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  1. This is a Kuroko no Basuke Fandom Roleplay

    Plot~, blue

    Hello and welcome! This roleplay will be set 20 years after the anime. All the members of the Generation of Miracles have retired and their hasnt been any signs of a new Generation of Miracles since. But the children of the Generation of Miracles have all now started High School, will they live up to their fathers lineage? Or will they make their own path? We will being starting at the beginning of the basketball season, so roughly a week before any games. You've all been accepted onto the team you tried out for. This is all I have so far as a plot, if you have any suggestions or ideas please let me know! =D

    If your interested please join my group! Group Link
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  2. Isn't this like a third attempt at making a KnB RP?
  3. I really want it to work out... I love that anime..
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  4. 2nd for me, this one should work though. And quit downing on my rp you'll scare people off! :P meany Aki.

    Me too Femme.
  5. Still accepting!
  6. She is not lying :D
  7. Possibly, do they have to be descended from the original character or can they be something else?
  8. they dont have to be descendant, honestly, preferably not descendant, something more original.
  9. What he said above, can be a descendant or original whichever you want =)
  10. Where's the character sheets?
  11. You gotta join the group first then the CS thread is there.
  12. Alright I put in the request to join.
  13. I accepted, feel free to submit your character in the designated thread =)
  14. Is it still okay for me to join?
  15. Yup we're still accepting!
  16. Alright. I sent a request to join the group. :)
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  17. Still accepting~!
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