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  1. It started out as a pleasant day.

    Everything was going great. There were plenty of toys. A plate of cookies sat on a table in the middle of the room. And they weren't just any type of cookie.
    They were every type of cookie. Normally the Akiyama's wouldn't put out all of the cookies at once, they didn't want the kids to go on a sugar high and throw up later. But unfortunately, the Akiyama's weren't there. Hina was. And Hina thought that it'd be best to put out a bunch of sweets in order to keep the children from waking her from her nap.

    She was in the room by the way. Hina was. She had gathered all of the nap time blankets and was slumbering away in the back of the room. She had quite a few blankets on top of her so it simply looked like a mountain of blankets were rising and falling gently. And snoring.

    But never mind her.

    The room was divided, with the table of cookies sitting in the middle of the room. The cookies were at the heart of the battle ground and whoever got them first would have the upper hand in the battle.

    More food for the troops. More energy for the fight.
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  2. Battle Log: Day 1

    Rinko walked back and forth at the kukki no akuma base camp, which was a pillow fort built around a large sofa. She observed her underlings, who were all lined up neatly in a row in front of her. Sitting on her head was a small stuffed monkey, her most prized possession and the mascot of her faction. She also believed that it granted her unrivaled whit. Clearing her throat, she stopped in front of the group and began to speak. "Eh-hrm-hrm! Listen up, mini- I mean companions! Today, we have one simple, but great task ahead of us. We must, by all means necessary, secure the mountain of sweets for ourselves, and we can under no circumstances whatsoever allow those... Stupid Jūsubokkusuabenjāzu to claim what is rightfully ours!" She pointed at each of the members in her group and spoke to them respectively. "Kokonoka Same! You are the general, our front man on the battlefield. Oshiro Haruki! You are the spy; our secret assassin, who strikes from where they will least expect it. Suzu-chan! Just follow me, okay?" She held her trusty sword (a toy baton with a tassle tied to it) high. "So, are you with me!?"
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  3. Hours till mommy comes back: I don't know! I haven't learned how to tell time yet!

    Suzume stood at attention and tried to be as brave as possible--or at least look the part. Although she was pretty sure she failed at that because she was trembling and her bottom lip was quivering and she probably had tears welling up in her eyes. When Rinko started assigning them ranks and duties, Suzume almost started hyperventilating. What if she gave her something important to do! She would most definitely fail and let everyone down and-and-and--

    When Rinko got to her and said what she had, Suzume almost hugged the older girl in happiness, but instead she nodded vigorously and scurried after her. "Yes! C-C-Captain!" She squeaked.

    - -

    "Okay." Haruki mumbled, still in a sour mood because of the fallout with his sister. No. It wasn't a fallout. It was an act of disrespect and blatant disobedience! But now he had a chance to bring her back and she had a chance to beg for forgiveness!

    "So I'm a spy..." He said to himself as he walked off to peak behind a cushion and stare at the enemy. But then a thought occurred to him. "What does a spy even do...Should I stay here and watch the enemy or should I go over there and pretend to be the enemy?"
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  4. Same was impatiently shifting his weight from one leg to the other as Rinko started her speech. But as she got to the role listing, his face shone up in a smile that revealed his sharp, shiny teeth. "Yeth, Captain!" Well, it would have, had he not begun to drop his baby teeth already, giving him a slight lisp. Now anxiously jumping up and down, he was waiting for the assault to begin.
  5. Toshiya entered the classroom, with a juice box in hand. He looked to the left of the classroom then to the right. He sighed and made his way towards the back of the classroom, sitting next to the mountain of blankets that was somehow moving up and down. Once seated, he poked the straw through the juice box and sipped his drink, observing both corners of the room. A few minutes later, he finished his drink and began squeezing the sides of the box with his small hands, in order to sip some of the juice that was still left in it. Once he knew the box was empty, he placed it next to him, too lazy to get up and throw it away.

    He glanced towards the mountain of blankets and smiled to himself, "Ne, Haru-chan," he glanced back towards the front of the classroom, not caring about formalities, "I have a feeling they're going to be at it again."

    "I wonder what they're gonna do today~" he mumbled, before stifling a yawn as he thought of scenarios that might happen today in the classroom.
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