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    Name: Kris Taiki
    Position: Center


    The start of a new day and new school. Not something Kris always looked forward to. After coming back from America from visiting relatives, he was happy to be back in Japan. Happy to be back and going to the same school as his best friend. Sure his friend wasn't at all what you expect someone like Kris to hang out with, but he didn't care.

    He stood tall at six foot. His hair was bleached blonde almost white. It definitely made him stand out. He even had those striking eyes. He jumped up out of his chair he had been sitting in, grabbed his bag and a basketball from his closet and made his way out the front door. He didn't have anyone to say goodbye to as they all moved back to America.

    He trotted down the road and stopped in front of a house. He rang the door bell twice rocking back and forth on his heels as he waited for his friend. Today was the day he began schooling at Seirin and he was bound determined to join the basketball club.

    Kuroko plopped down on the bench in the Gym. The Coach had pretty much ordered them to show up early at practice early that morning. She was pretty strict, but it was all in good faith. She wanted to make them better, to prepare them for the tournament even though it was months away. A towel was thrown on his head and he looked up to see the captain holding out a bottle of water to him.

    To which he gladly took. He opened it and took a long drink from the cool liquid. "Hey! Get ready to go to class then you have practice again after school." Kuroko simply sighed.
  2. [​IMG] SO DREAMY *Fangirls*
    Name: James Tokiwa
    Position: data person, 2 manager
    [​IMG] does not really need the glasses just wears them to show

    Unlike many guys James is just not a sports kid he more into data and Finding weak points. James was waking up to the sound of the door bell ringing. he yawed and walked down stairs still in his Pj's which was his boxers and tank top. "yeah what you wan-" he noticed his friend and was standing there confused just to realized. "Shit school" he ran up stairs and as fast as he could change into his school uniform. "Shit shit shit shit shit" he called out grabbing his toast his mother left out for him before she want to work.

    Like I said James is not like most other guys he would rather read a book on sports then play it. his family was well known. his father worked at Tokiwa company. they work with sports equipment, which he testes on his friend Kris. and his mother is a doctor at one of the hospitals so she not home much as well but he does not mind as long as he has his friends.

    "KRIS why did you not tell me I was late" he said trying to put on his school tie as he walks out the door. "we are going to be late for are first day!"

    Kagami sighed as he sat down as well on the bench getting yelled at by couch. with a sigh he looked at her "I'm fine if anything its short stuff you need to worry about" he pats Kuroko head and messes up his hair. with a smirk he got up and started to walk off to the changing room. but not with out the couch following him with yelling and screaming of take care of himself and don't do anything stupid. and he need rest his legs.
  3. Kris couldn't help but grin from ear to ear. He shrugged tossing the basketball into the air and catching it again. "Sorry, Guess it slipped my mind. " He watched as James fumbled with his tie. "Relax James, it's not that big of a deal. As long as we get there. You know I've always got one thing on my mind. Practically all the time." He said happily.

    Kris spun the ball on his finger. "Hey, got anything new for me to try? You are going to be joining the Basketball club with me today, right? You got to. I mean c'mon if you don't I would feel really out of place you know. Being half American and all." he continued.

    Kris was considerably taller than James, you could definitely tell. Especially when they stood next to each other. Their friendship seemed odd and out of place too. Kris was tall,
    athletic, good looking. James was a bit of a nerd, but he was that cute kind of nerd.

    Kuroko smiled as Kagami walked away, the coach right behind him the whole way. He stood and made his way to the changing room. He felt like today was going to be more eventful than any other. That simply made him curious. He wondered what Kagami wolud think.
  4. "Sorry, Guess it slipped my mind. " He watched as James fumbled with his tie. "Relax James, it's not that big of a deal. As long as we get there. You know I've always got one thing on my mind. Practically all the time." James looked up at him with a glare and said "Slipped your mind my ass Kris!" with that said he looked away from him and continued to walk to school with a sigh

    "Hey, got anything new for me to try? You are going to be joining the Basketball club with me today, right? You got to. I mean c'mon if you don't I would feel really out of place you know. Being half American and all." he was still looking away from him when he said "my father made some runners and of course I'm joining! are you crazy who tell you all the data on the players you go up agents? hummmm well I though so" with that said they where almost at the school and then he heard the bell ring. "Shit again lets hurry we are already late!" and then he started to jog off.

    he noticed it alright he knew something was coming something big but he was not making anything of it he just shrugged it and waited for it to come to him. he was ready for it and anyone that stands in his way. for victory.
  5. Kris whistled. "Can't wait to try them out." he said happily. "True, I'd be pretty lost with out your data, J." He said with a shrug. As the bell rang, he skipped stepping into a light jog to stay along James. "Think the teachers will be upset that we are late for our first day?" He laughed.

    As they made their way into the school they went straight for the Admin office. In there waited the Vice Principle. Who steadily tapped their foot on the floor. Kris stopped and bowed slightly. "Sorry we are late, James over slept." He grinned and winked at James. "I should have woke him, so it really is my fault we are late."

    Kuroko walked into the changing room and saw Kagami still there. "You can tell too, can't you, Kagami?" he asked. He was already in his own locker grabbing his clothes so that he could change. He figured he would startle Kagami anyway, but he was used to doing that wasn't he.
  6. James looked at the teacher and bowed deeply to them and scowled at him fro saying that he oversleep. but for now his worries was on the Vice Principle. he sighed "I'm sorry miss it will not happen again" with that said the Vice Principle given them a warning which made James sigh with relief. they where handed their papers with their call number on it and saw that they where in the same class. "thank gods for this where in the same class" he smirked and looked at him.

    Kagami jumped at Korokos voice. not because of his secret ability to not be seen but because he was really deep in though. "yeah I do feel it, and you know what I say let it come it maybe a challenge I need!" he smirked at put his arms around the poor boys neck. "and will crush them or him!" he laughed then let go of him and started to change.
  7. Kris continued to grin. "Well aren't we lucky. Let's go meet our new classmates then." he said. He wrapped an arm around James. "Let me tell you, I have a really good feeling about this year. This year is going to be AWESOME!" He threw his arms into the air, along with the basketball. He caught the ball again as they approached their classroom. It seemed like Kris never stopped grinning until he was serious.

    Kuroko felt rattled for only a moment. He smiled at Kagami's words. "Yeah, definitely. " he said as he began to change into his uniform. After changing he grabbed his back and watched Kagami. "Do you think they will be pretty strong?" he wondered out loud.
  8. he almost tripped when Kris pulled him in to him with his arm which angered him slightly but he calmed down and sighed "Really Kris you need to cool it. your making a fool of yourself and by the way here the shoes my father made" he sighed and pulled them out of his bag and hand them over to him. he gives another sigh as they slowly made there way to the class room. "by the way your still stupid as ever. how was America?" he asked not looking at him right away.

    Huh? are you crazy nothing stronger then use unless well they are us." he laughed and gives him his dashing smirks. "Don't worry about it where ready for them. just don't let your gaurd down"
  9. "Can't help who I am, J" He took the shoes and examined them. "These look great! Can't wait to try them out either." He said. He pulled on the buckle to his bag and put the shoes inside. He shrugged when James asked him about America. "What can I say, it's America. My parents are still raving about me not going to school there, but I like it here. Oh and my Father finally took me to an NBA game. Let me tell you, those guys are amazing. Some of them though need work and are really clumsy with their foot work." Once Kris got on a tangent about Basketball it was hard to get him to stop. "Which reminds me, I got a few recordings from the games if you want to check them out."

    Kuroko nodded in agreement. "I could warn you the same thing, but you beat me to it. " he said. He adjusted his bag on his shoulder. "Let's get to class then, we will deal with it when it comes."
  10. James knew he made a mistake for asking him about America. "I regret ever asking you about America now" he said to himself but looked at the video anyways. "your right there foot work need some tuning" but he watched how they played and though "can you do something like that Kris?" he asked "if not we will work on it because look even though there foot work is sloppy they have good moves to show off and use at the same time see here" he pointed at the slam dunk and the three pointer.

    Kagami laughed "well I'm used to that that why I bet you to it" he smirked ruffled his hair. "alright lets go!" he started to walk off to class with him.
  11. Kris rewound the videos a few times. "Yeah that is true." he watched it closely. "yeah I think I could do a few of those things. " Kris was pretty good a mimicking moves and making them his own in some way. Whether it be changing the angle he threw the ball, or the foot he lead with. He could do it. he had an aggressive style. "I see what you mean. This guy here is actually a really good all-rounder, if I could do some of the stuff he's done." he said pointing.

    Kuroko felt rattled for a moment as Kagami ruffled his hair. He followed after him to hurry to class. They were allowed to be late thanks to the Coach.
  12. See You would be nothing with out me" he said then knocked on the door to their class room. the teacher opened it and nodded making them wait outside to tell the class about the new student and then they where allowed in. he sighed and was already nervous. "gods I hate meeting new people" he whispered to him self and walked into the class room. then bowed. "I'm James Tokiwa" he said softly some of the girls went 'awww.' at his voice and his looks but they also went crazy when they looked at Kris with his looks and voice (XD had to sorry).

    Kagami Sighed when he heard the girls scream from outside the door. "damn the girls are at it again there stupid screams are stupid...." he sighed. he slowly opened the door and stopped to notice the new students. "W-what?"
  13. Kris clapped him on the back before he walked in. "No worries I'm right here." He told him as he walked in after him. After James introduced himself he bowed next. " I'm Kris Taiki, it's nice to meet all of you." He said as he smiled. He looked at Kagami as he walked in. His face grew serious as he noticed the duffle bags in his hands. It took him a moment to see Kuroko.

    "hm?" Kuroko looked up at Kris and then looked at Kagami, they were the same height almost and made him look that much shorter. He looked at James who looked like he had no athletic ability. Were they looking at a mirror?
  14. James noticed Koroko when he first walked in then Kagami. he was scared at first then noticed Kris has turned all serious. he sighed and walked up behind him and hit him on the back. "You baka no need to get all serious, not yet anyways" he said with a growl then looked at them both. "I am James this idiot over here is Kris"

    Kagami was shocked at the small guy that he noticed Koroko. but what shocked him more was the fact that they looked like.... like just like them. but different way off different but still they looked just liked them. he also didn't like that way this Kris was looking at him ether and was slowly starting to get pissed off.
  15. He just stared then when James hit him in the back, he chuckled. "Ah, sorry, I couldn't help it. " He rubbed the back of his head. He elbowed James. "I'm no that much of an idiot. Give some credit here." He said with a grin. He looked at the teacher as he began to become inpatient with the lot of them.

    Kuroko patted Kagami on the back as well. "I am Kuroko, he is Kagami." he said simply. It was really odd for someone to notice him right off the bat like James did. just what exactly could James do that was benefiting Kris so much. His thoughts were interrupted as the Teacher spoke. "Will you please take your seats." Many of the other students were murmuring now about both pairs.
  16. James turned to the teacher and bowed. "I'm sorry, we will take are seats" he then walked off to his seat which was next to Kagami. at first he was a little friked out about this but didn't show that. but he knew Kris could see right through him. he looked over to him with wide eyes and a looked that say "I'm screwed and help me"

    Kagami didn't really noticed the kid as he got to his sit. not at all he was just thinking about that Kris guy. he was just like them, "well what I said came true there is someone group just like us..." he sighed to himself and his thoughts.
  17. Kris took the seat right behind Kuroko. How had he not seen Kuroko right from the start? James did he was sure of it. He looked over at James who looked back at him. He gave him a quick thumbs up telling him he would be fine. In truth he was questioning who Kagami was and what Kuroko was to him. He stared at the blue haired boy in front of him intrigued by his lack of presence. Yet he stood with a guy like Kagami who stuck out. He pulled out his phone to see if he could pull any videos on the two of them.

    Kuroko took his seat without a word. He stared at Kagami for a long while. He knew what the red head was thinking about and honestly Kuroko was thinking the same thing. He could tell these two together would be nothing they had ever seen. Or maybe they would work exactly as he and Kagami did.

  18. James sighed at Kris and just wanted this class to be over..... *I'm time jumping right now* James finished writing the long as question which shut the teacher up and looked at him. "see you had it wrong from the start please try harder in teaching us." he frowned and handed the teacher the chalk. it was not his fault he was smart in math. he sighed and once her reach his desk the ball ring which awaken everyone from their shock. he put his work away and grabbed his gym clothing to notice Kagami standing over him watching him with a look. "ah?" he looked at him with a hit of fear

    Kagami was shocked at what this kid can do. he looked at him with a wary looked. looking him up and down then shock his head walking over to Kuroko seat noticing him. "Kuroko lets get going I'm hungry!"
  19. Kris couldn't help but grin the whole time. He was so used to seeing the teachers get schooled by James all the time. he found it absolutely ammusing. Although the whole time James was schooling the teacher he had looked up some video's of Kagami and Kuroko. He grabbed his bag and walked over to James. "Hey! Don't look so scared. Look at this.." He showed him his phone and the videos of Kagami. "He's pretty damn good when he's got shorty with him." He said gesturing towards Kuroko.

    Kuroko looked up at him and nodded. "You know Coach wants us back for practice, you can get food after. She'd be pretty mad if you decided not to show up." He stated blankly.
  20. He looks at the video and sighs 'hes right they are good with each other which means their weak point is not together but I could be wrong.... with the way Kagami is he could do well on his own. but I'm not so sure about Kuroko he seams weak with out anyone with him.. hes just a....' his eyes widen. "" he smirked darkly to himself and looked at kris. "Ohhh~ Kris~ I have something I want you to do for me~ Its just a very small favor~" he said in a his creepy yet happy voice.

    Kagami groaned but followed did as he was told. he hated to be told what to do but he wanted to see what the couch wants. she maybe a big talker but she is good at pointers. with that in mind he looked at shortly next to him.
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