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  1. Don't you hate that shit where you see an RP and you're amped but you can't think of a character because SO MANY POSSIBILITIES?

    Then get lazy, whip out the coins and dice and let Fate do this shit for you. Because really, what you really wanna spend time on is whether or not your hand is possessed by a demon wrought from the deaths in The Great Generic Battle or possessed by The Kingdom's Savior knight/warden/chosen whateverthefuck.

    ^^^This entire fucking blog, holy shit. It has goddamn near everything.

    Also characterdesigninspiration has a shitton of character generators, HERE LET ME LINK THEM. (Epilepsy warning tho)

    BONUS: Most of these work as illustration prompts as well.

    Sci-Fi character

    Fantasy character

    http://dogbomber.tumblr.com/post/77216633474/its-no-secret-that-i-like-lady-knights-like-aLady Knight character

    Generic Yet Fantasy-flavored character

    Relationship-focused/Romantic RP character

    From the blog itself:
    Here’s a brief, non-exhaustive list of blogs I follow that post content similar to this one. You might want to check ‘em out if you want more variety and/or can’t find something specific that you’re looking for here. These are just some that I follow, and if you have any suggestions, I’d love to keep expanding this list.


    Seventh Sanctum, another hub of character creation generators and generators in general. I mean... who doesn't have this shit already bookmarked tho? But for those who don't...

    Seventh Sanctum's collection of character generators


    And most importantly: Always, always remember to SOURCE YOUR SHIT.

    Don't disappoint Neil deGrasse-Tyson (and don't play sly, sourcing applies to everything on every medium; don't be a shitdick)
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