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    The current season is: Fall, in the month of... September.

    黒執事 Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)


    Lord Ainsley Dove Granger, who is played by @Kitsune. He is served by demon-butler, Samel Shaytan, who is played by @Clyde.

    Lady Anastasia Celestiana Grace Gremoir, who is played by @Shayla. She is served by demon-butler, Klayton Cross, who is played by @Ali.

    Lady Elaine Leigh, who is played by @Click This. She is served by demon-butler Hecate, who is played by @Skyswimsky.

    Lord Montgomery Theron Hiddleton II, who is played by @Mr.Scales ⚖. He is served by demon-butler, Chloe Binoche, who is played by @Meng.

    Lord Raynard Radclyff, who is played by @EmperorsChosen. He is served by demon-butler, Laura Weber, who is played by @RedArmyShogun.

    Lady Seras Sinclaire, who is played by @Detective Zero. She is served by demon-butler, Dante Strauss, who is played by @Artorias.

    Lady Shiloh Annalise Blackbourne, who is played by @Jello. She is served by demon-butler, Dmitry Karvinsto, who is played by @Lurcolm.


    Through-out this RP, I will be posting different chapters. Each will be focusing on a specific 'arc' of the storyline. This is here to aid our characters (and the people playing them) in creating a story, and continuing with the RP, rather than falling bored with the same repetitive story-line, activities, ect...
    I will always update you all within the OOC when a new chapter is present, however, a new one will not begin until the current one has concluded and the grand villain/villainess has been defeated.

    Chapter 1 (open)

    ♦ THE CULT OF 1889 ♦
    Characters Involved: All
    Location: London, England
    Time Active: 6 Months



    Throughout history, cults have been active in the underground society of the world's most popular cities and locations. In recent years, London has been a hotspot for large cultist gatherings, bringing the attention of one specific -yet nameless- cult to the streets and ports of her Lady Victoria's lands.

    For the past six months, people of all races, ages, and genders have been abducted by a nameless face, often connected by a simple leaving to this prominent cult. A small piece of paper with a rams horns crudely drawn in thick charcoal.

    After weeks of these victims bodies not coming up in any police investigation, they are discovered by a member of the general public, however, in a rather unorthodox way. Their bodies have been dismembered and replaced in a strange, haphazard fashion. Hands sewed to heads, toes sewed to eyeballs, and things of that nature. They are often painted and covered in what seems to be their own blood, mixed with that of a slain animal. These bodies frighten those not often exposed to London's underworld.

    The Queen has tasked her dark nobles to find and exterminate this cult, by any means necessary, and if possible, bring the kidnapped victims back safely.


    Your Orders (open)

    *Note* This is my way of delivering a sealed letter to your household from the Queen herself.
    My Boy/Girl,

    Recently, people of all ages have gone missing from their homes, without a trace of where they have disappeared, or who has taken them.
    This brings great distress to me and Charles. As such, we ask you find who is responsible for these kidnappings and unorthodox displays of 'art', and bring an end to them.
    Should you be able tor recover our missing friends, bring them back safely.

    The Queen, Victoria the III



    Characters Name:

    {{Post Here}}

    Please keep in mind that I'd like your posts to have some aesthetic measure. It doesn't have to be anything INSANE, but some colour and formatting would be fanastic ♥

    This is where story updates will be posted. Don't worry, I won't let you guys struggle like flopping fish out of water ♥

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  2. [​IMG]
    ♢ ♘ ♢

    Activity & Location

    Waking Lady Anastasia
    (Gremoir Manor - Anastasia's bedroom)

    Interactions, Mentions & Tags

    Anastasia Gremoir - Mistress - @Shayla
    Martian and Gideon Bexly - Gremoir Research Team - @Shayla


    This is Klayton's current outfit:

    I was originally going to make this post so long, but... I decided not to torture you guys ♥ Lmfao.

    Writing Music
    I wasn't listening to anything, shockingly. I was, however, watching House M.D :)

    Klayton's warm honey optics focused intensely on the outside weather. His mood had been soured, and all due to simple scheduling errors. With an audible sigh, the toned male began his morning preparations. According to the large clock his Lady had ordered he commission, that was hung high on the wall, it was nearing eight o' clock in the morning.

    Demons didn't sleep, often. Occasionally, Klayton would enjoy some recreational sleep, though with his body, sleep came differently, and seemed only to prove a way of passing time - or losing it, should you look for the 'glass-half-empty' perspective of things. Many times he had been directly asked by his Lady to look at the more optimistic side of life - regardless of truly understanding the difference between what homosapiens considered optimistic and pessimistic; compared to some of the things Klayton had witnessed through his immensely long life, the 'pessimistic' ideals of humans seemed rather cheerful at best.

    With each tactical fixing in hand, Klayton began his climb to the Gremoir Countess's bedroom. As he ascended the large, dual staircase from the right side, Martian and Gideon Bexly uttered some off-handed comment that had Klayton smirking with amusement; something along the lines of how the curtains matched the drapes. Their way of saying Klayton's dress style was very much "manor-esque'".

    Upon approaching the door to his Lady's chambers, Klayton entered softly, not wishing to preemptively wake the young lady. He was a very meticulous butler with morning routine, eight 'am' sharp was when Anastasia would be awoken from her slumber. Promptly following would be her morning tea, the daily paper - ironed and folded, and a choosing of her dress. Anastasia was one of the very few female Mistresses Klayton had contracted with over the years who had no issues with him picking her clothing and helping her dress, should she need, however, as a older girl, it wasn't often Klayton assisted in the dressing - she had stated previously he was best at undressing.

    "My lady, it is time to wake up." Klayton motioned over to the large, satin curtains that were currently shrouding the gloomy skies from his Mistress's bedroom. Upon pulling the thick drapery back, his frown once more found it's way to his handsome and chiseled face; absently, a gloved hand found it's way to his hair as he ran his fingers through the gelled concoction of black trudgery.

    He turned to face Anastasia, once more revelling in how powerful she looked. Even upon waking from slumber, Klayton reaffirmed with his inner-self that contracting this human was of a high-class decision. He came to her side almost to fast for the human eye to catch, tea and accessories neatly placed on her bedside table, pillow tucked up behind her back for support, and newspaper laid out flat before her. He absently shuffled the already tucked sleeves of his red and black dress-shirt upwards until they clung to the bend in his arms. Upon doing some personal research on butlers, Klayton was informed that dress-code was something most adhered to on a daily basis. He was shocked to be asked by the Lady Gremoir to only appear as a butler in public, however, this shock was lost soon after he had appeared to her in different and more fitting attire - the reaction Anastasia had had was rather delicious.

    He began to straighten up the ruffled sheets and other miscellaneous things within Anastasia's bedroom.
    "This mornings' tea is an italian blend shipped in just recently. Nameless in origin, however, I've been told by both Gideon and Martian it is delicious." Klayton paused to take the now empty cup from his Mistress's delicate hands - it had merit after all, perhaps he would add this to the Ladies' favourites. "Due to the grotesque weather, I've fashioned a warmer outfit for you this morning, my Lady. Once you have dressed, breakfast is awaiting you in the salon, you may have your choice between Oeufs Bénédictine avec hollandaise, fruits mélangés, or seared salmon. I can also offer toast, or a scone."

    His tone fell silent before he smirked towards his groggy Mistress, excusing himself from the room. Once more passing the brothers down the stairs, Klayton subtly turned his head to watch the two cover their mouths, laughing in silence. He would have investigated, should other more important things not take priority. With new, fresh tea in hand, Klayton entered the salon, awaiting his Mistress with a Queen given letter in hand.

    ♢ ♘ ♢
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  3. Spoiler

    Characters Name: Laura Weber.
    Activity/Location: Maid things. Radclyff Manor

    Interactions/Mentions: Raynard Radclyff, Shana, nameless lacky.

    One Early morning as always, or nearly so was that case, Laura as she was known was up humming slightly, painting a picture of sorts on a canvas. Of what or who was hard to say, but it was fairly abstract if not insane. Watching the young lore mumble in his sleep it was one of the few perks of this arrangement. Taking a brief break from her work to peer down at him, a knock, or rather a head on charge came from the door.

    With slight anger from narrowed eyes, only one person would be so stupid. "Shana..shh.." Pointing at the sleeping Raynard she didn't with to awaken him yet. But it seemed the cowgirl was worked up about something another.

    "Oh! Umm well hell fire, sorry bout that ma'am..err yeah is some noble fellah out front, need'n ta' see yah or the Master. Has some sorta notice with'em. Well...that's all, Sorry bout the mess..don't wanna wake his pervy ass up. I'll go tend the horses, see where that damn cook is yeah?" Waving her middle and index fingers on the right hand in some sort of send off, the quickly turns away to run off down the halls.

    Watching her depart the Demoness debated briefly waking Raynard here and there..but at the very thought that it could be a marriage offer for him any such notions vanish swiftly. He belonged to her. As far as she was concerned, and such offers weren't welcomed. She did her duties in that regard as well.

    Exiting the house front door shortly thereafter Laura bows to the driver. "Good Morning my good ser and whom might you be? I am head Maid of this household, the Master is not able to recieve you at the momment." She asks in means of greeting. As the pair talk to confirm the others identity and that she is authorized to receive the note the driver seems briefly reluctant, but agrees. Seeing as it bared the Queen's seal she would be out of her aesthetics to open it. She had to pretend to be a maid after all.

    Returning to the room she ponders how best to wake him up, anything too comforting and he would want to take his time doing..other things. Grabbing the blanket from his sleeping form and yanking it with both hands swiftly, she then follows up her assault with throwing the Curtains open to let the harsh morning sunlight in. If that wasn't enough she could get that Texan to sing one of her bar songs. That would wake anyone up..

    Snickering a bit as he lays uncovered he was pitching a tent so to speak. The Morning wood as some called it. "I'm afraid now is no time for that, my Master. Camping nor wood working, you have a letter from Her Majesty the Queen. I have not opened it, and it awaits your attention." Setting the sealed envelope down at the foot of his bed. Stepping back with both hands folded in front of her, she waits the master to stir.
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  4. [​IMG]

    Character's Name: Raynard Radclyff

    Activity/Location: Lordly things. Radclyff Manor

    Interactions: Laura Weber

    Mentioned: Shana Williams, Rebecca Radclyff

    The Radclyff Estate was rarely a quiet place. Between the owner of it inciting aggravation from those other who inhabited it and their carriage driver ramming through doors like a bull, it was a it was a rarity that it remained quiet enough for any normal person to sleep; something his younger sister often chastised the staff and him for. Ironically, the demon among them was the most silent, typically opting to reading her books or performing her other hobbies which remain the reason for her insisting on sharing the same sleeping quarters as him. While at first rightly suspicious of the maid's intentions, after deducing that, due to their contract, the woman was incapable of harming him, Raynard practically lost all worry towards the demoness. At least at first he was wary of her, with the knowledge of her restrictions however, the poor maid had, for the following four years until the present day, been subject to dealing with his rather aggravating personality. It wasn't as if the maid was completely oppressed, though; Laura got in her little bits of revenge in more meager ways, such as with her side-comments or, for example, waking him up now.

    With the blinds now opened, the lord of the estate quickly shielded his lids from the rays of light shooting from the outside. "...Bloody hell, Laura..." He groaned as he lethargically pushed himself up from his mattress. Rubbing his eyes and waiting momentarily for his brain to process being ripped from sleep, he hardly heard what his maid had said and took another few moments in order to understand just what she meant.

    That damn maid—Most would imagine it the other way around, but she was significantly more perverse than Raynard himself was. It was really quite amusing how many people thought the Lord of Iron to be somehow oppressing the Demoness in the same manner as many lords sought to do to those of their staff gifted with beauty. Even his own sister, and the maid's "acts" never did help. It seemed as though Shana was the only one around him who saw Laura for who she was—Well, maybe she didn't, really. However, at the least she feared the maid and knew something was wrong.

    "That would be where your mind's at... Hm...?" Typically Raynard was more playful in his remarks, but who was anything but annoyed when yanked out of their state of sleep? Regardless, groggy or not, a letter from the Queen demanded immediate attention.

    Leaning forward, he grasped the letter and, rather impatiently or in an annoyed fashion, ripped the top open with his thumb. Raynard remembered whenever his mother would receive a letter and they'd all have to wait for her to go find a letter opener of some sort, then carefully cut the top. There was one time when the much younger lord took it and and just tore it open, yet that was met with scolding which he at the time didn't understand. Hell, he still didn't understand it now; one of those things the high-class will do simply to act high-class. Reminiscence aside, this letter's contents only added to his aggravation. Raynard didn't necessarily mind doing jobs for her majesty, yet still—the subject of this particular assignment he had only held poor experiences for.

    With a roll of his eyes and a scowl now evident on the young lord's face, he groans again and tosses the letter to the side of the bed. "Damnable cults... Perfect. What do these blasted fools think is going to happen?" Going into a semi-rant, Raynard stands from the side of the bed, making his way over to his cubbord with exaggerated hand and arm movements to emphasize his words. "Oh! Love! Do you know what would be an excellent idea? Yeah? Let's start a cult! Yeah! We'll do a bunch of stupid shite and then Lord Satan himself will make us knights of the underworld! Brilliant plan! ...Bloody rats..." With a sigh, Raynard begins sorting through clothing to wear for the day.

    What? Why not have his maid set out a set of attire for him like other lords? He wasn't going to trust that perverted demon with his clothing.
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  5. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    Seras Sinclaire, Dante Strauss and Faye Lumin
    Location: Sinclaire Estate (open)

    Summary: It's the morning and Dante interrupts Seras and Faye's playtime as life begins to stir in the estate. Presenting breakfast and going over the interesting schedule for the day, everyone prepares for what is ahead.​

    As morning begins to take place over England and the sun fills the sky with light, it was another day to wake up to for its denizens. One such place starting to stir would be among the several rich aristocracies, nobles, figureheads, etc. etc., that being the Sinclaire manor. Sunlight began to soak into the fabrics of several window curtains giving most rooms a starting glimmer of light. Within the bedroom of the household's fair Lady, a figure began to stir within the sheets of a decently grandeur bed. By the shape and outlines of the sheets, they were not alone as they lfited themselves up from sleep. It was one of the few servants of the manor as she sported a set of red hair and something unique to her, being a pair of fox-like ears beginning to prop themselves up and alert as the woman rubbed her eye. Taking a moment to look around, she seemed to look for something as she was currently improper. Stopping her gaze, she reached over to take hold of some of her clothes, working to quietly put them on while she sat on the edge of the bed before a red, fluffy tail slipped out of cover.

    While the woman took her time to quietly dress herself, her attire made it apparent that she was a maid or servant to the house, though she had planned to change into something more fresh for the day afterwards. Unbeknownst to her, the figure with her began to stir as well as a pair of hands looked to reach for the woman, wrapping around her abdomen which made her yelp before a voice rang out quietly, "You weren't thinking of leaving yet, were you? I didn't give you permission yet, did I Faye?"

    "M'-Milady-.. Morning has arrived and breakfast needs to be made-... You usually are a steady sleeper, if I may say--.." The redhead was about to speak further before she was greeted with a hand taking hold of the base of her tail, causing the hairs upon her to stand on end and a sharp gasp leaving her, "Yaaah!-... L-Lady Sinclaire-.. My tail--!" Seeming to freeze in place, Seras' lips met at the base of the fox-girls' neck as her eyes leered at the poor girl, "Nn~.. Yes? I know it's so soft, isn't it?.. Come now, Faye.. So what if the sun is out, stay with me longer in bed. I'm still tired and I could use a soft, touchable pillow. Besides... Dante is likely two, maybe three steps ahead of you by now.."

    "B-But-... Milady-..."

    - - -

    Early morning at the Sinclaire Manor was always quiet, every body in the house slowly waking from slumber except for one. The Demon Butler Dante rarely slept, finding that the purpose of sleeping was only needed for passing time, or from extreme fatigue. Dante had a schedule planned out for the day, like every other day and it started with waking up Lady Sinclaire and giving her morning breakfast, usually served in her room because that is where Lady Sinclaire preferred to have it. He had prepared Seras a delectable dish of Apple and Brie Omelette along with a fine Banana Almond Smoothie. Lady Sinclaire needed all the nutrients and vitamins possible in her breakfast, even if it was too healthy for Dante's liking.

    Taking the tray of delectable food into his firm and steady hands, he transitioned the bottom of his hand underneath the tray and carried it up the flight of stairs to the Master Bedroom where Lady Sinclaire resided. The Butler didn't announce his presence by knocking, but by simply opening the door to have a sight displayed before his eyes. Now while usually Dante is the one to be the heinous of the two, Lady Sinclaire seemed to enjoy the company of Faye. Perhaps it was mostly due to Faye's other... Animal-like nature. Dante never pushed questions on it, as if Seras would give him a serious answer anyways. "Faye, what are you doing standing around? Cleaning needs to be done, and the day has already started." Dante spoke finally, not even addressing Seras yet.

    Entering the room fully, Dante placed the tray down onto the small two person table in the corner of the bedroom where Seras would eat. "For your breakfast this morning, Lady Sinclaire. I have prepared you one of your favorite types of dish, an Omelette. This time I tried an Apple and Brie blend, perhaps it will be to your liking." Aside from the estate's perspective of cooking, such as Lady Sinclaire's personal involvement in cooking with her loyal denizens as well as a company that caters specifically to... Catering and cooking, Dante actually enjoyed cooking as well. It took his mind off-... Other things that happen within this Estate.

    - - -

    With Seras only covered by the bedsheets and Faye half-dressed from their position as Dante had entered, the butler was already underway with preparing breakfast to be eaten by none other than the Lady of the estate. With Seras releasing Faye, allowing the poor girl to finally stand up from the bed, she was at least proper enough to move around, granted some clothing was still missing. Moving to gather those up, Faye's attitude seemed to strengthen a bit as she leered a bit towards the butler and spoke with a tone laced with minor annoyance, "I do what the Mistress desires.. Lady Seras' needs come first in my book, not yours, Strauss.. Nevertheless I am fully aware." Her eyes shifting to Seras as her tone softens back down, she gives a bow after opening the curtains some to let some light in, "I will prepare fresh linen for you for when night comes once more, Milady. Enjoy the breakfast our household's ever so generous butler has provided..."

    Grinning a little as Seras held the sheets up to her chest, sitting upright as her back still laid bare, she brought a hand through her long, raven-black hair to straighten it out some. While Faye took the time to leave the room after her farewell, Seras gave her a rather satisfied look and a smirk before speaking up towards Dante, referring to the both of them however as she spoke in a soft tone, "Well.. I thank the both of you for this morning. I'm sure I will enjoy the food, Dante. While I allow our redheaded fox get proper and prepare for her own duties, I ask that you retrieve my clothing for the day before I eat. Then you may step out for me to change and I'll be ready to hear anything you'll have to tell me for today... I assume we have a genuinely busy schedule ahead of us, no?"

    As Faye gave a strong-hearted reply back to Dante, he simply shook his head and kept his snarky comment back to himself. He was in the presence of his Lady, and insulting someone so close to her would only ruin his current relationship with Seras. Not all at once, but it could begin to degrade. Dante turned his head away from Faye and Seras, leading himself towards the large walk-in closet. Sliding the doors open, Dante stepped inside to retrieve a proper set of clothing for the events of today. Returning with the clothing, he grabbed a fresh and clean set of Seras's undergarments for her as well. He was not shy or embarrassed about touching such things. "Here you are Lady Seras, your clothing for the day." Dante spoke, exiting the closet and placing the article of clothing down onto the foot of the bed so it was in easy reach of Seras.

    "First order of business today is to meet with Mister Felix to discuss potential property to buy, in order to expand the Family Business." Dante smoothed the coat he was wearing before a gloved hand pulled a watch from the front coat pocket. "A bit behind on schedule already. After your meeting with Felix, I cleared the rest of your day because of this Letter we received from the Queen herself just before sunrise. I will let you read it as well over your meal, of course." Dante gave Lady Seras a bow before turning on his heels to exit the bedroom, standing outside the door.

    Appreciative of her butler's work, Seras nods as the young adult reached for her fork and took a first bite of her meal before gently setting the utensil down, grinning as the taste was satisfactory. Taking what the man had said into account, the letter was propped neatly onto the table, away from her food and showed that it was already opened. Of course, it was just like Dante to read it first, whether it was to see its contents to verify its importance and even its safety, you can never be too careful, even if you are a snake yourself. "Meeting with Sir Belfleur may prove beneficial more than usual then for today. I look forward to it as I may have a few favors to ask of him aside from the financial plan he has to offer." Her fingers gently gripping the bed sheets a bit tighter before letting it fall as Dante left the room, Seras picked herself up from the bed and reached for her robe that hung neatly over one of the bed posts. Slipping the silken attire over her bare body, she ran her hands through her very long, raven-black hair before working it into a ponytail.

    Securing the cloth belt around the robe, Seras spoke up as she knew Dante was still within earshot, "If you shall, I would appreciate a bath readied in the refurbished accommodation across the hall after I finish eating. You may inform Evelynn to accompany me nearby while you help suit our fellow denizens of this House to breakfast. Considering how this sounds it looks like we will have to enjoy a meal altogether some time later, I would very much hope so.." While her tone was gentle and soft before, it looked to shift to a more mature, darker shade as Lady Sinclaire's eyes narrowed, "And please, try not to be too hard on Miss Lumin today, I think I've done enough of that overnight~.." With a small laugh, golden-amber eyes shifted to the door as she sat back down, beginning to eat her breakfast as her tone returned to the soft, gentle tone she already had, "You may come back inside if you have anything else to tell me. I am proper."

    Dante let out an inward sigh as Lady Sinclaire spoke to him through the cracked open door. He wasn't able to have nearly as much fun as he use to, being contracted to a Mortal. It had its own perks and even its own fun every now and then, but so far the whole contract was drab and boring. Mortals always had fun, or so he had heard. "As you wish Lady Sinclaire. I will fetch Evelynn right away." Dante always stilled his tongue and thoughts when around Seras, because of the bond they have, but only when she was around.

    Evelynn was one of Dante's contracted helpers that he brought along with him, a smart choice on his part because if he had to be around smug and arrogant mortals all day everyday, he might just kill someone. "There is nothing else to discuss Lady Sinclaire, I will draw your bath and grab Evelynn from the Garden. Enjoy your meal." Dante spoke through the door, waiting a moment for any comment or command from Seras Sinclaire before departing down the flight of stairs to find Evelynn.

    Shaking her head ever so gently, the woman grinned as she ate her meal. Taking one more bite of her omelette elegantly, she took a napkin to wipe at her lip before she spoke again, "I appreciate it, thank you Dante.. And your cooking is improving, a good sign as always." Assuming he had left afterwards, Seras sighed gently as her gentle demeanor dropped slowly. Shoulders relaxing a bit more as a hand slides behind her a little, arm stiff to hold her up as she sat, Seras giggled a bit as she looked up at a corner of the ceiling as the robe slipped off of one shoulder, "That man.. Always so formal and straightforward, I know he's more devious than he lets on... He takes this bond a bit too seriously around me, almost makes it a tad boring. Maybe that will change. Alas, the day is still young."

    Staying in that position for a short period of time, Seras corrected her stature as she finished eating, eyes now settling upon the very letter mentioned earlier. By the seal, it was definitely from England's very Queen as Dante has said. Taking the time to read it carefully, the Queen's Viper had a mischievous smile upon her lips, "Looks like I, among others will be quite busy soon enough.. I will not disappoint you, and as well, thank you my Queen..." As she had said, the day was indeed still young and it looked to hold more eventful up-comings as the day would linger on. Putting the letter aside neatly, Seras got up from her bed as she reached for her clothes, holding onto them in a neat bundle as she fixed her robe. Leaving her room, she passed Faye who was returning to take care of the bedroom as Seras left it in its current state. With a glance to the foxgirl, Faye only blushed red as her attention returned to her task as she entered the door Seras had left. With a gentle giggle, Seras continued on her way for a very short walk and opened a door. While she had her own personal bathroom, she did ask Dante to ready a bath elsewhere and this set of rooms was it.

    Placing her clothes upon a shelf below average shoulder-height, another room was separated by a stained glass door, the faint silhouette of moisture on the other side. Content with that, Seras undid her robe as she let it hang upon a proper hanger before she stepped inside. The room was certainly refurbished but in a manner most others likely would not expect. Upon a peculiar request, Seras wanted a somewhat 'public' washroom influenced by Japanese culture. Walls painted with art matching the culture, tiled floors met with a grounded bath fit to hold several people; this was in no way not expensive, which caused Mister Belfleur to stress a point to Lady Sinclaire that he sometimes still does to this day. Smiling rather happily, Seras let herself in and relaxed into the waters before she started speaking to no one in particular, "I assume you are nearby, my dear Eve.. If you will, prepare the both of us a nice cup of herbal tea to go with this bath. Join me if you'd like, it will be a while..." With that, the sound of a door sliding back and forth was heard as time would pass, a relaxed sigh escaping this peculiar Lady as she wondered how the day would truly go.
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  6. Spoiler

    Characters Name: Laura Weber.
    Activity/Location: Maid things. Radclyff Manor

    Interactions/Mentions: Raynard Radclyff.

    Giggling a bit at Raynard's reaction with Laura's right hand is raised to her mouth, covering it out of mannerism. He hadn't changed much over the years that was for sure. However this was humorous to her. "If not for the folly of man hell would be empty of souls. They are doing a service with the stupidity they commit yes? But perhaps we should find them, drown them in water till the skin rots away leaving a bloated and swollen Worm, just as they truly are." While one could take this as a sociopathic threat, the manner in which the Maid spoke almost sounded like one looking forward to some special event.

    Noticing her lord picking out his own clothes, she frowns. That wasn't a bad thing but it was also against how some lords were..plus it denied her some measure of revenge or satisfaction. Not that she would pick anything that would shame him. More of something typical to not draw attention.

    "hmm..have I done a bad Service? Or do you plan to buy me a book for this robbery? Compensation would be nice. Though perhaps you think to be doing me a Favor."

    Narrowing her eyes with a scoff the Maid turns her attention to the letter. Glossing over it she keeps speaking at her displeasure of the current situation. "Or Maybe you wish to attempt attracting more of those Doxy women.." Mumbling under her breath it seemed some words and threats were being said in regards to such women. Unfortunately for Laura this normally was preplanned by her Master so the Demon would agree to normally unreasonable demands.

    "So..More fools being fools." Holding the note up in her left a ball of flame seems to engulf it, burning it to nothing but ash. It wouldn't be a good idea to leave it alone, and in any case it no longer had purpose or value, or information outside of the most general. And it wouldn't do to have it left here. Speaking of things that would not do..
    Turning her Attention to the master, if he would not allow her to pick out the clothing at the very least she could assist Raynard in getting dressed. Though he would likely refute that as well as some petty payback for disturbing his sleep. "Do you wish for me to aid you at all my Master? Or should I prepare some tea and a quick breakfast? Time is wasting..we wouldn't want you to die yet. I trust you have some notion of what we should do for now?" Awaiting his own thoughts or Opinions the Demoness waits with a slight smile to her face.​
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  7. [​IMG]

    Over the forested hills and fields northeast of London, the sun shone through the windows of the Italianate features of Leemouth Hall. In the early hours of the day, the estate was mostly quiet; still, black smoke puffed away through a chimney from a boiler, indicating that some of its inhabitants had since stirred. Down south of the house was a small river that crossed through the estate, feeding a sapphire lake behind the country house. If somebody was watching from the roof the building, one could observe a lone horseman in the distance, galloping upon a path running alongside the stream towards the seat of the county.

    On this particular day, Elaine Leigh had risen early. Being up and about at this hour was considered unusual for the purple-haired girl. Normally preferring to sleep in, she would usually have to be wrenched away from the warm comfort of her four-poster bed by her personal maid, but she was awake before Hecate would normally arrive to wrestle her out of her sheets.

    Perhaps something seemed to be on her mind, but she did not wait for her maid to enter the room. Taking the liberty to freshen herself up in the washroom by herself for once, she remained in her lilac nightgown as she entered her study, connected directly to her bedroom by an adjoining door. Like her bedroom, the large office was well illuminated through large arched windows, casting a half-oval shadow on the room’s more modern mahogany paneled walls.

    A little sloppily, the young mistress of the house fell into the cushioned seat of an elaborate wooden desk, creating a puff of air. Catching a paper that had blown off from the wind generated from her improper method of seating, Elaine found herself yawning as she returned the letter to its proper place on the formerly neatly arranged desktop.

    The Naval Defence Act 1889 had just been signed in parliament a little over a fortnight ago, formally adopting a new pivot in England’s naval doctrine; the Royal Navy was to be double the size of the next two major world powers combined within the next few years. The act had authorized a grand total of seventy new warships to be constructed, and this was keeping Elaine awake late at night and unnaturally up in the morning of her own accord. Vigorously vying for shipbuilding contracts and using the connections she had within the Admiralty Board, with the help of Hecate, she was working overtime to secure the designs of her shipyards’ naval architects as the new face of the Royal Navy.

    Looking down at the now scattered pile of correspondence and copies of blueprints, the Leigh family head blanched at the mess and decided that she was not going to tackle such paperwork on an empty stomach. Ringing the servant’s bell by her desk, Elaine wondered just how surprised Hecate would be by simply being awake.

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  8. Hecate

    Art. Cooking was truly an art. Sure, this particular maid still had much to learn and was horrible in comparison to others, and sure, she couldn't deny of using magic here or there to ease her burden, but cooking was neither of them. No, pleasing the sense of taste of her Mistress was a challenge that mere magic was not capable of doing. The maid could still feel the odd scar in her supposed-to-be cold demonic heart as she witnessed Elaine's reaction to the very first meal that Hecate prepared. It wasn't even that long ago, and yet, the Maid already improved by quite a lot - a natural talent.

    As Hecate, being the simple name given to her, continued to work in the kitchen like so often before. Today was a german breakfast, Elaine loved all kinds of european food, and Hecate knew that german bread was the best. Of course, there was also a variation of different toppings, vegetables, eggs and of course the infamous sausage. Despite how serious business this entire cooking business was, there was also another part to Hecate's essential morning ritual: Reading the newspaper. And while it wasn't completely wrong that Hecate was briefly skimming over the actual serious stuff, she found the ridiculous gossip that could sometimes be found way more interesting.

    Regardless, her morning was as usual, the same routine as always, yet enough of a difference to make it exciting nonetheless. That was, until a certain messenger made himself noticeable at the entrance of the mansion. Of course, being still a bad maid, it took her a bit before the modest entrance-door of Leemouth Hall opened. "...?" Hecate spoke no word as she stood in the entrance frame, instead, waiting for the person to explain himself. It was a young boy brimming with enthusiasm. "I am a messenger of the Queen." He revealed a letter with the Royal Seal. "And have an important message for Lady Leigh."

    Stepping forward, Hecate raised an eyebrow as he apparently assumed she would let him pass. "Urm... if I may?" Great, now he made the entire situation awkward. "If you may what?" Hecate now replied, pushing the situation even more. The messenger now displayed a stern face. "If I may enter so I could deliver this letter to to the noble Lady Leigh?"

    Hecate gave off a small sigh. She now understood. This was just dumb. Apparently, he was a dreamer, and was most likely hoping Hecate would give in upon hearing the Queen's title a bazillion names. 'I don't give a damn about this Queen of yours,' were the words going through her mind, of course, instead Hecate simply said. "Well, Lady Leigh is still asleep-" He was about to protest, but Hecate simply cut him off. "-AND if this message is truly that important that it needs to be delivered personally, I am sure our GREAT Queen could pay a visit personally." She gave the messenger a warm smile as he, rather quickly, realized this maid would not budge. Without a word he simply pressed the letter into her hand before he made his retreat. Success!

    With the door closed again, Hecate was just about to move into the kitchen again as suddenly the servant’s bell rang. Perplexed for a second, Hecate just stood there dumbfounded. Was this real? Did somebody play a trick on her? Usually, it was always yet another part of a morning ritual to get her mistress out of bed. Yet, here she had just heard the distinct sound of the Servant’s Bell ringing.

    With a sigh, Hecate shook her head before she hastily aimed for Elaine’s room to make truly sure that this was not just some trick on her mind. Silently opening the now-grander door to Elaine’s study rather than her bedroom she was indeed surprised again. Quickly gathering her composure, she made a bow. ”Good morning Lady Leigh. Everything alright?”
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  9. Chloe Binoche (open)

    Character name:
    Chloe Binoche
    Making breakfast|Hiddelton Household

    It was a bright and early morning for Chloé. Washing dirty laundry, dusting, cleaning dishes from the night before and any other little chores that had to be done until it was time to serve her young master breakfast. Walking down the corridor to the kitchen, after finishing up, a savory scent filled the hall. It did not take her long to figure out what their favorite little cook was making. Upon opening the swinging door that led into the kitchen, three figures could be seen standing near the stove, it was Matthew, Alice and Damien, Matthews' only son.

    "What did I tell you about eating as you cook?!" Matthew's voice was smooth yet deep as he spoke to an emotionless Alice., who was eating a slice of ham while also sneaking one to Damien, who stood behind her watching the events unfold. "Before you can eat, Lord Hiddleton must be fed first." As Chloé watched Matthew scold the young chef, she began fixing their master a tray with all the delicious foods that were prepared by Alice. Noticing the woman out of the corner of her eye, Alice ran over to her with another dish she made especially for Lord Hiddleton.

    "Thank you, Alice. I am sure the master will enjoy this this morning." Chloé said sweetly before adding it to the tray and patting the girl on the head. Watching from afar, Matthe rubbed his temple for a few moments before picking Damien up into his arms. "You are too kind to her. There are times when you need to be strict, Chloé.." Matthew walked over to them as Damien waved hello to the dark haired woman in white. "And a good morning to you too. Need I say that you have no room to talk when it comes to Damien." Giving the young boy an apple before putting the tray as well as utensils that the master may need onto the cart that she would be towing to the room. "You all may eat now, he will be up soon so you will need your energy for the day." Nodding in agreement with Chloé, Alice quickly made herself a plate overflowing with food and sat down to eat. Excusing herself, Chloé made her way up to the bedroom, where the owner of the estate slept. Sighing in frustration about her attitude towards him, Matthew left to his office with two plates in hand as Damien followed him from behind while clenching the fabric of his fathers' white labe coat in his hand.

    Arriving at the door to his room, Chloé opened the door so that she may come in with the cart full of goodies. Stopping right next to the table that sat in the room, she transferred every single item from the cart onto the flat surface in an organized manner that best suited her master. Removing the cart from the room, she made her way back in towards the oversize windows, pulling back the elegant curtains that shaded the room from the blinding aurora just beyond the glass. Basking in the warmth for one moment, Chloé looked towards the bed where a fair haired boy slept peacefully with bedhead. Stepping over to his bedside, she leaned down towards him and softly spoke near his ear before pulling back up to watch him wake from his deep slumber.

    "Good morning, Lord Hiddleton."
    Montgomery Theron Hiddelton (open)

    Character Name:
    Monty Hiddelton
    Waking up/eating breakfast|Hiddelton Household

    Monty slept draped around the right side of the bed, his head pushed against his pillow and eyes sewn shut. His hand was set under his head, with his other on his hip. As he was deep in his sleep, he began to fidget. He began having a nightmare in his sleep about the horrible moment in his life, when he walked down the staircase and saw his family and everyone at the party in a bloody mess. The walls walls were covered with blood and bodies everywhere. Monty began running down the staircase but it never ended, every time he ran down one stair, another would show up and would never get closer to his parents bodies, it symbolized how he couldn't save them from their death.

    Monty's eyes flickered open when he heard a voice in his ear, at first thinking he was still in his nightmare, his head turned to see his butler Chloe. Monty sat up on his bed breathing a lot slower, he hoped his butler didn't notice how he woke so suddenly. Monty took a moment to process himself before replying to her words.

    "Good morning Chloe, what do we have for my meal today?"

    He watched as his butler turned to move to the cart, having a gentle smile as she lifted the lid's from the food trey's. Monty's eyes moved towards the food on the trey's seeing a variety of healthy and less fattening foods. Monty gave a quick nod as he sat up from his bed.

    "For you Lord we have eggs Benedict, croissants, earl grey tea, with a bowl of assorted fruits, and lastly Alice's dish, sushi!"

    Monty smiled as he felt his stomach, he had been working all night in his office and didn't even touch his evening dinner, he knew his butler must of brought him to his bed and tucked him in, and slept all the way through it. Picking up the utensils, he began cutting his croissant in half and buttered one side.

    "I hope Alice didn't eat half my food again."

    Monty didn't look up as he was concentrating on eating his food, he didn't bother moving his food downstairs to the table since he was so hungry. He knew that today he couldn't screw around and had a long day in front of him. As he cut and took small bites out of his eggs Benedict, he looked up at Chloe who began speaking and swallowed his food.

    "Lord Hiddelton you have been sent a letter from our queen Victoria The III, the mailman who sent it said it was urgent."

    Monty took the letter from Chloe which he passed him, cutting the letter with his knife, he began reading the letter word from word, once he finished reading the letter, he tucked the letter nicely in the envelope, putting the letter aside.

    "It seems that those gruesome and dismembered murders that happened recently are connected to the recent number of people who have mysteriously gone missing. The Queen wants us to find out who or what took these people and stop them before they do any more harm to others."

    Finishing his meal, Monty put his food aside and walked over to his closet, taking out some khakis and a knitted vest, with socks and a dress shirt to go underneath his vest. After changing in his walk in closet, he laced his shoes and quickly polished them. Looking up at his butler, Chloe fixed his buttons on his shirt and fixed his socks.

    "Thank you Chloe, i always have a pain with buttons."

    Chloe was always there when he needed her, he appreciated the things he did for him even though it was her job, he still felt that she genuinely cared for him, but would never say it out loud. Monty quickly went to the bathroom to comb his hair, then walked back to the stairs where Chloe stood.

    "Shall we?"
  10. [​IMG]

    Shiloh Blackbourne
    .: Waking up :.
    Blackbourne Manor

    It was a lovely day that Shiloh opened her gray eyes to. Light streaming in from the windows with their open curtains-- The drapes were open? Oh dear. Dimi must have already been here, which would imply that she was already late in waking. The fair mistress of the manor gave herself a few long moments to procrastinate within the warmth of her sheets. Who wants to rise even when the sun is up? Goodness, what a bother. But like most days, it would be a poor example of the world's future ruler to be a glutton of sleep, therefore she must rise. Dimitri must be preparing breakfast since she did not see him present within the spacious room.

    Nevertheless, Shiloh did enjoy ruining his brisk and perfect morning schedule. After all, watching him grow frustrated with her was one of the joys that Shiloh has. Her poor demon butler had no idea what he was getting into when he made a contract with a child ridden with ambition and grief. But Shiloh never knows if he regrets his actions or if he simply grows exasperated with her behavior.

    'Might as well get started.' Shiloh mused as she reluctantly pulled the warm cocoon of covers from her thinly clad body. Following her unveiling and involuntary shudder at the chill, she unceremoniously rolled out of the bed and onto her feet. Shiloh was pale, which was a good thing, considering that it''s a sign of status and beauty. "Well, miss Shiloh. You certainly aren't looking your best at the moment." The young aristocrat noted as she looked into the mirror hanging on her wall with a cryptic glance. Her reflection showed a young woman with a thin frame covered in a frilled nightgown, somewhat intense gray eyes clotted with sleep and most notably... wild red hair cascading about her shoulders. Those tresses never want to behave in the mornings.

    Purposely ignoring her slippers, because she knows Dimitri hates that, Shiloh padded her way over to the window to look down at the manor grounds. A not so lovely day it would seem... Does the gloom ever fade in England? It's quite possible that it does not. Shiloh was getting chilled now. Maybe she should have put the slippers on... The wooden floor is cold.

    "Dimitri!" Shiloh called in a sweet voice as she walked back over to the bed to sit down and wait for her personal demon to come at her summoning. She wants to be dressed, she's hungry and her hair needs doing. Shiloh could very well be considered a demanding mistress, but who is he to say no? A demon? Well, he did contract himself to her. So he's stuck at her beck and call for any whim she might have. But despite their relationship, they do seem to have an indescribable bond. Perhaps it has to do with the seal that binds their contract? Who knows... Who can truly understand demons anyway?
  11. 1cfd868be43130cf8e85f9557e190269.jpg
    Dimitry Karvinsto
    Dimitri was a very simple creature in many aspects. One being he enjoyed to get up at least an hour before sunrise. Sleep was a pleasant experience, but the satisfaction one gets for organizing the entire mansion and having most of the matters tended before dawn even breaks just cannot be compared with his other earthly stimuli.

    Everything was going perfectly to plan. The roses were watered, weeded, and bone meal was already perfectly mixed with the soil to keep it rich with nutrients the demanding plants need. The sixth attempt to plant grass in the yard of the estate was already done with the planting stage, and he even had time to organize his band of imbeciles to polish the dark stone of the mansion walls. Of that, he was especially pleased.

    When day broke, he directed his cooking forces to the kitchen. A good Lady always wakes up an hour after dawn. At least that's what he believed. Today's breakfast was fresh chicken eggs he had his Infiltrators steal because he had too much time on his hands and decided to plan a theft. He still payed them though, felt like the proper thing to do amidst his self amusing clandestine endeavors. He suppressed a smile as he imagine the dumbfounded chicken farmer as he sees one tray missing, and the exact payment for the missing stock tucked under a stone on his desk.

    He could smell the rich aromas of his expert cooks, and sat in a chair to count down the last five minutes before he woke his Lady, having nothing better he could do that would fit precisely into that time frame. At precisely 07:24 AM he stood up and proceeded to head towards her room. He groaned in distaste so quietly, only he could hear it. You do not enter and clean another's room while they sleep. It's simply poor manners. Alas, he found her snoring slightly on her bed. She may not be aware of it, but she's notoriously hard to wake up in a polite manner if she has that slight snore to her sleep, and he has learned that Shiloh is not a girl you wake up by pouring cold river water over her. Alas, the girl isn't even awake and she's ruining his meticulous planning already.

    He gave a sigh, making a last ditch effort by opening the curtains and showering the room in light. Alas, not even that could wake the stubborn girl. He lowered his head in another defeat, and went downstairs to prepare a meal she could eat whenever she wakes and she would still enjoy it


    After an hour he was already finished, and decided to bide his time and play a little game he invented he called "Engineer" Essentially it's three equally sized wooden blocks pressed together and stacked on top of eachother in alternating patterns. The trick of the game is to see how many blocks you can remove before the tower topples. The term is quite literal with his case, as the thing stood as tall as him from the floor up. Of course when he was about two blocks away from his record of 42 blocks removed, he tensed as his Lady called him, and sent the entire thing crashing down on the floor.

    He gave a groan, already pointing to the mess as a few maids hastily, and fearfully, cleaned it up. They are expected to stack them into three perfect piles in the one corner of the game room, and they're already in the dogbox when they spilt some tea without realising and let such a horrid act dry up and stain the fine oak tables.

    He didn't have much time to put the fear of Hell inside of them, as his Lady had called him and butlers always make their Ladies their priority. He appeared to be walking casually, yet he was sprinting all the way to her room, slowly opening the door with an inquisitive look. His eyes darting once to her bare feet, sapping the heat out of her and contaminating the floor at the same time. Damn that women. She probably did that only to get on his nerves. She also probably called him to care for her like a twelve year old girl without limbs. Alas, she was his charge, he was the one who got himself into the mess. He had to repress another smile as he asked in a clear, crisp and perfectly unknowing voice:

    "Yes, My Lady?"
  12. [​IMG]

    Shiloh Blackbourne
    .: Morning Routine :.
    Blackbourne Manor

    Ah, Dimi had arrived like a good butler. Excellent, because she was cold and in need of some help. Being an aristocrat, Shiloh has never learned completely how to dress herself. She's been entirely spoiled by her caretakers. Not that she cares to learn in the first place. Too much of a bother for an irrelevant chore she'd rather not deal with. Shiloh was in a rather impatient mood this morning. Not due to Dimitri, but more along the lines of her unpleasant dream. Such things make her feel far too... human. And the ruler of the world must not be seen as a mere weak woman after all. Which in consequence, leads to a foul mood for the day. But it's possible the dreary atmosphere outside might be adding to it.

    "Dimitri, I should like to do my morning toilet followed by breakfast and a review of today's activities."

    Of course by 'toilet', Shiloh is referring to the morning routine of getting prepared for the day, not the ceramic seat made for hygiene purposes. She wished to be dressed, have her hair arranged and any necessary cosmetics applied. Though usually a maid's duty, Shiloh only trusts Dimitri even with such responsibilities. He always seems to know what sort of clothing best compliments her body and the matching makeup. Begrudgingly, Shiloh will admit that the demon has excellent taste in fashion due to his meticulous attitudes.

    "Are there any news that should be brought to my attention, my dear Dimi?"

    Shiloh inquired whilst absentmindedly brushing out her hair. She could at least do that much of her own dressing. She had retrieved the brush from her nightstand, running the pale bristles through the red locks. It's a silver brush, an heirloom of the family. Since she had seen her mother use this brush a multitude of times growing up, she had been inclined to destroy it for that very reason, but considering it was from her great-grandmother, it was worth keeping. Besides, the rose and thorn design on the precious metal seems to suit her perfectly as 'Her Majesty's Thorn' as well as Shiloh's personal affinity for roses.
  13. 1cfd868be43130cf8e85f9557e190269.jpg
    Dimitri Karvinsto
    Morning complications
    Blackbourne Manor

    Dimitri slowed his movement, his eyebrows lowering in confusion for an instant as he went back to his Loyal Butler mask. Something was wrong. He didn't know what it was, but something about Lady Shiloh suggests she's in some sort of mental distress. Maybe a bad dream? Well if she was having trouble sleeping, she'd have bags under her eyes, which was not present as he could see. Tragic news? No, he would be aware of any letter she might have received, and currently it's just the letter from Her Highness he hasn't even given yet. No, simply a bad dream.

    He moved smoothly as he gave a nod and stated, "Of course, My Lady." There was no sign of his long logical argument with himself as he swiftly turned and went to her closet. He couldn't fathom why she decided she should choose her clothes she wears. There are many maids under his employ with experience only females can have, and yet he found himself sifting through her clothes as he tried to find something suiting for her.

    The first thing he found was a shocking green dress given to her by one of her suitors. Although he is aware that it's a very nice dress, the green cancels out her red hair and leaves both parties in a rather dull looking shade of eachother. No, that would not do. His next candidate was a pure white dress, though he dismissed it instantly due to the stress of cleaning white clothing. Lastly he found a black dress with red accents, darker than her own hair but that was good. One could simply hope.

    He went back to her with the dress in his hands, though he stopped and thought for a moment when she asked about any news. There was the letter, but was there something else? Well a couple of thugs did come and try and force their way into the mansion, though that was swiftly sorted out and it's not of her concern. Oh he knew just what to tell her.

    "I'm afraid there's been a great misdeed within our prestigious household. One of the members simply refuse to accept a more ladylike routine, and she snores in her sleep" He tskd a few times before placing the dress to the side of the bed, gesturing upwards "Come now, arms up" He ordered, a slight smile as he stated "We have also received a letter from Her Majesty, requesting that we root out a serial killing cult with a very poor sense of human anatomy."
  14. [​IMG]

    Shiloh Blackbourne
    .: Dealing with Dimi :.
    Blackbourne Manor

    Considering that Shiloh's eye color is a gray blue, the green would clash completely, unless it's a rich forest green color, which that dress is not. Shiloh had shamelessly discarded the nightgown that adorned her body and pulled on the shift for under the gown he had chosen that was lain out across the bedroom armchair. The white shift could be considered part of the undergarments of which a corset would sit atop. But since Shiloh positively detests the use of corsets, she usually sticks to a simply tight bodice to compensate... plus it allows her the ability to actually BREATHE.

    But as Shiloh had finished smoothing the skirt of her shift out in preparation for the dress's petticoats to go over, she heard the news that Dimitri reported. It took her mind still clotted with sleep a moment or two. Instead of her typical sarcastic or sass filled response, Shiloh seemed more solemn. "Indeed..." Came her musing mutter as she lifted her arms for him to lift the dress over it.

    Her mind was on other matters, thinking back to the day... that day she earned this mark on her neck. The day when what remained of her family was laid across the floor before her in a bloody mockery of vandalism. With Miloh's mutilated body, her loving younger twin next to that detestable creature, that beast that took her away. Shiloh can still remember the elated feeling she felt when she plunged that fire poker into the chest of that horrid red headed bitch that--

    Her reminiscence was cut short as the cloth fell down her arms and over her body thanks to Dimitri's news. It's amazing how fast a memory can rush through one's mind. Serial killers, hmm? Shiloh gave a twisted smirk as she pulled her hair away from her back so that Dimitri could lace up the back.

    "How wonderful. I am in a rather vicious mood today, as it were. I suppose our next stop this fine morning will be to see the undertaker, after all, I will need a look at the corpses so that we may begin our game of chess. I trust that you've already made the arrangements?"

    The bloody glee in her voice was evident. She's looking forward to a mission. Just as she was getting bored and remembering her most unpleasant and yet reveling moment in her somewhat short life. Thankfully tomorrow's anniversary of death won't be so bad after all. After breakfast, her mission will commence.
  15. [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Characters Interacted: Raynard Radclyff, Laura Weber, Rebecca Radclyff, Stanley Anderson
    Location: Radclyff Manor to Anderson's Clinic

    Rolling his eyes, the master of the house simply sighed and shook his head at the maid's words. "Well, if you didn't grope and grab me so much. I understand I have this thing most other spoiled brats lack, called muscle, but I don't care for being poked a prodded like some farm animal... Not that I've ruled out you seeing me like that." Despite her looks, the woman was a demon after all; she could put his head through a wall if she wanted to and wasn't bound by that contract of their's. She could just see him as a tasty soul she gets whenever he finally kicks it.

    Still, demon or not, their contract kept the maid from being looked at as a threat or anything really scary. Not only that, but it was amusing how human she was at times. Regardless of how she felt of Raynard, it was obvious that she possessed a very volatile jealous tendency. It was a good thing for him. While Laura performed her duties, she was far from what you could call a lapdog. Thankfully, her little jealousy-streak gave Raynard a perfect way to manipulate her into doing things she wouldn't otherwise. Still, he had to be careful with how he did it; the woman had no issue's at all with eliminating any competition for his attention.

    "Oh, love, how can I help that? You were unfortunate enough to form a contract with a man with a natural charm like myself. It's not like I can just turn my charisma off," Raynard replies with a smirk, modest as ever.

    Having equipped his trousers and now beginning to pull on a shirt, he thought on her latter inquiry. "Just get some breakfast ready; something for Rebecca too whenever she decides to wake the hell up. Afterwards, maybe we can go ask Anderson if he knows anything about this." It had been a while since any major cults were pulling things like this, and last time most of his family died looking into it, with him being a close second. These matters were hardly upbringing.

    Listening to Raynard the Demon Maid smiled briefly at his response, at first anyways. Putting her hands to her hips and tilting her head sideways a semi serious expression comes over her face at his mention of charm and charisma. "Oh? I can help that..I just need to dress you in something less noticeable..or I could cut your tongue..make anyone that talks to you go insane..Lots of things really, My Master.." She says with a slight edge on the last word. While the words sounded upbeat and friendly they were anything but.

    Fortunately he seemed to have the sense to change the conversation once again. Venturing her smile once more, he hadn't disappointed her. Those were her thoughts on the situation as well. The Doctor would likely know something. Bowing in a curtsy fashion, Laura clears her throat. "At once my Master... it seems the cook is away again but I am well versed in cooking. Given that time seems to be of the essence I'll make something simple..." Tilting her head once more as if lost in thought, she suddenly makes a soft giggle. "Ahah! Hmm I do have all those cooking books on hand...hmm maybe I can make something quickly from it."

    With a twinkle to her eyes this would likely be trouble if left to its self given her normal reading habits.

    "Laura. If you wanted to be able to threaten me, you shouldn't have explained what the hell this contract is," Raynard replied with another roll of his eyes. He bet the maid missed those times in their first year together in which she actually could scare the crap out of him.

    Hearing her "excitement" to getting to cook something, the Lord of Iron quickly waved an open palm to get the woman's attention. "Whoa, whoa, whoa. Just... make me some... pancakes! Yeah! Make me pancakes. First one you find in that cookbook of yours, use it. Don't pay attention to any other recipes."

    Walking up to her, Raynard places his hands on her shoulders and starts guiding her out of the room. "Got it? Pancakes. First recipe you see. Don't look at anything else; I'd like to eat breakfast today, after all. Now... Go! Be free! And don't burn the estate down, please!" Giving her an encouraging shove forward and out the door, the master turns to go finish dressing himself. "Thank you, love! ...Please don't burn the estate..."

    "Tch, My Master if only your wits were as sharp as your tongue. I need no book for these pancakes. The Greeks called them teganites. Cratinus and Magnes both wrote of them. Though I doubt you would know of them." With a hint of contempt to her voice, the demon was referencing two poets of the 5th Century BC. Though there was some truth to his words. When she was confronted with knowledge all else tended to run off the side.

    "Hmph...as you wish Master." Being called love and shoved out the door it was perplexing how this man would behave. Regardless she needed to find Shana, that cook and to wake the Mistress if the smell of food did not. Arrangements would be needed to see Doctor Alexander normally unless one had a medical emergency, but given the history the two shared that braggart of a Doctor would make an exception for Raynard, though it always came at the request of a donation or two, as the man had put it.

    Heading for the kitchen Laura quickly makes her preperations, knowing a great deal of greek cooking given her hidden history with them, making these in the greek style was rather easy. The main supplementation was honey for sugar. The latter, while it may not seem it now, did not arrive in Europe till well past that time. Humming and using her own abilities to heat the furnace quickly she frys up a modestly sized stack for the siblings to share, setting the table in a simple fashion there was a cup and saucer for tea or coffee, the plate for the meal, knife and fork, and lastely syrup with a small bowlfull of strawberries. All in all the time to compleat such a simple meal would time perfectly with the Master finishing his dressing.

    "Let's see, no smoke... No screams of burning agony..." Begins the master of the house as he enters the kitchen, but then was interrupted by a younger girl of the same hair color entering the room as well, groggy from having just woken up and rubbing her eyes. "...The brat isn't panicking... Hell, you're not even reading. I'm impressed, Laura!" Chiming that, Raynard rested his arm on the shorter girl with a similar appearance and leaned against her, quickly garnering the girl's aggravation.

    "Stop it! Why must you aggravate people from the moment you awaken to the time in which you shut your eyes?!" The girl argued, futily attempting to shove her elder sibling's arm off her head, but to no avail. Raynard rather just kept it there as he spoke to the two women in the room.

    "If you want me to stop, then grow a couple of feet or stop amusing me." Giving Rebecca rather poor advice to halt his annoyances, he gives her a light shove towards the table. The two often bickered like this, but aside from all the bullying, he did truly care for his sister; he was doing most of this for her sake anyway. "Shut up and eat. Laura made pancakes...! ...Do be careful..."

    Narrowing her eyes with his rebuttal Luara scoffs, he acted as if she couldn't cook at all. While it may be true she would get side tracked with new things, something like this was rather simple..for one hell of a Maid so to speak.. "Oh? I'm sorry Master, Tomorrow morning I'll be sure to include a burning village. I had no idea you developed a love for Tyrannical displays." Chuckling softly with a hand to her mouth in a lady like fashion it seemed she had more to say until the sister showed up.

    "Ah but my Lady, if he didn't do that, then how would we know it is your brother? That would be like him dismissing me from his chambers...and no my Lord they are.." Sighing with her response to the pair and his little remark, a knife seemingly appears in her left hand, most people believed it to be some sort of party trick within the house, regardless of the truth she twirls it, smiling in her typical fashion with narrowed eyes, a sign of anger. "...Yes they are Pancakes...please enjoy Mistress. Is there any other orders my Master?"

    "Just what are you doing to the poor girl? Just because she is our maid doesn't mean-" Cut off, she's sat down in the chair by her elder sibling and a cut piece of one of the pancakes finds its way shoved into the girl's mouth to silence her. "Arse in chair. Eat." With a minor grumble, Rebecca does as she's told and continues eating. She was a bit of a glutton when it came to sweet things; it was rather easy to pacify her.

    Making his way around the table and over to his maid, Raynard once again places his hands on her shoulders from behind. "Stop making me out to be some kind of rapist, for one," He replied to her inquiries for orders, then leaning down to speak quietly into her ear. "And... none of what I have said was permission for you to commit a genocide. Yes? Understood? Just making sure." Placing a kiss on the younger-seeming woman's cheek, though it was more an action of teasing or mockery than of affection, Raynard takes his own seat at the table across from his sister. "Tell Shana to get ready. We'll go see Anderson after I eat." Obviously, those who inhabited the estate had grown used to Laura's "tricks" with her knives, and Raynard—Well, he just knew she couldn't actually hurt him. Still, he knew when to stop his advance; push the envelope without bursting it open.

    "Anderson? ...What did you do now?" Rebecca questioned with a suspicious stare, to which her elder brother shrugged and played at that offended, "innocent" look he tended to adopt. "Why am I always the one that has done something?" Sighing and shaking her head, Rebecca shifted her gaze to the maid. "You are a woman of significant strength to deal with my fool of a brother every day. Please continue to look after him, less he get himself stabbed in an alley somewhere." Taking another bite, she seemed to smile with glee. "And the food is delectable. Raynard possesses a garbage taste; perhaps all those years rumbling in the trash with urchins caused some damage, hm?"

    "A rapist? But my darling I always consent, its not my fault you do not practice Christian Values of the state..my the queen would be so shamed." At the kiss however she decides to play a little with his whispered words in retaliation. "...I see my master..but such things that you wish to do with me..is this really the time or place here in front of your sister? I highly doubt she would want to watch.."

    Turning her attention to Rebecca with a bow and soft chuckle, she waves her hand dismissively. "Oh its nothing, his tastes were known to me for some time, more so with the business I had to help him with, poor fool was wandering in the rain when I first met him..drowning in it as matter of fact. Heh.." Briefly pondering paying back his physical kindness with some of her own, there was the issue of finding the Texan, plus this way maybe when she left his sister would have more of her misguided petty for the Demoness.

    "By your leave My Lord and Lady, Arrangements are to be made. I'll be sure to run a bath upon our return." Waiting for the Okay in her leaving, technically it was fine, or would be given Raynard s command. However to simply leave while the Sister was speaking would go against her aesthetics as a proper maid...well proper enough.

    Nodding, Rebecca dismisses Laura to go perform her duties. "Enjoy your moments of quiet from this buffoon." To which her brother responds by swiping her plate away from her. "Hey! Return that!"

    "I'll return it when you stop runnin' your mouth you brat. Eat your food." Keeping it barely out of reach as the younger girl attempts to reach out for it, Raynard continues to taunt her with a smirk. "You know, maybe I'll eat this plate too... Or at least keep it out of reach, you midget."

    Growling, the youngest of them seems to give into defeat. "Fine... just give me my palate back." Grumbling as the plate is placed in front of her, she continues to eat with a pout. "At least stop abusing poor Laura. You're making her go above and beyond the call of duty doing that-" Stopping in her words with a surprised flinch as she's lightly tapped on the head by a rolled newspaper, Raynard then straightens it out and starts reading from it as he eats. "I'd worry about stuff like that after you find a man... and you have a ways to go in doing that with your assets." At this point, Rebecca begins berating her elder sibling, albeit one-sidedly as it's obvious he's begun focusing his attention elsewhere.

    "Do not be hurt by his words, mistress. Your personality alone will atone for what you lack. Unlike your brother you are a virtuous Spirit I can assure you." Bowing and taking her leave, the pair would be left to eat and converse amongst themselves. Finding Shana was rather simple, the girl, well..to the Demon at least, was rather trivial. She was tending the stables, enjoying the sunshine as she was given.

    "Wha-Laura! That is a double-sided sentiment!" Slumping her shoulders, Rebecca sighs in defeat. Her brother saying something was one thing, but Laura agreeing with it was another, not that she needed anyone else to point out the areas in which she lacked. The rest of the breakfast proceeded with the girl sulking and Raynard simply chuckling as he read.

    After a terse back and forth talk that mostly consisted of the Texan being on edge, the buggy was brought around to the front of the house, with her rifle sitting in a holster on the coach seat, the young Woman seems to be chewing on a strand of hay, waiting as the Maid takes up position in front, bowing to await her Master. Something about the relationship those two had irked her from the very first day she seen them so many years ago..nevermind while she didn't much like Raynard, any time she had spent a lot of time with him she would hear the sound of a flood, and the damnable Maid always seemed to be around during those times, smiling with a knife in her hands.

    After a while, Raynard exited the estate, long coat draping his body and hair slicked back as he tended to have it when not forced to dress himself for the sake of other nobles. Walking down, he smirks up at Shana, who seems to be a bit peeved. "You alright, love? You look as if someone just barged into you room screaming about something in the middle of your sleep... Oh, wait, that was me! How could I confuse that."

    A sarcastic remark as a greeting to the cowgirl, it was rather normal for them. "I take it Laura's already told you where we're headed? When we get there, you can kick down Anderson's door too if you want, not that I'd advise that."

    "Well, don't think I'll do that Master Raynard, If I Recall right that good ole Doc likes to keep a real gut buster under his chair. Ain't very sport'n as yer people would put it. And course not sir, why whatever gave yah that Idea." Spitting off the side of the Wagon while not staring at him, the man was infuriating, but he paid well. Sighing to herself she heard that damnable sound again. And sure enough that damn Maid was smiling.. Shana sighs to herself motioning to the coach. "Well get on in. I might can wait around, but I doubt that damn money grub n son-ova-bitch will." Referring to Doctor Anderson, she inspite of her words didn't seem totally angry with him.

    Opening the Door for Raynard, Laura waits for him to walk the rest of the way. The trip wasn't likely to be a long one after all. Which was good, though she rather doubted he would take an interest in that Vulgar Cowgirl, it didn't hurt to make sure, now did it? Smiling thinly it would be likely Raynard would know she was up to no good, if not what.

    "That would be smart. Now, Shana. I know you're all rough'n'tough states cowgirl and all... But I'm a lazy, rich, pretty-boy. I need my beauty rest... Which comes from not having the shite scared out of me, hm?" Raynard commented, stepping into the back of the carriage as Laura opened it for him. She had that eerie smile on her face and Shana was almost glancing around, as if distracted by something. Damn maid was hardly lovable yet she seemed determined to making sure other women stayed less so.

    "Come on, now, Laura. We should get a move on." Holding out a hand to help the maid into the back, he assists pulling her into it. "...And don't think I don't know what you're doing..." He alerts her in a hushed voice. "Just don't drive her insane and make her crash this damn thing. Fortunately for you, she's not likely to consider anything with me without an amount of work that isn't worth it... or half of my possessions. Actually..." Initially attempting to assure the girl, Raynard now held a hand to his mouth in thought, wondering what it would to get the texan to "ease up". Or he was at least just trying to taunt the maid, full well knowing of her jealous tendencies.

    Climbing into the coach with her masters help it was hardly needed, but a nice gesture none the less for Laura. Sitting down and spreading her skirt, a soft chuckle emerges from the Maid. He knew of her jealous nature yet would play with it..though she knew of his entrapment there was little she could do to stop it. It was her nature to put it simply.

    "Oh? If you like her that much I could easily make her willing to bed you." Scoffing slightly with narrowed eyes, and crossed arms with a wave of her had as if to be dismissive. "She may enjoy being a mother, and with your legacy secured your contract with me will be fulfilled..then I may end you, My master. A pity my service doesn't seem to be good enough for you. Hmph..though with the contract better a woman I can control than not..though a price will needed to be paid for such. And don't dare request it of others..I may cannot harm you, but I can and will them, even if its by the will of nature." Widening her eyes with a smile a trickle of water forms in the maids outstretched right hand. Allowing it to absorb into her body

    The Demoness decides to somewhat comfort Raynard Sitting next to him while leaning slight against him on his left side. "Oh don't worry master, I hardly wish to be in a crash either..I think we should arrive shortly. Please relax."

    Chuckling at the demoness' offer, Raynard shook his head. "No... No... I don't even—Wait. You can fucking do that? Since when?" He questioned. The damn maid always had another skill hidden up her sleeves. "And you do realize that wasn't the only condition of our contract right? A legacy, yes, though I'd prefer it to be some battleship that scares the shite out of sailors rather than some brat runnin' around. However I have to secure my family's legacy; keep them where they are so my sister or anyone else don't have to worry about this politics crap."

    Sighing, the maid sure as hell wasn't subtle with what she felt. Upon her changing seats to lean into him, he pulled and arm up to wrap around her shoulder. "What's a pity is that you only get lovable after I mention other women. Don't worry so much about Shana; face isn't bad, but I personally prefer some curves... poor girl..." Leaning into the maid slightly, Raynard shakes his head in pity for the poor cowgirl and her lack of "assets".

    "Hmm, I can do many things my master. From making the design of your ship, being your servant, or even a wife given how concerned you seem to be with women.. You underestimate me far too often, there is very little I cannot do." Giggling to herself it was amusing how she never would bother informing him of her true name or the extent of her powers or position. Had she been human her social status would be worthy of his own by human standards, if not more so.

    Scoffing at his hold she however lets him do as he wished. Laughing at his reply in her typical dry fashion that last bit was truly amusing on two grounds, which she would point out with no hesitation. "I might would be lovable as you put it, if you stopped bringing other women around. And had the Texan heard you I have a feeling she would shoot you for the trouble. If you weren't so lecherous I may be even kinder to you."

    "Well, if I had you do everything, that wouldn't be any fun, now would it?" Raynard questioned in turn. "As to that... Yes, I could have had you pose as my wife or fiance, but there are perks to people thinking you're a servant. Firstly, you can accompany me to private events and the like. If the Queen called for me, even if I were to say you were my partner with the company, it wouldn't be tolerated. As a servant, however, they don't bat an eye... Privileges of a noble and all that," He explained, though there was also the fact of what would happen when the contract was said and done with. If she were his wife, what would happen? He was doubtful that the demoness would remain and run his family and company with his sister and her disappearing would cause some unnecessary suspicion upon his house.

    Scoffing at her blaming him for her attitude, Raynard shook his head. "Please, I bring no women around. At gatherings and public events I flirt and socialize and build connections. And even when I try to be affectionate with you, you brush it off like that," He said in regards to her scoffing.

    With that said, the carriage slowed to a halt finally, signalling that they had arrived. "Ergo, stop driving the damn women insane. It's hard to build connections with someone when whenever you're around them you feel death creeping up on you. Hell, you can coddle me in my bed at night... If you don't already do that. Honestly, find that less creepy than the thought of you just sitting in a chair staring over me."

    "Oh so you are more clever than the bag of drowning meat that I mistook you for all those years ago?" Arching an eyebrow up at his comments on why she was made a servant, it didn't matter to her much it was interesting to see he had some rational to it. Plus there was likely the unspoken issue of his sister. And other problems that could crop up from her in that capacity. Though that was not covered by her contract.

    "Oh? Is that so My Master?" As if ignoring his words till the end, she does sigh and scoffs once more, with a bow of her head it was clear she in fact listened. "Hmm...As you wish I'll leave the poor girl as you put it, alone. Though the other bit, we shall see. But maybe her alone I will leave be, just to spite you, my Master. After all it would make choices easier for you no?" Grinning it was difficult to be sure if she was being serious or not.

    Exiting the Carriage and going through the typical manner of helping her master down, Shana curiously seemed more relaxed than normal, though the answer to that was rather easily arrived at. Opening the door and introducing her master, an irritated looking man with glasses cuts her off.

    "Oi, shut the door, your letting my heat out, whats the problem this time, the boy running away from..oh no he s here and not bleeding like a slaughtered cow. Your physical is no time soon Raynard, time is money, why are you here?" As rude and to the point as ever, the Doctor has a cup of tea in his left hand, as his right lowers a double barreled shotgun back behind his chair.

    Rolling his eyes as he stepped out the back, Raynard padded himself off and straightened his coat. "You know, maybe I should have had you pose as a wife. You scoff enough to pass as a noblewoman and we even argue like an old married couple to boot. Oh lost opportunities." Shrugging, he turned and headed for the door behind the demoness. "And I was a drowning bag of meat that you decided to take a little lip service from."

    Smirking as if satisfied with some accomplishment, he allowed her to open the door for him and entered quickly after the man inside spoke. "You know, I understand the need for safety but holding a gun whenever someone knocks on your door probably isn't good for business, hm?" As if knowing that the doctor would likely grow annoyed with the comment, more so as it didn't pertain to what brought them to the man, Raynard didn't waste much time after getting to the point. "You've probably heard of the mutilations done around town. Was wondering if you knew anything about that."

    Scoffing slightly Doctor Alexander turns back to his tea taking a slow savory sip. Holding his now free hand out, it seemed he wanted another of his donations, to which the Maid handed a sealed envelope with a few pounds. Opening the contents and nodding his head, Laura always found this to be unneeded, but Raynard didn t want the man to come to harm.

    "Well, yes, I performed studies on a few of them. Bloody nutters out to the northwest around the Druidic sites is where the bodies are found. Often the victims seem to be from the lower quarters, immigrants, people that aren't overly missed, but noticeable enough to send you."

    Pausing a bit for another sip, and setting the cup down on the sauscer Alexander continues. "Ritual markings on the corpses, often bound, curiously I ve found animal blood, cats and dogs mostly. Some exotics as well, wolves, lions, all manner of beast one does not find in England. If you want more information than that, I don t think it would take much effort for even you to figure out where to take a look, All I know at any rate, though I ll try and keep you in mind should Scotland Yard share any information with me, though of note on the bodies is the cutting differs, I suspect multiple culprits. Some are highly unskilled, even a butcher could do better, some are done well enough to pass through doctor school..but not too experienced I think."

    "Hm... So these fuckers are slightly more intelligent than their predecessors? Surprising," Commented Raynard in regards to the perpetrators lacking the gull to target hose of more significant priority or status. Listening to his comments on the animal blood, it was really the only piece of information that lead them somewhere immediately. Sighing, he nodded. "I'd appreciate that. If you have any new info to spare, send for me. I'll compensate you for it."

    Turning, Raynard nodded again to Laura as a sign of their leaving. "Well, I won't waste any of your time; probably have some cripples to shake down, after all." With a smirk and wave, Raynard let himself out, shutting the door after Laura followed. "Well, the cats and dogs aren't exactly a rarity, but those other animals you'd only come about finding in the London Zoo; used primarily for scientific research and the like... Well, we got some new information, but nothing that gives a solid animal. They'd have to have some connection to the zoo, though I suppose they could be an extremely wealthy piece of shite and just smuggle what they want here... No, too much work for random targets like this..."

    "Yeah yeah, don t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out Mister Hero." Waving Farewell the Doctor returns to his tea contemplating matters from the looks of things.

    Laura escorting Raynard out and back to the carriage she is in agreement in part. The Harbor may also be worth looking into depending on what information could be pieced about the victims. Regardless, with this and his earlier remarks, perhaps a measure of a reward or kindness was due in place of her off handed remarks. Waiting for him to get settled, the Demoness sets along side him, smiling thinly. "I would say be careful in dismissing the Harbor straight out, we know there are multiple people, or so we assume. Other than that my thoughts are in agreement with yours." Allowing her right hand to rest atop his head briefly she ruffles his hair before moving it downwards to massage his neck and shoulders.

    "As I said I can be kind when I have cause, my Master." Speaking up to be sure the Texan heard the next command, was rather simple. "Shana, to the zoo!" The hell for a reply shouts back in response. "Just do it, maybe we ll buy you a ticket to look around."

    As Raynard sat to continue his mumblings, he was interrupted by Laura and her uncharacteristic acts of kindness. Breaking from his thoughts, he turned to his maid with a perplexed look at the petting. "Uh... Laura... Oh, that's nice," Commenting that to her massage, he leans his head down to allow for easier access. "And you have cause now?" He questioned with a chuckle. "Oh, stop complaining girl. You're an animal-lover, right? Go look around while we do our work... And verily, what are you doing this for? I don't care if you're nice it just... is a bit out of character, love."

    "Hmph maybe I do you some kindness when you are sleeping. But if you wish for me to cease, so be it." Leaving her hand motionless for the time being for Raynard's reaction she then smirks slightly at the notion of where they were going. "At the very least it won t be a total waste of time regardless, though we might should bring a present back for your dear sweet sister."

  16. downloadfile.jpeg
    Dimitri Karvinsto
    Blackbourne Manor ​

    Dimitri gave a small frown at her lack of sarcasm. It was one of the daily excitements, the sarcastic trading of verbal blows the two sometimes share. He had anticipated both her gloominess of the closeness of the anniversary and the gloominess supplemented by the bad dream she supposedly had. What he didn't calculate correctly was the severity of said gloom. Amazing how, for once, he didn't want her to shut up. No matter. He had planned for welcome distractions and amusing sideshows to keep her happy. The trick was to make her think it a completely normal thing, and not something he orchestrated. A butler does not do what he does for acknowledgement, after all

    He moved up behind her, his hands working expertly to lace up the dress. As he did, he answered, "Indeed, though with your unpredictable personality, I was forced to anticipate several actions. As a bonus, you can choose which one you would prefer. We can go to the Undertaker, as you currently wish, or we could visit one of my agents a poor quarter. One of the residents claim to have assisted in the deaths. Whether that is true or not, I cannot say at this point of time." He finished rather briskly, standing up and examining her as if she was a sculpture he had made. He gave a satisfied nod and turned to fetch her makeup.

    Her toilet chest, with all her makeup, was inside another cupboard. He had intentionally left the door ajar before he went to bed the previous night. As expected it still was, meaning she didn't care enough to notice it. First was the acknowledgement of something being off. He gave a lower, almost predatory growl of irritation at the sight of the ajar cupboard. He stomped clumsily, the way he did when he was legitimately angry, and yelled out into the rest of the mansion "I expect whoever was assigned to cleaning our Lady's room last night, to fall on their hands and knees and beg me not to end their despicable lives! You left something as obvious as the bloody morning toilet cupboard ajar! Imbeciles! Imbeciles all of you!" He does lose his temper when things go blatantly against his plannings, and his level of anger can generally be attributed with his level of profanity when he speaks. His previous job allowed him to use whatever words he deemed fit, so if he was very mentally stressed, he'd go so bad that sea captains would blush. His current level was reasonably infuriated for the current situation.

    A small shriek erupted from among the cleaning crew. Of course that was an Infiltrator. He couldn't trust the espionage skills of a servant to make sure she could not suspect he had planned such an event. Muttering profanities to himself, he marched his angry march back to the cupboard and opened the door.

    A bat, disturbed from it's newfound home, fluttered out and made a very infuriating screeching noise. It had been a considerable migraine to shove that flying rat inside of the cupboard and keep it bloody happy and calm. Thankfully he trained one of his pets as a chemist, and eventually just sedated the hairy bastard. Nevertheless, the show must go on.

    A loud screech erupted, not from the bat but from Dimitri himself. It was a high pitched thing. He put more drama on it as he started to flail his arms in a terrified attempt to bat the creature away, with some small backward hops alongside his apple sized eyes to give the impression he had truly lost his composure and nearly wet himself over a simple beast. As orchestrated, the thing quickly flew out the open window, leaving Lady Shiloh with plentiful time to absorb his absolute break of character without worrying about the abomination herself. A plan well executed
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    Shiloh Blackbourne
    .: Morning Theatrics :.
    Blackbourne Manor

    Shiloh was in little mood for a banter at the moment. Her thoughts were serious, as they usually tended to be, despite her playfulness. Normally Dimitri was beyond annoyed and exasperated with her childishness... But it would seem that she is completely focused upon business today. However, that was about to change. Once the lacing was done, she let the red tresses fall back to her shoulders and behind her back while considering the aforementioned options for the order of trips.

    "I should think that the visit to your contact should be our first stop, then we can confirm the evidence with the undertaker afterward, yes?"

    She completely ignored the comment on her being unpredictable. How positively frustrating for the butler. He was an interesting demon. One would think he wouldn't care for the mentality of his mistress unless it affects the contract... But yet he is worried over her nonetheless, even going through strange lengths to cheer her from her gloom.

    Shiloh had turned to face her upset butler when she heard the growl emanate from his throat. That alone was implication that something was quite the matter with him. "Why Dimi, what ever could be the--" Her slight taunt was left unfinished as he went into a bit of rage... or a tantrum if you will. Silence followed in an awkward way as she stared at Dimitri like he was some kind of fake or copy of her meticulous and well collected butler.

    After a long moment, her right eyelid twitched ever so slightly despite her expression of absolute blankness. Just seeing Dimitri lose his calm over such a thing as her cupboard being open was... astonishing and a rare occurrence. She honestly had not even the faintest idea how to respond to such a theatrical production. The bat was the last straw to her grasp on whatever this was that she considered sanity. Her mouth twitched twice before a giggle burbled in her throat.

    The childish side to Shiloh burst forth in a sequence of uncharacteristic giggles and laughter, with even a snort or two. She had one seen Dimitri act so foolishly a few times, usually around this time of year, and it never ceased to get the desired result. A smile and genuine laughter at his humorous display. She had hardly even noticed the disgusting creature he had used as a prop to his routine.

    Wiping tears from the edges of her long lashed eyes, Shiloh smiled at Dimitri slyly. "Oh dear me. If you keep doing me kindnesses for little to no reason at all, I shall begin to believe that you actually care about my wellbeing." She taunted playfully while still trying to regain her composure. With a 'swish' of her skirts, Shiloh walked over to the vanity, waiting for him to place the toilet box down so that she could apply her make up and make herself appear presentable. Even if it's to the poor district, she's still a lady and must appear so. Although Shiloh had seen through Dimitri's facade, it had certainly gained it's goal. Her spirits were lifted greatly.

    Shiloh was determined to make sure that none of her competition would get the prize first. After all, to eventually rule the world, she must gain more power and influence. Gaining the Queen's favor is the best way to work without being noticed. More favor than she already had.

    "Also, Dimitri, I should like to know who else we may be having to work with, so do be a dear and have one of your fellows find that out, if you please. Unless it was mentioned in the letter?" She asked since she had yet to lay eyes upon said letter, and wished to know who might either be a hindrance ... or an unprecedented assistance that could be used in her favor, whether now or later.
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