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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Iwaku, May 22, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]

    An Iwaku Role Play Event hosted by Leo, Vay, Ossochanter, and introducing Desaecula. Together, we are taking the mythos of Iwaku to a place where it has never been before; Feudal Japan (1300-1500s). This is going to be a limited engagement RP, so prepare your thinking caps boys and girls. Please save questions about characters until the OOC is created in early June. Enjoy the preview~

    Musical Theme: Samurai Battle March

    ""Now the reason the enlightened prince and the wise general conquer the enemy whenever they move and their achievements surpass those of ordinary men is foreknowledge."
    - Sun Tzu​

    It is the Sengoku period or Warring States period in Iwaku history. It was a time of social upheaval, political intrigue, and nearly constant military conflict. Magic is no more, the peoples of this cursed land have lost it. Now it belongs solely to the spirits.


    The Shogun Gaburieru is dying. He was poisoned and his physicians say that he does not have long to live. Fear is that civil war will soon break out over the rights of secession.


    Although his Shogunate had instituted a stable government, it failed to win the loyalty of the two most important daimyo families, the Amano and Rokkaku.


    Especially more dangerous are those whose domains lie in the forsaken Kyōki region of Iwaku under the leadership of the Red Daimyo, Paorou-Sama.

    The desire for greater local self-rule throughout Iwaku is high. Gaburieru was a dictator that often crushed any form of rebellion. Combined with the suffering caused by earthquakes and famines, his death may be the trigger for armed uprisings by farmers weary of debt and taxes.


    The Kanrisha War, will be a conflict rooted in economic distress and the dispute over shogunal succession. The "eastern" army of the Rokkaku family and its allies will clash with the "western" army of the Amano.

    Fighting in and around Iwaku- Ichi has begun and it will spread to outlying provinces, like Kyōki.
  2. Lol... I think I've seen an anime of the sort, whether its the setting all together or the 3rd pic. I'll think about joining this... if i have the time -__-
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  3. This does promise to be interesting
  4. This looks rather interesting... -Nodnod-
    I changed it up there.

    o wo
    I dunno how Staci-chan would fit into Feudal Era Japan..
  6. Hmm, have never done anything as ancient as this. Problem problem problem >.< But I shall brainstorm like Stacy said!
  7. I just hope it isn't the Japanese counterpart to Iwaku that Kamigawa Block to Magic the Gathering was.

  8. srsly. SRSLY.

    But ohay lookit my name, innit? All Japanesey'n shit already! ...I'm goin' in. I'mma be watching.
  9. This looks cool! =D
  10. Silly Koori, the The Art of War was a well known written work in Feudal Japan, so it is legit.
  11. What about the mysterious land of Tsukihane?

    And Paorou is a Gaijin who became a trusted retainer of Gaburieru, hence his strange name.
  13. Hm...my interest is definitely sparked on this...I love feudal Japan...
  14. As has already been said; Interesting. Should be fun.
  15. Lets see.

    Tenchi is a ninja, fedual era Japan. I'm in! :D
  16. yay! ninja man is in, guess I'll use Rui for once, ^_^
  17. ....TURNING AN 8FT SPACE MARINE INTO SOME SORT OF FEUDAL JAPAN BLOKE....fuckin caps. sounds intermeresting.
  18. Could always be an 8 foot space marine that landed on a feudal japan world
    I could be a priestess.
    YES. >:C
    Priestess and/or assassin.
    Whatever fits better.
    InuYasha is the only Feudal Japan I know......