and broken, love will bloom and wilt. Trust will be met with heartless betrayal, and the name of this place?

    Kuroshitsuji Knight
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  2. ABOUT:​

    Summery: so, as you can no doubt tell, this is a cross over between the anime's Black Butler and Vampire knight. Though this RPG is based on them, it's not required that you know the anime's in order to join :]

    any information about this RPG that you need to know will ether be hand written by me or borrowed from Wiki's, at the bottom of this page will be links to the wiki's so you can look up anything you want.. though please be aware that there may be spoilers.

    This RPG can be anything we want it to be, dark.. light hearted, sad, funny.. romantic.. it's all down to the whim of the RPGier! Likewise the plot's totally open, so please feel free to let your imagination run wild.. as long as you don't destroy the establishment, it's an imagination free for all!

    This RPG will also have the school element from Vampire knight, however lessons can be skipped and rpied only a little.. just make sure that everyone's okay with the skip. You can also RP as a teacher- the teacher will not count as a character (see limited spaces paragraph) since I'm not sure how much they'll be used so please ask if you'd like to be one!

    More information will be added as the RPG goes on.

    The Way the RPG Works:​

    Limited spaces: there are six spaces for RPGiers in total, and three (counting mine have being reserved) but there's no pressure for reserves.. if you'd like to unreserved your spot, lemme know! Just because I've reserved you doesn't mean to say you can't cancel and join at a later date :] if all spaces are gone and you really wanna join.. let me know and I'll see what I can do!

    For now every RPGier may have one vampire and one butler each, they may also create an optional human. Vampires are the one's who gain demon butlers, humans are more like a stand alone and you may involve them anyway you wish as long as they don't form a contract with a demon..yet. More races such as Grim Reapers, will be added as time goes on.. or if you have a killer idea and really want one.. pm me.

    Labels: no doubt you've noticed the labels on this RPG, well in terms of the content ones they're more or less the things that have a high possibility of being in this RPG.. and though the posting quality is labled beginner, this RPG welcomes all posting types and styles! But I don't want people to feel they have to write reams unless they want to, since I believe that everyone should write however they like.. as long as it's not in text talk, it's coolio!

    Time setting: the educational institution is set (exterior and interior) in Victorian times. This includes uniforms and etiquette, the outside world however is set in 2020.. a time not really any different from our own.

    It would be really awesome if: All the Vampires had a demonic butler or maid in this RPG :]

    Where does your character live: they can ether live in the academy dorms, or have their own home in the outside world, it's up to you. They can also get jobs and have hobbies and activities.. it's totally up to you!

    How should we start: that to.. is up to you! If it's easer you could talk over things with whoever you're rping with and start out by writing how your vampire acquired their butler :] it's utterly your choice!
    Help: if you have any questions or anything, you can PM me or ask here :]
    Wiki links: Black Butler/ Vampire Knight
  3. Races:

    Vampires are the supernatural creatures of the Vampire Knight universe. As in traditional folklore, they are sensitive to the sun and are active during the night; however, in reality, sunlight only hurts their eyes and does not actually cause them any physical damage.

    When killed, vampires will turn into sand, though Purebloods are an exception when they die, as they shatter into shards of glass instead. The most effective way to kill any vampire is to cut off their head or stab their heart using an anti-vampire weapon. Blood tablets had been developed to take the place of actual blood feeding, despite having a bad taste. Vampires also have a bloodlust that can only be quenched by the blood of their beloved.

    {here are 5 types of vampires, ranked according to the purity of their blood. The more diluted by human blood, the lower their ranking is. }

    Level A are the Purebloods; the rarest, most elite, and most powerful class, whose blood lines have never mixed with any humans. They are the monarchy of the vampire race, meaning that they are very powerful and demonstrate many abilities such as being the only vampires able to turn humans into their own kind. However, these former human vampires are not powerful and will eventually lose their sanity and falling into Level E.

    Level A Vampires. The heritage of these vampires haven't been diluted by human blood. They are the strongest type of vampires and have the most significant powers, and can destroy any lower vampire with ease. However, despite the fact Purebloods are very powerful, they only make up only a very small portion of the vampire population. The Senate holds Purebloods in extremely high regard, to the point where it is taboo to kill or even harm a Pureblood vampire. As a result, they are treated like royalty. The powers a Pureblood vampire are dangerous to both their fellow vampires and humans.

    Level B are known as the Aristocrats. Every Aristocrat has a special ability (e.g. Hanabusa's ability to freeze vampires, humans and objects etc.) and the power to heal faster, have more strength and move more quickly. They have a small amount of human blood in their ancestry.

    Also known as level B vampires, they are elite vampires with specialized abilities beyond normal vampires. These are also very powerful vampires, but not as powerful as Purebloods, due to having a small amount of human blood in their ancestry. They have super strength and speed, as well as specialized powers such as mind control or freezing matter. When an aristocrat is killed, they turn to dust like all other vampires, excluding Purebloods. These vampires are still able to be compelled by Purebloods, but enjoy a much more independent lifestyle in general. The Vampire Council is usually made up from their ranks.

    Levels C, D and E include humans who have been turned into a vampire by a Pureblood rather than being born as a vampire. These ex-humans would eventually go mad with bloodlust and become a "Level E" if they are not stabilized by drinking the blood of the one who originally bit them. Stabilized ex-humans are known as "Level C" or "regular vampires", and humans that have been bitten, but have not gone mad are "Level D".

    Level C vampires. These are average vampires with no significant powers. Level C vampires are not usually seen in the anime but have several different appearances throughout the manga. They only have super speed, strength and they heal faster than a normal human.

    Ex-human vampires, also known as level D and level E, are the lowest form of vampires, humans who have been turned into vampires by being bitten by a Pureblood vampire. The E in Level E represents the word "end" because after falling to level E, it's usually the end of their life after losing control. If they don't want to die, they'll have to drink the blood of the Pureblood that bit them. The consequence is that the Pureblood would have complete control over the person and that person would truly become a vampire.

    {Elite vampires, such as Level B and Purebloods are known to have special powers. The following powers have been demonstrated:

    ◾All vampires display an accelerated healing. The purer the vampire blood, the stronger the healing factor.

    ◾Decelerated aging: the purer the vampire blood, the longer the life of the vampire. Purebloods are immortal. They age very slowly and they can only be killed if someone cuts off their head or if they are continuously immobilized and shot/stabbed in the heart with an anti-vampire weapon.

    ◾Ability to erase memories.

    ◾Ability to use animals as a familiar, to watch and listen.

    ◾Telekinetic powers, able to use these highly destructively.

    ◾Aristocrats most commonly display the ability to control an individual element, such as fire, ice, lightning, etc.

    ◾All vampires have heightened senses like their ability to smell blood from a great distance.

    ◾Super strength, vampires can tear through flesh with ease and destroy large concrete structures (walls, pillars, etc.) and can leap great distances

    ◾ All vampires have accelerated speed, they are able to appear beside someone instantly. }

    Demon (悪魔; Akuma, also translatable as Devil) is a supernatural being who occasionally comes to the human world to form a Faustian contract with a human (or in this case Vampire), offering a range of services in return for the future consumption of the individual's soul.

    Demons seem to exist for the sole purpose of consuming human (and vampire) souls. They are shown to be capable of doing this by either forming Faustian contracts with humans or simply taking their souls.

    There are two aesthetics of demons: one, their masters' orders are absolute and two, obey those orders while keeping their contracts. These two aesthetics are the reason for most demons' actions. There is no faith or loyalty that prompts them to act otherwise. However, demons are highly afraid of breaking their aesthetics, this being why they value their masters' lives above their own.

    A contracted person receives a mark of their contract somewhere on his or her body, with a corresponding mark appearing simultaneously on the demon. The location of the mark can be chosen by the person who wishes to make a contract, or it can be the choice of the demon, as in Ciel's case. The more visible the location of the seal is, the stronger it is.

    The contract mark is comparable to a scar or brand, and allows the demon to be able to locate his or her master at any time. It gives the human great authoritative power over the contracted demon, but at the same time makes it impossible for him or her to ever escape said demon. Sebastian likens the contract to a "collar.”

    In order to create the contract, a human has to summon a demon. However, it seems that they do not need to be aware of the existence of demons, attempt to summon a specific demon, or even summon one intentionally, as Ciel states he summoned Sebastian accidentally. It seems that a human needs to have a lack of faith in God, and be desperately searching for a way out, if Ciel's situation is indicative of a typical summoning process. Sebastian states that once summoned, this fact will not change for all eternity.

    All the same, it seems that the human still has the option to go through and create the contract, or dismiss the demon, as when Sebastian was summoned, he asked Ciel to make a decision. Demons seem to be independent operatives. They contract on their own behalf, and there is no suggestion that they serve any supreme devil/demon, or any evidence that such an entity exists in the series (though there is reference to God).

    While demons are physically capable of consuming human food, as shown through Sebastian's sampling of lemonade, cake, curry, and wine at various points in the series, it seems that only human souls are able to satiate their hunger. William states that refraining from consuming souls can leave demons "starving" to the point that they cannot help themselves.

    {Demons are shown to have a variety of abilities, including:

    ◾Enhanced Strength: Demons are shown to be vastly stronger than humans.

    ◾Enhanced speed: the ability to outrun a car.. also able to block or dodge objects,

    ◾Enhanced endurance: sustain multiple injuries they are also able to survive attacks that would kill humans (and vampires), such as when shot in the head and chest multiple times.

    ◾Enhanced sense of smell: demons are able to find humans and vampires based on smell, including ones they have never personally met; and are able to deduce if they are dead, alive, or injured; and is able to discern if someone is a human or a member of another race.

    ◾Transformation: many demons have demonstrated that they can switch between their human form to their true demon form and back quickly.

    ◾Immortality: as Sebastian said a demon can live forever, and they will heal/regenerate from any injuries even if their entire bodies are destroyed, but a demon could get killed by a demonic sword known as Lævateinn.

    humans are.. normal.. they're just like you and me. The RPG human is no different to the humans that are seen every day :]
  4. Subjects and time tables​

    (all years get the same subjects, just harder difficulty levels.. also, all subjects with a * next to them need a teacher. A student can have three subjects at the most and one club activity )

    main subjects
    Language (can be French, German, Spanish or Itallian)*
    History (reserved by me)
    Music (instrumental)*
    Music (vocal)*

    club activity

    (please note that anything with a + means a club leader is needed, to become a club leader a student must be voted in by other students)

    Advanced Math+
    Vampirism and you (a guide to retaining control)+

    extra staff
    Nurse (available)
    Janitor (available)
    substitute teacher (available)
    Principle Richard Nox (played by me)
  5. reserved for anything else I may have forgotten :]
  6. Rules:
    1. no god modding
    2. no perfect characters
    3. please FF (fade to black) or move to PM if rping get's..to mature
    4. please use {} if using OOC in the RP
    5. please be nice in OOC
    6. you can ether use your own characters or characters from ether anime
    7. write how you wanna!
    8. If you have any questions, please ask!
    9. You don't have to have seen the anime in order to join
    10. realistic and anime pictures are welcome
    11. if you aren't sure what to put in your form, you can leave it blank and fill it in later
    12. more things may be added as time goes on
    13. all types of relationships are allowed, be they of the opposite or same sex :]
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  7. Characters:
    Berry (just in case you decide to join, Berry :] though there's no pressure :] )
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  8. Forms

    Vampire form:

    Age (actual):
    Age in looks:

    Gender preference:
    Seme, Uke or Seke:

    Vampire Type:
    Power if any:

    Are you enrolled in the academy?:
    if so what subjects are you doing?:
    what is your club?:

    if not in the academy, what are you doing?:
    do you have a job?:

    where do you live?:

    do you have a butler yet? And if so who?:
    where is your mark?:

    optional Bio:


    extra info:

    Demon form:

    Demon Name:
    Nick name your master has given you:

    Age (actual):
    Age in looks:

    Gender preference:
    Seme, Uke or Seke:

    demon form:
    what does your contract seal look like:

    Dio you have a master, and if so who?:

    optional Bio:


    extra info:

    Human form:


    Gender preference:
    Seme, Uke or Seke:

    Are you enrolled in the academy?:
    if so what subjects are you doing?:
    what is your club?:

    if not in the academy, what are you doing?:
    do you have a job?:

    where do you live?:
    optional Bio:

    extra info:
  9. okay.. I think.. that's it.. time to open the thread! :] ..and hope I haven't forgotten anything..
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