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  1. This is a Naruto based rp set 16 years after the defeat of Madara and the 10 tails. The characters that can be created are up to the applicants with one rule: He or She MUST be the child of 2 existing characters in the Naruto universe and you can't choose any of the parents chosen by another person unless they have given permission for a sibling. The children of yaoi and yuri pairings are allowed. This is an apply only rp please do not just jump in and on your character sheet please state clearly your parentage so there is no confusion. Sakura and Kakashi are already unavailable because they are my choice for my character Rin's parents however I am open to one MALE sibling
  2. Sounds interesting, but I'm not caught up at all...... I lost my place after being grounded for several months (don't ask) and I didn't want to watch it all again..... I would love to join, I just don't know exactly what happened.
  3. I would love to join and take Hinata and Sasuke..
  4. I would take Neji and TenTen if I get all caught up with what happened in the world of ninjas! XD
  5. Welcome I will provide you.with templates asap
  6. Awesome signature! ^^ Pewdiepie rules!
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  9. CAN WE ALSO...
    Be child of the deceased? //sob.
    Just a mere question since I wanted itachi/Konan,as a parent however this may not be allowed <_<
  10. Yes any 2 characters is fine deceased or otherwise
  11. Character Sheets to be done as follows

    Name: Rin Hatake
    Age: 13
    Sex: female
    Father: Kakashi Hatake
    Mother: Sakura Haruno
    Rank: Genin
    Squad: 7
    Element: Lightning/ Earth
    Special Traits: Chakra enhanced strength,Lightning Blade
    Summon Animal: Cat
    Tools/ Weapons: Kunai,smoke pellets,summon scroll
    Hair Color: Silver
    Eye Color: Mint Green
    Info: Rin is a rather hyper kunoichi yet brilliant like her dad and with her mother's temper. Always willing to lend a hand and help others,a natural leader
  12. [​IMG]
    T I M E L I N E { ONE | TWO }
    But with konans signature really light amber eyes

    Name: Mikasa Uchiha

    Age: 12

    Sex: female

    Father: Itachi Uchiha

    Mother: Konan

    Rank: Genin

    Squad: 4, not TEAM 4

    Element: Fire / Water

    Special Traits: Sharingan, Tactical, Excessive Genjutsu**, Paper jutsu's (not sure what it's exactly called).

    Summon Animal: Foo Dogs (Later in RP, as I feel foo dogs would be hard and powerful XD), Birds.

    Tools/ Weapons: Fūma shuriken, Wire strings, Kunais, Shurikens, Explosive tags, summoning scroll.

    Hair Color: Black

    Eye Color: Amber eyes (Inherited from mother)

    **SHARINGAN/GENJUTSU: The more she uses it, or the more chakra used to make her genjutsu itself stronger or last longer, the more it tires her out and causes her chakra to drain down-- enough to make her pass out. It will show her weakening severely and in slow patterns. First she receives a nose bleed -Which is usually when she will stop-, However if she continues she will be coughing up blood and then collapsing. Those are the signs of her weakening. She has not learned how to 'truly' take control and save her genjutsu moves (IE, proper chakra control), therefore is still under training with her father on her Sharingan. However her genjutsu is better then others with or without Sharingan who are her age. It is questionable if her fathers terminal illness passed down to her.

    Mikasa can also use Tsukiyomi it is said. However doesn't use it due to it being 'critical' to both her health and chakra and her opponents, making her collapse immediately for longer periods. Therefore she sticks to the Sharingan genjutsu, which she is able to use on and off. But unlike itachi -who can, besides looking directly into ones eyes can also point at his opponent to put them in a genjutsu aswell- Mikasa does not have the 'genjutsu pointing ability' which is again like said why she is still under going various and long training a on her Sharingan with her father.

    -PERSONALITY: Mikasa is just like both her parents, Itachi Uchiha and Konan. She is calm, stoic, and rather nonchalant about things having her laid back natured side from her parents. Having parents like Itachi and Konan whom were both similar in someway by personality ultimately raised a perfect child who'd be easy throughout life and peaceful, however they also raised her to be mysterious in some way just like them and observant, which gave her the analytical and tactical mind.

    At first, Mikasa is quiet and arrogant upon meeting her. She will be cold, cynical, and sarcastic. It won't be easy to truly befriend her. This is merely part of shrouding herself in mystery and secrecy. If she is interacted with, she will give attitude. Like itachi's case of playing the bad guy then later, his true intentions were for the good of the village and his brother. Same similarly applies to konan. It will take time before she will slowly warm up to you, however in most cases the closest would be indirectly being warm to you.

    Though most times Mikasa is seen as quiet, and later snappy--once you manage to befriend her she is shown to be genuinely kind. Through her quiet 'facade', is actually a kind girl who is selfless and dutiful, willing to hep and protect others, yet will not admit to it. However she also puts hints and drops out some childish sides once in the blue moon as well, showing that you've truly befriended her and therefore is sometimes labeled as 'kuudere'.

    These remarkably open-minded and tolerant attitudes inherited was made possible by their secretive yet also peace-loving nature, something both parents had almost like a will of fire of their own and therefore Mikasa herself became a naturally peaceful person.

    Mikasa is only 4"10, the average height of a twelve year old girl. She bares her descended characteristics of Itachi--Her jet black hair and slight facial features in a way, However has Konans famous amber eyes. Mikasa's hair is long, down to her back and she usually prefers to keep it down however she will rarely tie it up and it usually depends on the situation. Most people think a weak spot would be merely grabbing her by her long hair, however being vulpine and fox like--She relies on speed during close combat which gives her eye-hand coordination.

    Mikasa wears the classic Uchiha clan color of Black. She wears a long sleeved sweater with the signature high collar and bares the Uchiha clan symbol, the white and red fan placed in the back of the sweater proudly while on her elbows of the sweater is three black tomoes with the dot at the center of them representing the Sharingan. Although the sweater appears to be slightly oversized, she wears white capris that stops mid center of her thigh (above the knees, yet not to short to be considered as shorts).

    At the right of her thigh is bandages around it with a large Black pouch on the side. It hold her Kunais whereas she has a round light tan almost gray pouch on the left side of her lower back that holds her shurikens and other small things. She wears many small arm-belts adorning her left arm aswell as few padding under her long sleeved sweater, some type of elbow cover of some sort. She also wears Black sandals with bandages on both side of the bottom part of her legs. But also, Mikasa wears bandages under her sweater around her chest area with a chest fishnet tip over it to secure it more and a Black cloth uchiha chest wrap with a small uchiha symbol in the back of it over all that.

    Where she wears her Black forehead protector varies. It's usually seen on her right arm, and if it's not its on top of the pouch wrapped around the same thigh and hidden by her long sweater that rests over the pouch and slouches there. She only ever hides it if she feels the mission assigned or task is 'special'.

    -People do not know who her parents are and Itachi and konan prefer to keep it that way as they feel that it'll be much of a danger to show off Mikasa. Mikasa thoroughly understands this situation, and would mostly say shes just an uchiha with odd colored eyes.(She'll admit it throughout the roleplay)

    -Dislikes her light amber colored eyes. Most people find it strange that an uchiha like her has odd eye coloration, or atleast a ninja like her in general has odd eye coloration as the main brown coloration is usually a dark brown color.
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  13. Ps: anyone who chooses Zabuza and Haku will get thier choice of fanfic or AMV of thier chosen fandom
    PPS: be advised two like bloodline traits will cancel each other out example: Byakugan and Rinnegan
  14. Name: Kazuto Uzumaki

    Age: 13

    Sex: male

    Father: Naruto Uzumaki

    Mother: Ino Yamanaka

    Rank: Genin

    Squad: 7

    Element: Wind/ Fire

    Special Traits:
    -Excess chakra
    -Shadow Clone jutsu
    -Sensory Perception

    Summon Animal: Wolf

    Tools/ Weapons: Sword, shuriken, chakra blade

    Hair Color: Blonde

    Eye Color: Azure

    Info: Like his father, Kazuto tends to very hyper and headstrong during certain moments but can also be laid back and staid like his mother when needed. He's not a ramen addict like a his father and tends to eat anything with an open mind even if it seems weird, his gut is practically like iron. Like both his parents, he is very creative when it comes to tactics, strategies, or coming up with new ninjutsu or ways to add on to his already known ones. Extremely loyal to those he befriends, fights anyone regardless of their strength, and would lay down his life without any hesitation to protect those he cares for. Also considered very intelligent though he rarely shows it.

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  15. (Thanks for saying something beforehand about the bloodlines ^u^)

    Name: Makoto Uchiha
    Age: 13
    Sex: Male
    Father: Uchiha Sasuke
    Mother: Hyuuga Hinata
    Rank: Genin
    Squad: (He can be placed wherever needed)
    Element: Fire/Air
    Special Traits: Sharingun, Chidori, some fire Jutsus
    Summon Animal: Snake
    Tools/ Weapons: Kunais
    Hair Color: Bluish black
    Eye Color: Black
    Info: Makoto holds a striking resemblance to his father appearance and personality wise. He holds the same mystique personality his father held in his Genin years yet holds a compassionate heart like his mother. He tries to hide the sweet traits he inherited at all costs to keep from looking weak.

    Too lazy to add proper shading and lighting:


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  16. Lots of cool characters so far
  17. Name:

    Eiji Hyuga






    January 7th


    Neji Hyuga








    Wind/ Water

    Special Traits:

    Byakugan, Weaponry skills, medical knowledge, analytical skills

    Summon Animal:


    Tools/ Weapons:

    Anything he can get his hands on, summon scrolls

    Hair Color:


    Eye Color:



    He was actually quite lucky, for he was never given the Caged Bird Curse like his father. This was due to his second cousin, Makoto, being born with the Uchiha bloodline trait, Sharingun, leaving him free to be in the Head Branch of the Hyuga Clan because of being born with the Hyuga bloodline trait, Byakugan and because his cousin, Hanabi, had not had a child yet. Eiji spends the majority of his time training, wanting to be a top Shinobi like his parents, in order to make them proud. He pushes himself to his limits whenever he could and graduated the Academy at the top of his class, just as his father did. Though everyone had heard him speak at least once, he is actually considered mute, for speaking seems to be a strain for him and causes unnecessary pain. This was due to being premature and his vocal chords were not properly developed, once more being lucky as that was all that was underdeveloped. No one would know this, however, being as he rarely shows emotion and his voice sounds fine, beside it never reaching above a whisper. He also doesn't speak much due to being a shy kid, often being made fun of for such. He tends to stay away from others, not wishing to deal with the bullying, so it is very hard to get close to him. However, when you do, he will never betray you and will do anything to protect you. He has gained his mother's temper, so don't rub him the wrong way, or he may get violent. He also has her analytical skills, and mixed with the Byakugan, practically nothing gets past him. Eiji uses these skills mostly on his opponents, using what he calls "Insight", allowing him to see his opponents weaknesses in battle. He's not invincible, however, as his stamina is low despite training as much as he does. He tires quickly, making counter attacks easier. His Insight is also only good if the opponent has a visible weakness or if he can act quick enough to strike in said weaknesses, which is not always the case.


    "Do you live? Or do you survive? Me? Well, I live everyday. Surviving is just a bonus."


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  18. Done! 8D
    If this RP lasts long I already have future appearance for Mikasa XD
  19. Why do I get the feeling you got the name from Attack on Titan? XD
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  20. Course I did 8D.

    And @Jessica2477 would our characters most likely be cousins? Since you're sasuke's son and mine is itachis daughter.

    @Red Reaper I mean can we just say that when sasuke and Itachi were fighting instead of Itachi falling to the ground dying it was a fake death XD. Then when they re-met -IE, when Itachi was resurrected by kabuto but this time he isn't as hes still alive- after the whole fight with kabuto and stuff he admits and tells sasuke everything.

    And yeah. basically everything still happened, just Itachi doesn't die. Same applies to konans situation
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