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Here you are, young one. But a babe in a cradle, to be risen into excellence. The fine arts of combat will grace you at a young age young one. Brought here, no parents to speak of, an orphan born into a world unfit. You are a still born. Still born into a world which did not want you, a world which did not need you. I shall find your place as any good cog to settle into the mechanizations of the world. You shall be fitted, you shall be scraped clean. Through my hands and thoughts will you be more than the average man and woman. You shall be keen, well written and proficient in all the talents bestowed upon you.

There are two of you. I have given you names, long forgotten old brittle names which I will remake. Young boy, you shall be known as Marius. Little girl, you shall be known as Ylvani. But a pair of weeping babies with no home, I shall raise you as my own. I shall raise you for a need this world does not have, but shall soon require above all else. I will be the one to shape your destiny, but you two are the ones who must fulfill it.

There are currently only two openings available. A boy and a girl, Marius and Ylvani. Having been birthed into this world from a dying mother and missing father, the two have been abducted by a mysterious woman whos name is only ever known as Mother to the two children. In our first bit of posts, we will develop these two characters from infants to adults, twenty two years of training far from civilization under the council of Mother.

  • Only TWO are required at the time. There may be openings later as the story progresses.
  • Have decent writing skills and ability to develop character arcs.
  • Be able to create and/or control numerous characters.
  • Be able to post on a consistent basis and make commitment.
  • General rules of decency apply toward fellow RP'ers.
  • If you feel you can consistently control two characters, do mention this.

Please direct all questions and interest here in the OOC.

This is a fantasy type world with varying elements. Only race however is humanity, elements from some fantasy worlds may exist, but that can be further discussed.
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