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    So this is going to be my plot search, looking for people with similar interests as myself to roleplay with. (Obviously.) Now there are some rules that do need to be attended to before I agree to anything that you might have on your mind. So please make sure to read down through this entire thing before you post here (or message me) about possibly doing a roleplay. Trust me, I'll know if you haven't read my rules.

    1) Respect me. Let me know if you're busy. Or if you'd like to just drop the entire thing. I honestly won't be mad. I'll be more mad if I spit out a whole post, and wait a month only to find my roleplay end up in the graveyard. Please do me that common courtesy.

    2) I am not a huge smut freak, I know some people here are into the kinky shit, I'm not really into that kind of thing. I mean, it's not a complete deal breaker. But it's not something that I'm actively going to be seeking out. Porn/Smut without a Plot is a complete no-no. This is not turning into your 50 Shades Fantasy.

    3) Which brings me to the third rule, if you want to do BDSM do your research on it!! 50 Shades is NOT a good example of BDSM! In fact it's a very abusive and terrible relationship. BDSM is NOT that. It's a fetish, just like wearing socks while having sex. (Okay well not quite like that.) It's a trusting and understanding art. The aftermath can be beautiful if played correctly.

    4) I did not list it, but I will do Chick on Chick. It's just not what I'm looking for at the moment! But if you have a good enough plot, I'll certainly consider it! Sorry MxM lovers, but I really can't roleplay Dude on Dude!

    5) I like to chat on Skype/AIM with my partners while I'm roleplaying with them! I don't even mind Voice Chatting! (My voice is annoying as seven hells though, fair warning!) I want to get to know you, I want to know what makes you tick! I want to know why you think we'd make awesomsauce partners!

    6) I post around 400 - 800 words a post. I don't do one liners, I see a lot of them on here, and I just want to let you know that I really don't want to roleplay with that. I don't care if you don't write as much as me, but I want more detail than. [[ He sits, and stares. "Oh hi." ]] Also I'm combine this rule, but my grammar isn't good. Where I live, grammar is used very little in day-to-day life. I know the difference between you're / your, and all that stuff. But I'm a comma freak, truly. I can spell great though, so if you type liek dis al da tyme. Please don't contact me. I want a coherent partner.

    7) I USUALLY play males, and am more comfortable with them. But I have no issues with taking my chances with playing a gal! Just let me know what you would be more comfortable with, and we can work something out! I also won't double, sorry.

    8) Don't contact me if you are 110% deadset on having a happily ever after. I typically don't do them. I like having a dramatic and more emotional ending than one filled with happiness and lamesauce (sorry! It's my opinion!) I may consider it for the right chemistry, but I have serious doubts about it. (ex. If our characters are fighting a foe, I don't mind that foe dying in the end. As long as he takes one of our characters with him.) That kind of ending.

    So you made your way through my rules! That's awesome, if you just skipped down here, remember I will know. So make sure you do read them at some point before asking me to parlay!

    Now I have three main characters at this point. I'd rather not explain everything about them here, as I know some people are usually keen on stealing characters and their forms. So I'll just keep it short. In D&D terms, one is Lawful God, one is Neutral, and one is Chaotic Neutral. All are male, and are in their early - mid twenties. PBs are Dylan O'Brien, Grant Gustin, and Evan Peters. I don't like changing faces to suit peoples' fancy. Likewise I won't ask you to change a face/photo - ever.

    I like the following genres;

    - Horror
    - Modern Fantasy
    - Fantasy
    - Modern/Real Life
    - Dystopian / Steampunk

    Or a mix!!

    Anyways, that's all I've got in me! Sorry if any of this is weird, it's midnight after all, haha!

    But contact me if interested, thanks!

    - Kuro

  2. you. sound. awesome. If i had an idea for a plot I would totally roleplay with you. I only play females (good for us), hate one-liners, and love most of the genres you do (especially horror and both moderns).

    unfortunately, i am kind of uncomfortable about rule 5 because I'd much rather pm about stories and the like, but otherwise, I'd love to figure out an rp with you!
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  3. @Ravenbelle

    Thank you for responding!

    PMs are fine m'dear! I am used to skype/aim to chat about plots, but I have no issues with doing it through PM instead! Maybe after time you'll grow comfortable enough to use IMs. If not that's totally fine!
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  4. Hello, so I messaged you, but I felt the need to say that I enjoy Fables as well lol. Is your avatar Snow and the Wolf?
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  5. Hi! I'd love to roleplay with you, you sound interesting. I don't really have any ideas but I think something Modern, Modern/Fantasy or Dystopian would be fun to do. Hopefully we can put something together. :)
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  6. hi! i just wanna say first that im fine with all your requirements but i will need to know a little more about you before i do anything with skype although i am also used to playing as guys i wouldnt mind being a girl for once and dont mind doubling up

    also i have tons of ideas floating around in my head they are mostly fantasy and a fair amount involve Rumplestiltskin, one in particular has him in it as two different characters that im dying to try out. also i would be totaly for doing more than one rolplay if you like more than one of my ideas :) just pm me if your interested
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