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  1. He was nervous, Iwaku was just ahead, and yet his legs failed to move those two or three steps that separated him from everyone else's eyes. He closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and closed that small distance into the open space in front of him. This was the time to shine, he thought with one more thump of his racing heart, almost as if it felt constricted inside his chest and had a sudden urge to be set free.

    Hello everyone. - his voice was almost inaudible, faint, but his eyes were focused, determined. - My name is Pedro Rodrigues, but I usually go for Naoki or Nuki for friends. I really like the Asian culture (Japonese, in specific) and am a really big fan of anime and manga. - he felt everyone's eyes on him, the pressure of being evaluated rose to meet his short stature, but he continued, perhaps considering it as one more of life's challenges. - Most people would call me an Otaku, and it may hold some truth, but not entirely. I also like online games, especially roleplays and so, I am also sometimes called a Nerd (or a Geek, it depends). Personally, I like to consider myself as an open person, to whom labels don't matter much. I'm open-minded and friendly, and love to create these strange and spectacular identities in worlds that are out of this world. And like you all, I guess I'm here to have some fun, and a great time. - he smiled, he seemed rather relieved, as if he was holding all that information on his chest and now, somehow, had gotten rid of it. His intention was to try and surprise everyone with a different type of presentation, showing perhaps a bit of himself and hoping to see a bit of everyone else in return. In a fluid gesture he bowed to the people in front of him, gracefully showing his respect for his peers, and doing so, he could only hope for one thing: to be accepted as one of their own.
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  2. My aren't you a fancy one! >:3 Welcome to Iwaku, Naoki! <3 You are going to be lots of fun!
  3. Thanks a bunch, I'm glad you liked my small roleplay as introduction. I love everything about the site so far, and everyone is just so friendly! Iei!
  4. Welcome to the forums! Nobody bites around here, as far as I know. Although I do have my doubts about Diana... I'm still rather new to the site myself, but if you have any questions about things I'll be happy to help as best I can!
  5. Woo another Japanimation fan! You'll probably have fun in the 'Groups' tab; there's lots of otaku and weeaboo clubs, especially if you like to squee over yaoi/yuri :)