Korean pop... Yup, that crazy genre we all love

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  1. Let's face it. South Korean pop is some weird shit. But hey, it's cool.
    I have been going on and off with Kpop for a while now. I like it but mildly, I'm more into rock I guess. But I can't deny that there's good Kpop out there.
    Recently, I discovered TVXQ (Tong Vfang Xien Qi) and found out they split up because of a lawsuit with SM and it's just two guys, Yunho and Changmin (I believe that's their names).
    I want to delve deeper into the genre so if you're a kpopper, please suggest some groups for me. I already know about Block B, they're okay but not really my thing, Big Bang, same thing, it's not really my thing either. EXO, I only like some of their songs, usually the Chinese ones but I don't really want to get in that fandom because EXOtics are like the most hated kpop fandom because they're mostly bat shit crazy, seriously, have you heard of the news that some girl tried to kill members of other Kpop bands and that supposedly she was gonna go after one of EXO's members? Dang.
    I believe those type of fans are called sasaeng.
    Like my god, take a look at this article on allkpop. Seriously.
    What kind of disgusting person is that? I really feel bad for EXO. I bet they are scared of meeting their fans even if the ones they meet are normal, they might think its a sasaeng.

    But anyway.
  2. Well, Block B is personally my favorite, but I would recommend 2NE1, B.A.P, or BTS. There are plenty of other bands you really just have to go through them if you want to find a good one.

    I love J-rock as well so I am on the same page as you. I love them equally though. I have been craving a role play with J-rock or K-pop so if you are interested that would be awesome XD
  3. I absolutely LOVE k-pop and I was wondering if anyone else enjoyed K-pop as much as I do. So, let me know what your favorite song is. Possibly even your favorite group/artist.

    Mine are...
    1) Block B - H.E.R, Freeze, Jackpot, LOL, Very Good, and many more.
    2) 2NE1 - Falling in Love, Come Back Home, Crush, Can't Nobody, I am the best, and others
    3) CL - Baddest Female, and Mental Breakdown
    4) Big Bang
    5) SHINee
    6) B.A.P
    7) B2st
    8) B1A4

    There are many more that I love, but I shall not list them all. Let me know you favorites!

    Also..if you're interested in a K-pop or J-rock role play let me know!

  4. Not that into KPop but the first 0:20 is fuckin' funny.
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  5. I only like a little bit, but yeah, I'm more into J-Rock. Stuff like The GazettE or DIAURA.
  6. I'm a big K-Pop fan I would recommend "Mine" and "Just Another Girl" by Kim JaeJoong if you're into rock (F.I.Y JaeJoong used to be in TVXQ but he left).

    I'm also an EXO fan and I have to say, only like 5% of the EXO fandom are crazy the rest are actully pretty cool people.

    And the girl who tried to kill one of the members from EXO wasn't actually a fan, she was just pretending.
  7. All sasaeng fans shouldn't even call themselves a fan. They are just a bunch of crazy people with nothing to do. All of them should go to jail for all these things they do.
    Oh and thanks for the recommendation.

    However, I hate associating myself with any "fangirls" or "fanboys" or anyone who identifies with ANY FANBASE. I met a girl who was a die hard ELF (Super Junior fan) and like oh my god, you can't say anything bad about Super Junior or their production/publicity team's decisions without getting into some argument because I don't love her Sungmin/Kyuhyun/whoever.

    And then I met a KissMe (U-Kiss) who literally would not listen to ANYTHING else except for U-Kiss because she was a "true KissMe."

    It's like a fuckin' religion to some of these fans. I don't get it. These people are human performers. Not an oracle or a prophet.

    I just enjoy the music. You should too.

    So here's a few off the wall stuff for ya.

    SISTAR - "Touch My Body" (I love SISTAR. One of the only girl groups who make this brotha straight, yo.)

    EXID - "Every Night" (For you people with fetishes that involve women spewing fluids.)

    Swings ft. Seo In Guk "Would You?" (Nice little R&B type flow)


    Lee Hi - "Rose" (Relatively new to YG Ent., this chick has a unique quality to her voice that makes you listen to her)
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