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  1. Rules~~ (Get the requirements out of the way)

    When making a character sheet with me I ask that you take time to pick out a creative name. I myself have an actual unique name and so does allot of my characters ex: Phoenix Acadia, Saffron Taye, Lilithia Lucifer La Deviant, Rosalia Lavantine etc. I just ask that it be original, and well thought. I also would prefer anime photos then real people.

    I'm looking for more advanced writing, preferably 2-4 paragraphs.

    I play females also I like dark plot ideas!!!

    My kink list https://www.f-list.net/c/nekoccino

    Pairing list:

    Princess x Invading King /Prince
    Demon x Sacrifice (Dark :33)
    Baroness x General

    If you have an idea Pm me !!!
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  2. I like demon x sacrifice
  3. Pm me
  4. Princess x Invading King /Prince
  5. Message me
  6. New pairings

    Magical Creature x Scientist/Bounty Hunter
    Gypsy x Priest
    Pshyciatrist x Patient
    human x fallen angel
  7. Would you be willing to do Genie x scientist?
  8. sure
  9. Magical Creature X Scientist is that good for you?
  10. pm me
  11. sure pm me
  12. Princess x Invading King /Prince or the Baroness x General works good with me.
  13. Baroness x general is open
  14. okay, do you want me to message you about it?
  15. Craving a dark hardcore kidnapped xkidnapper rp with religious backgrounds and little to no romance
  16. I'm up for either of the following:

    Princess x Invading King /Prince
    Demon x Sacrifice (Dark :33)
  17. Message me your ideas
  18. Nun/Demon

    I'd love do this one, or the Demon x Sacrifice :) I've got an idea for that one.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.