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  1. Genres: Slice of Life, Drama, Comedy, Action, Fictional

    Few years back, Kosupure Café was established in America as an entertainment café. It was meant to be a reflection of Japanese culture, with a positive vibe, and similar to a "Maid Café". Employees cosplayed as their personal favorite characters, or dressed according to a guest's wish, all while serving them. Café by day and bar by night; there was room for anything crazy to happen and it did, usually. Guests usually ranged from a number of people, but the employees were always close and had a positive attitude as they had fun. The Café has a secret though...The employees at Kosupure Café were publicly known as the, "Internet Heros". But what is an Internet Hero?
    These so-called Internet Heros are actually a little less than a Hero. But thanks to the public, they were able to hold on to that title. The employees are notorious of defending off cyber bullies, sticking up for complete strangers and were intelligent hackers all for the right reasons. They would be super heros if they had powers. However, things been getting stranger. Certain guests been coming in causing trouble to the guests and the employees. What's going on, who are they and will Kosupure Café stay open?

    I know that wasn't the best of introductions, but it's a start for an interest check.
    You will be playing as an Employee from Kosupure (Which translates to Cosplay), who dresses up as your favorite character and work day to day. During the daytime, it's a simple Café and by night it's a bar. Characters should be expected to be the minimum age of 18. However, you don't JUST work there. You almost live there and serving in a costume isn't your only job unless you are out of the loop. Computers and cellphones are a huge part of society, and if harassing people in person wasn't satisfying enough, people do it on the web. As an outgoing bundle of fun, you certainly don't approve and you dream of helping others out anyway possible. But your smartass remarks cause a shift in the community, and some are taking their failed trolls out on the employees...physically. Are you going to stand up for what's right? Your Boss sets up a link every night and a chatroom for the employees. With this special connection, you seek out to end and help other social users.
    {Yes, this is about anti-bullying in some aspects.}
    {The RP will also have three Phases, (Aka Shifts) to play out. Three(.5) Shifts = One Day}


    Owner of Kosupure Café: {Brains of Operation}
    Ms. Giovanni

    Manager of Kosupure Café: {The Specialist}

    Supervisor of Kosupure Café: {Organizer}

    Employees of Kosupure Café: {The Eyes and Ears}
    1-3 Open

    You may begin asking questions now... :)
  2. Seems interesting.
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  3. I like this idea.
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  4. Hm... Seems like an interesting idea. I'll keep my eye on this.
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  5. If I get one or two more interests, I'll put up an official Thread for it. It'll have more information and everything.
  6. Ehh I guess I'll take a interest in it as well then. Curious on some points however, the workers are just normal people right? Theres any VR or the like? Or training, etc?
  7. Correct, there is nothing special about these people. Just cosplayers for work.
    Generally, there is no virtual reality. However, I'm sure it can come into play. Not like SAO, but someone buys a VR machine and use it for whatever it may be. It depends on the mood of the story the players provide.
    There can be training for self defense, how to do your job etc. This is a rather realistic idea and I don't see any military influence here as well.
  8. Alright I'll keep that in mind.
  9. Coolio! Please tell when the thread is up!
  10. Yeah sure!
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  11. Sure, go ahead. I'll pass it to emp as well.
  12. Very late for this question, but... What are you wanting in terms of appearances? Real pictures? Drawings? Games? Anime?
  13. Hey, I'm very much interested. Though, I have no questions. Am I too late to the party, or what?
  14. Real pictures preferably, but I won't be upset if it's anime or something else.

    @Sabatron Nope! Just in time. You're the last one to hop aboard I believe. I'll invite you to the conversation for CS sheets.
  15. I have..a..dislike for using real pictures, I'll use animu for mine, but I'll include an extra "human" version in spoilers, of the cosplay form at least, well once I see how the spoiler tag on here works.
  16. Is this still open? I'm very interested.
  17. Alright then, thanks for being open regarding that. I personally don't like using real pictures. It just... feels weird to me. I will however attempt to find a drawing that's rather realistically-styled or from a game.
  18. @Kodokuna Yuure
    It's actually closed now, however I might be able to squeeze you in once I collect all the CS' s
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  19. @Shabriri Okay! If you can't then I understand too TT^TT
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