Korra RP? (post Book 4)

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  1. Would anyone be interested in doing a Korra roleplay that's set after the events of Book 4? We could use both canon characters and OCs. Canon couples aren't a requirement (except Tenzin x Pema and Zhu Li x Varrick. Wed couples have to stay). OCs can also be children of canon couples, for example, your OC could be a child of Tenzin and Lin. For lineage purposes of this roleplay, I'm going to say that Kanto is Lin's father (canon) and Satoru is Su Yin's father (Su's father hasn't been revealed yet). We're also going to say that Zuko and Mai stayed together (which, judging by Izumi's facial structure, is true) and that Sokka stayed with Suki.

    The main plot of this roleplay would be (naturally) a new threat, one familiar and yet completely new; a rogue organization has risen from the shadows and has targeted the Avatar. Some believe they have ties to the Fire Nation, others believe they are connected to the Water Tribe. I was planning on having them be an organization that everyone is familiar with. In this roleplay, they want to kill Korra in the Avatar state because the next Avatar would be an earthbender/from the Earth Kingdom (soon to be Confederacy) and they'd like to train the Avatar to do their bidding. Their next goal would be to have a member of their organization be elected as the head of every Earth Confederacy state so they control the entire region, then they'd begin amassing an army to invade and take control of the Fire Nation, Northern and Southern Water Tribes, and Republic City, as well as all remaining Air Temples (rip Northern Air Temple). This plot is not set in stone, and I personally think someone else could come up with something better honestly, so if anyone's got any other ideas, I'd love to hear them.

    I'm not at all opposed to canon characters being killed off either, including Korra. It'd be very interesting to see the next member of the cycle. However, I will have a rule that Korra cannot be killed in the Avatar state. I'd also prefer not to see any spirit vine weapons/technology being used, because there's probably canonically going to be a law against that anyway.

    So, is anyone interested? c:
  2. I'm interested, but why would they want to try and kill Korra in the avatar state in order to have the next avatar be an earth bender? If the avatar is killed in the avatar state the cycle is broken (again). So I'm not quite following that part.

    Anyway how many years would this be set after the original events of book 4? 'Cause I have an idea for an air bender, but if it's only set a year or so later it might not work. (And I'd have to run it by you anyway but I'd first like to know how far after the events it takes place)
  3. Did I really say 'in the Avatar state' omg. That's really embarrassing xD
    This would likely be set a few months after the events of Book 4. The actual amount of time is pretty flexible, really.
  4. Okay then my idea wouldn't work for a character :) had been thinking about a character that had gotten air bending at a young age at the harmonic convergence, but by now was an adult with tattoos and everything. But timing wise that wouldn't have made sense if only a short amount of time has passed. :)
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