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  1. The thread for the Kuroko No Basuke Roleplay~! We will roleplay here and enjoy a casual Basketball rp. ^v^

    The soft pad of steps echoed through the silent halls of Seirin High. Yuuma had decided to skip the welcoming ceremony for all students to make his way to the gum for the Basketball recruits. After transferring to Japan he had chosen the closest school to his home, and signed up for the Basketball club when he had the chance. Though he had to find the gym first. But he had time, since it was rather early. He wore the school uniform in pristine condition, and carried his school bag with a gym bag for his change of clothes. With a soft sigh, Yuuma stopped at a vending machine to buy a drink, pulling his school map out while he did to look for the way to the Gym again. It took a lot of effort to get the correct uniform due to his teachers not understanding what he meant when he tried to explain the situation to him, but he had the male's uniform thankfully. Mismatched eyes looked around for anyone, since he tended to be bumped in to for his quiet self.
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  2. Tetsumi made her way out to the Seirin court, rolling two carts of basketballs with her. She grunted a bit and slid them over, one cart per basket. She was getting ready to make the gym presentable for any who'd like to join the basketball club. She had to admit, Tetsumi was rather nervous to see the newcomers -whether or not they judged her was still out for jury.

    "What now?" She said to herself, hands on her hips as she looked at the open area. Her stomach growled in the meanwhile, sending her off to go to the vending machine.

    As she approached said machine, Tetsumi laid eyes upon an unfamiliar face. Being so, she went right up to them with a small smile, "Hi there," she said, hoping not to have startled the boy -thus, concluded from his uniform.
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  3. Yuuma's head turned to face the slightly taller female with his blank stare. After grabbing his cold drink from the machine, he stepped off to the side to let her grab her own items. Without saying anything, the shorter student gave her a silent nod of the head to acknowledge her.

    He was disrespectful to males, but not women. Most of the time anyways. Yuumas gym bag lay at his feet while he casually sipped at his cold green tea with a soft sigh. The map of the school was back in his vision, his eyes trying to memorize as much of his class routes as possible so he wouldn't get lost. The Gym he had to go to was circled in grey ink, the shortest way there through a couple of hallways to his left.
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  4. "Are you a new student here at Seirin?" Tetsumi asked, glancing at the boy as she put in her money and entered the code for a bag of frozen fruits and a water bottle. After getting her things, she looked at the bag on the floor, instantly being intrigued in said individual.

    "So you're an athlete.." She concluded in a outward fashion, nodding her head ever so slightly. "You might want to head over to the gym with me, if you're interested in basketball.." she stated motioning for the boy to follow her down the hallway.
  5. "Mnn.." Yuuma confirmed her question with a nod of his head, tucking away his map in to his bag to finish his green tea in a few large gulps. He threw the can away and bought a couple more drinks for the rest of the day until lunch time rolled by. The shorter teen ran a hand through his short hair before scratching at his cheek with a blue painted nail.

    Yuuma nodded and grabbed his bag, quietly following her to the large Gym with soft, almost soundless steps. Once he entered the gym, he took notice of the basketball carts around the baskets, setting his stuff down near one of the baskets so he could keep an eye on them once other players rolled in. He gave Tetsumi a glance for her instructions, since she seemed like the one in charge here.
  6. Tetsumi saw some players arrive to the gym, at first they wouldn't be practicing but merely talking to people interested in joining the basketball team -then, after all the niceties were over, the drills would start. "Hi guys," said Tetsumi with a small smile, grabbing her clipboard and writing a few things down before putting it back.

    "This is um..." she said pointing over to her new acquaintance and pausing for a moment, "I guess I should let you introduce yourself," she said to the boy, chuckling a bit and rubbing the back of her head.

    As she let him do so, Tetsumi went over towards one of the carts and took a ball out, holding it at her hip before coming back.
  7. Yuuma nodded quietly and watched as some of the tall players looked around for him when they didn't notice him in front of them. He gave a small bow and looked on at the tall plplayers with his blank eyes. "My name is Kimiko Shinjui Yuuma... pleased to meet you.." a small trace of a Russian accent could be heard in his voice, courtesy of his grandparents who were raised in Russia.

    Yuumas eyebrow twitched lightly at the amount of tall teens he would have to play with, but he shook it off to join them in the line up for Tetsumi to give them thwireless instructions. He was aware of some players being wary of his slightly feminine voice, though it wasn't uncommon to find males with feminine voices nowadays.
  8. Tetsumi made sure to listen intently as Yuuma introduced himself. She returned to her bag and got out a form, making her way back to Yuuma afterwards. "Here, if after today you feel as though this club is for you, fill out this form -one of which you'd have to get a doctor to sign. They're simple forms really, not too time-consuming," she said, hoping that he'd join the team.

    She didn't like to admit it but, the Seirin team only had about two or three extraordinary players, she didn't know why but, Tetsumi had an inkling that a new face (or faces) might spark something within the former players.

    "Okay boys," Tetsumi said, clasping her hand together, and raising her voice a bit. She dribbled the ball in her hand as she spoke, not removing her gaze from the team in front of her. "You guys can run a few simple drills now but, when future or interested members come about, I need you all to sell this team like you were car salesmen, we don't need a reboot of last year -Akaki I'm looking at you.." she said, mumbling under the breath in that last part.
  9. "Hai.." Yuuma answered, walking over to his book bag so he could place the forms away safely before he made his way back to the players. He patiently listened to Tetsumis instructions before his mind drifted off a bit. His elder brother was probably teaching a class right now. Sinice they recently moved, his brother thought to get a job teaching at Seirin until he managed to land a better one over time. With his degrees he wouldn't have problems doing so.

    When Tetsumi mumbled that under her breath, Yuuma looked at her quietly and then heard the doors slam open. A tall teen with orange dyed hair burst in, panting and grinning in an apologetic way to the team. "Ah! Sorry I'm late! I got lost on the way here~" He grinned and ran over to glomp Yuuma happily.

    "Hey Yuu-chan!" "Mn.." Yuuma greeted his only friend and simply motioned to Tetsumi to continue and ignore Kayden. He wanted to look at his teams skill on his own to see how good they could be overall.
  10. Tetsumi paused and giggled a bit at Yuuma and the new arrival. With the flick of her wrist and the straightening of her pointer finger, Tetsumi spun the ball on it, continuing to speak. "First, I want Second String to do some layup drills and First String to do a small match -each of which will be taking place on different courts.

    "First String here and..." She started to say and shot the ball in a nearby net, "Second string over there, now go," she said with the imminence and transparency that her nerves we're getting the best of her.

    Tetsumi turned to Yuuma and his friend. "You two are more than welcome to join in," she stated with a sweet smile, hoping that she wasn't coming off too strictly or to put it in a straight forward way- bitchy.
  11. Kayden grinned and noddedicated happily, his head leaning on Yuumas shoulder as he looked at their Coach with soft blue eyes. "Sure thing! Let's go change Yuu-chan," Kayden exclaimed while letting Yuuma grab his bag and lead him in to the locker room. Both teens came out a couple minutes later, both with plain t shirts aND ahorts, though Yuumas were a bit shorter than Kayden's.

    They joined the second string for warming up in layups. Both were pretty good with simple layups, and seemed to have good coordination in passing to eachother. Kayden was made for long shooting, and shot three pointers rather easily with his long legs. Yuuma, however, was better with close up shooting than three pointers like his friend.
  12. Takumi enters the gym slowly, since he had just came from a boxing gym that was close to the school he was already wearing his basketball shorts and a T shirt that had a quicksilver logo on it. He looks around at the others as they trained before letting out a deep breath, Takumi slides his hand back across his head to push his hair back. " at least I got here before the coach " he whispers before he walks over to side so he could place his things down.

    He turns to look at some of the kids but quickly turns back when he noticed some of them were staring at him. He takes another deep breath before walking slowly over to them . Not knowing that the second strings were separated Takumi ends up walking over to the 1st strings before he begins to stretch out. Not knowing the 1st strings were in the middle of a practice match he catches the swatted , Takumi looks at the hoop before he immediately drives into the group of the 1st strings , He leaps into the air and performs a regular dunk. Most of the 1st strings only took takumi as an average but the few that were in his path were shocked at what they saw .
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  13. The second string of players stood in awed shock, while Yuuma merely watched with only a slight interest. Kayden grinned and clapped softly for the impressive dunk. "You must be the Takumi I heard about. Cool dunk! Right Yuu-chan?" "...Hai.." Yuuma answered softly.

    Yuuma went back to practicing his techniques, this time deciding to use his own drives for practice with such tall people. As he dribbled the ball in his left hand, he was screened by two tall teens, and swiftly passed the ball between their feet while he moved in the general direction a right handed player would to confuse them. He quickly got hold of the ball with his speed, and leaped for a second pointer, the second string impressed by his speed and techniques.
  14. Hearing one of boys from the other side of the court Takumi just nods . Since the 1st strings began to shoot him looks he decided to leave them and travel to were the 2nd strings were. As he walks he watches as one of the boys began to drive in the ball. He raises an eye brow as he examimes the short boy. He arrives at there side of the court just as the boy finished his shot. He studys the boy for a few more secondes . ~ he's fast...and hard to read~ takumi thought to his self .

    " excuse me" he says walking up to yuuma " would you mind idriving in one more time" takumi slowly walks into the postition of a zone defense under the hoop , takumi looks at yuuma as he stands in a defence postion.
  15. Yuuma merely gives him a glance as Kayden tosses the ball to him, seeming to study Takumi quietly with his unnerving gaze. He didn't seem to be moving forward, until he was suddenly inches from Takumis face, swiftly avoiding the other second stringers with his maneuver technique. As he neared Takumi, he allowed himself to get closer, before smacking the pass between his legs and making a quick drive to get around the tall player.

    His hands grabbed the ball for a layup shot, such speed almost inhuman by the appearance of having strong bursts of speed like that, thanks to his slim body. Kayden whooped for his friend happily, ruffling his short hair while Yuuma merely gave him a plain glance, yet Kayden could see the annoyance in his eyes. He held on to the ball and eyed Takumi to see what he wanted to do now.
  16. Ren was walking down the hallway when he passed the gym. He stopped for a moment and took a peek inside. He saw the basketball team recruiting. Ren stood at 6'8 and thought this would be the best place for an athlete of his size. He walked in. "Are you guys still looking for more players."
  17. " I see" takumi says he scratches his head " I really dident think you would repeat the same move when I asked you to drive in" He looks at yuuma returning his stare " your fast .. but" with out hesitation Takumi rushes at yuuma with the same incredible speed only steal the ball and end up back to back with yuuma .

    " it will only take you so far " takumi says as he turns around holding out the ball to Yuuma " forgive me , I did not mean to be rude.... the names takumi bara " he says as he holds out his fist
  18. Yuuma blankly stared at him over his shoulder before turning to look up at him with those unemotional eyes. His rather small hands grabbed the ball and tossed it to Kayden, who smiled and waved at Ren to come in.

    "..Kimiko Shinjui Yuuma... there's a lot I can do.." Yuuma mumbled as he softly tapped his fist to Takumis. Kayden grinned and chuckled up at Ren. "Wow! You're pretty tall~!" Kayden was 6'2, so both of the teens towered over Yuuma. Everyone pretty much did, even the coach herself.
  19. Takumi nods " I'm sure there is" there was something about yuuma that was diffrent from the others but takumi could not figure it out, Takumis eyes widens when he realizes that he had just said his first name was kimiko. Takumi walks around the three not really saying any thing else
  20. Yuuma noticed Takumis eyes widening, ignoring it to lightly mumble something about wanting to shower soon. He picked up a basketball and practiced his new drive on his own once the Second string started practicing with the first string. His stamina was decent, but it wasn't the best either, so he made sure to record how much he could push himself on his new drives. Kayden was busy chatting with the tall arrival, and he was grateful that he didn't have to interact with someone so big.
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