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  1. A safe haven placed between all dimensions, the Krosovier Cafè is well known for its hospitable atmosphere and wide variety of guests. Something is always happening; a duel or a celebration, meeting of friends or a run in with a total stranger, a polite introduction or a screaming argument. There is no end to the possibilities in this space in the middle of everywhere (especially the menu. every food item in existence can be ordered). However, the elusive owners of the cafe do have a few rules posted at the entrance, on every placemat, on the back of every menu, and available in pamphlet form at the counter:

    1) Keep language pg-13, for the sake of the younger travelers. Though, it's not like they haven't heard it before. Soooo.... keep it low-key but the occasional swear won't hurt at all
    2) Don't make a threat without expecting dire consequences
    3) No one can ACTUALLY be killed. They just respawn back at the entrance of the cafe.
    3) Powers and weapons are permitted in the cafe, but they must not be used violently unless it's an actual duel. And we have a place for that. It's across the hall from the bathrooms, located in the bathroom. It's padded and extra weaponry is located there but may not leave the facility. And God-like powers are limited a bit too
    4) pets, sprites, and everything else are welcome.
    ~to be changed as issues arise~

    Everyone is welcome to the cafe! Oc's, Au's, real characters, and everything in between!

    INTEREST CHECK - Krosovier Cafè
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  2. "Messed up again, haven't we Lydia?" A young woman's voice echoed loudly through the entrance hall.

    "We? You were the one who didn't read the customs of that last dimension. If it had been another one, you would probably have been killed for what you did!" Said another woman, presumably Lydia.

    "All I did was try to talk to that one person because they seemed pretty cool!" Said the first voice.

    "Well that person was in a higher caste than you were, and could have dragged you to the gallows quicker than "Hi, I'm Iris!" If that person didnt have issues of their own to attend to, that is." Lydia said, a dark edge to her voice.

    When the two emerged from the entrance, few patrons glanced in their direction. They were regulars to the cafe, and were decently heard of in any place easily accessible through the cafe. In their home dimension however, few knew even about the existence, let alone the possibility of interdimensional travel. But there were a handful in billions that did, and that was enough for this kind of travel to be a reality for Iris and Lydia.

    "Look, I was just trying to be friendly. It's over now, we apologised and were forgiven, we are here and I need a large coffee now." Iris said with a bit of attitude. She walked confidently, as much as a short person can, to a large booth in the corner. She shrugged her long Brown, gold trimmed coat off her shoulders and tossed it to the opposite side of the booth, along with a drawing pad and an overstuffed rainbow purse. She got her coffee, the bill put on her tab.

    Iris returned to the booth and adjusted her outfit. Her blonde hair was tangled from stressed head-scratching at the last location. Her outfit was plain, just red shorts and a black v-neck. Her choice of footwear didn't match. She wore black combat boots, just because she liked wearing them and they were steel-toed.

    Lydia, to the surprise of others was a cat. She had hopped up on the table and puffed out her chest. She was in an interesting mood. She started to clean her ears when Iris got back.

    "You know, I almost miss the younger you. Back when you kept your headphones on and stayed out of trouble." She commented. Iris shot her a look that screamed 'shut up'. Lydia continued to groom herself, and Iris sat down and started to doodle in her drawing pad.
  3. The cafe door was creaked open, out poked a pale head that examined the entrance. The owner of the head was a shorter woman, with long jet black hair and weather-beaten clothes. A leather jacket hugged her arms with a plain white undershirt underneath it accompanied by jeans that were a little too long. Her wet boots squeeked loadly as she stepped inside. She had a plain expression and seemed to had just broken into her adult years despite her size.

    On her person was a burlap backpack only about three inches deep, a piece of white with black stripes (or black with white stripes?) cloth sticking out of her pocket, and a sheathed cutlass. The woman stepped in and asked, in a rather embarrassed tone, "Ah, excuse me. Is this Krosover Cafè and if so," she looked back at whatever was behind the door, "You have alcohol, right?"
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  4. Iris lifted her head from her doodles, but Lydia didn't stop grooming herself.

    "Yes, this is Krosovier. And there is alcohol. Your eligibility to order it depends on where you hail from." Iris answered. Consumables that had laws placed on them varied between dimensions, world's, and governments. The cafe tended to uphold the laws, unless it was a holiday somewhere.
    In her home, she was not of age to consume alcohol. She wasn't very interested, but a friend of hers had swore that they would go for a night if drinking when she was. But she had other plans for that day and so did her friend. But if asked to go for a drink in the future, she wouldn't turn her nose up at it.
    One thing she could do however is pay for someone else's drink.
    "I can pay for yours if you want." She offered. Despite the fact the cAfe wasn't hers, she liked making new customers feel welcomed. It was good for their business and it kept prices low for her if they bought stuff and came back.
  5. The woman had about five seconds to throw herself from the doorway as a large group of people flooded into the café. They were undoubtedly pirates, the clothes they wore, their bronzed skin adorned with gold and ink, and the weapons they bore in great numbers left no room for doubt. As soon as alcohol was confirmed they had nearly busted the door down in a stampede for the counter. Dulled gold coins fell onto the counter in sacks and each of the raiders ordered at least two of the tallest canters of grog possible. A gray-haired man with a cane instead of a hook for his hand ordered a metric ton of pork and beef for them all.

    The smell of the sea was beginning to take the café as the pirates took their meals and sat down, taking up a fair few of the tables. Other patrons were happy to move to booths a safe distance away from them. Soon one of them started up a shanty, and they all began to sing along, swinging their canters and laughing. Even though it was rather loud, one could not say that the pirates were not fairly in tune as they sang the iconic song:

    The woman now bright red from her companions barging in slowly slid down the wall she had pressed herself against to avoid being trampled. She sort of sat down on the floor and placed her head in her hands. "Just please don't sing," she muttered moments before they started singing. "Damn it you bastards. One place, one bloody place I ask you to be polite and reasonable..."
  6. A young woman came in in the middle of the singing, looking at the sailors as she made her way to the bar to order a daiquiri and a small bowl of water. She was quiet as she then turned to find a seat, watching the others in the room. After taking a sip of the beverage, she moved the hood of the cloak she wore, letting her hair down a bit though the chestnut waves would never allow it to fall all the way. Topaz eyes set in an oval face watched the singers as they had a good time there before moving on to look at the other patrons curiously. Her clothing was nondescript black, from the long sleeves tunic to the loose pants that fit inside the knee length boots she wore, all covered by the dark cloak. If she had weapons on her, they were hidden away at the moment, though from the way she held herself, she was not one to go without some kind of weapon, or not for long.

    After the song finished, a cat appeared beside her, jumping up to the table and sniffing at her drink before going to drink the water. The cat was a grey tiger stripe. Her appearance without seeming to enter was odd, though such would only be noted by a few that were actually watching her.
  7. Iris and Lydia surveyed the new crowd. They had encountered pirates before, but not in the cafe. They had heard, from casual discussions with the bartender, that pirates were common and the two had not been there are the right times to see them. Lydia was slightly disgusted by their brutish nature and terrible manners. Iris however seemed to be the more open minded of the two, was interested by this. She shuffled around to the exit of the booth she was in, close to the young woman who preceded the swarm of pirates.

    "So, uh, I'm assuming this is your crew?" Iris said to the young woman. She didn't seem bothered by their presence. She was more curious. What she pondered the most was why she was among their ranks.

    Lydia was determined to get far from the ruckus. Once the shantees started, she raced from the table, between the legs of the pirates. Multiple times she almost got stepped on. But eventually she found the opposing end of the crowd, breathing heavy. She took the last of her energy to hop on a table and rest. The next table over held another cat-like creature or maybe an actual car. They were kinda pretty. They were gray striped compared to Lydia's Brown, bundled fur. The owner was decent too, but like any other traveller seemed lightly dangerous. Lydia kept to herself.
  8. The grey tiger stripped cat looked over to Lydia then around at the hustle and bustle of the cafe. She glanced to the woman she was with then jumped down, going over to the chair of the table where Lydia was at to look at her curiously "Are you alright?" She asked gently. She didn't want to spook the other cat into running again, but she couldn't just ignore that they were upset now.
  9. Upon hearing a voice the woman realized she was making a scene herself and quickly scrambled to her feet. She looked up to match the gaze of the woman that had answered her previous question and offered her a drink. She gave her a slightly nervous smile, "yeah. I'm kinda new to the whole captain business. Sorry for the ruckus."

    As she mentioned that she was new to her position the woman's hand absentmindedly drifted to touch the striped cloth in her pocket. After doing this she seemed to regain her composure, straightening her posture and allowing her smile to become calm. "Probbably shouldn't be following in their footsteps but you did offer me that drink."

    The woman seemed as interested in Iris as Iris was in her. "Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself." She extended her hand, "Novi North, and you are?"
  10. "I'm Iris, and the ruckus is fine by me. It's more business for the cafe." Iris said, scanning the crew again. Nothing seemed to be broken yet, and if anything were to happen it wouldn't be too much of a problem. It would quickly be replaced once they left. Someone left a large quantity of furniture to the cafe in their will. The cafe couldn't sell the furniture however, but they could replace broken ones until the end of the cafes time.
    Iris dug into her purse and pulled out an assortment of currency from many worlds. She shuffled a finger through the coins, paper, cubes, twists, and other small miscellaneous objects, counting it out. Normally if she ordered something, like she did earlier, she put it on her tab. But when ordering for others, she wanted to make sure she paid it right away. It was a good discussion starter too.
    "So what kind of drink did you have in mind?" Iris asked as she stood from the booth.

    Lydia only opened one eye to see another cat sitting at the chair of the table, asking if she was alright.
    "I'll live. My owner is just being an irritable teenager." She answered, putting her chin on her paws. She caught a quick glance of the gray cats owner, who didn't seem too much different from Iris, but more mellow so far.
  11. "I am glad mine outgrew that stage. I am Kiara." She introduced herself then glanced to her human "My human is Anne. She won't mind if you sit with us, unless you want to be alone?" She asked, returning her bright blue eyes to Lydia even as her ears flicked around at the relative silence after the song was over.
  12. Novi looked at the various currencies counted by Iris, thinking hard about her choice of drink. "Whiskey on the rocks please." She turned to see that her crew was starting up a new shanty, and some of them were pulling out their instruments. The drinking song 'Finnegan's Wake' began with one main singer, a well built young man with old burn scars on his arms and face.

    "The singing is from the former captain, he knew every shanty across the sea." A touch of remorse stained the tips of Novi's words. "I see your well traveled." She gestured to the cluster of monetary things in Iris's hands. "We stay at our home dimension, but my mother is a infamous traveler, hence the clothes." She indicated to her garb, which was more modern then the other pirates. She stort of muttered the 'in' part of infamous.
  13. Lydia lifted herself to her paws and did a stretch, like all cats do. She relaxed, and thought for a second, and concluded Iris wouldn't mind her absence. Despite being a small cat, Lydia could defend herself and there was no way of getting lost. Iris trusted her, But she was probably the one who needed to be watched. Right now however she was keeping out of trouble with the captain across the room.

    "My name is Lydia, and other people sound nice. It's been a while since I met someone I can keep a decent conversation with." She said. Her tail swished lightly as she walked towards the cat.
    "Are you two travelers as well?" And the music started again.
    Iris ordered the drink as the next song had started, along with a refill for her coffee ("because why not?" She told herself). As Novi talked about the former captain, Iris noticed a slight change in her tone. Iris pondered whether she should even ask questions, but before she could decide Novi moved onto the subject of travel.

    "I've been traveling for a while." Iris said, dumping whatever change she had in her purse carefully so none of it dumped on the floor. "And to be honest I haven't been to my home dimension for a long time. My dad was always working and mom had some of her own issues. I learned from a friend that dimension traveling was possible and I used it to make my own life. I'm one of the few travelers from there too." Iris said a lot but only reacted with a shrug and a slight head tilt like it didn't really matter. She had finally decided not to pry into the muttered syllable, so she stuck to travel.

    "So how did you get here, to the cafe? Did you have a key or is it an inherited power or-?" She asked, leaving the end of her sentence open ended in case she didn't guess it right.
  14. "I am and Anne is a good friend, so I taught her how to travel with me" Kiara said and grinned then moved, jumping down then onto the tabletop where Anne was sitting. She sat and curled her tail around her paws, looking to the pirates as they started singing again "I wonder if they are the night's entertainment"
  15. Novi took her drink and sipped it as Iris spoke. She could sense the she was avoiding the more touchy subjects and appricated it as she began to lean on the nearby booth side. The captain listened with interest as Iris gave her a small glimpse at her history. She wondered if that's how all travelers started, you had to hear it from someone else. When asked about how she and her crew got here she dug into her pocket and pulled out a peice of paper.

    With a flick of Novi's wrist the paper unfolded, revealing a pencil drawing of a large door seemingly made of raw iron with runes and symbols carved into it. "Rural portal. Can send you from one dimention to another so long as you know how to set it. Some travelers were in a big hurry to leave so we helped them find it and in return they told us how to set it to here. Thinking of using it as a place to lay low when need arises, lot of powerful enemies back home."

    A thought came to Novi's head. "So that whole thing about how you might come out of a portal out with someone else's body parts, is that true." She felt it was rather important.
  16. As the pirate crew started up another song, this time with the enthusiastic accompaniment of their instruments, the front door once again opened. This new person's entrance was almost lost in the noise, it seemed the only person who cared to look at first was the bartender himself.

    "Oh no you don't" The bartender said as he moved out from around the bar and went to intercept the man before the newcomer had taken even ten steps into the room.

    "Oh come Jim, let it slide ay. It's been a rough night?" The man said lowering his head and only casting brief glances up at the bartender.

    "Not this time Jonah, your tab is overfilled and overdue. Unless you plan on paying right now, you can come back when you have money." The bartender now had a film grip on the smaller, if still built, man and was using that hold to guide the man back towards the door. They made it halfway back to the door before Jim stopped short.

    "What on earth did you do to yourself." He said concerned as he finally got a look at Jonah's face. The entire left side of his face was banged up and bleeding. His usually groomed brown hair was ruffled and matted in places with blood, the source cutting a line through the grim and sweat to leave a bright red stain down his temple. It seemed a miracle that his eye hadn't swollen shut from the impressive bruise that spread from the bottom of his eye to across his cheek.

    "Just a bit a' bad luck." Jonah said with a lopsided grin, and he gently tested the bartender's grip to see if he was still being kicked out.

    "Bad luck or good luck, seems to be the same for you." The bartender said letting go of Jonah's collar and nodding him towards a table not to far from the singing pirates. The gesture was heeded and Jonah sat down gingerly, unloading the small canvas pack that he had been carrying onto a seat next to him. Much to the bartender's surprise, when he returned to the table with a glass of water for Jonah, the man had deposited a neat pile of wafer thin, pearly disks onto the table.

    "I think that will cover what I owe." Jonah said, and Jim swiped the coins off the table to stash them away in some unseen pocket.

    "What do you have over 90 percent?" Jonah asked as he started to strip away his stained and ripped jacket, only to reveal a shirt in equally bad shape. A pair of black gloves were also removed showing one normal hand and one cybernetic one. Jonah could feel the unbelieving look that Jim was shooting him, but he did not look up as he began to dig through his bag. "I'm not drinking it, a clean towel or two wouldn't go amiss if ya have it."

    From out of Jonah's bag came a small tool kit, that was then neatly unrolled before him. Though the shirt he was wearing was dark even it was having a hard time disguising the dark stains that spread out from almost every tear and slice in the fabric, and it did nothing to hide the silvery liquid that leaked from a large cut across his chest. For the moment Jonah seemed content to wait for the Bartender to return and he settled back into his seat with a tired sigh.
  17. Iris hid her surprise when Novi mentioned rural portals. Iris knew it under a different name and more powerful usage, but it was basically the same thing. It was the same type of travel she used. The body parts question caught her off guard and it took her a second to think about it.

    "I've heard rumors of limb switching. I haven't encountered it in my journeys, and anyone I've come across who says that happened was covering for some other dumb mistake they made. If it does exist, it's rarely where I go. Despite my experience, I'm still amazed about how much I don't know." She leaned back in a chair as she responded.

    The door opened as Jonah entered the cafe. Iris had seen him before, and she used him as a reminder to pay her tab when she got paid after every few dimensions. She frowned slightly as she saw how he seemed beaten up, wondering what kind of trouble he had gotten into.

    "Geez, I wonder what happened to him." She thought out loud.
    "Its pretty entertaining, i'll give them that." Lydia said, and the main singer caught her eye. She couldn't exactly place it, but something about him seemed interesting."I was iris's pet in our home dimension. A friend taught her how to use paper portals and she kinda took me along with. Well, it's more I made her take me along with because I don't trust her alone. "
    She looked over the pirate crowd again with Kiara.
    "Its pretty entertaining, i'll give them that." Lydia said, and the main singer caught her eye. She couldn't exactly place it, but something about him seemed interesting.
  18. Anne looked at the two cats then over to the pirates again "Paper portals?" She asked curiously. Her voice was almost musical even when it was soft like it was now, not wanting to detract from the pirates shanties. She had been watching the pirates singing but had also been listening to the two cats at her table.

    Kiara blinked and looked to Anne then back to Lydia again "We never used that form of travel before, is it hard to learn?" She asked, flicking her tail a little and darting a glance to Anne again. It wasn't often she spoke directly to other animals so she knew the female was interested in what was going on in their conversation.
  19. Lydia redirected her attention to the conversation quickly. The portals were interesting and had more uses than just portals.
    "Its... moderate. It's easy once you get the hang of it, but it takes a long time to learn everything about it. The way we use to travel, Iris draws a symbol for a place on a piece of paper, sticks it to a door, then we enter to wherever we are heading. That's the simplified version of it. The portals can also be opened in just the paper, like a storage locker on the page. You can put stuff in another place. There's also other things you can do with the paper that could be considered summoning, but that's more difficult." Lydia said, trying to make it as least confusing as possible but she wasn't sure she had accomplished that. Even she didn't fully understand it.
  20. Kiara frowned and licked a paw as she thought about all of that. "It sounds rather complicated, but at the same time, rather simple" She said after a minute. It was strange to her, and not a way of travel she was used to.

    "It would be interesting to learn that" Anne said quietly, glancing at the two cats then back to the pirates again. She thought about that form of making portals "Does the paper stay on the door you use?"
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