Kore Wa Resutoran Desu ka?! (Is this a restaurant!?)

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    As the daily traffic passes in the early spring weather of April, Students are hurrying to class, cars and trucks stop as they should, going to and from a myrid of tasks. Ikebukuro was always a busy place, even out here on the outskirts, hosting numerous small businesses, catering mostly to the housing area's of the district. Home to Migrants and the native Japanese population.

    Stretching lightly in the morning air, a green haired woman with piercing red eyes yawns, with a watchful gaze on the access road, a Toyota made cargo truck arrives. Once the driver exits the woman wastes no time approaching, clearly a bit agitated. "Well..you took your sweet time..hmm?..maybe I should show you how much money time is worth..hmm?" Narrowing her eyes and smiling, the driver laughs nervously, pilfering a box of sweets from his drivers cabin. Clearly he had dealt with the woman many times before.

    "ehh..heh..umm, I'm sorry ma'am there was an accident on the way, here take these for yourself and staff." Handing the box over quickly, it seemed to contain a few Little cakes that were rather popular in Japan. Exhailing a sigh of relief as the woman accepats them, he pulls a rag from his right pocket, patting his head. "Well if thats all Bos--errManager Nishikawa, I would like to unload I have other deliveries to make."

    Gazing at the cakes and taking the box in hand, Yoriko wastes no time in taste testing one. "Hmm?..Oh but of course, don't take all damn day either, just put it in the delivery, I'll have the others deal with stocking it all." Walking over to the mans driver cabin, with the cakebox akwardly under het left arm, a piece of cake partly hanging from her mouth, she signs the delivery form and goes about her day.

    All of her siblings were in class by now, and Hibari should be by for her shift, the other staff had yet to arrive, and if he followed his orders, Hayate should be returning shortly for his roll in this. He always seemed to have a way of showing up when he was least expected, or most needed, then there was the Cook..one who if he gave up his habits would have all debts cleared..then there was one peice of shit that warrented her special attention or trolling. However the Delivery and one other small issue. Returning to her office, or rather the employee room that she spent most of her time in, Yoriko munches on the cake she was given, and ultimately it would be surprising if she actually shared any of them.

    Taking a seat at the desk, that short of a set of chairs, TV, and table, was the rooms only furnishings, the woman pulls an application file out from her desk. "Kazama Kenichi...huh..seems our families left us both with problems...yare, yare..so the mothers debt becomes the sons." Reading through it silently, she then closes it, Maybe Hibari would be around by the time he turned up. That would prove amusing. Regardless for now, the green haired woman closes the cake box, as much as she hated it, this was part of the work she actually did do, for now it was time to make her way to the working floor, and await the young man's arrival.

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  2. "Well, here we are. The place yer lookin' for is right over there... Still dunno why a nice, normal guy like you'd apply there..."

    A taxi cab came to a stop only a few stores down from the Painted Shark as the driver stated his surprise that someone like Kazama was going to be working there. From what he was told by the collectors, it was ran by them, and from the driver's comments about the place, the undergrad was expecting it to be—something. All he did was chuckle a bit nervously at the man's remarks about the restaurant. He didn't want to question or infer about the place at the risk that it warranted more anxiety than he was already feeling.

    "Eh... In any case, good luck, I suppose. An' welcome to Ikebukuro."

    With a simple thank you, Kazama paid the cab fare and watched as the taxi drove off. Exhaling deeply, he looked a few stores down to where he was headed and hesitantly began on his way. Well, this was it. It couldn't be that bad. He was an excellent worker and just because they ran the establishment didn't mean it was full of—questionable people. They wanted to make money; it was probably full of people like him. Hell, maybe the employees weren't even aware of who owned it. But then, what was with what the taxi driver said? It was unlikely, but Kazama could still hope and silently comfort himself.

    Coming up to the the place, Kazama noted that it looked quite nice. The outside seemed very friendly and welcoming, pristine even. It was a good sign. Even with a name like "The Painted Shark", if the establishment looked like this, it couldn't be that bad. Finding a very small bit of comfort in that, Kazama braced himself for what the inside looked like and finally entered through the doors. To his surprise, and relief, the inside looked just as serene and in there a woman was already waiting. Strangely-enough, she had green hair and red eyes which was a bit strange, but aside from that she looked normal and even a bit pretty in a way.

    "Uh... I'm sorry. I'm going to start working here; I was supposed to come find the manager...?"
  3. "Oh..don't you have some Nerve...coming in here..disrupting my robbery." Deciding to mess wih the young man a bit for her own amusement, Yoriko smiles thinly, staring at the boy, as another person enters the room. In a monotone voice the..man..or was it a woman, sticks a finger to the boys back and joins in on the show. "Thats right..keep your hands where we can see them. It was a joke." Removing her hand, and taking position at the counter, Hibari had arrived a bit early causing Yoriko to glare briefly.

    "Tch. Did you finish your classes?" For a criminal, she seemed rather concerned her siblings had a good education. With dagger like eyes, she awaits her answer as the other one mummbles something in what seems to be German. "ORA! What did I say yah little shit about smart mouthing!" Slamming her right hand palm first upon the counter, she seems to either ignore or not to care that someone else is watching.

    Still eyes narrowed, the monotone sighs deciding to give an answer this time. "Yes, Nee-Sama..and the school agreed.." Getting that out of the way, she then turns her attention to the new comer. "And the only thing she robs is the time of my youth..well..maybe other things, but not stores." Smiling thinly she seems to flench slightly as if expecting a violent reaction, but is surprised when her sister takes a cheap shot.

    "And thats why your breasts are so flat, at least you aren't like our..other sister..but try not being so bitter, maybe then you won't be able to look like a man...ehehehe." With a bright blush of red and a almost visible tch mark above the greeters head, it seemed the boss had strunk a nerve of some sort. Turning her attention back to the male, the older woman smirks slightly. "Yeah, your hired..don't wrack up more debts. Welcome and all of that..I'll be in my office, which is your work room. If you want to know where that is, well, too bad, have to follow. If you need to be shown around, ahh..Hibari, take care of him would you? And once you have your things, get to work moving those damn boxes in the hall. Well See yah Kid." With a hum she leaves, as a clearly annoyed sibling sighs no less lazy than her sister, she points out where various things are and gives and overview.

    "Second Floor, has five rooms..just open each to see..you only need to find mens changing.., there is a girl's changing too..none of the rooms are too big or locked....the break room is pretty big and has a tv..so spend break in the break room...hey..don't be a pervert and wear my panties on your head..or you can. In fact wear them here on the floor, scare people off, and I can leave." Doing a laugh that didn't sound all that heartfelt..actually it didn't even sound fake, more like just words to mimic a laugh.

    "oh oh oh oh...the break room will always have the door open as Nee-Sama broke it in her last rampage..there is a storage room, and a toiilet..hey always knock on that one. On this floor a kitchen is behind me, you can see where people eat..boxes go into one of two rooms, one is a freezer next to the kitchen, the other is a store room near the back...read signs and match freezed goods with the storeroom...or freezer..Welcom to this place..Onee-sama told me about you.." Not sure what to say next, if she would care to meet him after work, or during work, or to ask about his family or not, she simply says only one more thing.

    "..go up top and change...don't depend on Nee-sama to help you..she's very lazy..no...Nee-sama works hard...just outside of what she's good at..well you'll see..bug her to help you..the results might be fun to watch...also beware of the others..see you underwear thief." However, the girl did lie to him somewhat, in the hopes of a little innocent amusement, the bathroom was no longer operational, least the original, it had been turned into a closet for repair items. The Female changing room was for them all, though women got to go first in coming or going, then the men were allowed in to change. The men's changing room was now the bathroom with a shower and the toilet in a seperated area..with luck the poor fool may get into a little trouble..well unless someone explained the situation.

    "See you later Dead beats son..you are cute at least...I just hope Nee-Sama isn't who you walk in on..I might feel bad then.." She says, but quitely in Russian so he likely would not understand, but then switches back to Japanese. "Its a russian probverb wishing you good luck."
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  4. Abe woke up, head still spinning faintly from last night's drinking. He reached over for his wallet and checked to see how well his night went. “Well, that's another 10,000 yen down the drain.” He yawned and smiled lazily. “Totally worth it.”

    He threw on his sweats and jogged down to the store, trying to sweat the last of the beer out of his system. All it managed to do was give him a headache. By the time he arrived, he was squinting from the pain, only greeting anyone who addressed him with a grunt. He grabbed a cup from one of the tables, filled it with water from the kitchen tap and wandered up to the break room to wait for the ladies to finish changing before getting his quick shower in before changing himself. As he passed, he noticed a newbie getting 'oriented' by Hibari, who had switched to Russian. He snorted in amusement as he passed. Abe had no clue what it was that she said, but he knew she said nothing nice whenever she switched languages.

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  5. As Hibari continues her conversation with the man, the door once more opens and, this time, a man wearing a black suit. He had white hair and red eyes which resembled the Manager's. As soon as he noticed that Hibari was in a side of the room, he turned towards her and made a formal bow. "Greetings Hibari-sama! It's a pleasure that you have already dealt with classes." He said out and then took a long stare at Kazama before then making his way towards the office. "Fresh meat, speak to me when you want to get your paperwork done. Yoriko-sama is too busy to deal with your papers so I deal with them instead. Please come to the office when you are ready." The man said out loud as he made his way towards the office on the second floor.

    When he found the office room, he knocked and then immediately made his way inside with a plate in hands. In the plate was tea and coffee. Placing it upon the table he then made his way to stand right beside Yoriko. "Yoriko-sama, there has been no problems thus far. Hinako-sama is already at school. The new employees' paperworks have been done. I have also dealt with some of the legalization paperwork along with your grandfather which means we are free to work as we see fit. Hibari-sama's school grades have been good as well, I have made sure to check. I bought some food as well for dinner and it's already at home. I found and bought that one flower seed you were looking for, Yoriko-sama. It is already at home. Your grandfather reports that no progress has been made with the other members of the Council. He sends his regards, by the way." With that, he resumed what he would usually do every day... Await anxiously for his next order. As usual, he stood on the room right besides Yoriko, awaiting for either praise or just to receive another order.

    That was when he reminded himself of the new boy's paperworks. With a bow, Hayate said a feeble "excuse me" and then made his way to his desk. Sitting down, he pulled one of the drawers of his desk and pulled a stack of papers. He then proceeded to check every line of the contract, making sure to remind the key words and et cetera. It was his job, after all. With that, silence issued in the room once more, with Hayate focusing on his work. Suddenly, he turned back to Yoriko and smiled. "Rinako-sama, your sister, might be visiting today, Yoriko-sama. I'll make sure we are ready for her arrival." With that, Hayate continued to overlook the papers on his desk, carefully reading it as if to not make any mistake. Hayate enjoyed doing this. It was meticulous work that required every bit of attention he had, much like what he had to do whenever he was in a battle, for example. Or maybe a firefight. Honestly, he preferred to use guns over his fists, though both had devastating effects. As he noticed a mistake in the writing, Hayate immediately got up and started up the PC, typing up the password and checking the paperwork once more. It was still easier than taking care of the Yakuza armory... At least he thought so.
  6. "Eh? Robbery? What?"

    Feeling something dig in slightly between his shoulder blades, Kazama instinctively held his arms up, even after the assumed gunman claimed that she was kidding and walked passed him. His arms remain in the position of surrender all throughout the girls' argument. The older woman seemed very—violent and the other seemed way too calm dealing with everything. The younger girl apparently tried to ease his worry—but all that did was get a rather cheap retort from the older girl once again. Apparently the girl was rather sensitive about her chest size. Kazama supposed that was a natural worry for a girl her age, especially when her—sister? Guardian? Whomever was more "well-gifted". Not that he was staring or anything. No, especially not after this little display. Kazama wanted to live, after all.

    Eventually their back-and-forth barrage of jabbing at each other's pride ended, finishing with Kazama being formerly hired. It was at this point that the man began to lower his arms, slowly though. He wasn't taking any chances. The woman, apparently his boss, gave him what could hardly be called a briefing on the job and simply left with a somewhat ignorant assumption regarding his current debt, or at least that's how it sounded.

    "Eh... Um... Technically, it's not..."

    And, she was gone. The woman certainly didn't waste time leaving and the other, younger girl didn't give him information that was much clearer. Though, what he did get from it was that he's now apparently a pervert. Kazama didn't know what exactly warranted telling him to not touch her underwear, but apparently she felt it was necessary—Or was it a joke? He couldn't tell with that laugh—Was that a laugh?

    Following that somewhat awkward exchange was a slightly more awkward pause. She probably wasn't sure what else to say. She seemed like more of a quiet girl. Regardless, she eventually decided to give him some pieces of advice before they went their separate ways. And he still couldn't tell if that underwear thing was a joke. Still, he simply didn't say much regarding it and just gave her a kind smile, albeit one holding some confusion at the whole situation. You couldn't blame him.

    "Right... Well, thank you anyway. I look forward to working with you."

    Nodding, Kazama was stopped by the sound of the doors opening and a—butler entering the store. That was a bit odd. He seemed to know the greeter though. Was she rich? He didn't really know anyone that had one of those stereotypical butlers you'd see on T.V. shows and the like. At least he seemed nice—Maybe? He appeared happy to see Hibari, but then saw Kazama himself and just—stared at him. Did he not like him in specific for some reason? Kazama hoped it wasn't the case. The guy was taller than him and looked like he could lift a lot more too.

    With a sigh, Kazama was about to head upstairs to find wherever the changing rooms were, but then heard some foreign remark from the young greeter. Russian, maybe? Either way, it warranted a look of confusion pointed toward the girl, to which she gave an explanation quickly afterword. Simply smiling again and replying with a quick "Thank you", Kazama finally left the front of the store and headed upstairs. This couldn't be right. He checked practically all the doors and there was only one that looked like a changing room. Thankfully, no one was in there, so regardless it'd probably be fine. Still, he didn't waste much time changing, just in case. Now, there was the next issue; the office. No one told him where anything was! Well—maybe this door?

    Opening it, first and foremost he saw the butler from before editing some document on a desktop computer. At least he got the right place. Entering and shutting the door behind him, Kazama proceeded to the desk the butler sat at. Hopefully whatever paperwork needed doing wasn't too time-consuming so they could finish it up and he could start moving the boxes the woman from before wanted moved.

    "...Sorry to intrude. You said there was paperwork to be done...?"

    If he seemed a bit hesitant in his tone, it was likely because he was just welcomed via a mock-robbery. He was prepared, literally, for anything and everything strange to happen.
  7. "Hmph keep that up and I may have to find you a wife..is hinako still afraid of us all?...at times I wonder just what that little girl remembers.." As always he was good at what he did, be it cooking, watching out for the others, hearing the news on her sister, well the 2nd youngest, Yoriko is somewhat pleased, while she was overly harsh, it was for what she seen as the best. Watching the man work and his quick explinations, she always considered him a member of the family, and her second, though their relationship was always that of master and servent, which in some ways was deeper than a romantic one. Picking up the teacup and sipping from it all seemed calm, untill he mentioned the council. "..." Going deathly silent, the busty green haired woman suddenly throws the cup in a fit of rage. "Those bastards! How many more of them will I need to...I'll get it." Noticing the door being opened, it was the new guy.

    "Opps..flew out of my hand. Hayate feel free to have some of the cake from the box..as to her, I will deal with her." In a manner she was thanking Hayate for his work by offering the food she considers hers alone, which ment a bit coming from her. Referencing her sister, Yoriko motions for the new guy to enter. "Hey, Kid, I feel like talking, and you look confussed as shit. So lets talk while Hayate prepairs your papers...tch..fucking papers.." Piecing together soome of what Hibari likely told the poor man, she sighs...though this could and would be amusing. "Make sure you undress in the mens changing room today when your shift is up. I am Yoriko Nishikawa, the girl you met is my sister Hibari. I am aware of your parents debt. And I am the one that controls it..or will soon..hmph make me something to eat boy. I need to see where to place you." In truth this was a bullshit excuse, something he would eventually figure out, she simply wanted something to eat, besides the cake, and knew Hayate would scold her, had she asked him. It was outside her meal times after all. Though it was a bit of a mirical she was considering telling him what to do..though if the other staff soon arrived she would pass the duty off to them. Hibari was as useless as she was in this regard, but she mostly wanted to speak with him, to get her mind off the council, and to make sure he knew just how up she was in regards to his situation.

    Meanwhile back on the first floor, Hibari sneezes. Glancing around, nothing seemed amiss.. noticing the cook had arrived she gives a small bow of he head in greeting. It wouldn't be too much longer till they would open afterall, but was still a few that needed to show up. Pulling out her cellphone the girl seems to be texting before setting it back inside her pocket, she wanted this to hurry up and be over with, the sooner the better.

    (OOC Hibari is free to speak with anyone that wants to be helpful can help the boyo, and once a few more "turn up" for work I'll advance tine)
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  8. Hayate let out a sigh as he saw the teacup hit the wall and splatter around. He flashed her a smile and was about to speak up before someone made a way into the room. It was the new guy. The butler let out a smile and then turned back to the desktop.

    He expected the boy to go speak with Yoriko, but was surprised to see that he, instead, went to speak with him. As he was about to explain the situation, Yoriko immediately made her way into the conversation. With that, he would have a few minutes to work on the papers. "Don't worry, it's nothing major, just need you to sign some papers. You know, to make sure we're accounted for everything that happens to you during work hours." He flashed one of his usual smiles and then finished it up and began to print the new papers. There was no point in rushing, there were other employees to arrive, after all.

    As the papers were printing, he stood up and made his way to stay beside Yoriko. "Should I order new chairs, Yoriko-sama? You seem to enjoy throwing them at your sister far too much, if I may state my opinion." Hayate said calmly as he smiled, he then proceeded to take a small piece of the cake and then eat it as silently as he possibly could. Which meant that no noise was made, surprisingly. He then observed her asking the boy to make her food. Gosh, she was horrible at making excuses. She clearly just wanted to pester him and combined that with her current wish to eat anything. Hayate didn't say anything, though, as he knew it had nothing to do with him. When the papers were done, he made his way towards his desk once more and took out a couple of pages. Walking to Yoriko's desk, he laid the papers and gave Kazama a pen. "It's a pleasure to accept you into the Painted Shark staff, Kazama-san. I am Hayate, Yoriko-sama's servant and Chief of Staff here. Should you have any complaints regarding your workspace or other employees you should direct them to me. Please don't give Yoriko-sama trouble, she is already a rather troublesome Yakuza." With those kindly said out words, he left to his desk and continued to eat the cake. "You can leave the papers there." He added as he ate the cake. Ah, a new poor slob to be Yoriko's target. And he had a huge target painted on his back due to that large sum of money he owed. It was almost sad.

    Sighing, he eventually made his way towards the exit. "Yoriko-sama, since you are assigning our new member to the kitchen, I will help with the boxes until the new employees arrive."

    The man bowed formally, opened the door and made his way downstairs. Upon arriving at the door, he noticed Hibari was not doing anything. "Hello, Hibari-sama." He waved at her. "Is there anything I can help with, Hibari-sama?" He asked. He honestly cared a lot for all of them. They were as important to him as they were to Yoriko. However, he half-expected Hibari to not ask anything out of him. He always attempted to get closer to the girl as a servant, but it was always difficult because she was so selfless when it came to asking things. He would usually find himself instead just gifting her unique balloons and kites he would find and even make kites for her following her designs. Now that he thought about that, he had an unfinished kite that he could make later on and gift her. The thought alone was enough to fire his eyes! It was another opportunity to attempt to make Hibari happy! However, he would still have to wait so he simply retained his kind and carefree smile there.
  9. Flinching a bit as he heard the crash of a tea cup, Kazama turned his focus to his apparent boos. There it was again; "kid". Why was he calling him that? She didn't look very old. Well, she looked like an adult, but not a necessarily old one. Certainly not one that would typically consider him a "kid". Regardless, the man wasn't going to comment on it. It wasn't important, after all, and it definitely wasn't important enough to warrant discussing the age of a woman who, as he suspected, was part of the Yakuza that controlled his debt. At least she was offering to talk at all and maybe explain things. Though, just as Kazama was about to question on the very thing that was brought up, she demanded food, which surprised him. He wasn't any gourmet chef, that was for sure, and while he could cook a bit, he assumed he would be added to the floor staff.

    "Nice to meet you, Nishikawa-san. Ah! And as a matter of fac-Excuse me...? Oh. Um... Alright. Is there anything in specific you'd like? I have to warn you though. While I can cook, I'm no professional chef. I thought I'd be working the floor..."

    With a sheepish laugh, Kazama would probably be rubbing the back of his head to match the chuckle were he wary of removing his hands from where they were clasped behind his back. Hell, he was unsure of the honorific he used for her name. He assumed it was fine. The butler, now named Hayate, addressed her with a more respectful honorific, but he claimed to be her servant. Honestly, he was just trying to keep from getting a chair thrown at—Wait. Chairs? She throws chairs? This bit of information certainly got Kazama's expression to freeze in a mix of confusion and warranted fear.

    "Um... Chairs...?"

    With that muttering of what could hardly be called a question, the butler grabbed Kazama's attention once again with the papers he needed to sign. Nodding, he bent over the desk and spent the time waiting to hear exactly what Yoriko wanted to eat signing what papers needed signing. At least he was wrong about the woman's so-called servant. He was likely just studying him before. Giving him a small smile, accompanied by a few beads of sweat on his forehead, yes, he was still worried about the damn chairs, Kazama nodded and replied to the butler's welcome.

    "Yes, thank you, Hayate-san. I look forward to working with you and the rest of my new coworkers."
  10. The weatherman was a liar, but Hoshino was fine with this April day regardless. Cycling through the always busy streets of Ikebukuro, he called out a few familiar shopkeepers as he zoomed by. There was still a tinge of winter tenaciously clinging to the spring wind, but that sharpness was enjoyable too. It tousled his long, silken hair and shook off what remaining sleepiness was left in his eyes, leaving only a part-timer ready for another day of work at the Painted Shark.

    Well, not just another day. If a little birdie was to be trusted, today would be a special day as they welcomed a new member of the Painted Shark family! Kazama Kenichi, the boy with pitifully massive debt, who still managed to live a normal life with all his organs intact. Hoshino wasn’t sure how he did it, but he was sure that the kid was lucky as hell.

    Either that, or he’s basically going to be a debt-slave to the yakuza until the end of his days.

    Wasn’t really his problem, but Hoshino prepared cheesecake for the poor soul regardless. He’s got an image to maintain, after all. Skidding to a stop at the bike rack, the feminine boy locked his bike in place, retrieved a box from the basket at the front, and then took in a deep breath.

    Today is a good day, so let’s love everyone again!

    Pushing open the door to the establishment with sunflower smile, Hoshino spotted a familiar face (well, the only face present in the restaurant at the moment) and waved energetically. “Good morning, Hibari-chan~ As dashing and cool as always, eh? Did the new guy come in yet? Made too much cheesecake yesterday, so I thought I’d pass it on to him as a welcoming gift!”
  11. "D-don't! Thats mine you fuck!" glaring angerily as he takes the cake box, it was out of her grasp now, as her stomach growls loudly, this was the reason why she hadn't taken the slightest bit of a sexual interest in Hayate, the man knew how to hurt her. Leaving her without the cake, and now with a misunderstanding, it was pitiful in a manner, not that anyone would have felt sorry for her.

    "...Look..Kazama.." Using his first name which was a bit forward of her, she knows this ploy by now would just cause her more trouble, though she was hungry. Bastard butler..hmph..I don't break that many chairs.." Pouting to herself as a seemingly dark aura envelopes herself, she then points with her right index finger, putting her attention fully on the young man. "Y..you work the floor..just..sneak me a snack..don't tell the cook its for me! No..just leave it alone..get out.." Her spirits now in a damper, Yoriko does what she does best, nothing, but working on the various spread sheets than ran the business. With luck maybe the Inspector would show up. No one cared if she kicked him in the face. "And also, call me Boss, or Yoriko, hell Nee-san if thats your thing..too many Nishikawa's are here, wouldn't know who you were talking to." Staring at the boy, it seemed with her scheam foiled she didn't much care to speak with him, of course short of hitting him, bad enough to do major harm, there was nothing keeping him from talking, or asking what he wanted. While she was as the butler put it a troublesome yakuza, that didn't mean her first course of action was always to pummle people..only a consideration...though likely the fact she was hungry helped with that. Laying her head on the desk sideways, she seemed like a zoo animal, dangerous yet somehow confined.

    "Next time...next time,...no cake for him...no cake for him!" Good thing for Hayate she would likely forget when it was her meal time, it was an almost daily happening.

    Hibari turns her attention, first to the family butler, then to her coworker, "Good morning Hoshino-san..Hayate-san.." Narrowing her eyes..well no closing them this time, she bitterly spits out an insult, this time in German; "Giftzwerg..bumsen.." Though the phrase more or less ment, you evil little bastard, get fucked, it wasn't personal she just hated when her co-worker was overly happy..other times they got along well. "It means, it is a lovely day..yes..a very lovely day.. He's with Onee-sama..don't let her see the cake..she may kill both of you for it..like a starved wild animal..I feel terrible for Nee-Sama..defend yourself Hoshino-san..." The girl says in a manner that made it hard to figure out just how she really felt.

    Turning her attention to Hayate, her eyes open a brief faction, while he seemed to think otherwise, she did like him as much as her siblings, but he never seemed to get the message...or was she bad at expressing it? Looking at the cake box that had came with Hayate, her eyes briefly open, finding some sort of choclate cake, she takes that peice out and leaves the rest. "Oh boy..cake.." She says in a way that wasn't in the least bit excited. "...Yay...maybe that will help with.." Glancing down briefly, she then turns her attention back to the Butler, he always did bring her nice kites and balloons, though he didn't seem to understand the fun was in her getting them herself, not that she would ever turn them down. "No Hayate-san..heh..hayate-onii-chan? Pervert..hmph.." Likely shooting him down again, her brother would have known she was playing, but he seemed to be the only one. "ha..ha..it was a joke..I have everything I want." Pausing to consider matters she nods, turning her attention back to the door. "you can turn the sign for me when its time..or make Nee-sama do it..other than that I want to buy another toy for Hinako..I want to do that.."

    For all her social awkwardness, she did at least try. It could be said while she was as smart, if not more so than her older sister, the girl likely had some sort of psychological issues, or emotional, though she was not always like this, untill four years ago that was.
  12. "Uh... Yes...?"

    Watching the butler retreat with the woman's food, Kazama once more turned his attention to his boss that now seemed much—less in a mood to talk. Apparently, he did work the floor; she just wanted food. Regardless, it was obvious she was annoyed now as she pretty much he demanded he get out in a tone that made him not want to question it. Nodding a bit nervously, Kazama turned to leave when she clarified how to address her. He still had more questions other than but—Well, the girl looked like a god damn lioness just resting her head there. He wasn't going to test the waters. Though he'd probably still try to sneak her a snack; not because of trying to kiss up, but simply because he had the habit of looking out for others. He was too kind for his own good.

    "R-Right, Boss..."

    Leaving quickly from the "Lion's Den", Kazama shut the door and let out a sigh before making his way back downstairs. Now he'd start his actual job of moving the boxes in the hall to their respectable places. This would probably take up his time till the afternoon, though maybe he'd encounter more of the other staff during his duties. Coincidentally, this would quickly come true as, on his way delivering one of the crates to the freezer, Kazama had to go through the kitchen and spotted someone else, aside from Yoriko, that seemed to warrant some caution. It was the same man that passed him by earlier when Kazama was still dealing with the whole mock-robbery charade, though due to the distraction he hadn't gotten that good a look at him. Was that the cook? The man was only a bit shorter than himself, however he looked several years older and like he definitely lifted more than he could. Now, the butler looked tougher than himself too, but this man looked almost aggravated or angry at something. Regardless, Kazama did what he usually did when something dangerous surfaced in front of him; give a somewhat nervous smile and try not to annoy it.
  13. Hayate noticed that Hoshino had just arrived as well, which would make things slightly easier. And he arrived carrying with himself a gift for the new guy as well. That seemed like Hoshino. He always seemed to have good intentions in mind, but for some reason, Hayate just felt a strange hostility emanating from the boy. Well, maybe it was just his imagination. Hayate didn't say anything nor did he greet the boy either. It was just abnormal for him to go out of his way to say hello, after all.

    Instead, he noticed that Hibari suddenly turned towards him and picked up a piece of the cake as well. This was an absurd! How could he forget to offer her the cake!? A sudden sinking feeling was clearly expressed on his face as he sheepishly turned his face away from the girl. "Y-Yeah... Your sister bought it just now. Sorry for not offering it to you, Hibari-sama." It seemed like he had managed to forget he was actually with the box in hands as he left the office. He then turned back to her as she began to speak once more. Like a kid listening to it's parent, Hayate paid attention to every single word she said until she suddenly called him of two things he wasn't expecting, the first being "onii-chan" and the second being "pervert"... Pervert! If Hayate's feelings right now had sound, it would be pretty much that of a knife being sticked to his gut at full-strength. The sound would pretty much echo through the room. Of course, he didn't let his face show such horrible feeling. No! He had to look happy, as if it was a compliment. Even more strange was the fact that Hayate managed to get insulted by these words even if they came out from someone as random as Hibari. It seemed like he did care for everything she said, even if he didn't understand what she was trying to say.

    He was about to open his mouths to fervently ask for forgiveness but she immediately followed with a monotone laugh(that didn't really looked like a laugh) and the line "it was a joke". Hayate made his best to laugh along with her, almost in the same monotone. Sighing, he looked away from her. "Geez, Hibari-sama, don't go making jokes like that." As he was looking away from Hibari, he suddenly noticed the new guy coming down. However, he still paid attention to Hibari's words. He was happy to hear that she had all she wanted. And a small smile appeared on his face as he turned back to her. Then there was the mention of giving something to Hinako. A gift? Oh, ain't Hibari-sama thoughtful. I'd be glad to help her. "Hibari-sama, should I be of any aid, you can find me in your sister's office after work. If you don't mind, I could accompany you through the markets in order for us to find a fitting gift." He offered his help with a bow. "Now, excuse me Hibari-sama, I need to make sure that the new guy has acclimatized to the new workspace." With another bow, he turned around and made his way past the kitchen. Placing the box of cake in one of the chef's table, he then turned towards the Head Cook, Abe.

    The two already knew each other for a while, so there was nothing new between them, just the original procedure. "Hey, Watanabe, there's some cake here if you want. Boss bought it just about now." After saying that, he made his way towards the outside to help out the newbie. He patted the boy on the back and then pointed to the boxes outside. "Pick them up and then put them in storage. Let's just pick them up for now, we sort them out after every box is in the storage." With that, he practically pushed the Kazama to the outside. "Don't worry about the cook. He may look rough and gruff, but he's not going to do anything to you... Unless you manage to piss him off. Which, let me be honest, is actually pretty easy to do. I'm gonna give you a golden tip to make friends with him... Write the orders in English. Do that and you're already half-way to becoming his drinking buddy." Hayate had no idea if the boy wanted to be his drinking buddy. As a matter of fact, that was a very bad position in the place. Abe would more than often find himself in trouble due to drinking, such as his current position here. Still, the new boy had no need to know of these things so maybe he should just let him learn with time. "Anyways, to work. Time is money." Saying the last phrase in English, he walked towards the boxes and started picking them up three by three to place them in the storage room.
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  14. With a nonchalant step Katashi made his way down the side of the street toward The Painted Shark. Watching as the city came to life around him it was reminiscent of his younger years. Yawning deeply he let out a long "Aaaaaaahhhh" before shaking the grogginess off. It had been a long night, evident by his blood shot eyes and baseball bat tinted red, resting on his shoulder. Watching people pass him by he saw a man walking his Akita, a woman jogging in shorts, and an old man barely moving with his cane. Rounding the street corner he could see the restaurant near the end. Catching a glimpse of Hoshino entering with a box in hand he wondered what it could be as he took his time down the street. Arriving at the door he walked in and greeted Hibari and him with a typical "Yo." and wave of his hand.
  15. As the next couple of hours pass the boxes are stacked, unpacked, and sorted, with the two cooks making the needed preperations, and Hoshino meeting Kazama, who to start with mistook the former for a girl, which was corrected in Hoshino's typical fashion, one that likely left Kazama warry that he had found yet another weirdo...albeit a nice one, who did give him a welcoming gift, unlike the rest..maybe they weren't so bad afterall, but they were fairly cheery.

    With a slightly angry look on her face, Yoriko finally ventures down from the office, it seemed she did do some basic work afterall, flipping the sign lights on to mark them as "Open" The shift was now starting, which of course meant the last few workers would now need to turn up. Clip board in hand Yoriko seems to mostly keep to the back, making her presence know at the front time to time, as if looking busy than actually being it. Though after a phone call she sighs, a school sports team had called to reserve a few tables, on top of the normal visit that meant there would be a need for as many hands as they could get..naturally she would keep that information to herself for now, as punishment for not being fed..

    Hibari sighs, waiting for the soon to arrive rush, the first few momments were always rather slow, it allowed the others time to turn up for work afterall. And she was sure some of them might want to meet the new guy. Having given a greeting in kind to Katashi, she doesn't say much, she knew he would file away almost anything he was told, or learned on his own. For her, that made him dangerous..well maybe more of annoying. And she still didn't know how to deal with Hayate, she wanted to pick out the gift herself, though he would likely follow regardless, though she had gotten better at losing him for brief periods of time with her parkour skills..plus she might be able to ditch him in a none harming way..her little sister would need an escourt afterall..if Yoriko was delayed somehow. Venturing a rare smile, a plan was starting to form. But for now she would just stand there and wait for the others to turn up.
  16. Luckily, Kazama was saved from the scary man's gaze by Hayate, who quickly ushered him out and to the back where there were more boxes and crates to be relocated. Thus far, the butler had been the most helpful of the staff and proceeded to give him advice regarding the scary man in the kitchen, named Watanabe. He was assured that the man's actions wouldn't amount to any kind of violence, unless he pissed him off, of course—Wait! He did look pissed off before! How was he supposed to tell if someone was pissed if they already looked pissed?! For now he'd just have to take Hayate's word for it and, hopefully, adapt to telling apart the man's moods. Apparently he didn't know Japanese, or at least how to read it. It must make things difficult, even if he's in such a diverse city like Ikebukuro. Luckily, Kazama knew English and so he'd be able to make the poor guy's life a bit easier. Though he wasn't sure he wanted to be "drinking buddy".

    Kazama and Hayate then spent the rest of the morning hauling containers into the storeroom. Halfway through, Kazama met a fellow member of the floor staff, to which he awkwardly assumed was female and even thought was a bit cute—and that thought crossing his head was much more awkward for him than the entire misunderstanding. Luckily though, Hoshino seemed to be very understanding regarding it and even gave him some cake as a welcome. Kazama obviously wasn't going to decline, though while he looked quite touched, his face then went back to expression of anxiety he had plastered to his face for most of the day when Hibari reminded him not to let Yoriko see it. He decided to hide it in the locker where his casual clothing was and along the way encountered yet another scary person. The man was only a bit shorter and had about the same build, but the main problem was the fact that HE LOOKED LIKE HE WAS GOING TO KILL SOMEONE! Forget the cook. This guy's eyes were bloodshot and he was carrying a bat around for some reason. He must be one of the Yakuza that comes around here. Surely if one owned it, others would come around to it. They didn't really talk. Hell, he wasn't sure if the man noticed him, but perhaps that was for the best.

    "Well, I guess we'll be getting some customers soon... That the last of the boxes, Hayate-san?"

    Kazama questioned the butler as he wiped a bit of sweat from his forehead. He wasn't exactly weak, but lifting box after box and carrying it through the restaurant to the storeroom still doubled as a bit of a workout.

    "Oh, while your hear. Do you have any... Um... Advice regarding our coworkers...? I don't want to be presumptuous, but some have a demeanor that worries me a bit... And the Boss didn't look too happy about her food being taken either... Speaking of that... Um... What exactly happened between her and her sister regarding chairs...?"
  17. As Hayate advised the boy, the rest of the day was spent by placing the boxes on the storage room rather in a normal pace. The morning flew by rather quickly as he aided the new boy. There were some awkward situations such as him calling Hoshino a girl. Hayate couldn't blame him, it was actually a bit difficult to consider Hoshino a man with such a feminine appearance and demeanor. He gave the boy the tip to hide the cake in his locker before and then resumed the work.

    It took little time to place all boxes in the storage room and Hayate proceeded to open each box and sort the products for now. When Kazama was finished with bringing them up and sorting his part, he walked towards the butler and nervously spouted out some questions. Hayate, who was kneeling down on the ground to place the products on the lower shelves, got up and faced the boy with a calm expression. He nodded when Kazama questioned if it was the last of the crates. The boy was worried or scared, it was obvious. Well, he couldn't help but feel pity for the boy. After all, this wasn't a normal restaurant. You even had people without genders in the staff. Sighing, he walked to the door alongside Kazama and then leaned on the wall. Stopping there, he looked around the hallway and then back to Kazama, still with a calm expression. He was no longer wearing his jet black jacked, part of his black suit, which made him look more apart to the staff, but still look like a butler. "Well, there's just a small group of people you need to know, really. You already know everyone from the office. That's me and Yoriko. Then there are the cooks, Watanabe and Takenaka... You already saw both of them. The one with the bat was Takenaka. It's very hard to not notice him since he keeps walking around with that metal weapon. Not a bad person, it's not difficult to deal with him. He may seem unfriendly, but he's still easier to manage than Watanabe or Yoriko-sama. Hoshino is a good friend, but... Try not to lean too much on him. Ah, you might get along well with Akira, if you don't mind his reputation as a delinquent. Just reputation, though, he's actually a nice guy." Hayate seemed to be in thought as he looked away from Kazama. There wasn't much staff in here, so it's not like he had a lot of people to talk about. "Then there are the waiters and waitresses. That's you, Akira, who I already mentioned, then there's Kaede-san. Kaede-san is unique. She's a lot like Hoshino, except we actually don't know if she's a guy or a girl." Hayate sighed as he said that. Why was it so hard to deal with the staff. He was respected and almost everyone knew him very well and his antics, but it was still hard to deal with the staff here. Well, for now he just needed to keep explaining it to Kazama. "Well, you'll learn on your own so there's not a lot I need to tell you. Just try to not get in people's nerves and, if you don't know how to do that, excuse yourself and do your own thing." With that, he stood up, no longer leaning on the wall, and then reminded himself that Kazama asked about the chairs.

    Ah... The chairs. Every time Rinoko-sama came here he had make sure to buy at least three of them after she was gone. It was troublesome. He abruptly remembered he had to buy a new teacup set as well, since Yoriko-sama had just broken the last one this morning. Now that he thought about it, his days were so troublesome. He couldn't help but sigh. No! He had to harden his resolve and keep on going! Everything was for her happiness and the hapiness of everyone! He had to work hard and keep on smiling and being kind. Suddenly getting pumped up, he nodded his head and then continued to explain everything to Kazama, now with a smile on his face. "Yeah, the chairs! Listen, the Nishikawa family has five siblings. Rinoko-sama is one of them. She might be coming today and when she does... She does everything to anger poor Yoriko-sama. That's when things go out of control, if that ever happens, just leave things to me." The woman also had the constant need to cling to either Hayate or her brother whenever she was in trouble. Obviously enough, Hayate always attempted to solve the situations whenever he could. Although it sometimes involved protecting Rinoko-sama from flying chairs. "Now, we should be getting some costumers by now. Go to work and, if you have any problem, just come to speak with me. I'll be in the office for the rest of the day." He placed a hand on Kazama's shoulder and flashed him a smile. "Good luck in there." He said as he then turned his back and started his way to the second floor.

    Walking by he noticed that activity was starting to pick up. They might have costumers very soon. Not that it was his work. For now, he had to deal with his own problems, most specially the finances of the restaurant. Yoriko was too busy(or lazy) to deal with this herself so he dealt with it himself. Making his way upstairs, he immediately went to the office and sat down on his desk. Picking up the phone he started to make the necessary orders... Including five new wooden chairs...
  18. Seeing the butler pause, Kazama himself took the time to tie his hair back. It wasn't an issue if he was doing something like moving things, but it was better restrained when it actually came to serving food. As he did this, Hayate proceeded to give him what information he could on the rest of the staff. The "murderer" was, according to him, somehow easier to deal with than the cook that Kazama apparently just had to write in English in order to befriend. Still, if he saw the man trying to hide a large, human-shaped bag in his locker, he was going to keep his distance. He was then warned to be wary of Hoshino. Why him? He seemed like the person he could most rely on as of yet, aside from Hayate himself. Maybe something happened between them that gave him a bit of prejudice? Then there was this Akira that had yet to show. If the universe ever decided to give Kazama a break, the boy's reputation would hopefully be just that; a reputation and nothing more. The last of the floor staff had him puzzled though...

    "You don't know if they are a boy or girl...? Why...?"

    More importantly, where did they change? Shaking his head, it wasn't important, at least not now. Apparently, Kazama could avoid most trouble by just doing his job; that was a bit of good news—that came just before some bad news. This Rinako—What kind of powerful monster was she to actually go out of her way to anger Yoriko, who looked like she herself could put any of the men here through a table? The pictures in his head didn't help alleviate his stress and this was evident from the simply horrified look on the man's face. Though luckily, Hayate said he would be the one to deal with it—somehow. Hayate was a good guy, but his reassuring grin didn't reassure Kazama as much as he hoped. Sighing, he nodded and headed over to the front of the store where there was a still-angry Yoriko getting off the phone and Hibari that looked like she was plotting something.

    "...You look troubled, Boss. Is something wrong?"

    Kazama, despite his not really wanting to, needed to start testing to see just how far he could go. By this point, he didn't need to confirm if she would resort to violence, but when. Hopefully, mild conversation like this wouldn't push her to that point. The sooner he figured out exactly what lead to getting a chair thrown at him, the sooner he could avoid getting a chair thrown at him. There was also the curiosity of what she was actually annoyed at. It couldn't still be about the food.
  19. "...Oh..its you Kazama.." Pondering it, and then giving a sigh Yoriko's stomach growls slightly, somewhat unhappy with this, she glances around to be sure no one obvious is listening in. "..I'm hungry. They won't let me eat outside of meal times as I snack too much if they do allow it.." Looking at the worksheets again, it actually seemed Yoriko did do some of the basic work that a boss was expected.

    While true that she left ordering items and orginizing the tax forms and finaces. "Oh...I seem to have made a mistake." Pausing to look at the paper, she seemed briefly distracted. Then as quickly as what passed as guilt or conscious, passes, her face pretty much goes blank. "Oh well. You guys will sort it out somehow...though I'll have to be out near the floor I'm sure..so troublesome..I took one teams reservation, but another one was also booked. We have enough tables for them plus others, but it will be crowded, plus they are rivals." Treating this as business as usual the woman sighs softly. Pausing as if in thought briefly, her fingers snap on the right hand suddenly as the left still holds the list.

    "Ahh-hmm..Baseball huh? More people than for just the team..fans likely..crap like that." While rich coming from her, her next reply was to the point. "...unless you have food you should get out on the floor, Hinari will likely be livid..ehehe she makes such a lovely grinding sound with her jaw when angry." Pausing for a bit she seems to be ready to ask Kazama something serious, but thinks better of it. "..Yes, friend chicken or hamburger steak..and a shake and a..." Staring off into the spave of the collecting area, where dishes were stored and orders taken, it seems as if she's considering what to have for her meal when its time. Saddly for the cook with the Crush on her, food was the main reason she spoke to him..if Kazama were to feed her, or likely anyone else her base level of human acknowledgement would switch..well likely.

    "..hmm..at least we might be able to close up early." Leaving any further conversations up to Kazama, she planned to speak with him later..concerning his situation. She wasn't sure if the boy..well she thought of pretty much all men as boys, given her previous work, but if he knew just how much of debt his parents had wracked up, how much money they had stolen..by all right a hit contract was already out on the two should they ever show up again..he was lucky her Grand Father was fond of his.

    The two were old friends, though the man was no longer alive, it was this fact that likely kept Kazama from being sold to a sweat shop as it were. But here, more so with Katashi in the building, was not the time, nor place. Though he likely knew, he knew much..some of it of which Yoriko had planted or planned for her own amusement. In spite of how she was and seemed, she was not as smart as her two sisters, but she had a smarts and criminal nature all of her own that more than made up for it.
  20. Abe had gotten set up and settled in the kitchen just as Hayate came in with someone Abe didn't recognize. Eh, probably a newbie, getting the run of the place from the Chief. He watched them passively, but his expression was still being colored by his hangover, which, though fading, was still troubling him, so he looked vaguely angry. Hayate pointed out a box of cakes he brought in, saying that they were from the boss. “Sweet.” Abe grunted, completely unaware of the unintentional pun. He normally would have been extra careful with any 'gifts' from the boss, but in his post-hangover fugue, he had completely forgotten to eat breakfast, so his hunger overwhelmed his better judgment. Mmm, this is really good. I should remember to thank the boss next I see her. He thought as he started on a second piece, completely unaware of the consequences his actions would bring.

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