Kuroko no Basuke: The Ice and Fire of Basketball ~OOC/Sign ups~

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  1. This is a Kuroko no Basuke Fandom Roleplay

    KnB Group Link

    Plot~, blue
    Hello one and all! This roleplay will be set 20 years after the anime. And guess what? Each person from the Generation of Miracles has become the coach for their school basketball team! We will be playing as members of each basketball team that each Generation of Miracles coaches, Seirin, Touou, ect. We will being starting at the beginning of the basketball season, so roughly a week before any games. Everyone should be arriving or already present at each schools try outs (so if you wanted to be on Seirin you would be trying out to be on their team). This is all I have so far as a plot, if you have any suggestions or ideas please let me know! =D

    • These are all NPC's so they can be played by anybody, just keep it realistic to their personalities.

      Kagami Taiga

      Aomine Daiki

      Ryota Kise

      Shintaro Midorima

      Tatsuya Himuro

      Akashi Seijuurou

      Oh wait, you didnt think I forgot him did you?

      Kuroko Tetsuya

      Yup Kuroko became Seiho High's coach, Kuroko and Kagami made a bet on which team will make it to the finals

    • These are the available/taken slots. We only need 5 members per team to start. 1 Manager position is available per team, can be male or female.

      Only Accepting players for Seirin, Touou, and Rakuzan. Until these teams are filled.

      Takeo "Sparrow" Kei|Male|Manager- Lawkheart
      Yu Narukami|Small Forward/Shooting Guard - Greedy Donuts
      Rune "Baka" Ochiru|Ace/Small Forward - Zlog


      Yosuke Homura|Shooting Guard/Point Guard - Greedy Donuts

      Reserved|Manager - Momo
      Akira Kusunoki|Ace/Power Forward/Small Forward - Akashi
      Kenji Kawaguchi|Small Forward/Shooting Guard - Edge
      Toge Hametsu (Thorn bane)|Point guard/Shooting Guard - Zlog
      Mike Kain (full name is Michael)|Center/Ex-Ace - Nevvy

      Atasuke "Deadeye" Murata|Ace/Shooting Guard - Edge

      Vienna Ardue|Female|Manager - Julchen
      Shiori Tachibana (Yes its a guy)|Shooting Guard/Small Forward - Nevvy
      Dairiseki "Dair" Reishi|Center/Power Forward - Zlog


    • Appearance: (Must be anime, description optional)
      Age: 16-17
      Position: (What position are you aiming for, cant be more than 2 unless your an ace, only 1 ace per team)
      Strengths: (Basketball related skills, max 6)
      Weaknesses: (What they fall short at, minimum 3)
      Fears: (Can be anything)
      Team: (What team are you trying out for?)
      Personality: (optional)
      Bio: (optional)
      Theme Song(s): (optional)
      Extra: (optional)

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  2. Rune "Baka" Ochiru, green
    cecil 2.jpg cecil.gif
    Height: 5'8
    Weight: 152
    Position: Ace
    Strengths: Fast, agile, unpredictable, passing, 3 pointers, stealing.
    Weaknesses: Strength, rebounds, center/inside area, weak ankles.
    Fears: Bugs, drowning/suffocating, hurting someone, failing the team, girls.
    Team: Kaijo
    Personality: Will rp
    Bio: Will rp
    Theme Song(s):
    Extra: Loves music, animals, manga, and basketball. Hates bullies, cruelty, being looked down on, and fighting

    Dairiseki "Dair" Reishi, blue
    kazuyozerochan_zpscdb07c6d.jpg Frau-07-ghost-18948139-960-540.jpg
    Age: 17
    Height: 6'4
    Weight: 218
    Position: Center/Power Forward
    Strengths: Strong, stamina, blocking, rebounds, passing, stealing.
    Weakness: Speed, 3 pointers, feints, the unpredictable.
    Fears: Fire, pink, losing his cool, wasabi.
    Team: Seiho
    Personality: Will rp
    Bio: Will rp
    Theme Song(s):
    Extra: Baka!
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  3. Appearance:
    Yosuke Homura

    Age: 17

    Height: 5'9"

    Weight: 140 Ib.

    Position: Point Guard, Shooting Guard

    Strengths: 3 point, Drive in, Fake shot, Dribbling, Calm mind (at any circumstance), Finding space

    Weaknesses: Inside step in, 2 pointers, risk taker

    Fears: Kuroko

    Team: Seiho

    Personality: Personally Yosuke is a cheerful boy and pervert as well, though he only get serious when it comes to the court, leaving no mercy to any opponent even though statistically Seiho are much stronger than they are. Yosuke also hold the captain responsibility so he always care for his team mates and always bugged them if they have any problems.

    Bio: Yosuke came in from a basketball family, his brother is a national basketball player and his father plays for local club. Ever since he was young, Yosuke played a proper basket unlike other kid at his age, he can do side step, and drive in correctly which his brother also. Until 2 years ago, Yosuke's brother left for US and his father busy which coaching, making him lonely that he quit basket for awhile until Kuroko saw him and brought him to a match of Seiho.

    Theme Song(s): WIP

    Extra: Baka baka baka baka BAKA!! oh also taking number 4!!!



    Yu Narukami

    Age: 17

    Height: 6'4"

    Weight: 156 Ib.

    Position: Small Foward, Shooting guard

    Strengths: Awesome inside and out shoot, High basic of basketball (so he'll do a lot of screening and that stuff), Great concentration, creating great decision, and Helping other flaw

    Weaknesses: not great at dribble, not competitive, and don't have any fighting spirits

    Fears: he doesn't have place in the team

    Team: Seirin

    Personality: Ignorant and cool is all I can say for Yu, a self center boy who always think that he's superior than anyone although once he became an ally people will know that he's actually trying to fit into the society the hard way. (ohh and once you know him well he'll be talkative like super talkative)

    Bio: Yu wasn't a competitive athlete since from a young age, he always beat anyone in any sport, some said it's luck but other said it was naturally gifted. Yu doesn't have any friend since all of them turn into enemies at the end. The reason why Yu joined is that he got a crush on the manager and he's too hard headed to confess to her.

    Theme Song(s): WIP

    Extra: should I said baka again?​
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  4. Why did you make a second one Zlog o.o
  5. For those that cant do the mature one.

    I'm assuming these are still a WIP? (btw I love that his fear is Kuroko XD )
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  6. yes I'm still editing so expect to be edited~!
  7. If your done editing then these 2 are accepted! =D Just friendly advice but if Yu is 6'4 and only 156 pounds he would be REALLY skinny lol.
  8. Why not just merge this with the other one since only one has expressed interest?
  9. Cuz Greedy Donuts cant do Libertine rps, can he/she? 0.0
  10. Says they are an adult member. they have a pink star. USE THE STARS ZLOG
  11. Dont make me give you another negative rating =P I just wasnt sure if he/she would want to switch to the mature one.
  12. I'm fine , but my char will not do yaoi~
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  13. Wait before that isn't Akashi's char is too op in position wise? like Ace as well as other 3 position
  14. ACE is not actually a position you know? Its more like the key player who they rely on in the end to finish or make the basket.
  15. yup I get it but with 3 position itself, isn't it a bit op~?
  16. Lol, really? Wait until you see the remaining CS's. An Ace is suppose to be a bit tad better. There is a reason for why one is an ACE. An Ace should atleast be able to have both Small and Power Forward. Shooting Guard is so my character is not only reliable inside the field, but also outside. However, he is not OP.
  17. Hmm... well not gonna debate here well I guess you have the point as well me bad~


    power forward work is to do lay up, dunk and some inside jump
    while small work is to do some outside, lay up, and rarely 3 point
    and Shooting guard works outside, creating space, and shoot 3 point since he rarely go inside the 3 p (so basically a secondary make but mostly do the 3p for the team)

    sigh and to be ace is not all about scoring things but oh well =<= I'm not gonna debate
  18. Theres no way to be OP with positions, positions are just what your character excels at really. Your only OP when it comes to your strengths/weaknesses. Which in case he isnt, though if anyone tries to be via IC I will point it out and have him/her change it with a warning.

    Dont worry there wont be any OPing in this group =) I have an Ace myself on Touou. Theres 1 Ace allowed for each team.
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  19. well okay and sorry to cause all the havoc in here~
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