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  1. Timeline
    (optional read, though it'd be good to know the backstory of it all)

    June 1892 - Chinese miners discover an underground well of a strange, orange-coloured substance near the village of Shiyan in the Hubei province. Upon inspection, the substance is shown to be something never before seen in the world.

    September 1892 - The substance, named Shiyanium by the western world after the area it was discovered in, has after intense studies by Chinese scholars been found to have no obvious traits, beyond being liquid. The liquid is deemed useless, and is left in its well.

    January 1893 - A lightning bolt strikes down into the ground, down into the mine now flooded Shiyanium, striking directly into the liquid, igniting it and causing an enormous explosion that causes the ground to shake and rips up an enormous hole around the former mine shaft. Large deposits of silver are discovered in the large hole, but all traces of the Shiyanium have been burned from the face of the earth.

    September 1931 - Japanese forces invade Manchuria

    February 1932 - Japanese puppet state of Manchuko established

    July 1937 - Marco Polo Bridge Incident; 2nd Sino-Japanese war begins

    August 1937 - Massive Japanese invasion force bent for Shanghai is annihilated as it is swept away by a massive tsunami caused by an enormous earthquake on the bottom of the sea. The tsunami continues and strikes Japan, destroying large amounts of infrastructure, along with it Japanese military infrastructure, equipment and personnel.

    September 1937 - China mounts a counter-invasion of the weakened and momentarily vulnerable Japan. Chinese troops land on the beaches of southern Kyushu.

    August 1939 - Adolf Hitler demands that a Polish plenipotentiary immediately travel to Berlin to negotiate the handover of Danzig and the Polish Corridor to Germany as well as to agree to safeguard the German minority in Poland. Poland agrees to German demands.

    September 1939 - Nazi Germany acquires region of Danzig as well as the Polish corridor in the 1939 Treaty of Poznan. Peace prevails in Europe.

    December 1939 - The Soviet Union declares war against Japan in revenge for the Treaty of Portsmouth following the Japanese victory of the Russo-Japanese war 1904-1905.

    Mars 1940 - a devastated Japan surrenders to Chinese and Soviet forces.

    April 1940 - Treaty of Nanjing - Japan was forced to greatly reduce their standing army, and conscription and military exercises were forbidden, as well as the manufacture and importation of chemical weapons, armoured cars, tanks and military aircraft. The Japanese Imperial navy was limited to six pre-dreadnought battleships, six light cruisers, twelve destroyers, and twelve torpedo boats, and was forbidden submarines. In the treaty, Japan also accepted responsibility for the losses and damages caused by the war "as a consequence of the aggression of the Empire of Japan", and was to compensate the Sino-Soviet forces through war reparations equaling $4 billion.

    July 1942 - In the great economic depression and political chaos of Japan, a small group Japanese men carrying banners bearing the sakura flower and calling themselves "桜の順序 (Sakura no junjo - Order of the Cherry Tree)" appear on public places in and around the city of Tokyo, bearing a greatly ultranationalistic and racial political message. Despite quickly being banned from the public, forcing the group to be an underground movement, the Order of the Cherry Tree's leader, Kurogane Hisamitsu, managed with sheer charisma, ambition, as well as a talent at organization and political speech, quickly gather loyal followers from the public. In the following months and years, the Order saw a time of exponential growth.

    January 1945 - Enormous amounts of a strange orange liquid wash ashore on the shores of Hokkaido. Substance is shown to be the same as found in China in 1892 - Shiyanium. Upon study, the substance is shown to be an extremely potent source of energy, to be almost twice as conductive as diamond and extremely volatile when coming in contact with high amounts of electricity. More and more enormous sources of Shiyanium is soon found in and around the Japanese islands. More and more properties are soon found in the substance, and is soon deemed "the greatest scientific discovery in the history of mankind", paving the way for new, previously unimaginable technologies.

    May 1945 - The Order of the Cherry Tree, now over two million strong, with followers all over Japan, revolt in an attempt to overthrow Emperor Hirohito; Japanese civil war begins.

    May 1946 - Japanese civil war ends with victory for the Order of the Cherry Tree. Emperor Hirohito abdicates; Japanese monarchy is abolished and reformed into a totalitarian one-party state with Kurogane Hisamitsu proclaimed 至高 (Shikō) of all of Japan. Treaty of Nanjing is quickly broken with Japanese military expansion. No action taken by China or the Soviet Union.

    November 1947 - The technologies made available by the wondrous substance Shiyanium quickly puts Japan on the absolute top in scientific advances. Due to inventions such as lightweight steel armour made from new factory and forging technologies, and early artificial intelligence created from putting living brain matter in a Shiyanium-filled capsule and putting it within a robotic body, the Japanese army becomes the by far most advanced in the world.

    1951 - Japan invades and conquers Korea. Adolf Hitler dies of advanced syphilis at the age of 62; Hermann Göring is named new Führer of Nazi Germany.

    1952 - Japan invades Manchuria and China in 3rd Sino-Japanese war.

    1953 - Japan invades Macau, Spanish Philippines, Thailand, North Borneo, Sarawak, Brunei, Malaya and Singapore. Start of The Pacific War. Western powers warns Japan to pull out of said regions and demobilize their army, but warnings prove empty.

    February 1954 - Macau, Thailand, North Borneo, Sarawak, Bruney, Malaya, Singapore and Manchuria are annexed by Japan; Pacific War ends. Japan demands secession of Hong Kong from Great Britain. Due to Japan's frighteningly advanced technology, Britain accepts.

    Mars 1954 - Japan invades recently independent Indochina, Burma, Indonesia, Portuguese Timor, and New Guinea.

    July 1954- 1957 - Due to Japan's overwhelmingly superior technology, Burma, Indonesia, Timor, and New Guinea are powerless to stop the Japanese war machine, and are annexed by Japan. Japan invades and conquers Mongolia, and turns it into a puppet state. Region of Tuva manages to break free from Soviet Union due to political turmoil, only to be invaded by Japan and turned into the Japanese puppet state of Tannu Tuva. China continues to resist Japanese advancements, but are steadily losing ground.

    1958 - China surrenders unconditionally to Japan, ending the war with the Treaty of Nagasaki, in which Chinese provinces Beijing, Tianjing, Hibei, Shandong, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Zheijiang, Fujian, Taiwan, Guangdong, Hainan, Henan, Anhui, Jiangxi, Hubei, Hunan, Guangxi, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Ningxia, Guizhou, Yunnan, Chongqing, Tibet and eastern Gansu are ceded to Japan. The rest is turned into the Republic of Xinjiang - a Japanese puppet state.

    1963 - Present day.


    An ultranationalist party known as 桜の順序, or Sakura no Junjo, or the Order of the Cherry Tree, took power in Japan, with its leader Kurogane Hisamitsu taking the title of 至高, or Shikō of Japan. A strange liquid substance known as Shiyanium was also discovered in and around Japan in enormous amounts at about the same time, giving Japan colossal leap forward in scientific progress, giving the Japanese military advanced metal armour and artificial intelligence. Japan then went on an enormous road of conquest across Asia. And here you are now, in 1963, with Japan as the leading world super power, with the other nations in the world too frightened by Japan's technology to oppose them.

    The Reign of the Steel Sakura
    You are a citizen living within the society of the new Japanese Empire, also known as Junjo Japan. Even though you are a law-abiding citizen and a member of the supposed "master race", your daily life is plagued by military street patrols, home raids, constant surveillance, curfews, and the need for a permit to even leave the district. And you are tired of it. Sick and tired of letting your life be governed by the Junjos, letting them control you with fear of prison, death and pain. You want to fight. You have no idea how, but you want to fight them back and show them that their monstrous tyranny will not be tolerated in the Country of the Rising Sun.

    So this will be a group roleplay, I'm hoping for about 5-6 players to join, but no more than 6 and no less than 3, and this is all including myself. The style will be very much Dieselpunk-esque, with many designs being inspired by industrial machines and vehicles, as well as a lot of influence from the game Wolfenstein: The New Order. If you do not know of Wolfenstein: The New Order, I will attach some links to images. The style in there is close to what I'm going for.

    - Decent spelling and grammar
    - Don't be an ass
    - No godmodding, of course.
    - Common sense
    - One character per player. Players are allowed to have side characters, but these characters are not allowed to have any major impact on the story. Exceptions can be agreed on with the GM if you have an acceptable reason.
    - What I say goes; feel free to ask questions.
    - If I'm not around or a player otherwise has need of an NPC and wants them to behave in a certain way, they're allowed limited control over them. Just don't have them act drastically against their established characterization.
    Other than that, all global forum rules apply. Players are encouraged to discuss and plan things OOC. Not a rule, but I think everyone would appreciate it.

    Character sheet:
    (if non-Japanese, please include a reasonable explanation within parenthesis as to why you character has not been deported from the Japanese islands)
    Appearance: (image and/or description; include both body and clothing)

    IC thread
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