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Kosupure Café

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Shabriri, Jan 11, 2016.

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    Few years back, Kosupure Café was established in America as an entertainment café. It was meant to be a reflection of Japanese culture, with a positive vibe, and similar to a "Maid Café". Employees cosplayed as their personal favorite characters, or dressed according to a guest's wish, all while serving them. Café by day and bar by night; there was room for anything crazy to happen and it did, usually. Guests usually ranged from a number of people, but the employees were always close and had a positive attitude as they had fun. The Café has a secret though...The employees at Kosupure Café were publicly known as the, "Internet Heros". But what is an Internet Hero?
    These so-called Internet Heros are actually a little less than a Hero. But thanks to the public, they were able to hold on to that title. The employees are notorious of defending off cyber bullies, sticking up for complete strangers and were intelligent hackers all for the right reasons. They would be super heros if they had powers. However, things been getting stranger. Certain guests been coming in causing trouble to the guests and the employees. What's going on, who are they and will Kosupure Café stay open?
    Giovanni, your boss, basically lives at her Café assisting throughout the day. But as the day grows dark and lights grow dim, Giovanni retreats to one of the back rooms specialized for "Employee's Only" only coming back up to assist with something. New employee's generally don't get to know what happens behind the closed doors, but once they grow too curious; they are stuck in a mischievous business.
    The community is a strange place, but never fails to show it's ugly side in any situation. Bullying has become a popular topic of discussion as many people are experiencing troubles be it in school, a workplace, or even at home where we should feel the safest. But where do all the voices go if they cannot express themselves in public? The Social Media. People hide under aliases often crying out for help, and no one is ignored, not when Giovanni is around. Gathering all of her qualified employees, they enter the social networks and essentially take over. Most of the time it's been fighting back trolls and posting comments, but Giovanni has taken it to the next level....
    Are you prepared to be the Internet Hero?​
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.