Konnichiwa, doozo yoroshiku! (Hello, nice to meet you!)

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  1. Hello, I'm Chiemi Noratsuki. I'm not particular on what to be called. I'd probably say Chi-chan. I'm not new to rp, but I am to this site. I'm a real life friend of Angelic_Devil, and yeah we are very similar. Love you Mika-chaaan!~ I'm a fun person, but I am a tad bipolar/MPD at times. Some moments I'll be an adorable little girl hugging her big snow white teddy bear, but the next moment I'll be cleaving a bloody smiley-face into your mutilated carcass. :D I definately prefer blades over guns, it's no fun when your victim instantly passes. Why not play with them for a while?
    I'm not a horrible person. I'm just insane.
  2. Yaa, welcome to Iwaku, Chi-chan and don't worry you can take care of your bipolarness within certain rp's ... as long as you don't rip out my carcass I actually tend to take pleasure in having that body part... er right...well anyway enjoy your stay in Iwaku hotel.
  3. Why thank you, I shall enjoy myself best I can!^^ Ever want to chat, dont hesitate to talk to me. You seem like someone I'd get along with.


    Are you her partner in crime? Will you two join forces and murder my family???
    I'm Selenite. Pleased to meet you!
    Have a cookie, kudasai!

    And see you around!!!!
  5. Hahahaaa, that's not a fortune, silly cookie. But yes, yes I am. I shall wreak HAVOC! >:D
  6. Welcome to Iwaku!

    I am glad that she showed you this sight.

    I hope you enjoy your stay!

  7. sure thing ^_^ I guess I'll do so... sometime
  8. Thank you, I'm workin gon it!^^
  9. Welcome to Iwaku. I am Ara, and if you ever need anything, I have been searching for reasons to procrastinate so don't hesitate to hit me up.

    And Sweetheart, half of us are insane. You'll fit in. By the way, my username changes based on what mood I'm in. If it says Ishara, tread more delicately than usual. Or talk about dresses.

    But yeah. Srsly. If you've got questions, I can attempt to have answers. Have fun, Homie.
  10. I figured, about the insane part. It's common with the sort of people I like to hang around. And okay, I'll talk to you sometime. ^^
  11. My protege! Welcome to Iwaku! I know you've already discovered the fun that is the CBOX (because that's where we met :3) so I won't waste your time rambling on about it. Please oh please remain your cute little creepy girl self forever and ever so I can gush over you and be proud when you freak people out~ :D *hands candy and her trusty nail-bat* Woo them with your sweetness, then make them regret it! >:D
  12. Heyo Chi-chan! Welcome to Iwaku! We met in chat! You are the lovechild of Dawn and Jinx!
  13. Halo Ch-y! Welcome to the community! I am Raimy/Rina and I hope to not get my body ripped apart by you D: Anywaysssssssss Welcome!
  14. Welcome to Iwaku, Chi-chan. I'm October and I also enjoy killing things.

    Hope to see you in some threads soon!

  15. Hello lady that kind of scares me! o_____o Welcome to the community!
  16. Welcome~! I'm new here too :D
  17. MAKENZI!!!! :DD *Glomp* WIFE! Finally my wife and partner in crime has arrive!!! *Happy* I hope you like the place that I've showed you and have fun playing with me like always~!
  18. Hello, Chie, and welcome to Iwaku.
    I'm Kitti and it's nice to meet you.
    Since you're new around here, I have a couple of links for you:

    This is where you can sign up for the roleplays found in Modern, Scifi, Fantasy, and sometimes Mature. Generally, they will have you post a character sheet in their thread, a new sheet for each roleplay! You can also start signups for a roleplay of your own here.

    This is where you can find jump in games, which typically have no sign up thread. You just start posting!

    If you need help or have questions, just ask!
  19. My WIFE!~ I'm enjoying it here. ^^ Having fun, hope I can make mischief with you soon!
  20. Hi there Chi-chan and I'm glad Dawn has you. ;D