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  1. A safe haven placed between all dimensions, the Krosovier Cafè is well known for its hospitable atmosphere and wide variety of guests. Something is always happening; a duel or a celebration, meeting of friends or a run in with a total stranger, a polite introduction or a screaming argument. There is no end to the possibilities in this space in the middle of everywhere (especially the menu. every food item in existence can be ordered). However, the elusive owners of the cafe do have a few rules posted at the entrance, on every placemat, on the back of every menu, and available in pamphlet form at the counter:

    1) Keep language pg-13, for the sake of the younger travelers. Though, it's not like they haven't heard it before. Soooo.... keep it low-key but the occasional swear won't hurt at all
    2) Don't make a threat without expecting dire consequences
    3) No one can ACTUALLY be killed. They just respawn back at the entrance of the cafe.
    3) Powers and weapons are permitted in the cafe, but they must not be used violently unless it's an actual duel. And we have a place for that. It's across the hall from the bathrooms, located in the bathroom. It's padded and extra weaponry is located there but may not leave the facility. And God-like powers are limited a bit too
    4) pets, sprites, and everything else are welcome.
    ~to be changed as issues arise~

    I have repeatedly brought this idea to iwaku group role play forums since I was introduced to it in the first large rp I participated in, back when jump-in roleplays were a thing. I'm rejoining the world of roleplay and i would like this one to bring me back. In every incarnation , people would come and go, in and out of the role play as they pleased.many people participated and a wide variety of characters were introduced, oc's or otherwise. Some characters came in to change and others came just to hang out.

    The post essentially is run by the actions of the participants. If you are willing to join, just a simple "I would like to join" would be sufficient. i do not discriminate any level of roleplayer so everyone is welcome. one-liners were sometimes the most active people in the roleplay. if you have any ideas for the roleplay, i would be open to any of them.

    So welcome to the Cafe!
    NO BIOS REQUIRED - Krosovier Cafè
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  2. I'd like to join in.
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  3. what a subtle name

    Hook me up!
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  5. interesting :)
  6. Yes, interesting... been here, done this, had tons of fun.

    Oh, question, Katrina? Are you going to post the first post? You know, to "set the stage".......
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