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    Countess Elena Darkwood and her butler... Raziya Elunare
    Countess Adela Enralle and her butler... Luca Chambers

    Countess Charity Von Nacht and her butler... Vael Krusnic

    Countess Emilia Draven Beckeinsal and her butler... Mikeal Petrova

    Countess Seras Sinclaire and her butler... Niklaus Gabrikeil
    Earl Misha Baskerville and his butler... Azrayla Lentil

    Earl Halland Avalon and his butler... Lareje Corinthia

    Earl Liatris Disney and his butler... Felix Clarke

    Earl Ashton Grey Chamberlain and his butler... Vladimir Turner

    Earl Michael Aumont and his butler... Alastair Battle

    Earl Cedric Robillard and his butler... Aloysius Parker
    Countess Cynthia Elisa Loveless and her butler... Klara Jager

    Charolette Evans the Grim Reaper
    Kutiel Nacht/Dagiel Conway the Angel

    Morbus the Grim Reaper

    Cloud Trust who is a Genetically Modified Human;
    he serves the house of Beckeinsal
    Ella Grace Beckett who is a Human/Dog Hybrid;

    she belongs to the house of Darkwood
    Faye Lumin who is a Human/Wolf Hybrid;
    she belongs to the house of Sinclaire

    Noha Horubi
    who is a Human Servant;
    he serves the house of Avalon

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  2. ((@Kitsune , if you wanna discuss about the plot for Michael and Alastair in detail feel free to PM me ; v ; ))

    Aloysius Parker - Robillard Estate

    It was early in the day in the Robillard Estate, a lovely morning with the sun peeking out from between the clouds. Aloysius was presently in the kitchen, instructing the other staff members while he waited for his master's wake up time. When he had made sure that everything was in its place in the kitchen, and the time had come for waking up his master, Aloysius walked to the young man's bedroom, knocking the door three times before opening it.

    "Master Robillard, it is time to wake up." When he had been summoned by this young man, he was rather surprised - after all, it was quite the job he was needed for. He enjoyed spending time with his slightly strange master. Although he was on the worse side of the law, Aloysius didn't really have any qualms about this. After all, he was a demon. Morals as such did not apply to him. The only thing he lived for was obeying his master regardless of the circumstances. Aloysius barely flinched as a young woman sat up together with Cedric, slightly confused and drowsy. Suddenly, she seemed to realize where she was and what she was doing, and scrambled to get her clothes on. When she had, Aloysius escorted her out of the door, making sure to go as unnoticed as possible. These kinds of activities were just the everyday thing in the Robillard household, and Aloysius had learned to deal with it. When he had made sure the young woman was on her way home, he walked back through the mansion to Cedric's room.

    As Cedric stepped out of bed, Aloysius found his set of clothes for the day. Aloysius with his lack of knowledge in the fashion department, was not the one to pick out these outfits. He helped his master as much as was needed to put on his clothes, but the young man wasn't the type to just sit back and let things be done to him, so he usually put on his clothes mostly by himself.

    It had been quite a while now, and it seemed that he wasn't the only butler with a nature like this. It seemed that there were several underworldly beings in the town of London, and not just a few. It could provide interesting results to think further about it, but with his Master's orders always around the corner, he did not give himself that freedom. It was wise to stay in the shadows and not give away one's thoughts in a society like this. Aloysius walked Cedric to the dining room where breakfast was ready and waiting. The other servants had done just as he had instructed and had provided a delicious meal for the young Earl. As the Earl ate his meal, Aloysius stood like a statue by his side, waiting for him to either speak up or finish his meal. When he had finished they would discuss his schedule for the day as well as where he would go during his free time. It wasn't for the purpose of keeping an eye on him that they spoke about it, but rather because Aloysius liked to know.

    Even if their contract made him able to find the Earl anywhere at all times, this wouldn't tell him about the nature of the place. It was nice to know about the amount of people present, and what kind of environment they were dealing with. In the current London, wandering around in the kind of environment that Earl Robillard did was mildly speaking, dangerous. It was part of the reason that Aloysius had even been summoned. It was to take revenge over what had plundered his family into despair, taking what he wanted back and gaining back the family status.

    When that process was over and done with, it wasn't unexpected that he had made quite a few enemies.

    "And that concludes your full schedule today. Do you want to get started right away, sir?" Aloysius noticed that Cedric had finished his breakfast, and made eyes at the servants who came rushing to take away the things. Aloysius stayed by Cedric's side most of the time, only ever venturing away from him either when he was sleeping or when they were preparing for something big - something small like the daily breakfast would not bring him away from his master's side.

    They walked through the halls together to the living room where Cedric sat down. Aloysius stood loyally behind the backrest of the couch, waiting for his master's orders. They usually did it like this, Aloysius following Cedric around when he wasn't order otherwise, like a shadow. And sometimes, he really did seem like a shadow. People would barely notice his presence and be surprised when they finally saw him. He was a very fitting butler for the "Queen's Shadow", able to fool people's eyes and warp their reality. It was the ideal power in order to hide and move about freely without fear of being seen.

    Michael Aumont - Aumont Estate

    Michael was never one to stay idle in the mornings. Yet this morning in particular, he was not very keen on getting up. He had been ridden with nightmares all night, and woke up with a horrible headache in the middle of the night. So when Alastair, his butler, came to wake him up, he was already sitting on his bed with a grumpy, tired look on his face. He insisted on getting dressed on his own despite knowing that it would be suitable of him to let his butler do it for him. He was no child, and he certainly knew how to put on his own clothes in the morning. He was pretty stubborn about the strangest things.

    A while back, his parents had left him. It was a few years ago now, and they had just disappeared. The public opinion was that they had run away together - simply because they wanted to escape responsibility. After all, they took lots of money with them. There were some they couldn't touch, and it was those that Michael used to get the company up and going again when his parents were legally declared dead.

    When their bodies had been found, Michael had pushed the police to let him see them, and what he saw had horrified him enough to call on a demon to assist him. He had found a threatening letter in the house where his parents were found - and it was addressed to him. That was when he knew that something could be after him. He made a contract with the demon not only to find the killer and take revenge, but also to protect his own life against someone who might want to destroy him. And when he summoned this demon, he learned that the creature would become his butler until the day his soul was taken. It was a strange arrangement, but convenient. It wasn't uncommon for rich young Earls and Countesses to have personal butlers, and his position also made it easy for them to be together at odd times.

    He finally got out of his room when he was dressed, and sat down for breakfast. He enjoyed when his house was quiet like this, and he knew that that wouldn't last him for a long time at all. He sighed as he looked up at the clock, then to Alastair.
    "When was the guest arriving, again?" He inquired at his butler, who then looked up at the clock in a similar fashion. "I believe he will arrive at 4 PM, sir." Alright, so that gave him eight hours. Not that that was very hard.

    Today, Michael Aumont, third heir of the Aumont Estate and formal leader of the company Aumont Instruments - producer of string instruments, was having a meeting with a business partner. It was a merchant from France responsible for his connections to French clients - there was a big upcoming order and they were going to discuss that very same thing today. When it came to business, Michael was a smooth talker. Straight-forward, and able to get what he wants. He has his cards close to his body, and never reveals what he has up his sleeve unless it's necessary. It was kind of like a game to him - a game to get them to go along with him so that he would get the greatest benefit of the trade.

    The plate in front of him was already empty. He wasn't really conscious about the fact that he had eaten it, but looking down at the empty plate, he supposed that he had. He got up from the table, and as he walked through the manor to the garden, Alastair followed just behind him. It was usually like this, at least ever since Alastair arrived. Since he was supposed to protect Michael with his life, staying close to him at all times was the easiest way about it. Sometimes, though, Michael would instruct him to go even if for just a little while to get some time to himself. He spent many hours on his own trying to figure out what move he should make next. He realized that digging into his parents' death could mean acute danger if he was to actually find something of interest, and he also knew that he couldn't spend all of his free time thinking about it.

    If he did, he'd lose sight of the murderer for sure. He needed to know who had done this, and he wanted their head on a plate. He wanted this demon to finally give him back what he had been missing for all of these years - peace of mind. The price for that couldn't matter any less to him. This kind of life was not worth living without his wish for revenge.

    "I'll be in the study. Come and get me at 2 PM." With those words, he turned around and walked from the garden into his study, where a stack of books were placed on a table. He sat down in the chair and took out one of the books, starting to flip through the pages. The Queen had ordered him to look into a case not long ago, a case where his infiltrating skills could come in handy. He wasn't the only one on the case, but they wouldn't take action just yet, so for now, there had been no meetings arranged for them. He pinched the bridge of his nose as he tried desperately to focus, feeling sluggish. No sleep really did take its toll on him. He would need to at least sleep a bit better if he wanted to be part of the upcoming mission. His biggest advantage was his speed - he couldn't rely on that if he was tired.

    For now, though, it was fine to yawn a little and lose focus. He had read over the case files several times, and had memorized most of the contents by now.

    "Ugh... talk about tiring..." Still, he was too stubborn to just let it go, and ended up engrossing himself in the reading for probably the tenth time that week.
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    Collaboration between Detective Zero & Akashi

    Summary: It's the morning and Niklaus interrupts Seras and Faye's playtime. Presenting the breakfast and going over the interesting schedule for the day.

    As daylight started to break through the windows of the Sinclaire estate, a figure stirred in a bundle of sheets in a somewhat luxurious yet simplistic bed. The first to stir looked to be that of Faye, one of the few caretakers of the Sinclaire name, her wolfish ears twitching as she slipped into consciousness. Seeing the daylight peeking through fabric blinds on the windows, the wolf girl moved to leave the bed she was in until she was stopped.

    Not alone, a pair of arms wrapped around the girl as whom they belonged to became clear, Countess Seras Sinclaire. With a light yip, the wolf girl's hair stood lightly on end in the woman's grasp as Seras stirred herself awake, "Leaving my side already?.. My my, I didn't give you permission to do so.."

    Red tinting Faye's cheeks, the wolf-girl turned her head to face her mistress, "B-But my Lady.. The sun is rising and breakfast needs to be-.." The girl cut off before she yelped out a bit more in surprise, a flash of the end of her tail showing from underneath the covers. "Naahh--!.. Miss Sinclaire-.. M-My tail-!.." Seeming to nip at the wolf-girl's neck, Seras held a coy smirk with half-lidded eyes as she responded back, "Nn~.. Yes? I know it's soft, isn't it?.. Come now, Faye.. So what if the sun is out, stay with me longer. I'm still tired and I could use a soft, touchable pillow. Besides... Klaus is likely three steps ahead of you.."

    "B-But my Lady-.."

    Everything was set. His golden eyes were peering outside the huge window in the hallway. His black shoes were sparkling, being polished to its perfection, along with the usual butler uniform, pure black and white, with white gloves. The breakfast for the Countess was already made, heat emanating from the food on the tray he was holding with just his left hand. The food was perfectly prepared, especially in consideration to his Master. Walking down the hallway, he approached the door to Sinclaire-sama's chambers.

    Just as he was about to knock on the door to wake her up, he heard a familiar voice from inside. It was well known. Faye was again dragged to his Master's chambers. Knocking on the door twice, he opened it, noticing the position the servant was in. His eyes shifted over to his Master in the blink of an eye, before he spoke up. "Sinclaire-sama, you're breakfast has been prepared." He bowed his head in respect, before entering.

    Approaching the bed, he glanced over at Faye, with an intimidating look, obviously to have her leave the Master's chambers and get to work. Though he cared for even Faye, and she knew that there was more of the food he brought back in the kitchen for her to eat, but right now, his Master, as always, deserved his undivided attention. Placing the tray on the table, Niklaus removed the silver plate cover away. He also moved the curtains to the side, to let some light inside, brightening up the room. The heat escaping the food brought the lovely flavor of the breakfast out.

    "As always, I've prepared your favorite breakfast. Cheese Omelette, with raspberries and orange slices at your leisure, along with the Mongolian Strawberry Orange Juice Smoothie. It works well with your Omelette, and is good for your health, Sinclaire-sama." He started, before introducing the rest of her meal.

    The Strawberry Orange Juice Smoothie was red and filled with ice cubes. A tiny branch of green petals was placed right on top of the beverage, only to make it look quite exquisite and elegant, which it was. "I've also, for simplicity's sake, brought a cold glass of water if you'd like one. As for after the breakfast, I've prepared something, hot as always. Hibiscus Tea, which, as you can see has a vivid red-purple color and tastes quite well."

    Niklaus did not mention that he took his time to gather the neccessary ingredients for the Tea, which was dried hibiscus flowers. Something that is quite rare to get in London. Taking a step away from the table and the bed, he continued. "Once you're done with your breakfast, your bath is also ready. I've ironed out and prepared a set of clothes from Vicuna as well." Niklaus was well aware of the style she preferred, type of breakfast she liked and the options that went with it.

    Moving his attention slightly over to Faye, he spoke up. "And I see you've brought Faye over to your chambers yet again, Sinclaire-sama." He made a mischievous smile, his golden eyes squinting, looking over at the Human Wolf and then his Master.

    Having quickly grabbed for a spare sheet once Niklaus had entered, it was clear that both women weren't properly 'dressed' at the time either. Face bright red as her tail puffed up more than twice it's original size, Faye felt like she wanted to hide in a dark corner, away from anyone's sight for the next week, "I-I do what Miss Sinclaire wants, that's all--..."

    Sitting herself up as her long, raven hair drifted along her body as she rose up in the bed, Seras held the sheets up to her chest. Amber eyes narrowing with a grin that held no true good intention, she looked over to Faye after listening to Niklaus' words, "Thank you for such a meal, Klaus.. And Faye.. If you're going to get dressed proper, I'd do it quick before I change my mind.." To strengthen her point, her eyes gleamed with mischief as she licked her lip a little, a detail Faye noticed and inched away at, holding back a squeak.

    Before they knew it, Faye bolted off out of the room with her tail hiding her important areas down under, the only thing she said rather abruptly before she vanished from their sight completely was, "I'll bring back fresh sheets before you finish my Lady-.."

    With a gentle sigh and her grin widening a little with the same intent plastered on them, she pulled away from the bed some with the sheet still covering her front, her bare back gently arched as she looked over her meal presented to her, "Allow me some time to change, if you will Klaus.. I thank you for your first services of the day.."

    As always, the shy feeling surrounding Faye was all too familiar. This was not the first time she was in bed with his Mistress. Niklaus just stood there quietly while looking at Faye. He could clearly see how embarrassed she was. It was not surprising, not when the one they served was so teasing and playful.

    Though when his Mistress stood up, her long raven hair was quite the sight to see. If anything her hair was beautiful. His gaze fell on her figure, her eyes. If he wasn't bound by the contract he'd take her right then and there, claim her for himself. However, he was a patient man. She was his property, and no one can do anything about it. "I see you're as beautiful as ever, Sinclaire-sama." He complimented her, before turning his golden gaze away. "Of course, I'll be just outside the door."

    He approached the wooden door before turning the doorknob. His head tilted ever so slightly to the side, as he gazed at the back of his Mistress. 'One day.. You'll become mine..' Niklaus opened the door and turned around, bowing his head in respect before closing it, leaving his Mistress alone for the moment.

    Standing outside, he turned around looking at the vast second floor. Everything was cleaned to perfection. He approached the supporters at the edge of the floor, by the stairs, gazing down at the floor below. Niklaus thought about Faye, wondering if she would actually change the bed sheets first or go get herself some of the same food he served the Mistress in the kitchen.

    As her butler left the door, Seras stood herself up from the bed as she released her grip on the sheets, letting her body bare freely as she took a breath with her eyes shut, slightly stretching her body out as she turned to her clothes laid before her. Her visage seeming to change, she took on a softer, friendlier tone than what she had previously carried as what looked to be a mischievous and sultry one. Slipping into her clothes softer than cashmere, she hummed to herself in delight as she pulled one end over her shoulder and the next over the other.

    Tying the robe's ribbon to secure it in place, she slipped a pair of underwear on of similar fabric before sitting back on the bed to enjoy her food by the bedside. Looking over to the door, she spoke gently but clearly, "You may come in now, Klaus.. I am proper.. You may retrieve my attire for the day in half an hour, in the meantime you can inform me on what we have planned and set in stone for the day."

    Hearing his Mistress' words again, he re-approached the door and went inside. She was all dressed up now. "As you say, Sinclaire-sama." He started, before explaining the schedule for the day.

    "You have a meeting with Mr. Chandler Bellfleur, regarding the property you want to buy, to expand your business. He should be here in about two hours. That should give you enough time to settle into your new clothes for the day. Brunch will obviously be ready by then." He elegantly finished, before continuing.

    "A request was made to your company to show your presence around the kids at the Knightbridge Kindergarten. Obviously people from your company will have sweets ready for you to hand out by the time you arrive.. Since they are quite popular amongst the children." This request was something his Mistress did not know about, and was something Niklaus accepted himself.

    "It ought to be good to show your face around the children of London. So I've told them that you'll be there 01:00PM." A smile was plastered on his face as he mentioned the kids. He wanted to see how she would be around children. Niklaus was a very observant man.

    "The only thing remaining after that would be the Queen's request. You've been asked to investigate a company called Esthers Easter." The name was indeed weird, especially to Niklaus, but he did not pay it any mind. The request was also more like something the Queen demanded and ordered. Niklaus' Mistress knew quite well what a request by the Queen meant.

    "There has seemingly been some suspicious activity over there. And rumors are spreading around about the ointments they are selling are mixed with rare and un-cureable poison. You've been asked to deal with this however you see fit." Niklaus had his eyes closed at all times as he was explaining her schedule, before he made the finishing touch to what he was about to say, he opened up his golden eyes, with a grin on his face. "You being the Queen's Viper, there couldn't have been someone more fitting than you to take care of this."

    Her attention focusing primarily on the Queen's request, she took the others to note as she looked to Klaus, eye to eye, "Yes.. Fitting indeed I suppose.. I shall take Faye with me on that matter, but of course you shall be with me as well, as always. However, you may likely be tasked of importance when we arrive. Something likely along the lines of a deeper investigation than I would perform.. I'm sure you would not disappoint. And of course, you need not worry on my safety with you not by my side in this request.. I had after all asked you to assist the both of us in training since the time we've spent together.."

    Seras' eyes then returned to her meal as she took an elegant bite of her omelette, smiling softly as she enjoyed the taste and texture of it, "As for Mister Bellfleur," She stated after swallowing, "I do hope negotiations go in our favor.. After a recent mishap at the last location from external interference, our catering services do need a larger.. Workplace, to function." With a sigh, the woman shook her head softly as her soft demeanor shortly shifted back to the darker side, "As much as it would have been easy to win that particular lawsuit, I did not find it beneficial enough to fight it rather than just let them go through.. Aside from that.. A little trouble such as that can be very beneficial in the end after all.. It's more effective to earn trust back through smaller means than to have never crossed lines.. That just makes us look more genuine to trust in the end, despite our hidden natures.. It's like credit or loans. Keep it all in check perfectly and you will have quite the record, but if you have some slip ups and still make up for it, that just makes us all the more reliable to our word in the end, making our benefits that much greater.."

    Soon finishing her meal and enjoying her drinks, Seras' amber eyes once more fell upon Niklaus', "One other thing, before I retire to the bath you've prepared, Niklaus Gabrikeil.. As much as I would have actually accepted such offer, it would be more acceptable if you'd inform me before setting these decisions up.. I'm sure the children will love our delicacies, however.." It was then that her kinder side had returned, a normal smile donning her lips as she padded her lips with a napkin, "I wonder if I should have our little wolf, Miss Lumin accompany us.. I'm sure the children would just adore her..."

    Niklaus listened to what his Mistress said in response, especially regarding the investigation he would do himself. "If it is required then I'll do as you say... Investigate it..." Referring to the company, Esthers Easter, Niklaus just couldn't get the name out of his head. It just didn't make sense why a human would name it something like that when they sell nothing but ointments. He almost scowled at the thought, but it was also something that just added to the mystery. About the humans and how they just keep on amusing him, or annoy.

    Once Bellfleur was mentioned, he remembered the lawsuit and how it all happened. It was always going to go in his Mistress' favor. If not through the system, then it would have been through him, obviously. His golden eyes squinted as his crimson red hair fluttered slightly by the movement of his face. "Humans are capable of anything aren't they.. Sinclaire-sama." How far they would go in order to get what they want. Murder, steal, backstab, deceive. Oh, they were wonderful creatures.

    "I can always investigate Mr. Bellfleur.. See if there is anything we can use against him to get more than what he would offer. Would you want me to though? Young Mistress.." He added the young part to see if it would perhaps agitate her, in order for her to do what he wants from her. Niklaus already knew that Bellfleur had more power than his Mistress, but if she asked, he would easily shift that power and the favors owed to Bellfleur over to Sinclaire-sama instead.

    "Perhaps there are more skeletons in his closet than what you know about.. Young Mistress.." Niklaus was actually much more interested in exactly what Chandler Bellfleur had planned, and or what idea he would present later in the day. "You just have to say the words.." He finished quite graciously and sheepishly.

    "Perhaps.. But I think I shall play this one as it develops.. See if the codger can entertain me. Let me work for it.. However, I suppose it would not hurt to have something in particular on standby, if he's still unwilling to cooperate. I give you permission to look into it, but only use what you see fit that can be used if I deem it during our meeting.. We do want to end on good terms after all." That had made Seras smile a bit with a gentle giggle, having dismissed Klaus' attempt to edge her.

    "Humans are especially interesting once backed into a corner, among other circumstances.. One particular event I have a feeling you'd relish in to see me in.. Would I be wrong, my servant?.. You and I both know we share.. Similar ideals." With a smirk as her eyes narrowed to half-lid, she had picked up the remaining amount of her tea before taking a sip, setting it down, "You will not lie to me with your answer, would you?"

    The answer uttered by his Mistress was magnificent. She would play her cards as the situation develops. "As you say.. I'll be paying close attention at the meeting.. As always.." He gave his input on what she said.

    'What will you be doing.. Sinclaire-sama...' A curious thought ran through his mind. He wanted to know exactly what plan she had concocted herself. All the cards would be on the table, but who would have the upper hand? That was the big question, and it made the demon inside Niklaus all the more excited.

    His attention was brought back quite swiftly by the question his Mistress asked next. The tease. How she questioned his loyalty. It was all too amusing. He bowed his head in respect while closing his eyes. The bang of his crimson red hair fluttered with the movement. "I would never lie to you.. Young Mistress.." Niklaus tilted his head up ever so little. His golden eyes squinted, his gaze locked with his Mistress' eyes.

    "I would love to see how someone of your magnificent caliber will get out from a situation with no positive outcome.. That I would... Young Mistress.. But I am sure whatever it is.. It will be something wonderful.."

    With a smile, Niklaus could tell there was a gleam in her eyes just then as she sat there with a hand gently resting against her chin in a curious fashion. Pulling away from said stature, Seras moved to get up from the bed as she undone the ribbon to her robe, holding the cloth together herself, "I am going to take my bath now.. You may leave me my change of clothes nearby as you prepare for the rest of the day, as you usually do.. And please, don't be hard on Miss Lumin today.. I think I've done enough of that overnight~..."

    The mention of Faye reminded Niklaus about a question his Mistress asked earlier, or more like a rhetorical question to herself about bringing the Human Wolf to the Knightbridge Kindergarten. "Speaking of Faye. If you're bringing her with you to the Kindergarten, perhaps it would be wise to hide her tail and ears when you're there. The humans surely don't know about their existence. However, if I may suggest. You can always say that they are accessories, if anything. Unless you dont want to."

    "As for the Kindergarten request I accepted without your knowledge. I felt that it would be wise to get your reputation some more positive feedback, which will obviously reach the Queen's ears. It is wise to show your face around the future of London. Wouldn't you say so, Young Mistress?" He added. It was obviously for her benefit. Her reputation as the Viper was there, but getting on the Queen's good graces would only add to her growing power.

    "You know me so well.. Of course they'll believe they're accessories but we can see this as a sort of test.. A test of control for her.. We can have them believe they're quite life-like. I suppose my only concern is if they go for the base of her tail.... My my, that would be quite interesting.. Probably not good, but it would be quite entertaining for me... I forgive you for taking action without my permission but please don't make it a habit.."

    With a gentle, yet dark laugh, Seras moved to leave her bedroom. As she stood by the open door, she raised her chin a little as she spoke back to her butler, not turning to face him, "I do greatly appreciate your honesty from your earlier answer, Klaus.. Perhaps there truly were greater forces at work to have us specifically paired.. Hn, whether that holds true or full nonsense, nevertheless I am grateful to have such a.. Hell of a butler..." With that, the Lady Sinclaire had then left the room to take her bath.

    As he noticed the laugh that escaped her lips, he just couldn't help but wonder where such a creature - who was that amusing, was before in his long and everlasting life. 'That is a promise I cannot make. My Mistress.' He thought to himself.

    'Because hope.. Like death... Puts even the most powerful people on their backs...' Turning around, the sun was shining quite brightly, as the light peered inside the room. His eyes gazing outside at the lovely weather, before he turned around, exiting the room. The fresh clothes were already prepared and placed by the bath. Everything was set for after his Mistress would finish her bath.

    In the hallway, he stood there silently, looking at the back of his Mistress walking away. "Power only attracts the worst, and corrupts the best... Now who will you become? My Mistress.." He whispered to himself, with a grin plastered on his face. A moment later, he walked away in a different direction. It was time to prepare Brunch before their guest arrived.

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  4. [​IMG]

    Felix Clarke
    At the Disney Estate

    As always, the breakfast was impeccable. There was no reason for it to not be flawless; Felix had prepared it with his own hands. Just because he was one for mischief didn't mean that he appreciated human meddling, after all. He would never allow human hands to interfere with his work.

    Well, would have never. Unfortunately, serving Master Liatris Disney meant that he had to deal with a whole cast of humans. The servants. Perhaps they did their job well in their own eyes, but to Felix, it was nothing short of pathetic. Even they would be able to mess up his Master's dinner to inedible standards, and today's breakfast was quite simple. At least, to his standards.

    Coffee. Another peculiarity of his master. Well, a quirk, more like. The mere act of preferring coffee over tea easily set him apart from the rest of the nobles, even those who shared the affliction of being one of the villainous houses. Perhaps it was because he was American.

    The exact moment the clock began to chime, he entered the dining room, carrying his master's breakfast on a silver platter. Without missing a beat, he began to describe the meal as he set each portion down in front of his Master.

    "Today's breakfast is a meal of poached quail egg with a side of glazed ham. In addition, we have scones and jam, along with assorted fruits." Felix said, pouring the coffee. "There is also the letter from the Queen to address. Would you like to read it now or after your meal?"

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    AGE: Twenty XX SERVANT: Felix Clarke XX ROLE: The White Rabbit

    It was morning, and Liatris wasn't necessarily 'dressed' for the day yet. He ate in nothing but plain briefs to put it simply, and personally found it more comfortable than getting ready so early in the morning when it wasn't even time for business yet. The male was truly different than many other nobles one often said, mostly his servant Felix who would try not to question his choices. Usually, Liatris dressed after breakfast, Only because he liked to enjoy his personal freedom in the morning, he drank coffee rather than tea, cause it was his personal favorite and he simply loved the smell, and the list simply goes on. Those were just the basics.

    The male sat at the end of the rectangular table located in the dining room, blanket wrapped around his shoulders as he held a pencil in his left hand and had a notebook full of sketches. The other hand? The newspaper. And on the table space in front of him? More papers: Letters, blue prints, Childrens books, more sketches. Liatris had been trying to think of new characters and even new animations for 'Mickey Mouse' a character which he despised personally but business was business--He must do it. The male sighed in frustration, no matter how many characters he sketched he was never fully satisfied with them. He dropped the newspaper, slowly as he focused himself on sketching.

    On the sketchpad nonetheless were three characters. One was incomplete but had a cat-like head, the other was apparently a female mouse character, and lastly a female character that was human. Liatris had decided to bring back one of his father's past creations connected to Mickey, this one being Mickey's love interest. She only made one appearance in 'Steamboat Willie' however had no name and the male pondered. A recurring deuteragonist should have a name after all--One of uniqueness, but nothing came to mind. Liatris did however write in the famous 'Disney Font', "MINERVA MOUSE" but it was visibly scratched and had an arrow pointing out to a blank for another similar name.

    Soon Liatris was snapped from his thinking when his servant brought out food. Immediately like some starved child, the male had pushed forward the books, papers, and newspaper leaving only his notebook by his side and listened as Felix set the food on the table."Today's breakfast is a meal of poached quail egg with a side of glazed ham." Liatris followed the plate in Felix's hand as it went down to the table. "In addition, we have scones and jam," The same action was repeated--The man was starving. "..along with assorted fruits." finished his butler.

    The Disney male cracked a smile of obvious delight as he dropped his pencil and immediately reached for the fork with his right hand, poking at it then plopped a few pieces in his mouth at once."Finally--Perfect poached eggs..." He uttered with his mouthful as he rolled his eyes, ignoring Felix's comment about the letter from the queen before scoffing. "She can wait." There was some slightly bad history whenever Felix made poached eggs. He rarely craved it--And whenever he did, He often mistreated Felix further: At one point even tossing the male's clothes and shoes over the balcony only to buy him new ones the next day. But this time Liatris was actually eating it and to further add on to being 'different' he was eating sloppy. But like said unlike any other Nobles--Liatris took advantage of his freedom as one. The male shifted his left hand, picking up his pencil and tapping at the female mouse drawing as he ate to get his butler's attention.

    "I need a name for her." He stated, circling over 'MINERVA MOUSE' and retracing the arrow to a blank space. "One that will appeal to kids. Mostly the little girls. She will be recurring as Mickey Mouse's lover." explained Liatris as he shoved his mouth with more of his breakfast. Lately he had been working on female characters for The Disney Company in order to interest the minds of female children. However nothing special really sparked in mind--Not to mention the female characters he had drawn in the past weren't much of a 'perfect influence' meant for kids nor fit into Disney and the idea was simply frustrating. He wanted to be different once more and avoid gender types ; The company Disney should be for everyone and so far Mickey was popular amongst all kids--But mostly to the boys side.

    "Just think of a child saying 'Minerva Mouse'... Its not as catchy as 'Mickey Mouse'.." Liatris looked up at his butler trying to think like how a 5 year old child would and trying to put his butler in that place as well. "Look, Its Minerva Mouse! Mickey Mouse's Girlfriend!... Hi kids, I'm Minerva mouse!" He said in different tones trying to set the mood of what it would be like for the Mouse to be named such a thing. In fact, It was Liatris' mother who named 'Mickey Mouse'. Originally his father desired 'Mortimer' but his clever mother interfered saying it was '..to pompous!' thus the Mouse was born with the name 'Mickey'.


    ╔═══════════════ NOTES══════════════╗
    ❝ - - - ❞

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    LOCATION: Disney Estate ; Dining Room XX WITH: Felix Clarke XX TAGGED: @Kadin

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  6. "Beauty is power, a smile is it's sword."
    Emilia Beckeinsal & Mikeal Petrova
    Title: The Queens BerserkerAge: 21Location: Beckeinsal Estate

    "Good Morning, Lady Emilia, it is time to wake up." The smooth velvety voice of Mikeal Petrova rang through the small ears of Emilia Beckeinsal, as per usual. She opened her eyes, squinting at the light flowing into the room through the opened curtains Mikeal was standing before. Her first sight was of her butler, and his ever present smile. She loved seeing her servants smile, because regardless of being only servants, Emilia thought of them all more as friends and family, rather than people who were just there to tend to her needs.

    "This mornings breakfast consists of freshly berried and brandy laced crepes, topped with raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and black berries, also accompanied by freshly whipped creme. I can also offer oatmeal of preferred flavor or chocolate chip scones, which would you like this morning, My Lady?"

    Emilia sat up from her comfortable indent in her large and luxurious bed, watching Mikeal as he tied back the shall that covered her bed frame, keeping the Countess in sheer darkness while she slept. She brought her hands to her eyes, rubbing the morning from them, squinting when she tried to place the position of Mikeal, only to be turned away from proper vision due to the sunlight. She managed to mutter a few slightly coherent words, irregardless of being not fully awake.

    "Mmmnn, the, uh, the crepes please, Mikeal." She tried to smile in kind, but it took more effort than it was worth, as she truly only wanted to fall back down into her pillow and drift off into many more hours of peaceful sleep. Emilia always found it strange how Mikeal had such a bright and cheery appearance plastered on his face when waking her up, seeing as she knew just how much he hated mornings as well - she always supposed it was because he wanted to serve her to the best of his abilities, so he faced morning for her. This thought brought a small smile to her face, alerting Mikeal of her thought process; he smiled as well, taking the blankets from her torso, pulling them down to her ankles at an oddly close distance.

    "Were you dreams pleasant, My Lady?" he spoke softly, placing a warm and fuzzy alternate blanket around the girls shoulders. One of Emilia's guilty pleasures was wrapping herself up in anything warm; Mikeal knew this and always had a warm blanket awaiting her conscious self. She nodded her head in thanks as Mikeal turned to start filling a cup with pre-steaped tea. Without even asking Emilia if she preferred the tea he was pouring, he handed it to her, watching her take it, sniff the steam slightly and sigh into it's delicate smell. Mikeal knew Emilia too well, he knew her inside and outside, every inch of her and everything she could ever be thinking. After 6 years of being by the woman's side and experiencing practically her entire changed life since her parents death, Mikeal dined to call himself an 'expert' of Emilia herself, and he voiced this rather often, causing a blush to spread across Emilia's cheeks.

    "I will be awaiting your presence in the dining room, My Lady." Mikeal nodded, exiting Emilia's room rather swiftly to prepare her meal downstairs. Still rather bleary eyed and tired, Emilia placed the cup of Jasmine tea to her side, reaching her arms high above her head in hopes that a large and boisterous stretch would alleviate her tired-self's dismal tomfoolery. A rather high-pitched squeak came from her, signifying the stretch had done what it was meant to. Now with a more alert conscious state, Emilia got off her bed and made her way to the sizable bathroom which was connected to her room, en-suite style. She tidied up rather nicely, and once her hair was brushed, as well as teeth and everything was in good enough order, she exited the bathroom to find her clothes already laid out on the freshly made bed.

    It always astonished her how Mikeal was able to do this so quickly and quietly, and it was even more of a shock that he managed to do this while the door to the en-suite was open, clearly Emilia would have to work on her situational awareness. The dress Mikeal had laid out for her was one of her own collection: "Beckeinsal.", the irony behind her clothing choices was rather hilarious. The dress itself was beautiful, and she could only thank her talented company and it's benefactors for such incredibly appealing designs. The dress itself was rather long, however it didn't splay out at the bottom like a regular 18th century dress would, no, Emilia's company was more fashion forward than that.

    The dress was made of silk linen, and embezzled with many jewels, all of different origin that made up the torso aspect of the dress itself, leaving the bottom of it's own accord. There were long flowing sleeves attached to the dress, two sizes too large for Emilia's arms, but that's how she liked her clothes. The dress was coloured a beautiful shade of rich maroon, embodying something of fall. She quickly slipped out of her nightgown, sliding on the dress with ease. It was a perfect fit, as always. She stood before the mirror placed in the corner of her bedroom, admiring the way the dress itself hugged her hips. She noticed the accessories that had been laid out with the dress as well: two long black gloves, made of cashmere, a large silver necklace filled to the brim with more diamonds (Emilia really did love shiny things), her families bracelet which was encrusted with a large pale-pink crystal in the center, and a pair of shoes for later which she would refuse to wear inside her own home. For the moment, she left the accessories sitting on her bed, which she would later retrieve if there was need of her to exit her estate today.

    As Emilia reached the dining room, she noticed Mikeal standing behind the lengthy chair sitting at the head of the table, a plate of berry brandy crepes and a new cup of tea awaiting her presence. She smiled, watching Mikeal pull out the chair, in order for her to sit and be properly aligned to the table. Before she even managed to eat, Mikeal leaned down, whispering soft words of praise into her ear: "You look as beautiful as the midnight moon, my Lady.."

    Mikeal's voice always sent shivers down her spine, because she knew he was purposely teasing her and trying to get a rise in her heartbeat - classic and daily games she partook in with Mikeal.
    "What's on the schedule today?" she inquired with a mouth full of crepe. Mikeal could only help but laugh at the muffled question, glad she was enjoying his cooking so thoroughly.

    "Today, you have an etiquette lesson with Mr. Anderson, afterwards you have some time to practice in terms of fencing, however I believe we both know you'll be using weapons of a different caliber--" Emilia smiled at this, knowing exactly what Mikeal was getting at, "--directly afterwards you have to make an appearance at Knightbridge Kindergarten for the "tea-party" you personally decided to host. I will be bringing along edifices as well as the newest collection of dresses and suits from your clothing line; and that is all you have for today." Emilia sighed, resting her elbow on the table before her, she had completely forgotten about the Knightbridge Kindergarten Tea Party, and she had no clue what she was going to do. Mikeal was able to sense this stress and was quick to reassure Emilia with a soft hand on her back and a genuine smile.
    "You'll be the best Tea Party Host any Kindergarten could have My Lady." Emilia's head perked up in a smile.

    "Thank you, Mikeal, you always know how to get a smile from me."
    And it was true, after all their years together, Emilia considered Mikeal something of a big brother, more family than servant, and she believed he considered her the same, regardless of one day getting to consume her soul, he was in fact a demon, and that was what their contract entitled.

    She lifted her right hand up in front of her line of sight, noticing the strange marking printed on her wrist. It was glowing a peachy colour, reflecting the exact same mark Mikeal had on his wrists underside. They were bound together through this mark, that was what made Mikeal Emilia's butler. She sighed, sometimes wishing she hadn't sold her soul, sometimes wishing she could just negate all means of the contract and run from him, but she knew deep down that a life without Mikeal would be a boring and pointless one at that. She quickly finished what was on her plate, eyeing the tea still sitting in front of her which she hadn't yet taken a sip from; it was most likely cold at this point.

    "Do you require more tea?" Mikeal asked, watching Emilia for a response - she still seemed rather tired. Her response was a shake of her head, indicating she would most likely do the same thing with the secondary cup. Mikeal pulled out a seat beside her, sitting down to accompany his Mistress. Now normally, this would be greatly frowned upon, seeing as butlers had no right to join their Masters or Mistresses at the dining table, but Mikeal's relationship to Emilia was different, she entrusted him like family, and he respected that fact - acting as such. His gloved hands found there way in front of her face as he snapped a couple times to wake the young woman up; Emilia simply smiled, giggling lightly before pushing his hands away.

    "Shall we make our way to the Salon for your lesson, My Lady?" Emilia nodded, taking the hand that was offered to her as she stood from the table, being lead away by Mikeal to the salon where no doubt, Mr. Anderson was waiting.

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  7. The bright light of the sun shone through the curtains of the Riverside manor, sending light into the room of the manors Mistress. Groaning a bit, the young girl moved a bit more under her black comforter to try and get some more sleep before her butler came in to awaken her and get her ready for the day. Sighing, the young girl fell back into a deep sleep, dreaming of happier times once more.

    Vael Krusnic made his way through the manor, pushing a cart of his mistresses favorite breakfast in front of him. Stopping for a bit, he remembered that he left a small vase of his mistresses favorite flowers in the dining area and they were to be a gift for her. Quickly leaving for a moment, he retrieved the flowers and started his trek to the bedroom again. Coming to the door, he knocked three times for respect and then opened the door, wheeling in the cart.

    Seeing his beloved mistress still in bed, Vael smiled a bit and went to the curtains, opening them up to let the sun brighten up the room. Hearing an annoyed groan escape from the bed, he turned to see the body under the covers reach a pale hand out and grab a pillow throw it towards him. Vael just chuckles and walks over to the bed and leans down, pulling the covers away just a bit to reveal a pale face with a halo of silver white hair around her. Leaning just a bit closer, he whispered softly in her ear.

    "Wake up, my beloved mistress. The morning sun has shone itself." He whispered, pulling back when his mistress quickly sits up from the sound of his voice in her ear. Charity glared at her smiling butler and removed the covers a bit to where they are not in her way. Once that was done, Vael placed a gold tray in her lap and removed the plate cover to reveal her early morning meal. "For breakfast, I have prepared for you two sunny side up eggs with a side of sausage and a bowl of freshly cut fruit. For your beverage, would you like tea or juice?"

    "Tea please. Chamomile tea please." She asks, picking up her fork and knife and starts eating the meal before her. Vael nods and pours her a cup of the requested tea that he had prepared, knowing that his mistress favored that type of tea. He sets the tea cup on the tray and reaches into his coat pocket, pulling out the day's schedule.

    "You have a full day today, mistress. For the early morning you have a meeting with the supervisors of both the boating companies and the fishing companies. For the afternoon you have your lessons with Madame Lynch. After that your Aunt has requested to come over for tea..." Vael lists off the schedule, making sure to go over everything so that Charity will know what will happen.

    "The supervisors of the companies have been getting more and more lax with their work and they are starting to get on my nerves." Charity states, her voice taking on a slightly hasher tone. "Make sure that the meeting goes well and tell them that if I get anymore accident reports and complaints from the workers, I will make sure they will no longer have jobs!"

    "Yes, mistress." Vael answers, placing a hand over his heart.

    "As for my aunt's request, see to it that we have a fine tea for our little meeting and make sure the treats go along with it accordingly." She orders, finishing her meal and hands him the tray.

    "Of course, my beloved mistress." He answers again, taking the tray and placing it on the cart and going to Charity's closet to get her clothes out for the day. Turning back, he saw the young girl out of bed and walking over to him, taking her clothes from him.

    "That will be all, Vael. You are dismissed." She states, going behind the changing screen in the corner of her room. "Please send in one of the maids to assist me."

    Nodding, Vael takes his leave, sending the first maid he sees into Charity's room to help her with her clothes. 'So much to do and so little time. My beloved mistress always expects so much of me. Then again, I would bring shame to the Nacht family if I were to fail in my duties. I must get to work now if I am to have the tea and deserts ready for when that angel arrives.' He thinks to himself, making his way towards the kitchen to clean the dishes.
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  8. Charlotte Evans.png plague_doctor_by_mrjosef-d698nwi edit.jpg

    Collaboration with: Zeroisdead

    Location: Somewhere in London ⇒ Disney Estate

    Charlotte muttered to herself as she hopped from building to building, trying to find the masked reaper she's looking for. She just received a message from the Dispatch Division that there has been an abnormal rate of souls being reaped in Berlin and she's planned to be sent there in a couple of hours. Of course, being the girl that she is, she wanted to confirm it first before going there, and when it comes to the validity of information, she only needs to ask one person: Morbus.

    Morbus is the deserter who she trusts and gives her the creeps. Charlotte didn't know if it's because of his mask or because he's the so called "plague" but every time she meets up with him, she just gets the heebies jeebies. Who wouldn't? He's a man wearing a long black coat and a bird mask. Of course, everyone will be nervous around him!

    As she arrived at their meeting place, she noticed the deserter is nowhere to be seen. "Goodness. Where could he be at this hour? I told him to meet me here, didn't I?" Charlotte muttered to herself, taking out her silver pocket watch and just looking at how many seconds had passed since she got here. "Morbus, where the hell are you? I'm starting to lose my patience.."

    "What are you talking about?" a cheery voice said from behind her, appearing seemingly from nowhere a tall, man wearing a white, bird-like mask and black coat holing a black, metal cane stood behind her almost menacingly. "I have been here the whole time." One could almost hear the grin that was across his face. Well, he wasn't lying, he had followed her from a few streets down, hoping to get this exact reaction. He could move a lot quieter than one would expect from a person wearing such a large coat.

    Charlotte jumped and quickly spun around, clutching her chest as she looked at the culprit. She always hates it every time he pops out of nowhere. He's like a freaking jack in a box! "Morbus! I told you not to scare me like that!" she scolded, smacking his chest angrily. "You know how I hate to be scared, especially when it's you who'll do the scaring" she glared before placing the pocket watch back into her pocket and crossed her arms. "Anyway, got any juicy information from Berlin?" she asked, her green eyes shining with curiosity and suddenly turning into her business mode. She's the kind of girl who doesn't like to dilly dally and thinks time is precious. Besides, she got a lot of work to do today and she doesn't want to work overtime.

    “Hmm, not much… but there has been a significant increase in demons in the area. I swear they are like bugs, you find one and next thing you how there are dozens more” he replied shaking his head slightly. "It is actually quite disgusting... and interesting." he stood in thought for a moment before realizing that there was still someone with him."Ah yes, I suppose I do have some information that I can share. I have been meaning to update some of the... files that I have on one of the locals, you may join me if you like."

    "So no news from Berlin then?" she asked, clicking her tongue as she pulled out her journal to write it down. "I swear those informants are messing up with the information system. Do you have any idea how many false information my division has received these past few months?" she muttered under her breath, almost breaking the pen she was holding at how irritated she was.

    Her ears perked up as Morbus mentioned the word "demons", causing her to stop writing and breaking her pen. "Demons?" she asked, raising an eyebrow at the new found information. "How come they increased? Did someone give birth or something?" Charlotte asked skeptically, not liking the news. More demons means more souls to be consumed by them, which means it will mess up her work.

    Charlotte didn't hate demons, but sometimes, they just get on her nerves, especially when they get in her way. "Goodness, its morning and I already got a lot of problems to solve. I guess I'll accompany you to wherever you're going. I think I deserve a break from all this. Any more stress and I'm sure I'll get wrinkles..."

    "Oh I am sure you already have a few." he said before jumping to the top of a building, "We must get going though, I do not want to miss my moment of opportunity." he said peering down at her. "If they go into town it would be harder to document them with people giving me strange glances." he said, a bit of dismay in his voice. As loud and obnoxious he can be at times, he didn't really like being the center of attention when he was observing. It didn't help that he already stood out like a sore thumb, the extra attention of the public was the last thing he needed.

    "Hey! I don't have wrinkles!" Charlotte snapped, following him and jumping as well. Do this guy doesn't know how to handle women? Telling a girl they have wrinkles. Hmp. She then giggled a little at his complain, finding it funny. "That's because you're wearing such a strange mask. Why are you wearing that anyway? We've known each other for decades now yet, I still haven't seen your face. Perhaps.. you're a woman underneath all that?" she asked with a smirk, trying to mess with him. Truth be told, Charlotte is really curious of what he really looks like, but as years gone by, she just decided to deal with it. Everyone got secrets right? Besides, who knows how hideous he can be if he removed that mask.

    "Mask? What mask?" he replied in a smug voice, "I have no idea what you are talking about." there was once a time when he would answer the question truthfully, but that time is long gone, now he simply denies it, finding it much simpler than actually answering the question. He then began to jump from building to building, leading the way to their destination. "Underneath everything I believe I am male, but then again, I could be wrong."

    She giggled once again, almost losing her balance as she jumped on a roof as she heard his answer. Charlotte knew he's tired from everyone asking him about his mask so she didn't push him any further. She also knew he's male underneath his cloak. If he was a girl then he won't be wearing that ugly mask.

    As they arrived at their destination, Charlotte couldn't help but groaned. Of all the places they had to visit, why does it have to be the Disney estate? It's not that she has a problem with the Lord of the estate or anything but she just his business too...childish. "Seriously? This is the one you need to do an update with?" she asked, disbelief written all over her face. "Ugh, can we hurry up and leave this place as soon as possible? Just being around this estate makes me feel like a child"

    "Hm, I rather like the place, the people are happy, but they wouldn't be so much so if they knew they lived with a demon. It is just something that I find quite entertaining." he paused "I wonder if demons like Disney characters." he began walking closer to the estate, pulling a small notebook from his coat along with a pen, "Now, let us see how long it takes for them to notice our presence."

    Charlotte rolled her eyes and sighed. "Well, they won't be happy when the time comes to reap their souls" she said with a smile, straightening up her black suit before following her companion This will be the first time the Disney household will meet her and she wanted to make a good first impression once they were caught.
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  9. "Ignoring a child's disrespect is the surest guarantee that it will continue."
    Ashton Grey Chamberlain & Vladimir Turner

    Title: The Queens Info-Broker Age: 19 Location: Chamberlain Estate
    "Summoning one such as me can only mean you have truly reached a means to an end. I am here, in your presence, that fact can never be changed and anything lost in this can never be regained. You have shed your blood and tears for this encounter, finalizing your decision. Do you wish to make a contract with me?"
    "I have reached the end of my happiness and wish to regain it, there is nothing I lament giving up, I do wish to make a contract with you."

    Ashton sprang up from his resting position on the mahogany desk, heart racing quite rapidly, chest rising and falling. He subconsciously brought his hand up to the area near his collar bone where the contract mark he shared with Vladimir, lay. His fingers lightly brushed against the mark, leaving a trail of goose-flesh primarily from his recollection of the past, and secondarily from the touch of his fingers. His mind was racing a million miles a minute, it was strange to be reflecting back to such a night; Ashton knew very well that nothing from that night could ever be changed, and he knew that even if he inquired such with Vlad, he would simply smack him upside the head and threaten to punch a hole through his tiny body. Though Ashton knew he couldn't actually do that without loosing the soul he was promise, the thought still struck a chord of fear through him, though he quickly shook it off, returning his posture and facial expressions to that of a careless boy who had given up nothing short of his life.

    Ashton's hand fell from his chest, hovering over the many letters and official documents sitting on his desk. He watched as a singular piece of paper glided down lightly from above his head, signifying he had been in a rather deep slumber. The paper hit is desk, it's heading reading: "To the Earl of Chamberlain, Lord Ashton G. Chamberlain.", it was a report from an inside source Ashton held under his thumb and squeezed for information almost daily. The report read tell of some rather odd individuals showing up around town, spotted by select individuals. The only identifying factor of these appearances was an eye-witness report stating "they dress in black". Not much to go by, but Ashton was a master at what he did, and sooner or later, he would dig up the entire story - he always did.

    Three knocks sounded on the shut door before Ashton before a voice sounded, "I'm coming in." The door swung open and a man with blazing red hair and black markings strewn across his face in identical and symmetrical patterns walked into Ashton's study, rather nonchalantly. The man of Ashton's recollections, and nightmares; the one who was contracted to him until death, and the one who willingly served the Earl even though it was obvious he had a spiteful affinity towards Ashton: Vladimir Turner.

    "Sure, just come in, no need to ask or anything." Ashton stated in a cool and rather bored voice. Vlad looked down at the Earl, squinting his eyes in distaste, clacking his tongue together in a soft sound of shun. "I have your tea." He stated. There was no kindness behind his words - he held respect of some sort for the Earl, and was proper in his presence, but, there was no feeling behind it. Ashton couldn't care that much though, seeing as Vlad was under contract, he could hate the boy as much as he wanted, yet still have to protect him with his life and serve him until Ashton's dying breath.

    This was fact, not fiction - Ashton tried to remember that daily.
    "Thank you." The boy stated, shuffling around some papers on his desk to make room for the small china plate and cup. Vlad placed it down, his eyes falling over the boy he served. There was clear indication he had fallen asleep moments before Vlad's entrance into the study - his sleep ridden hair and eyes telling all. Vladimir wasn't the type to offer help, he was the type that had to be asked or commanded. There was a moment of silence where he merely stood before the slate-haired young man, watching his movements, subsequently ushering observation into the air.
    "I shall come to retrieve you in one hour for your lessons...sir." It wasn't hard to pinpoint the distaste on the butlers tongue as he pivoted forcefully on his foot, causing a whoosh of air to lift the papers from Ashton's desk as he exited the room, leaving the nightmare induced boy in a state of deep thought and regret.

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  10. Felix Clarke

    At the Disney Estate

    If Felix had been human, he might have made a sigh of relief. His master was rather picky when it came to poached eggs. He had no desire to see his clothes be flung out the window again. But as it was, he simply smiled, but it quickly fell the moment his Master asked him to look at his notes.

    Whatever his master had written in the notebook was absolute nonsense to him. He was only familiar with the business side of the Disney company, not the ridiculous entertainment it put out. Felix thought it was all rather silly, but it seemed to please his Master. So, for his Master's sake, he pretended to understand everything that he was saying. Thankfully, the last bit of the conversation was coherent enough for him to be able to respond to his Master.

    "Minerva reminds me of an old witch." Felix said, his facial expression vaguely resembling a look of disgust. "Perhaps it would be easier to find a name if you didn't restrict yourself to ones that started with M."

    Felix said nothing more, instead choosing to hand his Master the Queen's letter. "This may affect today's schedule, my lord. Please prepare to be flexible."

    (I didn't put the picture in, sorry.)​



    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    ***Read Notes
    AGE: Twenty XX SERVANT: Felix Clarke XX ROLE: The White Rabbit

    Liatris sighed in frustration as he took the letter while he ate the last bits of ham and proceeded to open the letter. "I'll ask the kids for suggestions.." he uttered ; referencing the children who visited Disney Park. Liatris focused on enlarging the park into a 'World' however he was low on ideas. Something was missing--But he couldn't pinpoint it. The male took out a hand written letter, and merely tossed the envelope on the floor quietly before reaching for his cup of coffee. The male liked his coffee sweet, and he softly blew it cool before taking a small sip from the mug as he read.

    "Ah... The queen is quite strict on me attending." Liatris scratched his head, ruffling his seemingly jet black hair in silence."I also have so much to do don't I?" Liatris asked his servant before tossing it on the table and waving his hand around the food signaling to clean it up quickly."After cleaning these up, set the bath and then prepare my clothes.. As for what I want to wear.." Liatris pondered for a moment, biting his thumb."I'll dress the occasion but will keep my usual eccentric taste.. 3 piece suit, Coordinate the colors to be Mickey-related." he ordered, tone deep but with laziness apparent. "You should know the colors of him by now I expect." Liatris stood, pushing his chair back before pushing Felix's hands away to grab his own plate and utensils and leaving the blanket at the chair."Forget it." He uttered."I'll excuse you from dishes for now, since you'll be handling everything else thats more important." stated Liatris walking to the kitchen and putting it in the sink."You can do this after the important tasks are dealt with."

    Liatris had gathered his various notes and sketchpads which were laid out on the table, stacking them neatly and picking them up. The young man then proceeded to grab one of the children's book he was reading, most notably 'ALICE IN WONDERLAND' and stacked that over his tower of work. "Might as well leave as early as I can and finish up everything today before the event." he groaned, placing the pencil behind his ear and proceeding to walk out the large dining room.

    "I'll be up in my bedroom."


    ╔═══════════════ NOTES══════════════╗
    ❝ Morbus & Charlotte aren't necessarily mentioned in here
    because it seemed as though they didn't enter the estate yet
    nor broke in? But I did tag you (Dana + Zeroisdead) guys
    anyways so that you're aware of this post and plan something
    ahead maybe? Basically I wasn't given anything to write with
    in order to include your characters--Sorry! c: ❞

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    LOCATION: Disney Estate ; Going to his bedroom XX WITH: Felix Clarke XX TAGGED: @Kadin

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  12. [​IMG]
    Name: Noha Place: The professors home (somewhere in london)

    In most households it's unheard of that the master wakes up his servant, but in the professors household this has become a regular thing. However the professor didn't mind this, this was just how life with a insomniac for a servant was and for the most part the professor actually let Noha sleep until he woke up naturally. He knew how much trouble Noha had with sleeping and even tho the pair had managed to put together a drug to help him go to sleep it was still a hassle since it didn't help him stay asleep. This was not one of the days were Noha would get to sleep in tho. The professor had gotten word that someone was on their way to potentially offer Noha work elsewhere.​

    Although the professor was kind with letting Noha sleep when he could if it came to waking the boy up the professor was anything but. He had grabbed two lids from the kitchen and snuck into the boys bedroom and as he was just a few inches away from the boy banged the two lids together as hard as he could. To put it lightly... it woke Noha up.

    "Sir ! If you keep doing that I will have a heart attack !" The boy said trying to recover from the hellish experience.

    "Well that's a risk I'm wiling to take. Now get out of bed and fix yourself, we are going to have company and I need you to look presentable or at least not repulsing." and with that the professor left Noha's bedroom and Noha started to search through his drawers for anything that wasn't stained by chemicals and made him look at least okay. In the end he ended up finding grey kimono and after putting it on he went out to find the professor.

    After meeting up with he professor and received a "It will do" from him Noha was put on the task of fixing tea and some minor cleaning to prepare the place for the visitors.
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  13. [​IMG]
    Name: Cedric Robillard
    Location: Robillard Estate​

    He awoke how he usually woke on most days, with the sound of three knocks and the sound of a voice he almost knew better than his own coming to wake him. The morning was bright and he opened his eye's slowly trying to guard against the dim as he sat up. He slept in a large and lavish kings size bed, one of the only extravagances he allowed himself though he knew this might be one of the last days he slept so freely. Today was the mark he set for himself.

    "Good morning Aloysius." He said as the butler entered the room and he sat up. At his side lay at his side the girl he had brought was starting to stir as well. A girl he had picked up while at the city yesterday checking on the progress of some of his pet projects. She sat up glancing at him shyly before moving to put on her cloths glancing at him shyly every once in awhile from the corner of her eye. She was a waiter of the inn where he met his contact and wasn't very important overall but never the less he thought he should make sure she didn't say anything about what happened here. He crawled here and put a gentle hand on her chin lifting her eyes to his pale ones. "I enjoyed our time together I would rather no one knew what happened here, understand?" He said with a smile that never reached his eyes and she shivered at the threat in his voice and put on her cloths on much faster and was escorted out by Aloysius. After she left he slid of the bed waiting for Aloysius to come back. He was naked when Aloysius came back but he was never one for faking embarrassment especially him and once his clothes were set out he dressed himself, letting Aloysius help with the hard to reach places and straightening up his outfit with a few small adjustments since he found most of the clothes made for nobles we often hard to put on properly without someone helping out.

    He went to his mirror to check everything was in order. A few years ago he would have not been able to recognize the person in the mirror. Hair that was pure white with a hint of a silvery color and pale eyes he was undeniably handsome but gave off a different and unreal feeling like he truly didn't belong completely in this world which in some ways could be considered true. The fact he wore white didn't help but he saw it as his own private joke because it was in such direct contrast with his title as the Queen's shadow and his secret crimes. He glanced at Aloysius and left his room and making a short walk to the kitchen. He sat and started to eat knowing Aloysius was behind him waiting for instruction. Usually he would have spoken by now but knowing this was one of the last days he could eat such a relaxed meal he focused on the food and let his silence stretch on while he thought about his butler. Both a man he considered possibly his only confident if not friend who knew the truth about him and the demon who would take his life and the end of it all. "What strange turns my life has taken me." He couldn't help but think to himself remembering his father's death and his rushed and grieve stricken summoning with powers at one point beyond his comprehension, his hair and eyes a constant reminder of a promise to be kept to the man behind him.

    Once he finished his food he didn't even have to order her servants to clean up before they rushed up to clear his dishes. Aloysius was the perfect servant for him, independent enough to take care of his own matters but obedient enough that he listen to his every order and often times predicted his desires before he could even voice them. He stood and glanced at his butler and left the room, still not saying a word as he made for the living room which all in all was mostly a private study. His long strides clacking against the marble floor as he entered the room with barely a glance back at him. He walked to his chair pausing only to grab the letters before he sat down shuffling through them. Only then did he decide to speak. "Aloysius, i'm gonna have to ask you to forgive me because I haven't told you much about my ultimate goal? Do you remember the terms of our contract Aloysius?" He asked obviously expecting a response as he just looked at the letters before putting them to the side, his expression strangely serious and competitive for the usual confident and sarcastic master.
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  14. [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Collaboration between Akashi & Silver

    Summary: Misha has an interesting dream, but is awakened by Azrayla in quite the pequliar way. They go over the schedule and the interesting development in his business draws closer.

    A wide but extravagant bed, his back turned against the ceiling, his room slightly messy. Some prototype toys spread around the floor. His face was buried inside his pillow. Misha was a heavy sleeper. His mouth was slightly open, which would obviously mean that he was drooling all night. His hair was messy and ashen white, reaching to the bottom of his neck.

    He was bare naked from the waist and up. His room was dull and grey. The curtains made sure that the sun was not seeping inside the room. Oh, his last night was a blissful one. "Mmm." He made an almost grumpy-like noise. Moving his face around the pillow. His lips smacked, before a smile was slowly around his mouth. He was having a good dream, apparently.

    Azrayla had woken early that morning as per usual, going about her business while darkness still held supreme over the earth. But this didn’t bother the demoness, no, she went about the chores, movements ghost like and efficient as she did. However, it wasn’t long before the dawn began to creep its way over the horizon. The demoness paused, looking out the grand window she’s been cleaning, her reflections stared back at her as she watched the colors of the dawn creep further and further into the sky. Quickly, she rearranged the priorities in her mind. This was the dullest part of the day for her. Cleaning was just so boring. But the succubus kept up the work until all of the windows had a fresh clean shine. By now, it was creeping closer to the time her master should be woken up.

    “Right, to the kitchen.” Her voice slid out, barely an echo around the empty walls as she made her way there. After that, it was a flurry of movement. Eggs came into her hands, flour, spinach, and a plethora of other things. As she mixed and whipped, not a single drop was spilled. AT least cooking was a bit more entertaining than cleaning. Soon, she had the mixture of Quiche in the oven, water beginning to boil for her master’s tea. Part of her paused. No, she’d save the cake for another meal. Besides, a quiche was kind of like an egg cake, right? Humans are so peculiar She moved on to her next task.

    By the time breakfast was done, there was a quiche, the model of perfection. A whipped strawberry mouse atop a thin layer of cake, and even though she had planned to wait the demon found herself making it before the act had registered. Two slices of bacon, flavored in maple had been added to the side accompanied by a small bowl of mixed fruits. For the drinks, the woman had a cup filled with tea infused with strawberries, to keep to the theme and a glass of orange-passion fruit juice as well as a glass of water.

    Carefully, the demon lifted the tray and went to the small table her master often used. It was a small sunny nook, a spot more cozy than the grand dining room. After the table was set, Rayla whisked the tray back to the kitchen before she darted up the stairs to wake the young man.

    At his door, the demon paused, and schooled her features before she knocked.

    “Botchan, it’s time for you to wake up.” She called through the wood before promptly letting herself in. An amused smirk flickered over her features as she took him in. Now, what was the best way to wake the man? The demon prowled closer to the bed, hand going to rest on her hips as she looked him over. A wicked idea settled itself into her mind and she found herself crawling over the top of the man, careful not to actually touch him.

    “booootttcchhhhaannnnnnnnn” she whispered, when there was still no response, the demoness promptly set herself down atop the man and began to poke her cheek, a big grin lighting over her face. If he had not been drooling, she may have stolen a kiss. But for now, this was her amusement.

    Misha was still in his deep slumber, moving about his face, making sleeping noises and what not. To no avail, he still didn't wake up, no matter what his butler did at that point. She was used to him being like that. In his dream, he was holding two tommy guns in his hand. There were figures in silhoutte before him. A big wide and happy laugh was emanating from his lips.

    Shooting like crazy, as if there were marks before him, but all of a sudden, his guns stopped working no matter how many times he pushed down the triggers. Misha looked forward, and noticed the darkness all over his little dream. It was pitch black. His guns were gone, "Wh. Where are my guns?.." He questioned himself in the dream, but also in his mind back in reality.

    He felt something quite heavy, and felt like he was paralyzed. What was going on? He tried to squirm is way out from the darkness, but thats when he woke up gradually from his slumber. His red mesmerizing eyes opened up slightly. His face looking to the right, towards the elegant wall close to one of the windows in his room.

    Misha felt that something was on top of him. He used the little strength he had in the morning to move his eyes as much as he could, noticing none other than his butler, Azrayla straddled on top of him, poking his cheeks as if he was a toy. The irony. "Butler-chan.." He started..

    His voice was weak, and quite tiresome. He made a slurping noise as he dragged the saliva around his lips back in his mouth. "What are you doing... Let me sleeeeeep." He almost annoyingly squirmed every so slightly.

    "I'll give you a kiss later if you let me get back to my dream for at least another hour..." He was half-awake, drifting in his thoughts. He wanted to be left alone, but for some reason also liked the idea of her figure straddled on top of him like that. "Why don't you .. massage me?.. My shoulders are.. stiff..... Yeah.."

    The demons mirth only grew as she watched the slummbering lord wake sluggishly. If her tail had form at the moment, it'd be swaying behind her in a slow manner. But it was not, so there would be no slow swaying. She had to at least look human, now didnt she?

    Her smile only grew as his pretty red eyes finally landed on her. As he spoke, the demon listened obediently, the corners of her lips twitching as she tried not to break into giggles over his state.

    "Oh, but botchan, if I leave you be I'll get bored....then who knows what kind of trouble I may get into." She teased right back, moving to poke his chin. "And it's no fun if you give me a kiss...." She added. No, the demon quite liked her sneak attacks, thank you. It was too easy if the kiss was just given to her like that. At his request she paused and her head tilted just somewhat. "If my master wishes for a massage then I will do my very best to give him only what he desires."

    With that, she stood up and backed up. "Lay on your stomach fully, botchan." She ordered the man, as she began to unbutton her blazer. Said item was thrown over the doorknob perfectly not even thirty seconds later as she began to roll her sleeves up.

    Misha accepted her request, still half-awake. "I'm turning around now, Rayla..." He lazily added. After his butler moved a bit back to give him some room, he mustered the little strength he had and turned around, his arms stretched to the side, like a "T". His eyes were fixated on her figure as she started to take of her clothes, or so he assumed.

    'What is she doing... I asked for a massage.. Why did I turn around when my shoulders are stiff? Isn't it suppose to be massaged from the back?' Some weird thoughts ran through his mind. Misha eventually ended up thinking about something naughty.

    His expression turned to curious, before confused, before he realized what was going on. After her blazer, she'd unbutton her shirt, and so on. Azrayla was like that. Quite mischievous, playful, flirtiaous. The sudden adrenaline came out of nowhere, his eyes widened. "Waaaaaaaait!... Wait.. Wait... Waiiiiiiit.." He repeatedly exclaimed, with a silly expression all over his face.

    He used his hands to move back, as if he was backed into a corner, before he turned towards the edge of the bed, falling down. His eyes meeting with Azrayla, who was definetely confused and obviously amused by what just occured. "I'm not ready for that yet.. Not with my butler.. Not so fast..." He waved his hands in denial while on the floor, before his right hand landed on one of the toys which was manufactured in his company.

    It was a pointy toy, which caused some sharp pain to run through his arm quite drastically. "O.. Aaaa..." He was quite clumsy. The toy had wheels underneath, which pushed it backwards, dragging his arm with it, pulling him down. A thud-like sound escaped the floor. Misha was all grumpy.

    He did not move an inch for a few seconds as the silent echoed throughout the big room. He tilted his head to the side ever so suddenly, his gaze ending up on Rayla. He realized he was fooling himself and probably jumped to a stupid conclusion. "Is my breakfast ready!?.." He suddenly asked quite seriously. As if he wanted to forget the embarassing moment. Misha was fully awake now, despite the circumstances that led to it.

    The demoness paused as her human made a rather noisy outburst. With a blink of red eyes, she turned to look at im, hand still resting on the sleeve of her left elbow. What was he on about? It took a few seconds, but then Azraylas lips began to stretch into a slow, somewhat sinister smirk. Oh, her poor sweet earl. A giggle slipped from her lips as her eyes watched him in a nearly predatory manner.

    Then the situation got even funnier and the stream of giggles didn't cease as Mish met the floor in a suddn impact. Her arms wrapped around her middle as mirth glistened in her red eyes. It took a few moments but eventually the demon was able to quiet herself and regain some of ehr composure. Ohhhhh, Misha was always such good fun.

    "But of course, botchan, breakfast is in the nook as per usual."
    Her voice purred, a touch of demonic seduction leaking into its human guise. "I believe it will still be warm, but I can warm it up further for you if you so wish." She continued before she crossed to his closet and pulled out a simple shirt to put on his pale chest. She turned back to him and crossed the space seperating them in easy, gliding steps before she came to a halt and offered the man the hand that didn't hold the soft silken piece.

    "Come botchan, let's get you decent, shall we?" She paused, before wicked intent lit her features, "Unless my master would prefer to have his massage after all?" She purred again, letting her lids lower. "I'd be more than happy to offer only the best of services for whichever part of the body my master so desires....."

    As always, Misha's breakfast was ready, but he always liked to enjoy it somewhere else beside his bedroom in the morning. His butler knew that quite well. He turned around, pulling himself slightly up from pequliar state. He could clearly see that Azrayla had fun watching him make a fool out of himself. If anyone, she would perhaps be the only one who knew such a clumsy side of the Queen's Joker.

    A disappointing sigh escaped his lips as his hand ran through his ashen hair, making his forehead and red eyes quite visible. "Good good.. You always do have it ready when I need it.. I guess having a demon for a butler wasn't a bad choice after all." He joked, before accepting the helping hand his butler provided.

    "No no.. The massage can wait.." Pulling himself up he turned around. His expression was somewhat dull, but his eyes were quite serious. Misha was back to his normal self, but there was just too much mystery around the man. While Azrayla put his shirt on, he decided to ask the obvious. "So.. Rayla.. What's for breakfast?.."

    His mind was curious because, if anything, his butler always surprised him during the morning. The food was always different, but for some reason, it was always something he would enjoy. Ten points for his butler right there. "Is it something simple... Or... exquisite?.." A small laugh escaped his lips, as he turned around, allowing Azrayla to button up his morning shirt, which was quite loose as it reached down his waist.

    Azrayla went about the process of assisting the young man as he dressed. These actions were habit, and the demon was fairly certain she could do it in her sleep. Red eyes took in the soft pale, human flesh of her master. It was pretty, far prettier than some of the demons she had known. The woman felt a hunger gnaw at her gut. A hunger that she pushed down.

    No, now was not the time to feed herself. She had someone else to feed at the moment. After the last button had been buttoned and the soft temptation had been hidden from her sight, the demon finally looked up, red meeting red as her eyes met his. A playful expression crossed over her features.

    "I'd like to think that even the most simplest of things can be made to be exquisite with the right hand...." She began, "However you'll just have to hurry and get to the table if you want to know, now won't you?" She stuck the tip of her tongue out at the man before she popped back up and turned on her heel towards the door. As she walked she unrolled her sleeves, letting them return to how they were before. When she opened the door, she scooped her blazer up and shrugged her shoulders back into it, and began to button it up. It went on perfectly, as if it hadn't just been thrown across a door handle.

    The demon paused before her face went neutral and she stepped to the side, bowing at the waist. "If you will, botchan, allow me to lead you to were your breakfast will be served." Her voice came out respectful, the perfect picture of a woman in service to a lord...and the total opposite of the teasing tone she had just held.

    "Well then.. Whatever it is. I'm looking forward to it." Misha added, taking note of the words she uttered. Even though he is the one to create puzzles, there were times where he couldn't even best his butler. Sometime, the thought about her allowing him to achieve victory in some of the games ran through his mind. There was no getting around her.

    And then there were those outside the Estate. The humans and their facades. The disgust. Thinking about that really brought an almost hateful expression on his face, however it was quickly brushed off when his butler wanted to show him the way to his hot food. "I wonder what it could be.." He smiled nonchalantly, before clapping his hands together.

    "Alright, Rayla. Lead the way then." Misha, as always, decided to follow her, even if he knew where the food was being served. As the walked down the big hall way of the Baskerville Manor, his red eyes glanced around at the walls, looking at the art plastered about. It was truly a sight to see, even if it was his own home, he just couldn't get used to it. They were some of the most prized art he had.

    Other than a toy factory, Misha Baskerville's enterprise extended as far as to art. Having a company just for that. His business was spread throughout England, and especially London. In his own free time, he would paint until being satisfied. Creating even puzzles for his customers to solve in the paintings he made. But also predictions.

    Approaching the room where the breakfast was served, he spoke up. "So.. Is today's newspaper ready?.." Misha rhetorically asked, because he knew the answer. If anything, he needed his newspaper at all times. He wanted to know if anything important would interest him. He had many reasons. Some or most of them lingered in the darkness, with his intentions for the future.

    Looking at the food on the table, he made an almost joyous expression. "Oh, this looks wonderful.. And I'm staaaaaaaaarving..." He almost made a leaping expression, extending his hands in the air, stretching them out, inhaling and exhaling his breath.

    After a moment, Misha took a seat by the table, before grabbing the fork with his right hand. Looking over at Azrayla with a satisfying smile, he asked. "So what am I about to eat?"

    The demoness led the way through the halls, twisting and turning as necesssary as she led the way. Her heels clacked against the wood as she moved. While her master was lost in his train of thoughts, Rayla to was locked away in her own. She thought of the agenda for the day, and what clothing would be best for the young man behind her to wear. But in the back of her mind, she already knew she'd be dressing him in something pretty. Part of her wondered if the outfits she often chose for him offended him. He had yet to say something on the matter if they did.

    When they arrived at the nook,the demon pulled the chair out for the young man as he took his seat and scooted it in without trouble. She was a demon after all. And while her human shape was smaller than the young man, her demon one was not. She also possessed a large deal of strength even for a demon of her kind. It was part of the reason she'd become a warrior instead of pursuing what her race normally would have.

    As if the man's question had summoned her, one of the mansion maids, a sweet blushing thing with pretty blonde hair, came in with a tray holding the print the man requested. Azrayla couldn't help the small smirk that slid over her lips. She knew for a fact that the girls kiss tasted like strawberries. The demon summoned her over with a crook of her finger before taking the offered newspaper and setting it on the table beside her master's breakfast.

    Hunger again peeked up as she looked over the maid's form. Yes, hungry she was indeed. Perhaps she shouldn't have hired so much attractive help for her master. Red eyes glanced back at the pale haired man. Immediatly she dismissed this. No, he deserved only the best and that was what he would get.

    "Thank you, Rosie." She purred, the maid blushed darker before she scammped off, dimissing herself. The demon turned her attention back to the man at the table.

    "This morning, I have prepared a quiche, baked to perfection, as the main dish. Accompanying it are two pieces of bacon flavored in only the best of syrups for my master, and a bowl of the finest fresh fruits. To drink, we have a tea infused with a strawberry's sweetness and juice made of a blend of oranges and passion fruits to give my master a healthy dose of vitamin C. Along with that, you have a glass of icy water to wash it down with. Then for desert we have a whipped straweberry mouse atop a cake flavored with the finest vanilla." She finally concluded her introduction and gave another slight bow. A sweet breakfast for a sweet tooth. "Please, botchan, enjoy your meal."

    The presentation of the food was perfect, but for some reason, Misha felt that it was too much for his stomach to handle in the morning. Especially the desert, however, everything else would probably end inside his belly with ease. "Aaa.." He awed, looking at the food.

    Misha was also quite observant, and would almost catch anything suspicious even if one would believe he wasn't looking. He knew what type of a demon his butler was, and he knew exactly what she craved from time to time. His eyes shifted from and to when it came to the maid, Rosie and Azrayla. Pointing his fork at his butler after the former left, he spoke up, making something clear.

    "Rayla.. I need you to keep your hunger in check." He demanded, before smiling quite mischieviously. "Alright.. Lets eat this... Quiche... And.. Maybe the dessert." Glacning ever so slightly at Azrayla again, he decided to give her some feedback.

    "This smells amazing.." He finished, before using the knife with his left hand. Cutting the Quiche in pieces before using the fork to eat each piece slowly, savoring the moment. "Mmmmm.. Simple and exquisite indeed." Misha referred to what his butler said earlier.

    His eyes met with the newspaper which was now on the table. He'd have to read it later. He had to ask his butler the most important question in the moment. "So what kind of an adventure will I.. Or we be having today." Misha was talking more precisely about the schedule, and how busy he'd be for the entire day.

    At her masters demand, a pout slid over her features and for a moment the room around them heated for just a few seconds. But she schooled her features back into place and the temperature dropped back to normal.

    "But of course, botchan." She answered him, even as she threw a hissy fit inside of her mind. If her tail have been out, it'd be flapping angrily back and forth like an agitated cat. The demon folded her hands and lowered her head submissively as the man gave his feedback and went about eating his breakfast. At his inquiry about the day. The demon looked back up before her lips opened. Her voice was again in resemblance to a butler in service. Polite and formal.

    "Today, botchan, you have a meeting with the board scheduled at noon. After which you have two more appointments scheduled, the first at one with a Mr. Vandaugh, and the second at two with a Lady Velise." She paused. "Then at three we have an appointment to keep at the queens behest."

    She paused again, "I've alloted four hours for this before we shall return back to the manor and prepare for the dinner party you wished tonight. Which will begin sharply at 7:30." She concluded a listing of the day's appointments. "This morning however, my master has a pile of paperwork sitting on his desk." A small flicker of amusement made its way into her eyes before dissappearing just as quickly.

    "Do you agree with this, botchan?" She inquired.

    Indeed, Misha's schedule was packed. Three meetings in the day, but what really stuck in his mind was the one at noon, the board meeting. "I see." He started. Time had already passed as he had eaten most of his breakfast, leaving the dessert alone. He gulped down the water in one go before placing it back on the table, but quite hard at that.

    Leaning back on his seat, he let go of his fork and knife. Taking the napkin which he had over his shirt, he removed the remnants of the food around his lips. He almost exasperated while looking at the ceiling. Staying quiet for the moment, letting it all sink in. His red eyes squinted. "So another attempt to remove me from the company eh... This is uncalled for..." He uttered with confident.

    No matter what they did, he knew exactly why they did it. He was too young, too ambitious. He was just not right for the company. Not after his father died. They wanted someone more adult-like to take over the toy factory. That was Misha's main business. Another thing that came as expected was the Queen and her request. "And her constant nagging." He referred to his majesty. Days before, Misha had already received her letter, and the fact that there was something she wanted him to find out.

    Moving on regarding the schedule, the name Vandaugh and Velise came to mind. "Ah, so Mr. Vandaugh is finally reporting in.. I wonder what he has in store for me.." Standing up from the chair, he threw his napkin on the table quite carelessly before turning away, towards the big wide window, looking out at the lovely weather.

    A grin was plastered all over his face. The Joker inside him was finally waking up. "Let them try." He whispered to himself, referring to the board meeting. Turning around quite seriously, he ordered his butler. "Make sure that the paintings I've made so far is presentable to Lady Velise. She's probably coming to collect them, I'm sure."

    If anything, Lady Velise was also someone who always tried to weasel her way inside the good favors of the Baskerville, especially Misha. Flirting, giving indirect signals. Whenever the opportunity presented itself. Misha's hand was supporting his chin while his index finger slowly, but surely drummed on his cheek. The grin was back in place.

    "My bath is ready, I assume?.." He asked. "And make sure my clothes for the day are ready and set for when I'm done, and in my room. I'll be wearing this until the board meeting.. I'll probably be up in my office after I'm done with my bath as well. And as for the dessert. " He glanced over at the untouched dessert on the table. "Make sure this is served along with lunch during the board meeting. I'm sure you'll have everything ready by then."

    His trust in his butler never wavered. He knew Azrayla would have everything set for him by then. Grabbing the newspaper on the table, he walked towards the door before stopping in his tracks. "Should I even ask if you could handle this, demon?" He rhetorically finished.

    The demon stood quiet as the man spoke, listening to his words. It looked like the man was awake enough now to handle his own. Well, there goes my fun. A voice popped up in the back of her mind followed by a snort. No, your fun ended when he told you to control your appetites. Not fair. Like this, she argued back and forth with herself as she watched him stand before the window.

    Oh, but which room would she set up for the art viewing? Rooms raced through her mind before she settled on a parlor just off of the gardens. The windows would be like works of art themselves and it would be a perfect ambiance for such a thing. She'd have some of the furniture cleared out to make room for the paintings to stand. Her mind raced as it went through a checklist of preparations to make things perfect.

    "But of course my lord," She responded. "Your bath should be at the perfect temperature by the time you get to it." She answered him, even as her mind planned ahead for the day. She didn't answer after that. Of course she'd have his clothes laid out for him, she already had the perfect ensamble chosen for the man, she just needed to lay them out for him. A simple task.

    When he spoke of the desert, her eyes glanced over at the piece still still sitting on the table. She hated when he didn't finish her food. What was the point of going through so much effort if he wasn't going to finish it all? The demon swept that from her mind. No, it was of no concern. For now, she was his until the time came when the tables would turn.

    "Of course, botchan." She answered again. Then her eyes looked up and met his back, they flashed over to a more demonic nature, the pupils turning into slits as he called her by what she was. "Better than any human botchan." She quipped back,

    With that, the demon straightened and she too turned and left, leaving through the opposite side of the room that the human she served did. She had things to do.

    "Heh.." Misha added at the end, looking over at his butler leaving the room. 'I never figured it'd be this easy to get under her skin, but perhaps I didn't' A simple yet playful thought ran through his mind as he opened the door. Exiting through the other end. It was time to read the newspaper while taking the bath.

    His mind veered off as he quickly looked over the newspaper while walking down towards the bath. Flipping through pages until a name. "Enralle" was shown. A ball was happening. It sounded quite amusing to him. Perhaps some of the people from his company will take part in such an event. Perhaps Misha could further his true agenda by using this event. 'Surely I'll get an invite from Countess of the Enralle.'

    If anything, it was an elegant ball with members of the high society. Powerful people, and earls among countesses that would attend. Misha couldn't miss it for the world. Things were only going to get interesting.
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  15. Lareje (open)

    Halland (open)

    Earl Halland Avalon & Butler Lareje Corinthia
    (Collab between Estrella & @Shadows)
    Avalon Estate ~ Bedroom/Dinning Room

    It was early, the sun just peaking over the horizon. A light snore sounded from beneath a fluffy comforter even though no part of the young lord could be seen. Halland was curled up beneath the blanket as usual. For some reason he had a curious habit of doing this in his sleep. What others didn't know was he had developed this habit from having to cover any exposed skin as a kid so bugs or rats wouldn't make a feast of him in his sleep.
    Dawn had long since arrived and passed, clicking open a platinum silver pocket-watch she carried with her, Lareje read off the time to herself as being 6:24 in the morning. A few minutes past time for her master to be getting up and dressed for the day. As f right on cue, she heard him snoring from the kitchen where she was preparing his breakfast. Giving a frustrated sigh, she pinched the bridge of her nose before hanging up her apron on the backside of the door, leaving to go and wake him up. Giving the door to his bed chambers a few light knocks before entering, she again entered to find him entirely covered by his blankets.

    " Master, it is time for you to get up. Now three minutes past to be exact. I can't have you sleeping in late today."

    Giving the bed-sheets a gentle tug, revealing his head buried into a pillow of course. Proceeding to open up the curtains and let in a spray of sunlight into the room no matter how faint it might have been.

    " Come now we mustn't fall too far behind. You have a fairly packed schedule today my lord."
    Suddenly his blankets were torn from him making the Earl grumble and hug the pillow to him. "Lareje you know I hate that." Hall complained as one silvery blue eye opened to scowl at his Butler. Only to snap shut once more as the sunlight poured in. The warmth felt nice but the sudden brightness was unwelcome. Knowing that resistance was futile when it came to Lareje he released his pillow to sit up. His maroon hair was in disarray, the natural spikes poking every which way giving him some rather comical bedhead.

    Stretching his long arms he yawns big. Halland was wearing a white nightshirt along with brown pants as usual.
    "Your a sadist aren't you?" He accused in a playful tone. His voice was deep and husky yet somehow alluring.
    She gave half hearted smile, hearing the way he poked and prodded at her with his words. It was quite amusing sometimes, though she refrained from showing it. After all, one day he would be no less than a delightful meal for her.

    " No of course not my lord. I'm only doing my duties as your loyal butler. No more, no less. "

    Other than the faint smile she had on her face, she was emotionless. Her eyes seeming to have no light to them despite their fiery red color. A little songbird fluttered to the windowsill, it's song coming into the room with a dreamy touch. She had laid out your clothes for the day, not bothering to try and help you get dressed. She knew you well enough to know you wouldn't let her help, even if she wasn't female you still would have denied her assistance.

    " I suggest you hurry, your breakfast might get cold."

    And with that being said, she left the room and returned to the kitchen where she had prepared a delightful little vanilla creme pastry, seeing as you had a sweet tooth and all. If it was sweet, her master would it eat it at any time of day. It was the best way to keep him fed, though she sometimes got him to eat for the better of his health regardless.
    Hall smiled slightly at Lareje's response, it was a typical one for her. Standing he grimaced as the cold floor made contact with his feet, he hated the cold. "I'm moving I'm moving." He responded lightly to her beckons for him to hurry. Once she exited the young man stripped before quickly redressing in the outfit she laid out for him. It was true he was use to dressing himself, along with his Butler being female he didn't allow her assistance, but that wasn't the only reason. Though he doubted Lareje would show any emotion to it, he still didn't want her to see the many scars that marked his flesh.

    It didn't take long for the blue eyed Earl to dress and comb his hair so it didn't look like he just came out of a tornado. Looking in the mirror upon his dresser he sighs softly as he saw not his own face, but that of his brother's staring back at him. 'I swear I'll find you...' Exiting his room Halland made his way to the Dining Room. He could already smell Lareje's cooking causing his mouth to start watering. 'It smells sweet...' Like a little kid Hall's eyes lit up at the thought, sweets were his one guilty pleasure.

    Pushing a cart into the dining hall, stood by the one chair that he would sit in, at the very front of the long table that stretched through the room, slightly smaller chairs lining the sides of the table and one of equal size to his own at the opposite end. She recalled being told of a time when people would fill the table during splendid parties, but that was a time before things went downhill for her master. It was a once joyous life she believed, but she could never truly know because she was only with him since shortly after this time had ended. And her information came strictly from what he had told her in past years. The plate was made from only the finest porcelain china, with midnight blue roses decorating the outer edges of the plate.

    " I hope you can enjoy what I have prepared for you this morning. I know how you are about that sweet tooth of yours..."

    Setting the plate down on the table once he had sat down, she made it a habit to follow up with sugary sweet syrup of her own creation drizzles on top of whatever it was he was eating as far as pastries are concerned. It was kind of like the finishing touch on a painting, to make it feel complete.

    With a soft smile Hall took his seat at the end of the table. The seat of the empty seats surrounding him caused a slight twinge in his heart, but he didnt know show it. "It smells exquisite." He commented as Lareje placed the floral china in front of him with a much appealing pastry on top. As she drizzled her special syrup on top he couldnt help but smile bigger. "You know me too well." He responded before grasping his silverware and cutting into the sweet treat on his plate.

    Taking a bite his eyes lit up, obviously pleased. "Delicious as always Jeje." He complimented, using the nickname he'd made up for her. Despite being a demon, and his Butler, he meant the nickname as more of an endearment than anything. Though she might not believe it, Halland cared for his white haired beauty. He continued eating his meal, his gaze occasionally drifting to the open window to gaze out at the lavish garden.

    "So whats on my schedule for today?"

    She gave half smile, seeing she had been sufficient in her cooking. She thought herself to be a very talented chef indeed, but of course that didn't make her any more special than others who were good cooks. She was just content pleasing her master and abiding by his wishes. After all, it was what her contract had stated for her to do up until he died. She listened to his statements and took the moment to bask in his comments, of course then she snapped back to her senses and recalled the beginning of the schedule she had planned out for the day. Surprisingly, there wasn't all that much to do for once.

    " Well, you have got a meeting with one of the detectives from the Scotland Yard in an hour and thirty minutes. Said something about a string of mysterious murders. I have it written to take at least two hours, so that would put us at around about ten to eleven o'clock. Around then we have a scheduled appointment with your doctor, just a checkup of course, can't have you be getting sick on my account. That would just be indecent of me. Then you have a few hours to yourself, nothing much until shortly after 1 o'clock in the afternoon. Shall I continue?"

    She paused and looked at you, seeing you were already halfway through your meal. She almost had to hold back a laugh but she knew better than to think it funny, it was rude of her to think such things of her master.​

    Halland listened to his schedule with a rather bored expression. 'More murders....We might as well be animals fighting over territory.' He thought to himself, disgusted with how easy people took another life. He may be a thief, a liar, a forger, but one thing he wasnt was a murderer. Even with all his time in the underworld, he refused to kill for what he wanted, beat maybe, but never kill.

    Waving his hand dismissively he glanced up at Lareje. "You worry too much, I'm in perfect health." He motioned to his lean, but muscular body with a light smile. "It seems I have some leisure time today, for a change. We also have that ball tonight." He reminded, somewhat dreading the fact he would have to be around snotty nobles. But on the other hand it was a good chance to get some information on his brother's whereabouts, possibly.

    Finishing his meal he wiped his mouth on the cloth before standing. "I think I'll walk around the garden for a bit before the meeting. Do we have any information on these murders?" He inquired calmly as he made his way through the halls to the back exit to the garden. Hall found peace in his flowers, there was so many different kinds, thousands upon thousands, yet every one was unique.

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  16. plague_doctor_by_mrjosef-d698nwi edit.jpg
    The Disney Estate

    “Very inefficient locks these doors have.” Morbus muttered to himself as he stepped into Lord Disney’s estate, entering from a back door that lead to a storage area that was connected to the kitchen. He looked around, getting distracted by the choice of foods that was keep there, writing a few down in his notebook before making his way into the kitchen. Hm, I must be a bit late for breakfast. There were only a few servants left in the kitchen, they seemed to be too busy cleaning dishes to notice the reaper’s presence.
    He had to admit, he was a bit glad him and Charlotte split up, he never could sneak around as well when accompanied with another person. Having such a tall and distinct, he had to slowly master the skill of hiding in plain sight, being agile and quick, being barely in sight and gone in a flash. Visible but never seen. That was one of his specialties, some may consider it his most deadly, well, besides his desire to gain knowledge by any means necessary.
    Morbus watched the workers scrub the dishes, trying to figure out what was served that morning. He then quickly exited the kitchen, getting sick of thinking about food, and continued making his way through the estate unnoticed. He watched the servants carefully, studying their mentalities, and habits, then carefully documenting them in his note book. Work, work, work. No time to talk with others, I respect that. He examined the paintings, walls, floors, ceilings of the first floor, as much as he could before he could get caught, he found value in all knowledge, even what may seem useless at the time could eventually become important. He wondered around the manor aimlessly, hoping that he might just run into something a bit more … interesting.

    @N/A @DANAsaur @Kadin
    I went ahead and tagged you guys since we are in the same location...
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  17. Felix Clarke
    At the Disney Estate

    "Certainly, my lord." Felix said, bending into a bow, keeping his expression void of all emotion, despite the fact that Felix wanted to strangle him. His master was clever, but he quite the oddball and certainly infuriating. Not for the first time, he wished he had a contract with someone that wasn't quite so... ridiculous.

    Still, it was only for the time being. He would get Master Disney's soul eventually. Still, it wouldn't hurt to move things along...

    However, he had other duties to attend to before he could begin scheming for his master's demise. Like the bath, for instance. And preparing his Master's clothes. And dealing with the intruders outside.

    He'd have to leave the latter alone for the moment. He had better things to do with deal with Grim Reapers, no matter how odd their sudden appearance was.

    Adela Enralle
    At the Enralle Estate

    Adela wasn't much of an early riser, but today seemed to be the exception to her usual habits. With a slight groan, Adela shifted under the covers, silently wishing that she would be able to fall asleep again. If only she could stay under the blankets, ignoring the world around her for just a bit longer as she drifted off to sleep.

    A part of her urged her to get up and begin the day. She was perfectly capable of summoning Luca or some other servant. However, the temptation of rest easily swayed her half-awake brain, so she remained under the covers.

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  18. Collab with @Greenrust

    Aloysius Parker & Cedric Robillard - Robillard Estate
    Aloysius Parker & Cedric Robillard - Robillard Estate

    “Yes, sir. I am to follow and protect you with my all. I am to serve your every call, body and soul, sir.” Aloysius responded, eyeing his master with serious, calm eyes. He seemed thoughtful, as if the memory of that day some years ago when they first met. Master Robillard had not been quite as impressive as he looked now, and some of that was thanks to Aloysius and his… abilities. Awaiting his Master’s next words, as he had been ordered not to speak unless prompted to do so, he stood still behind Earl Robillard’s chair, almost blending in with the shadows, as quiet as he was.

    He sat back and seemed thoughtful for a moment as if searching for where to begin. “Since that day I summoned you in the basement we have come far. The shadows’ reach has spread throughout the criminal underworld, we have brought and gathered officials in both London and throughout Britain as high up as Parliament where a large amount of officials now support our cause. Yet I seek more.” He said his voice taking a powerful undertone.

    “We hold sway yet we are by no means the majority. We have no true decision making power as of yet beyond the voice our members in Parliament can offer but now things are changing. Using our vast income i’ve stepped up bribes and replacement and even ordered the deaths of a few members taking up seats and swaying large parts of the court. We are gaining number but just taking over Parliament won’t be enough since much of the power still resides in the queen at least in appearances. That brings us to our greatest issue’s..” He said standing, his thoughts to wild to sit on a chair much longer.

    Aloysius stood in complete silence as he listened. He was aware that his Master had more than just a small plan, but even Aloysius could not promise success with all of the demons roaming London. Who knew the contractors of those demons, and how high up in society they were. At this state, Aloysius couldn’t even tell if the queen herself had or had not contracted a demon - making the topic even shakier. If they were to even think about doing something of this scale, he was quite sure that they would not go unscathed, and they definitely had no proof of guaranteed success. Aloysius had to confess that he was a bit worried of his master throwing himself into that. After all, if he died, there would be no chance of taking his soul later on… something rather… inconvenient for Aloysius. Voicing this, however, would not have an effect on his master, so he stayed silent.

    “Much power has been given or taken by Parliament over the years but on the face of the country is still the queen and she has more power with the common people then all of Parliament combined. Even if we were to gain majority in Parliament that and her executive power makes her very troublesome for future plans so she needs either to be forced into a manageable state.” He paused the gravity of the next words actually causing him to glance at the door to see if anyone was listening only to realize if anyone happened to be there Aloysius would have already sensed them. “Be removed so someone more manipulatable may take her place.” He said a half smile breaking across his face as his speech began to grow more confident rather than one of one lost in thought. “However the Queen has guardians who will protect her including our main problem relying her named guardians that owe a great part of their political power to her.” He said walking to Aloysius.
    Aloysius looked at his master, not moving a muscle. He didn’t say anything, either, simply staring at his master with a calm expression. He knew how difficult this would be, especially with all of the loyal “knights” surrounding the queen. Who knew how many of them had demon butlers as well? Thinking about that worried Aloysius. He could take on one demon, sure, but if they got the entirety of the Queen’s people after them, and more than just one had a demon butler… it would be rather troublesome. He knew that Master Robillard had faith in him, but he had always thought that he wouldn’t come up with a plan this dangerous.

    “Huntress, Angler, Berserker, Viper, Knight, White Rabbit, Info Breaker, Blade. Any one of these people may move to save her if she's threatened and information seems to portray its possible most if not all of them have a demonic servant or at least someone beyond human. All of them must be confronted and given time brought to our cause or removed from the table completely. Once that has been done we have trimmed the queen’s claws and if she still tries to force her way after that she must be killed and replaced and from that point Britain will truly be under our rule from the shadows. Nobles and gangsters alike with answer only to the shadow itself.” He said this like it was a matter of fact, he could not imagine failing. Failure had never been a word in the queen’s shadow vocabulary since he regained his house to and past its former glory.

    “From that point we will send spies to infiltrate other nations and using our underground power muscle into other criminal markets and slowly take over the lower elements of these countries. While this is being done I will seek to make an heir if I haven’t already. Someone to follow in my footsteps is essential as there must always be a shadow or the whole enterprise may fall apart. I'll train my heir personally, many great empires and rules had been demolished because their son or daughter wasn’t worth half their worth and I won’t let them happen to my child. Then we will use the criminal elements we’ve brought into these empires to commit acts of terrorism and set the world's superpowers against each other with false information and people we’ve snuck in or bought in their governments speaking for war. When the dust settles Britain will find itself safe and with our untouched army bolstered by the criminals we sent there we’ll go to the mainland and claim ownership over the war torn land of europe and unite the continent. After that it's only a matter of time before the other nations fall or collapse on its own and then all will lay under the shadows eye.” He said his voice having suck into a whisper and he let his voice trail off for a moment before resuming his pace. “Then our contract is done and my heir shall rule after me and you with all have my soul Aloysuis, as promised.” He said turning to look at him. “It will not be easy in any fashion, do you understand what I need from you till we are done Aloysuis?” He asked obvious expecting an answer as he looked at him with all the poise and grace of a king as he waited.

    Aloysius eyed his master, finally prompted to speak. A long moment passed as they stood, simply looking at each other, Master and butler, human and demon, monster and prey. All of these things were them, but they were all three at once and none of them at the same time. Aloysius smirked. “Master, I will be frank with you. I am aware this is not easy, and I will not try to talk you out of it. After all, what kind of butler reprimands his own Master? …” Aloysius paused, mostly for the effect and to convince Master Robillard that that certainly was not his plan. “But what I will say, Master, is that I cannot guarantee your success. If we were to dive into this heated battle of humans who have contracted demons, I cannot guarantee your win on the offense. Even if we were to take them down one by one, I will still say so. The chances of succeeding are slim. You have ordered me to be honest, so I am. I want you to know that you’ll need to proceed cautiously, and that jumping right into this with the mindset you have might be… unfavorable for you, sir. However, I will not go against any command that you are to give me. I will have you think for yourself if you really want to go through with this as risky as it is, or if you will reconsider or perhaps change some aspects of the plan.”

    He chuckled at that, this plan must have really been risky for his normally obedient and completely loyal butler to raise any concerns on the idea. “I’m well aware things will be difficult but this has been my plan since the moment I contracted you all those years ago. I must agree that charging recklessly and challenging them even one on one on the basis you might be able to win every one on one fight is suicide but I have a plan and a way to approach this to increase our chances of success. I will not be impulsive and in truth I expect this plan to take years if we succeed at all at least in the manner I described since a good plan must be flexible. I will need many things from you in the future but right now all I need is your trust that I am not bringing ourselves to our deaths. Trust me as your master that I have seen the path ahead and follow me every step of the way.” He said looking at him with his own thoughts. His savior and enabler and his doom and killer. Aloysius represented both success and death of destruction for him. “But while i’m alive let the games commence.” He thought as he smiled.

    “Yes, certainly, Master."
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  19. [​IMG]


    Mood ~ Cheerful | Location ~ Aumont Estate | Interacting with ~ NPCs → @MiNaGi


    "I'll be in the study. Come and get me at 2 PM."

    "I most certainly will, sir," Alastair replied as he stepped out of Michael's way, silently watching his Master disappear into his study. For a moment, he just stood there in the garden, still as a statue. Soon, a sigh escaped his lips. How did I get stuck with such an anti-social human? Though the thought constantly ran through his head, the demon couldn't imagine himself serving any other human. He's been with Michael for far too long now, and he didn't plan on leaving him. Even if he wanted to, he couldn't do so. Not until his contract had been fulfilled, at least. It was considered to be the con of making deals with humans. Sometimes, the contract took forever to fulfill, but the end was always worth it. Returning back to the present, Alastair's gaze swept over the garden before narrowing slightly. It would seem that some trimming, among other things, needed to be done. The garden had to always be in tip-top shape, no matter what. It wasn't exactly a requirement from Michael, but more of a personal preference from the butler. And no one likes to question said butler, so they try their best to take good care of the garden. Clucking his tongue in disapproval, he turned to head back into the manor, a certain goal in his mind.

    As he made his way through the many hallways, searching for a certain human servant, he stumbled upon one of the maids that also worked for Lord Michael. "Ah, Elizabeth, darling," he called for her in a gentle tone, but it was enough to capture her attention. He only smiled as she stared up at him with a slightly flustered face, stuttering out a "y-yes, A-Alastair?". "It seems that the garden is getting slightly out of hand," he explained the situation that was bothering him, seeing Elizabeth nod, which he took as a sign to continue. "Could you please let Lucas know of this? I'd rather it get taken care of right away before it becomes even worse," he finished. Elizabeth nodded once more, mumbling "yes, sir" and "right away, sir" as she disappeared around the corner. Sometimes, it saddened him to see how the other servants reacted to him. He didn't like being feared, but, fortunately, that wasn't that big of a problem in the Amount Estate. Most just treated him normally or would become flustered and fidgety like Elizabeth was mere moments ago. With the garden taken care of, Alastair had to find something else to occupy himself with. He did have six hours to burn away before he needed to get Michael from his study. What to do?

    With nothing else to choose, the demon decided that he should start preparing things for when the guest would come over. Things like soft drinks and snacks to offer both his Master and the guest would be quite nice, wouldn't it? He also needed to start thinking about what to make for lunch, since lunch was around the time that he needed to retrieve His Highness. Forgetting about his early complaints of nothing to do, he strode towards the kitchen, realizing that he actually had quite a lot to do in the end. Reaching his destination, he pushed one of the double doors opened and slipped inside. His presence was immediately noticed as he saw everyone gazing at him. Pleased that he had everyone's attention, he began to tell them of his plans. "Morning to you all. We have the next six hours to prepare Lord Michael a lunch, and then the next eight hours to prepare a few snacks for the guest that is coming soon," he informed everyone, who nodded in response. "Everyone to work!" He ordered as everyone scrambled to their stations, starting on Michael's lunch first. One wouldn't believe that a simple lunch would take six hours, but Alastair always liked to take his time when it came to cooking, so it was better to get a head start while they still had one.

    As he walked around and observed, pitching in whenever he could or when he was needed, he felt a tap upon his arm, causing him to stop in his observing. Turning to the source, he was greeted with the sight of Elizabeth once more. "Hello, again. Did you inform Lucas about our gardening problem?" She nodded before shoving something into his chest, catching him off guard. Recovering from the shock, he took whatever it was that she handed to him. As soon as he did, she was gone as quick as she came. Odd, he thought as he looked over the item that was in his hands. Immediately, he recognized what it was and a smile graced his features as he began to read it—the newspaper. It was always full of interesting stories that Alastair loved to hear about. His yellow gaze stopped when he saw the name 'Enralle', reading the section. As he finished reading, his smile only grew in size and brightness, obviously pleased with what he just learned from the reading. "I should tell Lord Michael about this. Maybe he'd like to go~," he thought out loud, folding up the newspaper and tucking it underneath his left arm as he exited the kitchen, leaving the chefs to finish lunch. He had faith in them.

    As the butler made his way through the manor to Michael's study, he was also reminded of another social event that was suppose to take place tonight: Misha Baskerville's dinner party. My, my, Master certainly is popular, isn't he?, he mused inside of his head as he reached his destination. Upon entering Michael's study, he apologized, bowing slightly. "I am sorry to intrude upon your time to yourself, but I wouldn't have came if it wasn't important, sir," he stated, straightening up so he could look at Michael, hands clasped behind his back. "There are two social events coming up, sir. One, where your presence is requested, and the other doesn't have much detail. The first one is a dinner party that Earl Baskerville is holding. It begins at 7:30 sharp," Alastair paused a moment, letting that information sink in. "The other, less detailed one, is a ball that is being thrown by Countess Enralle. It was in this morning's paper," he said this as he placed the newspaper in front of his Master, opening it up and swiftly turning to the page where he saw 'Enralle', pointing at it once he found it. "Here we are, sir. This is where I've gathered my information." Focusing back on Michael, he asked a simple question. "Do you plan on attending these events, sir?" He secretly hoped so. The demon loved going around and meeting new people, but Michael wasn't in the same boat as he was, which would be unfortunate most of the time, but Alastair gotten use to it.


    We are all searching for someone whose demons play well with ours.
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  20. [​IMG]


    Mood ~ Stressed Concerned Tranquil | Location ~ Aumont Estate | Interacting With ~ Each Other

    x Collab between @Kitsune & @MiNaGi x

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Michael had been engrossed in his paperwork for what felt like days, his eyes hurting and his frustration building. They didn’t have many leads, and even with his giant supply of books in the study, he was at a loss. He felt like he had read the same document, looked at the same evidence ten times already. He was drained, and felt just like he was snapping. He was about to yell in frustration when the door was opened, and Alastair came in. He would’ve come with a rude remark had it not been for the newspaper he spotted in Alastair’s hand. He leaned back in his seat, rubbing his eyes. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Alright, speak.” He responded, knowing that even if Alastair liked idle conversation, he would only disturb Michael if it was something relevant or important. He sat and listened about the ball that was to be held. Looking at Alastair, he got an urge to say yes just like that. Alastair would always look at him with these hopeful eyes at the chance of getting to socialize. He sighed heavily, running a hand through his unruly hair. He really did not look his best at the moment. “Alright, I’ll go to the ball. Although we will only stay for the absolute minimum of time needed. Today is… not the best for me, Alastair. We’re getting no new leads on the case thus far, and the whole team is at a loss. I’ve been trying to find something in the study that might point towards a suspect, but have come up empty-handed. I’ll need to be in shape for tomorrow, we need a meeting at Scotland Yard right away.” [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Michael could feel his headache worsening, but he was used to it by now. Having headaches and still working was something that he needed to learn how to. He was relieved that Alastair usually seemed to understand him. He was surprised how well they worked together despite being so different. Something about Alastair made Michael very annoyed yet at the same time kept him from pushing the demon away - as if he actually wanted Alastair to be there with him. The thought was ridiculous; it would be bad to feel compassion for a demon. But despite the fact that he was a demon, he was also so… human. He had normal human interactions and emotions, and he expressed himself much in the same manner as humans did. He didn’t quite feel like a demon normally. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]At Michael’s heavy sigh, the hope that Alastair had for socialization diminished, but he didn’t showcase it. Even though he loved to attend balls and parties, he understood his Master’s feelings about them and would never pester him about it if he clearly didn’t want to go. That same hope was sparked again when Michael [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]actually [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]agreed to attend Countess Enralle’s ball. Despite it being only one of the two events and Michael giving them a time limit, Alastair couldn’t be happier, and it showed as clear as day upon his face. “Just a few minutes is enough, Master,” he said in a cheerful tone. “Frankly, I think that you should take a break, sir,” he stated in a tone shifting from cheerful to concerned in a few seconds flat. "You've been looking over everything for quite a long time. It'd be best to step away from it all. I believe that a nap is in order, don't you, sir? I could wake you up once lunch is prepared, if you so desired." Alastair surely hoped that Michael would take his advice. The sight of him conveyed that he had been up since the crack of dawn looking over what information he had acquired. It worried the demon since he knew it was important for humans to always be well-rested. Or, at least that's what he thought. Either way, he wasn't fond of seeing his Master so defeated and exhausted. "I'll make sure to take care of the meeting, so that's a little weight off of your shoulders," he said, wanting to help out as much as he could.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Michael didn’t quite understand why he was feeling this way about a being that certainly faked human feelings. Perhaps, it just felt too real… he sighed as he looked at his watch. It was barely midday, and he looked up at Alastair from his chair. And then he sent the butler this “look” that they both knew what meant. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Alright then, sit down.” He said to Alastair, waiting patiently for him to comply. Alastair seated himself on the couch and Michael sat beside him. He slowly laid his head on the demon’s lap, sighing as he looked up at the demon. Alastair was looking into his eyes, as if urging him to fall asleep. This was the best way for him to take a nap. Somehow, whenever he was aware of those yellow eyes watching over him, he felt calm. After a few more moments, he closed his eyes. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Seeing Michael's eyes slowly close and his body relaxed, Alastair was more than happy that his Master was getting a bit of rest until lunch time. Smiling softly, he began to card his fingers through Michael's light colored hair, enjoying the softness of it. As he continued his petting, his mind began to wander, thinking about different things. He thought about the duties he had to fulfill, but mostly thought about his and Michael's relationship and how different it seemed compared to other Masters and their butlers. He liked to think that they were special in that sense. His train of thought crashed when the door was opened and another servant was entering, being [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]awfully [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]loud and causing the demon to glare heatedly at them. Immediately, they quieted down, seeing that their Master was resting.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"Terribly sorry to intrude, sir, but you are needed in the kitchen."[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"I've got my lap full at the moment. Tell the chefs I'm unavailable," Alastair stated, not wanting to leave from his position and disturb Michael's sleep. He learned what happened a long time ago when he would move away. Continuing to pet Michael's hair, the servant complied and left the study, letting Master and butler sit in a tranquil atmosphere as time ticked by.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Trapped in the dream world, Michael felt safe. He knew that it was strange to want to sleep with someone by your side at his age, but he really enjoyed when he woke up and saw another face by him, despite being as antisocial as he was. After what felt like forever, he finally returned to conscience, though he did not open his eyes just yet. What he felt when he woke was a hand caressing his hair caringly. He knew that hand too well, and he finally decided to open his eyes, staring right into Alastair’s yellow absent eyes. It seemed like the demon was dozing off as well, and Michael smiled, albeit just a little bit.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Alright then, we need to go back to work, Alastair.” Despite saying this, he put his hand over the one caressing his hair, almost as if he wanted it to remain. He sighed as he let go, sitting up in the couch, rubbing his temples. “Thank you, Alastair. But I think delaying both of us further would be a bad idea. I’ll take care of tidying up myself on my own, so you just go to your other duties.” Michael got up, frowning at his wrinkled shirt and his probably messy hair - after all, Alastair had been playing with it for god knows how long. He walked towards his room, where he rummaged through his drawers. They probably didn’t have time to iron the shirt he was currently wearing, so he had to wear something else for now. His pants were fine to keep wearing, and he found a shirt to fit with them. He pulled off the wrinkled shirt, replacing it with the clean one as he threw the other one on the bed. When he was changed, he took a vest as well, as he needed to look at least half decent. When he looked at himself in the mirror, he let out a heavy sigh. Alastair had really given his hair a good whooping, and he slowly started to try and calm the stray strands of hair. As always, this only worked halfway, and he gave up.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Alastair was a bit saddened to be getting back to his duties already. It was rare that he and Michael got to relax like they did and the butler liked to savor every passing moment. Instead of complaining, he settled with a pout directed his Master’s way, not caring about how childish it may come off. Unfortunately, it didn’t work as Michael continued to encourage them to get back to their own duties, stating that he was going to clean himself up a bit before disappearing off to his room. With nothing to occupy him now, the demon had no choice but to get to his own feet and head out of the study, walking towards the kitchen. He hoped that lunch was done and the snacks were almost done. The guest was set to arrive a little later on. Or that’s what Alastair believed. Reaching his destination, he entered the kitchen with a flourish, causing the many eyes to turn and train on him.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“How is everything coming along?” He questioned as he walked around, eyes analyzing the many dishes that were on display. The chefs surely outdid themselves this time around. Even his own mouth was salivating at the sight of all of the food. Michael and the guest would surely be pleased. “I must say that you’ve all done a splendid job today~!” He praised in an elated tone, beaming brightly. He received many smiles in return to his praise. “Well, seeing that everything is done, you all may rest easy now. I shall go inform Lord Michael that his lunch is ready for him.” With that, Alastair left the kitchen to go to his Master’s room.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Upon reaching it, he rapped his knuckles against the door gently to indicate his presence. After a moment, he opened the door just enough to poke his head inside of the room. “Master, I’ve come to inform you that your lunch is ready. You could eat before the guest arrives, if you desired, or wait afterwards.” As he talked, his gaze zoned in on Michael’s tousled hair, biting back laughter at the way it was. He knew that it was his fault and, if he dared to even [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]giggle, [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Michael would have his head, so he settled with a bright, unsuspicious smile instead.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Michael could see that the butler wanted to laugh at him, and as much as Alastair mattered to him, moments like these made him want to whack the demon over the head. Not that he had ever done so. A soft sigh escaped him as he pulled Alastair by the wrist over to the mirror. “I’ll take my lunch now. After all, tea will be served when the guest comes, so having my lunch first would be the best. But now, you’re gonna help me with this, Alastair. Responsibility is important.” Michael smirked over his shoulder at the demon, knowing that Alastair was trying to avoid punishment from laughing at his own work. As the butler helped him do his hair, they chatted idly, content with just spending those few moments. As they finished with his hair, they walked to the door, Alastair opening the door for him.[/BCOLOR]

    We are all searching for someone whose demons play well with our own.
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