Kryptose Academy P.S Need another title too.

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  1. This idea has been roaming around in my head for months. This is originally a story but since I was so lazy and I always have a hard time playing a lot of characters, I decided to make this a role-play so... here's the plot

    It's a new year and Kryptose Academy is now open, a school designed for those immortal people-- for those who manipulate magical stuff. People with such abilities goes here, to learn the history of their clan, how did their world start, how to control their abilities, learn some spells and etc.

    The students in Kryptose Academy is half in 4 groups; Elemental possessors ( Nature, Wind, Water, Fire, Electric, Frost and Metal), Sorcerers/Sorceress (wizards), Angels (either with black or white wings) and the Royals (people that belongs to the royal family in their world which will be stated when I make the role-play and stuff) They are identified through their badges.

    In Kryptose, they have a principal or head called Hexenmeister (which I will control bc Im the GM) named Savannah Christel. There are also other places too which I will mention when I do the role-play.

    The students also have ranks to determine their capability in their skill

    Class S - mostly old people and staffs and Savannah Christel

    Class A, A+ - Teachers, staffs and some geniuses

    Class B, C, D - Students

    Class F - kids/starters

    Note: In you character sheet, you can choose B, C, D and in the roleplay, I will decide if your character levels up or fail or just stay on that rank.

    But! A bad sorcerer (ill clear this out ok when I make the real roleplay) comes and destroys their world and these 'students' (the role-players' characters) are the only people who can save them... and a long the way, they discover the secrets of each other (depends on the characters and stuff.)

    So??? Boring right??? Idk... if you are confused or something, just ask me and I'll clear it for you

    P.S The title's academy name is bad. Someone give me another fab name!!!

    P.S.S No animes please.
  2. Nexis academy

    and I like the Idea

    if you like I could help you with setup
  3. This looks pretty cool, I might join this :)
    Sorry I'm bad at names too, no suggestions :(
  4. This idea has been on my head for months, I already actually made this roleplay before but the players stopped so it didn't end :/ Now, I tried posting here ;D But suggestions are welcome though!

  5. I understand quite well on that

    Im the same have idea then try it sometimes it seems like it will work then nada but I will still join if you will have me that is!
  6. Awesome! I'll make a thread soon!
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