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  1. So, crazy preschoolers. We love em' right? Or we don't. Some of us might hate them. Either way.

    You're gonna be role playing as a 3-5 year old preschool kid, who attends Kiddie Kyowakoku (Kiddie Republic).

    Kiddie Kyowakoku is a quaint place run by the Akiyamas, however at the moment the Akiyamas are having a family emergency so they've gotten a girl named Hina to fill in for them.

    They should have done a background check.

    Turns out Hina was fired from her last five jobs because she was always sleeping on the job and she never did any work and instead went by the motto 'Things will work themselves out!'. So naturally, the kids of Kiddie Kyowakoku aren't under any supervision and they have gotten up to a lot of things.

    Forming rival factions for one. And over what? A juice box. A stolen juice box. And they won't stop fighting until they get a replacement. (Of course this could all be solved if Hina just woke up and gave them one, but she was out like a light.)

    Moving on.

    There are two fighting factions;

    The Kukki no Akumas [Cookie Demons]
    Led by Nanami Rinko, who as the name suggests, really loves cookies.


    The Jūsubokkusuabenjāzu [Juice Box Avengers]

    This faction is led by Akio Tadaaki who had his juice box ripped from his arms by the lackey of Nanami Rinko.
    And then there are the neutrals who don't have a fancy name because they are...Neutral.

    Who will you fight for? Or will you simply sit back and enjoy the slapstick violence?

    [Okay, so this is a very loose role play. There aren't many rules save for No Godmodding, no super powers, only up to three character per character and no one liners.]

    Character Sheet
    Appearance: [Anime pictures only
    Age (3-5):
    Bio: [What were you doing before the Juice Box disaster?]

    Kukki no Akumas [Cookie Demons]
    Nanami Rinko the leader
    Kawaguchi Suzume
    Kokonoka Same
    Oshiro Haruki

    Jūsubokkusuabenjāzu [Juice Box Avengers]
    Akio Tadaaki the leader
    Suzuki Kuroko
    Kamishirasawa Ami
    Oshiro Haruna

    Kagawa Toshiya
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  2. Pfffffthaaaaaa this looks hilarious, I have to join! XD
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  3. Appearance:


    Name: Nanami Rinko (last name first)

    Age: 4

    Faction: Kukki no Akuma leader

    Bio: Rinko is a very cute, charming girl, and she uses that to he advantage as the leader of the Kukki no Akuma faction. In truth, she is as the name suggests a demon that will do anything to get her hands on some sweet treats, not hesitating to rule her puny underlings with an iron fist! It was after munching down on one of her favourites, a triple chocolate chip cookie, that she was feeling rather parched. That is why she had her underlings steal the juice box from some weakling, simply because she didn't want to drink regular, boring tap water. The only one she doesn't treat as someone below her is Suzume, whom she has a soft spot for. Instead she treats her as sort of an apprentice, or someone who needs to be protected.

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  4. @Lady Bernkastel
    It's totally fine, I love Rinko already! And dat face o.O
    Accepted! Thanks for joining!
  5. [​IMG]
    Name: Kawaguchi Suzume
    Age (3-5): 3
    Gender: Female
    Faction: Kukki no Akuma
    Bio: Suzume is a sweet kid who always follows the rules and will do what her parents and older siblings say, no matter what. It was actually her first day at Kyowakoku, and she was hiding under a table and watching the other kids. When the juice box was stolen and everything went down, she was confused and scared so she ran to the closest person, who happened to be Rinko, and inadvertently joined her faction.
    [As the image suggests, she is a big cry baby.]
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  6. @Lady Bernkastel
    I just gave you your first lacky! :D Hopefully others will join and fill in the other faction. :]
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  7. I added a bit about Suzume in my CS, hope you like it~
  8. I love it! :D
  9. Oh my this is so cute... I'm quite busy, but this seems rather laid back and relaxed, so it doesn't seem like there will be a lot of complicated stories to keep track of at once. I think I want to join ^^
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  10. @Merry Berry
    Yesss! Merry Berry! My favorite type of Jovial Fruit! :D Please do join!
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  11. [​IMG]
    Name: Akio Tadaaki
    Age (3-5): 5
    Gender: Male
    Faction: Leader of Jūsubokkusuabenjāzu (Boy who got his juice box stolen)
    Bio: Akio was a sporty child who loved to play ball and a very proud young lad. During lunch, Akio was trading items with his friends. His mother packed him his favorite, Apple Juice but as he began to put the straw in his juice box one of his friends called his name making him turn his head. Then and there his juice box was swiped out of his hands! Unfortunately Akio did not look back quick enough to see who it was causing him to get upset and cry. Now he is furious willing to do anything to get it back.

    Akio Tadaaki (open)

    *Am I able to make another Character?​
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  12. @ZsafineGypsy
    Yes you can make as many as you please as long as you can keep track of them. :3

    Also the second and third pictures of Akio in the spoiler are two different children O.O
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  13. (My character is the guy in the second spoiler picture o__o Anyway the supply of preschooler anime pics is kind of slim, so I would suggest sticking to one chara for now :P)


    Name: Suzuki Kuroko
    Age: 4
    Gender: Male
    Faction: Jūsubokkusuabenjāzu
    Bio: Kuroko is a very fiery, albeit slightly daft kid. He has a good heart, but it is often clouded by has lack of decent judgement. He is very loyal to his best friend, Akio, and would do anything for him. As such it was only natural for him to become his personal body guard in the Jūsubokkusuabenjāzu faction. He was the one who called Akio's name which resulted in his juice box getting stolen, which he feels tremendous guilt for. Kuroko also has a slight crush on Rinko, but would never admit it since she is the leader of the opposing faction.
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  14. @ZsafineGypsy
    Merry Berry is correct about the slim pickings, so I have to amend my earlier statement and keep it at three character each at the moment.
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  15. @Merry Berry
    Oh and you're accepted!~ Welcome aboard! :D

    @Lady Bernkastel

    Imma keep this open for a bit more, just to see if others are interested. If no one joins (I've found that not many people like to or can even rp children), I'll make a few more characters [twinsies!] and then we shall start.

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  16. That is true I think a can pull it off but I'm such a picky person when it comes to writing that when they talk... It may not sound super child like
  17. @ZsafineGypsy
    Well whenever I need child behavior references I go on youtube, and watch kid interactions with various things. Like the boy who was taken to the car wash for the first time, or the little girl who was being taught how to react to strangers approaching her.

    Just watch those reactions and type accordingly. ^^ (At least that's what I do. :3)
  18. [This reminded me of a Chibi!Hetalia fanfic I read on Deviantart o.o The Allies and Axis were kindergartners in the story and they always fought.]


    Name: Kagawa Toshiya (Last, First)
    Age: 4
    Gender: Male
    Faction: Neutral
    Bio: Toshiya is a carefree kid, and would always do things at his own pace. Though, some people would think he is just a slow child. He would also seem sleepy and tends to yawn a lot. Despite the fact that his classmates would make him join their factions, he would refuse, stating he doesn't like rivalry and wants peace. Whenever the two other factions were to quarrel, he would sit at his usual place in class and watch them. Sometimes he would mumble to himself with a smile on his face, "There they go again~". If he isn't seen sleeping or watching the other two factions, he would disturb the sleeping teacher by poking her and talking to her sleeping form.
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  19. Currently, the Kukki no Akuma members are all female and the Jūsubokkusuabenjāzu members are all male... Looks like we have to change that! >:3
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